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                                                Bethel Cemetery-Vol 2

                                                Pine Knot

                                                 Section 1

                                                Updated and walked by Barb Nicholas Jun 2006

533 Identified graves-197 unidentified graves


Directions: From the intersection of US27 & Ky92 at the trafficlight in Pine Knot turn Left onto Ky92 an continue on until you reach Bethel Road,on Ky1044 turn Left here and contiue on until you reach Bathel Church & cemetery on the Right.



Abbott- A Feb 2,1916-Apr 11,1938


Anderson-Bertha Bryant  May 13,1910 one date

Anderson-Charles          Jun 10,1909-Mar 24,1983  ossw Melda Manning

Anderson-Melda            no dates married: Jul 2,1933

Anderson-Manning        Aug 21,1910 one date  ossw Charles



E.B  no dates

M.B no dates


Baird-Francis L         Feb 2,1949-May 16,1977


Baker-G                   Jun 2,1937-Oct 26,1960


Ball-Andy                 Mar 3,1905-Apr 17,1955

Ball-Andy D             Jun 22,1875-Jun 6,1897

Ball-Angeline           May 19,1874-Jul 17,1918  ossw JesseT

Ball-Anna F             Nov 29,1945-Jan 12,1949 d/o Lark Ball

Ball-B.F                  Feb 24,1873-Oct 31,1918

Ball-Infant               Feb 12,1897-Feb 14,1897 s/o B.F & Lenora Ball

Ball-Bertha Lou       Feb 6,1934-Pct 31,1934 d/o G.M & Rosa Ball

Ball-Brenda Gayle   Aug 18,1969-Aug 18,1969

Ball-Charlie E         Aug 1,1929-Jan 10,1931 s/o G.M & Rosa Ball

Ball-Charlie A         Mar 23,1909-Sep 20,1970

Ball-Clarence E      Sep 12.1931-Sep 12,1931

Ball-Charles Lindle   Jul 26,1932-Apr 26,1932 ossw Glenna Thomas

Ball-Colene            Jul 15,1926-Oct 7,1926 ossw Harold D

Ball-Danny Lee      1952-1962

Ball-Deloris            Mar 11,1911-Oct 26,1979

Ball-Dora A            Jul 2,1900-Dec 19,1951

Ball-David E           Mar 22,1917-Nov 21,1918 d/o H.S & Fannie Ball

Ball-Doris              Jun 19,1951-Jun 9,1951

Ball-Elizabeth        1819-1895

Ball-Ethel              Sep 14,1893-Jun 16,1975 ossw Hugh S

Ball-Etta L             Apr 6,1908-Feb 22,1942

Ball-Frankie Jane   1832-1932

Ball-Florence         Sep 1,1884-Mar 5,1904 d/o W.J & Rebeckah

Ball-Freddie R       1944-1944

Ball-George           Aug 23,1873-Apr 20,1883

Ball-George M       May 8,1892-May 24,1954

Ball-George R        Feb 17,1854-Jul 4,1925

Ball-George W       Feb 28,1861-Mar 14,1937

Ball-Harold D         Oct 11,1862-Mar 26,1922  ossw Colene

Ball-Hazler            Apr 10,1910-one date ossw Charlie A

Ball-Hugh S          Mar 26,1866-Oct 29,1957

Ball-J.E                Jan 30,1877-Jan6,1891

Ball-J.M               Jun 8,1840-May 7,1894

Ball-James           Jun 12,1814-Oct 20,1877

Ball-Glenna Thomas   Mar 1,1932 one date ossw Charles Lindle

Ball-James A        Aug 29,1927-Aug 16,1938

Ball-James Albert       Feb 18,1882-Mar 15,1944

Ball-James Monroe     Aug 25,1881-Aug 26,1956 ossw Virda

Ball-Jesse T               Feb 20,1856-May 24,1925  ossw Angeline

Ball-John                   1917-1985

Ball-John G                Aug 5,1886-Aug 2,1908

Ball-John W               Aug 5,1885-Aug 2,1908

Ball-Juanita                Dec 18,1938-Apr 6,2004

Ball-Lark                    Feb 25,1899 one date  d/o Lark Ball

Ball-Infant                  Jul 16,1950-Jul 16,1950

Ball-Larry Larson        Sep 7,1931-Oct 10,1932

Ball-Lauria M             Jun 16,1923-Jul 2,1923  d/o Lark Ball

Ball-Leonard G           Jan 15,1909-Jan 17,1909

