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                                                  Dalton Cemetery- Vol 3



28 Identified graves- 5 Unidentified graves


Directions: Go South from Greenwood on US 27 about 1 mile where US 27 begins to seperate from Southern railroad tracks, which you have been following on your Right. An unimproved road turns Left into the forest and then North towards Greenwood paralleling with US 27. The cemetery is at the top of a hill.




Brassfield- Birdia               May 14,1922 one date ossw George W & George S

Brassfield- George S         Nov 26,1912- Nov 14,1971

Brassfield- George W        Nov 26,1948- Nov 27,1948 ossw Birdia & George S




Coffee- B                         one date   Jul 6,1946 m/o Fannie         

Coffee- E                         one date Feb 3,1927 w/o J Coffee



Dalton- Lucy S                 Aug 23,1876- Jun27,1927


Doten- Rob                       one date Nov 2,1914 b/o A Doten




Helton- Donald                  1936-1963

Helton- Henry                    1905-1971

Helton- Martha Jane           one date Nov 13,1952 age 85 years

Helton- William Tom           Mar 25,1897- Aug 3,1956


Hughes- David                   Aug 19,1920- Apr 10,1941 ossw Elizabeth

Hughes- Elizabeth             Mar 21,1903- Aug 23,1961 ossw Daniel

Hughes- Jimmie                 Feb 2,1932- Feb 21,1932 s/o Fannie

Hughes- W L                      B & D Apr 8,1921




Kennedy- James Allen           1973-1974



Leitner- Marie Helton              Jun 7,1903- Dec 9,1956




Sellers- D E                          B & D Feb 10,1902


Soleman Emma                    one date May 29,1946 ? w/o John Soleman


Stanton- Martha                    B& D Jan 17,1937 ossw Mary d/o Pal Stanton

Stanton- Mary                      Jan 17,1937- Jan 30,1939 d/o Pal Stanton ossw Martha




Vanover- Edward                   Sep 7,1905 one date ossw Estilla

Vanover- Estilla                     Dec 20,1917- Sep 29,1981 ossw Edward

Vanover- Mark                       no dates

Vanover- Sarah                      no dates

Vanover- S L                         no dates

Vanover- S W                        Jul 2,1901- Jul 2,1901