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                                                Bell Cemetery Vol 1



38 Identified graves-15 Unidentified graves


Directions:  Easiest direction is the Cemetery is located on Slavans-Jones School Road.Turn Right at the Old Bell grocery.Continue on until you can see the  Cemetery on the Right in a field.



Bell-Don McWain                Aug 18,1951-Aug 18,1951 s/o J E Bell

Bell-G A                             Jan 16,1876-Oct 21,1943

Bell-Gertie                          Aug 13,1925-Mar 21,1972 ossw Oscar

Bell-Joe E                           Aug 13,1925-Mar 21,1972ossw Joyce

Bell-Maggie Correll              May 4,1877-Sep 24,1942  ossw Joe E w/o  G A

Bell-Joyce                           Apr 16,1933 one date ossw Joe E

Bell-Nellie                           Oct 11,1920-Oct 11,1920 d/o G A Bell

Bell-Oscar                           Sep 18,1901 one date ossw Gertie

Bell-Ruby                            Sep 8,1912-Sep 8,1912 d/o G A Bell

Bell-Ruthy                           Sep 8,1912-Sep 16,1914 d/o G A Bell

Bell-Susanna Corder            Feb 17,1882-Aug 7,1907 w/o G A


Bibee-Kirley          Nov 13,1918-Nov 24,1918

Bibee-Nettie          Jun 1,1897-Jun 19,1934


Burks-General H     Sep 26,1888-Feb 11,1965


Bybee-John             no dates




Corder-Infant                 Feb 5,1934-Feb 5,1934 d/o W J Corder

Corder-Infant                 Mar 21,1930-Mar 21,1930 s/o W J Corder

Corder-Arbanna Bell       Nov 9,1886-Sep 9,1936 w/o James G

Corder-Bertha M             May 8,1916 one date   ossw Les

Corder-Charles Noel Douglas    Jan 18,1911-Mar 19,1935                      

Corder-Eliza Lewis                   1875-Mar 19,1956 ossw John M

Corder-James                           Mar 28,1884-May 18,1966

Corder-James G                        Jan 31,1930-Aug 7,1906

Corder-James M                        Apr 11,1900-Jul 8,1902 s/o J M & & L Corder                     

Corder-John M                            Mar 28,1878-Sep 27,1958 ossw Eliza Lewis

Corder-Les                                  Feb 1,1908-Dec 25,1981 ossw Bertha M

Corder-Lona A                             1902-1970 ossw William J

Corder-Martha                              Oct 21,1844-Jan 5,1910

Corder-Viannah Bell                      May 24,1881-Aug 24,1959 w/o  G C                           

Corder-Virgil                                  1917-1937

Corder-William J                             1897-1955 ossw Lona A



Jones-Eather            Feb 14,1920-Jan 26,1966

Jones-G E                Jul 23,1876-Mar 18,1952 ossw Laura

Jones-Laura              Sep 17,1888 one date ossw G E

Jones-Ralph              Oct 2,1949-Oct 2,1949 s/o Mrs. Eather Jones



Lewis-Starling R         1907-1962