Ball-Lloyd                  Jan 4,1909-Aug 21,1979

Ball-Lora Etta             Nov 4,1896-Dec 24,1896 d/o Jesse T & Angeline Ball

Ball-Lucy                   Feb 6,1942-Feb 6,1942 d/o Lark Ball

Ball-Mae                    Aug 16,1914-May 29,1944 ossw Lloyd

Ball-Malinda               Dec 2,1820-Mar 3,1896

Ball-Mark                   one date Mar 29,1976

Ball-Mary E                Apr 10,1908-Sep 19,1964 ossw Lark

Ball-Mary Elizabeth     Nov 6,1880-May 10,1966

Ball-Nancy E               Sep 23,1865-May 22,1946

Ball-Ollie                     Jul 12,1887-Feb 21,1920 ossw Robert

Ball-Infant                    Feb 22,1938-Feb 22,1938 d/o Oscar & Virdie Ball

Ball-Pauline                May 27,1920-Jul 14,1921 d/o B F & Alice Ball

Ball-Permilia J             Feb 18,1845-Jul 20,1925

Ball-Pete Coleman      1843-1923

Ball-RG                      May 11,1887-Aug 3,1909

Ball-Ray                     Feb 4,1945-Feb 4,1945

Ball-Rebecca Manning    1849-1928

Ball-Rebeccey                May 11,1887-Aug 3,1909

Ball-Relda S                   May 8,1873-Mar 6,1939

Ball-Robert                     Jan 19.1884-May 18,1921 ossw Ollie

Ball-Infant                       no dates s/o Robert & Ollie Ball

Ball-Infant                       no dates s/o Robert & Ollie Ball

Ball-Rosa G                   Jan 14,1895-Nov 27,1961

Ball-Sarah                       Sep 6,1879-Mar 19,1895

Ball-Sarah                       Sep 1948-Sep 1948

Ball-Sherman L               Jun 7,1902-Dec 22,1983

Ball-Susnah                    May 17,1871-Oct 1,1874

Ball-Thomas                   Feb 15,1858-Oct 4,1939 ossw Pearlie A

Ball-Uriah F                    Apr 5,1890-Feb 1,1959

Ball-Velma J                   Apr 19,1926-Jan 8,2000 ossw Virgil L

Ball-Virda                       Jul 18,1888-one date ossw James R

Ball-Virgil L                      one date Feb 25,2000 ossw Velma J

Ball-Virgil Maynard          Oct 28,1917-Nov 23,1918

Ball-Virgle A                   Mar 28,1927-Dec 20,1927

Ball-W J                         Oct 8,1848-May 5,1889

Ball-W R                        Sep 23,1879-Aug 7,1906

Ball-W T                        Jun 5,1817-Jun 28,1890

Ball-William Joseph(Joe)  1851-1924

Ball-William                     Feb 23__-___27-1894 stone badly eroded

Ball-William S                  Jul 16,1898-Oct 30,1945


Barton-Willard                  1915-1938

Barton-Martha L                 May 5,1908-Jan 4,1976

Braden-Clarence E             May 31,1915 one date ossw Junie E

Braden-Brenda M               Jul 4,1957-Jul 4,1957

Braden-Junie E                  Jun 26,1919-Nov 23,2003 ossw Clarence E

Braden-Jimmy                   Jun 22,1947-Nov 26,1947

Braden-Ralph D                 Jan 7,1964-Jan 9,1964

Braden-Timothy A              Mar 20,1966-Mar 20,1966


Bryant-Absolum        1863-1933

Bryant-Angeline        1907-1927

Bryant-Eddie R         May 20,1926-Jul 19,1927

Bryant-George          Jun 20,1894-Jun 13,1980

Bryant- L J               Oct 22,1884-Nov 16,1918

Bryant-Oma             1904-19_2

Bryant-Oscar           1901-1972

Bryant-Rosa             Dec 27,1896-Feb 19,1984


Bruant-Sarah 1867-1941


Bunch-A R             no dates

Bunch-E E             Dec 11,1880-Mar 13,1926

Bunch-Rebecca      Jun 28,1894-one date

Bunch-Sam            Sep 6,1877-Dec 8,1949



Caddell-Aaron                    Jun 17,1923-Apr 14,2004

Caddell-Amanda                1849-1907

Cadell-Andrew Jackson      Jan 20,1878-Jan 29,1940

Cadell-Arnold A                 Oct 20,1913-Dec 26,1915

Cadell-Bennie C                Jun 13,1915-Sep 20,1915

