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                                               Bruce Cemetery

                                               Whitley City,Ky

                                               updated : by Barb Nicholas

40 Identifiable graves, 38 Unidentifiable graves


Directions: From Whitley City traffic light turn Left, and go about 3 miles you will find the cemetery on the Right.



Baltimore- Rodney Paul Apr 9,1942-May 10,1991 ossw Judy Lynne

Baltimore-Judy Lynne   Jun 28,1944 one date ossw Rodney Paul married: Jul 6,1961


Ball-Lydia Stephens May 1896-Au


Bruce-William  one date Aug 3,1852

Bruce-Bettey Feb 2,1806-Dec 26,1893

Bruce-Jane Feb 7,1777-Apr 19,1863

Bruce- T.J Sep 12,1868-Feb 2,1891

Bruce-William Jul 9,1801-Feb 18,1872

Bruce-War Mem

         Corp. E.R

         Co.G (C)?

         7 Ky Inf.



Bryant-Betty Lou Aug 14,1937-Oct 13,1990 ossw Delmer

Bryant-Delmer May 4,1935 one date ossw Betty Lou


Bumgardner-Anna Lou Sheperd Jul 20,1952-Jul 16,1970



Cooper-George D Oct 29,1875-Aug 30,1890

Cooper-Kizzie A   Mar 6,1883 one date  age 1 yr. d/o Jemima Jane Talor-Cooper



Kidd-Ida    Jan 22,1888-Feb 19,1924 w/o C. W Sheperd

Keith-Judy Lynne     Jun 28,1944 one date ossw Donald LeRoy

Keith-Donald LeRoy  Nov 17,1942 one date ossw Judy Lynne

King-Sheperd Ida  w/o CW Sheperd  Jan 22,1888-Feb 19,1924



Lawson-Isaac N Feb 26,1912 one date  ossw Ruby Jane

Lawson-Ruby Jane Jan 12,1916-Jun 13,1975  ossw Isaac N.

            LPN at Longview State Hosp,Cinn. Ohio


McDonald -Elihue Mar 24,1852-Mar 16,1907

McDonald T.J Feb 22,1885-Nov 2,1905



Perkins-Evert one date 1910

Perkins-Ernest no dates



Sheperd-Bessie H Dec 20,1913-Nov 4,1975  ossw James M

Sheperd-Carl C Jun 29,1927 one date ossw Irene  married: Jul 7,1949

Sheperd-C.W Jan 11,1872-Sep 12,1960 age 88 yrs 8 mo 1 da

Sheperd- C.J Jan 11,1872-Sep 12,1962

Sheperd-Dan B & D 1936

Sheperd-Irene   May 11,1928  one date ossw  Carl C married: Jul 7,1949

Sheperd-James M Mar 5,1912-Sep 25,1974  ossw Bessie

Sheperd-Jane   Jan 11,1853- Jan 26,1892    1st w/o Marion Sheperd

Sheperd-John M 1890-1975 h/o Stella Sheperd

Sheperd-Marion Apr 29,1874-Feb 8,1932   f/o J.M,John Marion, & C.W Sheperd  h/o Jane Trammell Sheperd

Sheperd-Mary E  1881-1882

Sheperd-Page  1883-1885

Sheperd-Rutha J Stephens   Jun 30,1875-Jun 24,1962  w/o C.W Sheperd age 86 yrs 11 mo 6 da



Smith-Ernest E 1909-1980  ossw Mabel S

Smith-Mabel S 1913-1988 ossw Ernest E


Spradlin-Infant Mar 19,1900 c/o T.J & D.A Spradlin

Spradlin-Cora A May 9,1890-Apr 6,1893

Spradlin-Dora J Oct 24,1888-Nov 16,1888

Spradlin-John G may 22,1887-Aug 1,1887

Spradlin-Leslie V Aug 17,1905-Sep 29,1905

Spradlin-Mary E Apr 27,1878-Aug 20,1878


Stephens-Clabe   Nov 7,1861-Apr 4,1948

Stephens-Elsie 1894-1896

Stephens-Elizabeth    Apr 6,1862-May 9,1928

Stephens-Lyda    May 1896-Aug 4,1937

Stephens-Roosevelt   1903-1975


Sumner-Gertrude   Oct 22,1893-Apr 6,1968  ossw Will

Sumner-Will    Dec 28,1884-Jun 24,1961  ossw Gertrude



Toth-Baby  May 2,1932 one date