Cadell-Betty Jane              Apr 6,1877-Apr 3,1963 ossw George L

Caddell-D B                      1829-1915

Caddell-D Paris                 Aug 29,1864-Jan 19,1938

Caddell-Daniel                  1847-1886

Caddell-Edgar                  Jan 14,1903-Aug 4,1949

Caddell-Frances               1835-1920

Caddell-George L              Jan 25,1874-May 26,1942  ossw Betty Jane

Caddell-Hesko                  1874-1942

Caddell-Frances                1874-1923

Caddell-J E                        Aug 31,1928-Jul 7,1955

Caddell-J M                     1861-1929

Caddell-Lizzie                  Apr 14,1911-Dec 23,1975 ossw Nelson

Caddell-Mollie Dee           Jul 28,1891-Feb 2,1959 w/o Andrew

Caddell-Nancy A              Apr 1,1857-Jun 21,1924

Caddell-Nelson                 Dec 2,1899-Mar 7,1967 ossw Lizzie

Caddell-Orlando               one date Dec 8,1942

Caddell-Sally J                 Mar 26,1869-Jan 19,1948

Caddell-Una                     Mar 4,1900-Dec 16,1964


Chitwood-James             Apr 27,1869-Feb 4,1923

Chitwood-Rebecca          Apr 26,1845-Dec 30,1928

Chitwood-Sam                Jan 1,1881-Aug 3,1909

Chitwood-Shelby             Mar 21,1839-Sep 6,1884


Clark-Ellis                       Mar 7,1917-Mar 20,1917 s/o A E & Nellie Clark

Clark-Kathrene                 Jul 16,1921,Feb 10,1922 d/o A E & Nellie Clark

Clark-Lester                     Feb 22,1918-Mar 14,1918 d/o  A E & Nellie Clark


Colyer-Myrtle                   Dec 23,1903-Mar 24,1977


Combs-Joshus "Josh"              May 17,1983-Jul 12,2001 photo

Cooper-Charles Lindsey           Mar 17,1890-Apr 27,1976

Cooper-George Washington      Jul 21,1869-Oct 20,1913 h/o Mary Olive Ball

Cooper-Mary Olive Ball            Oct 12,1872-Mar 10,1895


Cordell-William Bradley Jr. Oct 5,1947-Oct 7,1949 Photo


Cox-Daniel         no dates

Cox-Margaret J   May 2,1911-Dec 1,1898 w/o Daniel


Crawford-LeeRoy   one date Jan 1,1986

Crawford-Delia       May 2,1911-May 10,1952



Davenport-Izra           Oct 6,1891-Jun 23,1983

Davenport-Lawrence   Nov 26,1915-Dec 22,1915

Davenport-Lizzie        Sep 6,1871-Jul 18,1936

Davenport-W M          Jul 15,1866-Dec 23,1941


Davis-Henry H            Sep 30,1866-Feb 9,1952


Devenport-Daniel        1805-Jul 4,1887

Devenport-Polly          1803-Jul 18,1887


Douglas-Hester Alana     Mar 5,1966-Mar 7,1966


Drew-Gloria May             Aug 28,1930-Oct 17,1970 photo



Ellis-Nana one date Mar 1,1907    one date Mar 1,1907




Farmer-Miss        no dates



Godsey-Hettie L     Jun 7,1910 one date  ossw Roy P

Godsey-Roy P        May 1,1908-Sep 26,1977 ossw Hettie L



Hamlin-Ada E         Feb 14,1889-Apr 15,1905

Hamlin-Jesse          Dec 2,1885-Aug 16,1973


4 Hamlin unmarked graves


Hamlin-Billy L                  Sep 26,1936 one date ossw Flora B

Hamlin-David Byron          Mar 30,1948-Jun 16,1948

Hamlin-Delmer                 Feb 1,1947-Jan 15,1948

Hamlin-Deloris                 Dec 23,1929-Jan 10,1930

Hamlin-Dorothy                no info  

Hamlin-Ella                     Feb 18,1912 one date ossw Floyd E

Hamlin-Etta M                 Nov 7,1907 one date ossw John P

Hamlin-Flora B                Sep 13,1934-Jul 13,1963 ossw Billy L

Hamlin-Frank                  Jan 1,1885-Dec 25,1930

Hamlin-J.Milford              Apr 7,1899-Feb 20,1961 ossw Verda

Hamlin-James Ernest      Jan 31,1911-Sep 6,1977

Hamlin-James M             Jul 19,1933-Jul 19,1933

Hamlin-Joe                     Oct 26,1872-Feb 9,1930

Hamlin-John F                Jul 29,1903-Dec 1,1978  ossw Etta married: Apr 28,1925

Hamlin-Lloyd E               Aug 30,1911-Jun 8,1979 ossw Ella

Hamlin-Lois Ann             Jan 19,1939-Aug 19,1946

Hamlin-Loren                  Oct 21,1906-Oct 12,1977 ossw Mahala

Hamlin-Luther                 Feb 2,1905-Mar 21,1951 ossw Nellie

Hamlin-Mahala                May 31,1907 one date  ossw Loren

Hamlin-Mildred                Jun 22,1922-Jun 22,1922

Hamlin-N                        Jun 5,1909 one date ossw Luther

Hamlatrick                      Mar 17,1952-Mar 19,1952

Hamlin-Roy W                 Sep 1,1949-Jan 30,1970 married: Feb 22,1967 photo

Hamlin-Ruby                   Mar 27,1947 one date ossw Roy W

Hamlin-Sadie M               Dec 29,1889-Mar 28,1949  ossw Frank

Hamlin-Sad                     Oct 19,1874-Feb 2,1948 ossw J Milford

Hamlin-Verda                  Dec 29,1889-Mar 28,1949 ossw Frank

Hamlin-William Joe          Sep 15,1925-Jul 30,1950


Hange-Mary E               Jan 17,1849-Jan 17,1913


Hays-Jane                     Aug 10,1865-Aug 21,1916 w/o J L


Henson-Eva Z                Jan 12,1905-Jul 6,1975  ossw Isaac M

Henson-Isaac M             May 27,1885-Sep 21,1971  ossw Eva Z



Jones-Infant                  May 23,1940-Nov 24,`940 s/o Harold J Jones

Jones-Linda                  Aug 29,1883-Sep 9,1950 ossw Warren

Jones-Mary Caddell       Sep 20,1862-Jan 27,1952

Jones-Nancy                 Sep 16,1883-Apr 16,1906 w/o A G Jones

Jones-Nancy Caddell     1856-1931

Jones-Infant                   Feb 14,1929-Feb 25,1929

Jones-Warren                Jan 22,1881-Mar 14,1957



Kempton-Mildred      1927-2004


Kidd-C J                  No dates

Kidd-Columbus        Apr 28,1907-Jan 20,1925

Kidd-Daisy              Feb 20,1895-Jul 15,1958

Kidd-David               Mar 29,1814-Jan 16,1878

Kidd-Dorothy               Mar 6,1917-Mar 17,2004 ossw Ventis

Kidd-Donald Morris     Sep 21.1939-Jan 1,1940

Kidd-Earl                 Aug 25,1911 one date

Kidd-Earl Ray          Dec 2,1965-Apr 6,1986

Kidd-Eliza               1820-May 10,1891

Kidd-Felecia            1977-1977

Kidd-Flara                Jan 31,1889-Aug 1889

Kidd-Floid                Mar 13,1906-Apr 29,1906

Kidd-Helen               May 18,1883-Apr 3,1969

Kidd-They May         Mar 13,1892-Sep 5,1892

Kidd-Infant               Apr 10,1897-one date s/o J G & Mary Kidd

Kidd-James G          Oct 15,1849-Mar 5,1932

Kidd-James L           Aug 9,1882-Jul 8,1899

Kidd-Jane                 Dec 15,1815-Jun 8,1894

Kidd-Jesse               Feb 5,1877-Jul 17,1957 ossw Helen

Kidd-Joe                  Jan 6,1867-Dec 8,1945  ossw Rachel

Kidd-Infant               Jun 30,1906 twins s/o Joe & Rachel Kidd

Kidd-Infant               Jun 30,1906 twin s/o Joe & Rachel Kidd

Kidd-John                1815-May 10,1881

Kidd-John R             May 15,1851-Apr 17,1922

Kidd-L B Jr.              Apr 19,1880-Aug 20,1908


Kidd-Larkin B         Feb 9,1842-Aug 13,1912

Kidd-Kaura            Aug 13,1886-Jan 27,1971

Kidd-John              Nov 3,1874-Jan 15,1875 ossw 3 Infant graves s/o L B & Saley S Kidd

Kidd-Infant             1885 one date d/o L B & Saley  S

Kidd-Infant             1883 d/o L B & Saley S Kidd

Kidd-Infant             1881 d/o L B & Saley S Kidd

Kidd-Lavena J        Jun 9,1896-Jan 7,1897 d/o LB & Saley S Kidd           

Kidd-Mart              Sep 14,1869-Dec 13,1950 ossw Nancy

Kidd-Marthy           1810 one date

Kidd-Mary L.M       Oct 16,1858-Mar 14,1881

Kidd-Mereya          Oct 1893-Jun 2,1894

Kidd-Nancy           Jan 1,1876-Sep 5,1964 ossw Mart

Kidd-Patty            Jan 9,1948-Jan 17,1948 c/o Virgil & Bessie Kidd

Kidd-Permiley Ann      Feb 17,1880-May 13,1883

Kidd-Phebe J              Jan 14,1862-Jan 17,1908

Kidd-Rachel               Apr 14,1862-Jul 1,1940 ossw Joe

Kidd-Richard E           Aug 10,1915-MAy 1981

Kidd-Rolan                 Sep 6,1880-Jul 31,1968 ossw Laura

Kidd-Rolen                 Jul 26,1900-Jul 24,1920

Kidd-Roscoe E           Feb 22,1919-Jun 6,1944    

Kidd-Saley S              Jun 22,1847-Seo 18,1927 w/o L B

Kidd-William C           Jun 5,1890-Jan 1893

Kidd-William Howard   May 5,1939-Oct 10,1984

Kidd-William Thomas   Aug 22,1848-Dec 14,1890

Kidd-Ventis                 Aug 22,1912-Jan 12,1991 ossw Dorothy


King-Frank C              Mar 17,1952-Mar 25,1952

King-Myrtle Cooper     Jun 28,1894-Jan 29,1918

King-Thelma Strunk    Jul 25,1933-Dec 14,1954



Laws-Charlie Rufus       May 5,1914  one date ossw Velva H

Laws-Velve Hamlin       Jul 8,1920 one date ossw Charlie R


Lay-Delmer H               Jan 6,1926-Jan 20,1986

Lay-Fronnie Alice         May 11,1896-Sep 26.1964

Lay-James Mike           Dec 26,1891-Nov 8,1981


Lovett-Fred                  Aug 14,1921-Dec 28,1956

Lovett-Paul                  1919-1920


Lovitt-Carol D               Dec 24,1943-May 5,1944

Lovitt-Darrell                Dec 24,1943-May 8,1944

Lovitt-Nancy                Aug 10,1872-Dec 22,1909 w/o Lewis Lovitt



Manning-Amanda                   Apr 1,1881-Nov 19,1969

Manning-Armelda                   Feb 4,1842-Feb 11,1898

Manning-Chester B                Sep 4,1904-Sep 16,1922

Manning-Infant                       Feb 17,1925-Feb 17,1925

Manning-Harvey W                 1909-1931

Manning-Henry                       Mar 24,1813-Jul 11,1873

Manning-Hannah Richmond     1908-1985 w/o Henry

Manning-Henry L                     Dec 22,1866-Oct 31,1944

Manning-James D                    Nov 22,1882-Nov 30,1940

Manning-Lewis P                     Feb 11,1876-Jul 17,1911 ossw Amanda & William C

Manning-Louisa                       Nov 27,1837-Aug 11,1888 ossw Sherman  B

Manning-Maggie Ethel              Dec 27,1884-Mar 18,1964

Manning-Marion B                    Feb 5,1868-Dec 12,1937

Manning-Polly                          May 8,1876-Dec 8,1954

Manning-Samuel Grier              Mar 8,1927-Jul 4,1946

Manning-Sherman B                 Nov 14,1905-Aug 7,1923 ossw William C,Lewis P & Amanda

Manning-Thomas Jr.                 Feb 3,1927-Nov 23,1951

Manning-Virgil Lee                    Feb 18,1916-Aug 5,1916

Manning-William H                    May 31,1837-Apr 2,1896

Manning-William S                    Mar 9,1903-Mar 12,1956

Manning-William Clarence         Jan 29,1903-Mar 12,1956



Marion-Robin Leslie                    Jul 2,1964-Jul 11,1976


Martin-Dellie                              Mar 11,1923-Mar 11,1923

Martin-Dollie                              May 10,1925-May 10,1925

Martin-Lewis P                          Feb 12,1900  one date ossw Truie S

Martin-Truie S                           Mar 13,1905-Jan 24,1986  ossw Lewis P


Moore-Barbara Mae                    1962-1962

Moore-Edna Faye                       Nov 14,1946-Mar 18,1947

Moore-Joyce                              Nov 5,1948-Jul 30,1949

Moore-Victor Evan                      Sep 20,1949-Feb 8,1950 s/o James Jr.& Beatrice


Morgan-Benny                            May 9,1892-Jul 17,1893

Morgan-M E                               Dec 27,1884 ossw SG & NA

Morgan-Maudie E                        May 10,1896 d/o S G & N A Morgan

Morgan-Nancy A                         May 12,1858-Jan 1906 d/o S G & N A Morgan

Morgan-SG                                 Dec 8,1859-Dec 28,1917

Morgan-Infant                              one date  May 10,1908 s/o S G & Ethel Morgan

Morgan-Infant                              Sep 24,1915-Oct 23,1915 s/o S G & Ethel Morgan


Morris-Patsy Lou                     Apr 4,1930-Aug 14,1982


Moses-Violet                          Nov 30,1930-Nov 30,1930 d/o Robert Moses


Murphy-Ada                           Feb 19,1911 one date ossw Oda E

Murphy-Oda E                        Dec 30,1906-Jul 4,1973  ossw Ada



Neal-Conley E                       Jul 25,1953 one date ossw Nancy E Maxwell Neal

Neal-John Marion                   Apr 27,1910-Oct 8,1925

Neal-Lucie                            May 17,1867-Jan 16,1941

Neal-NancyE Maxwell            Feb 19,1952-Apr 21.2004 ossw Conley



Patrick-George                     Apr 3,1943-Apr 3,1943 s/o Les & Velva Patrick

Patrick-Lottie                       Jan 16,1852-Jun 1,1942 w/o W.N

Patrick-Sally S                     May 20,1847-Jan 8,1912 w/o Calvin


Perkins-Amie                        1890-1975 ossw Bill  (photo)

Perkins-Betty Jeane                Jan 17,1940-Mar 26,2005

Perkins-Carl Ivory                   Jan 16,1852-Jun 1,1942 w/o W.N

Perkins-Doris                         no dates

Perkins-Infant                         no dates d/o Georgia

Perkins-Infant                         no dates s/o Georgia

Perkins-Fred Ray                   Oct 4,1948-Dec 18,1948

Perkins-George McClellan       Apr 26,1864-Jun 10,1933

Perkins-James Harison           Mar 17,1876-Jun 2,182__

Perkins-John                          Jul 15,1893-Oct 14,1949 ossw Mishie

Perkins-John Jr.                     1925-1984

Perkins-Mark                         Dec 8,1849-Jun 14,1927 ossw Rachel

Perkins-May                          May 8,1915-Dec 12,1916 d/o John & Mishie Perkins

Perkins-Naomi                       no dates

Perkins-Mishie                      Jun 17,1892-Jul 24,1978  ossw John

Perkins-Oscar                       Feb 9,1913-Nov 25,1919 s/o Will & Amie Perkins

Perkins-Polly                         Feb 12,1903-Feb 10,1935 ossw Sam W

Perkins-Rachel                      Mar 8,1854-Nov 19,1930 ossw Mark

Perkins-Ruth Fay                   Feb 15,1935-Jul 3,1935 d/o Rufus & Lydia

Perkins-Sam W                     Aug 13,1897-May 4,1936 ossw Polly

Perkins-Sol                           Nov 2,1874-May 17,1884

Perkins-Susie Jane                Apr 24,1865-Aug 27,1929

Perkins-Will                          1887-1966

Perkins-William V                  1932-1980


Presswood-Belle      1914-1957


Privett-James I          Dec 28,1836-Feb 16,1908

Privett-Urley              Jun 24,1825-Mar 23,1877

Privett-Margaret         Nov 30,1871-Oct 13,1878



Queener-J L              Aug 21,1889-Aug 9,1942



Richman-Sarah J      1826-1930 104 years old


Richmond-Calvin R            Nov 13-1881-May 24,1954 ossw Viola Worley

Richmond-Flossie             Jun 28,1915-Nov 25,1974 ossw Herman L

Richmond-Henry Clay       1938-1959

Richmond-Herman L         Apr 24,1911-Aug 2,1972 ossw Flossie

Richmond-Jerry                1947-1957

Richmond-Luther              Feb 14,1908-Mar 12,1950

Richmond-Marty Wayne    Mar 24,1955-Jan 17,1973

Richmond-Randy L           Sep 28,1964-Sep 19,1984

Richmond-Rosa E            Jun 23,1918 one date ossw Sherman R

Richmond-Sherman R       May 9,1911 one date ossw Rosa E

Richmond-Steve               Mar 6,1952-Mar 7,1952

Richmond-Viola Lenora     May 18,1892-May 24,1955 ossw Calvin R

Richmond-William            May 1,1876-Nov 29,1947



Sargent-Henry                Jun 24,1879-Jan 27,1953

Sargent-Maybard H         May 12,1921-Dec 16,1980

Sargent-Niceann S          1888 one date


Sheperd-W L                  no dates

Sheperd-M B                Jun 27,1872-Jun 23,1873

Sheperd-James E          Apr 8,1873-Apr 24,1927

Sheperd-Jimmy             1874-1875

Sheperd-Mary J Bell       Nov 6,1877-Sep 6,1959


Sheppard-Andy H        Jan 2,1908-Apr 20,1959

Sheppard-Homer         Dec 16,1907-Dec 22,1907

Sheppard-Jesse          1872-1957

Sheepard-Martha H      Dec 29,1904-Aug 26,1906

Sheppard-Olif               Apr 3,1876-Feb 28,1929

Sheppard-Roy              Nov 21,1919-Aug 1,1929

Sheppard-William M     Nov 10,1916-Jan 1,1918


Siler-Rachel                  1827-Sep 4___ w/o Alvis


Stout-Charles                Dec 8,1941 one date ossw Nancy A

Stout-Nancy A              May 25,1941-Dec 28,2004 ossw Charles W


Smith-Earnie               Aug 11,1917-Nov 2,1917 d/o Joe Smith

Smith-Infant                Jan 25,1953 one date s/o Floyd & Elsie Smith

Smith-Lula                  May 10,1910-Mar 27,1910 d/o Joe Smith

Smith-T L                   May 20,1896-Apr 15,1914 s/o Joe Smith


Spradlin-T G                   Nov 7,1872-Jan 16,1918

Spradlin-Litha                  1879-1918

Spradlin-Robert                Apr 23,1914-Jul 18,1918


Stephens-Brenda Deborah        no dates

Stephens-Cora                        Dec 12,1900-Jan 20,1901 d/o Clabe & Lizza Stephens

Stephens-Donald                     May 15,1935-Aug 26,1936 s/o Ed & Miranda Stephens

Stephens-Elijah                       Mar 26,1834-Apr 9,1911

Stephens-Emma                     Jul 29,1869-Feb 1,1957 ossw James

Stephens-Harriet M                 Apr 19,1881-May 28,1960

Stephens-Howard                    Jan 31,19_ one date ossw June Moses

Stephens-Isabell                     Oct 17,__ one date (stone badly eroded)

Stephens-T G                         Jul 1,1878-Aug 26,1917

Stephens-Jerry M                   Sep 17,1868-Oct 3,1948

Stephens-June Moses            Oct 21,1922-Nov 26,1981 ossw Howard

Stephens-L D                         Jan 22,1879-Sep 1,1964 ossw Rose

Stephens-Lewis                      May 17,1837-Jul 10,1917

Stephens-Lucetia                   Jan 18,1817-Aug 30,1895

Stephens-Manuel R                May 5,1933-Feb 2,1962

Stephens-Margaret                 Mar 6,1871-May 19,1912

Stephens-Miranda                  Aug 10,1877-Sep 28,1898

Stephens-Mirtha                     Dec 12,1896-Dec 20,1896

Stephens-Nannie E                 Feb 21,1871-May 19,1912

Stephens-Olife                       Jul 24,1852-Nov 1881

Steohens-Osha                      Dec 26,1902-Jan 19,1903

Stephens-Richard S               Sep 27,1892-Aug 27,1971

Stephens-Rose                      Mar 22,1885-May 21,19650 ossw L D

Stephens-Susanna                 Feb 13,1835-Jul 3,1912 w/o Elijah

Stephens-Thos S                   Jun 19,1844-Feb 16,1910

Stephens-W L                       Feb 10,1856-Jun 1,1909

Stephens-William L               Sep 26,1870-Jun 23,1948



Strunk-Ben Haris                     Jan 23,1890-Oct 29,1892

Strunk-Brenda Lee                   Jan 8,1960-Jan 8,196 d/o Lawrence Strunk

Strunk-Claria                           Jul 7,1907-Nov 13,1931

Strunk-Earl                             May 24,1935-Jul 12,1982

Strunk-Edd                             1894-1973 ossw Erna

Strunk-Ellen                           1908-1985 ossw Sampson

Strunk-Erna                            1901-1932 ossw Edd

Strunk-Flora B                        1909-1924

Strunk-Henry Harson               Jun 19,1901-Jul 3,1903

Strunk-Huey L                        1861-1930

Strunk-Jimmy                         1899-1913

Strunk-Jep Melton                   Feb 10,1884-Oct 17,1892

Strunk-John                            Dec 23,1849-Jan 25,1925 ossw Permilia

Strunk-Joyce Juanita               Nov 9,1930-Feb 12,1931

Strunk-Leander                       Nov 3,1883-Jan 1,1957

Strunk-Lindy                           Sep 1,1875-Jan 3,1933

Strunk-Manda Lee                   Sep 30,1887-Oct 27,1892

Strunk-Marion                        Jan 17,1879-Aug 21,1961

Strunk-Mark                          Jul 23,1880-Jul 5,1912

Strunk-Mary Ann Ball             1856-1897 

Strunk-Mary L                        1873-1946

Strunk-Noble                         Jun 16,1912-Nov 9,1914

Strunk-Norman                      Jan 22,1930-Dec 25,1945 (photo)

Strunk-Permelia                     May 3,1847-Apr 10,1930 ossw John

Strunk-Sampson                   1899-1982  ossw Ellen

Strunk-Sidney Barnes            May 27,1886-Aug 24,1886


Sumler-Sue Ann                    Oct 27,1948-Oct 27,1948


Sumner-Carie                         Jun 16,1917-Jan 28,1918               

Sumner-Casa                         Jul 18,1919-Feb 25,1920

Sumner-George                       Apr 4,1910-Jun 30,1936

Sumner-James Sherman         Jan 17,1884-Aug 21,1972 ossw RoseAnna (photo)

Sumner-RoseAnna                  Feb 23,1884-Apr 28,1983 ossw John Sherman        

Sumner-Vicie                         no dates

Sumner-William G                  Mar 12,1877-Feb 24,1938



Swain-JW                             Jan 25,1852-Aug 1,1924

Swain-James                         1873-1963

Swain-James E                      Mar 25,1912-Feb 14,1919 s/o G E & Nannie Swain

Swain-James H                      Apr 12,1878-May 5,1897

Swain-James H                      Nov 20,1854-Jan 18,1935 ossw Mary

Swain-Jesse                          no dates

Swain-Jose                            1874-1960

Swain-Joseph Edward             Jun 7,1880-Oct 14,1886

Swain-Lawrence                     Sep 3,1918-Feb 10,1919 s/o G E & Nannie Swain

Swain-Lloyd M                       Feb 6,1901-Feb 12,1904 s/o M M & B

Swain-Mary E                        Jun 14,1828-Jun 26,1903

Swain-Mary J                         Jan 20,1852-Jul 30,1907 w/o J W

Swain-Margaret E                   Feb 23,1863_Oct 4,1900 w/o T J

Swain-Mary                            Nov 22,1856-Mar 25,1911 ossw James H

SwainNannie B                       Sep 27,1891-Oct 30,1949 ossw George E

Swain-Thomas J                     Jul 16,1861-Apr 9,1948

Swain-Swains (twins) d/o T J    Apr 11,1889    one date



Taylor-Infant             Feb 4,1952-Feb 4,1952 s/o Arthur Taylor

Taylor-George Lee    1909-1984

Taylor-Marthae         Aug 23,1888 one date ossw Will

Taylor-Will                May 26,1886 one date ossw Marthae


Thomas-Celina Jane                   Aug 6,1846-Oct 6,1929   

Thomas-Cheyrl                           Feb 11,1954-Dec 25,1958 photo

Thomas-Eddith                           Oct 22,1911-Oct 22,1911

Thomas-Edward                          1930-1984

Thomas-Ervin                              Aug 16,1843-Nov 7,1927

Thomas-Frank                             Dec 17,1872-Nov 26,1949

Thomas-Homer C                         Sep 20,1907-Dec 17,1957

Thomas-Laura                              Feb 12,1909-Apr 16,1950

Thomas-Martha                            Oct 6,1887-Oct 3,1965

Thomas-Mossie                            Oct 6,1904-Apr 27,1944

Thomas-Rachel Dora Ball              Oct 25,894-Jan 8,1958


Towe-Verda Gaddell Dec 15,1892-Jan 29,1975






Waldrop-Rebeckah Mar 22,1856-Apr 6,1914 w/o John Waldrop


Walker-Charlie W            Mar 26,1925-Jul 10,1973

Walker-George W            Oct 28,1923-Jan 24,1967

Walker-Jeffery Darrell        1975-1976

Walker-Jess                     Apr 18,1875-Oct 20,1963 ossw Pearl

Walker-Paul                      Oct 18,1897-Aug 10,1974 ossw Jess


West-Lucinda                   Jun 25,1872-May 26,1893

West-Mary S                    Apr 20,1893-May 26,1893

West-Pearlie Bryant           May 22,1912 one date


Whisenhunt-Marie Strunk    Jul 12,1921-Dec 30,1975 ossw Willard

Whisenhunt-Willard             Feb 26,1907-Nov 25,1969  ossw Marie S


Wilson-Eugene   Sep 19,1915-Dec 28,1918 s/o Mark & Una Wilson


Worley-no name date only Jun 2,1842-Jun 19,1877