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                                               Davis Cemetery Vol 2

                                                Pine Knot/Holly Hill


90 Identified graves-63 Unidentified graves


Directions: From the intersection of US27 and Ky92 at Pine Knot go E to Ky 592, go S onto Ky592 .2 mile to Ky1470.Cross Hayes Creek and continue S to Granny Holt Knob Road.Follow this road E and then turn S an go .2 mile, the cemetery is on your Right down the hillbut you won't be able to see it or enter the Cemetery from Ky1470.



E.A 1830-1842


Anderson-David  Jun 17,1859-Apr 30,1922

Anderson-Infant  Jun 7,1896 one date d/o David & Seany Anderson

Anderson-Dicy   Jan 21,1885-Jun 11,1963  ossw Sidney

Anderson-Joe     Apr 22,1882-Aug 13,1952

Anderson-Martha  Jul 3,1890-Oct 18,1949

Anderson-Nellie G   Dec 14,1900-Dec 31,1900 d/o David & Seany Anderson

Anderson-Seany      Jul 26,1858-Feb 5,1909 

Anderson-Sidney      Sep 15,1877-Oct 30,1960 ossw  w/o David Anderson

Anderson-Sinda        Oct 20,1866-Oct 22,1907  d/o David & Seany ossw Dicy



Baird-Benjamin D  Jan 6,1904-Nov 11,1927  ossw Virgie L

Baird-Virgie L        Nov 15,1906-May 27,1924 ossw Benjamin D


Ball-Cintha J    Mar 5,1880-Mar 17,1880 d/o B.F & S Ball

Ball-Infant        Jul 6,1868-Jul 6,1868  d/o B.F & S Ball

Ball-John C      Apr 25,1872-Sep 8,1874 s/o B.F & S Ball

Ball-William A   Apr 25,1872-Sep 8,1874 s/o B.F & S Ball


Boyd-Reva   1919 one date  ossw Troy G

Boyd-Troy G 1941-1984  ossw Reva



Corder-Dorce Mar 1,1923-Jul 3,1923


Corneilus-James   Jul 23,1828-Jun 22,1891

Corneilus-Mahala Emerine   Mar 13,1890-Nov 26,1905

Corneilus-W.E   Nov 6,1859-Jan 22,1917

Corneilus-Mary Jane  Jun 18,1881-Oct 6,1887


Cross-Myrtle May 7,1908-Jul 27,1911 d/o G.C & Lizzie Cross



Duncan-James S  Apr 11,1819-Mar 18,1963


Davis-John  Mar 5,1824-May 14,1891

Davis-John L   Jul 14,1864-Dec 23,1864

Davis-Mahala Q  Jun 20,1826  one date w/o John

Davis-Mary  May 16,1855-May 16,1855

Davis-W.B   Jul 14,1848-Oct 3,1879



Foster-Mahala Oct 12,1860-Jan 22,1862



A.H   185__ no other info


Hays-Andrew  Jul 5,18750Oct 24,1884 s/o W.M & M.E Hays

Hays-Cinthy E  Aug 24,1844-Nov 1,1887


Hayse-Clemmie  1885 one date ossw Jerry

Hayse-Jerry 1884-1961  ossw Clemmie


Hayes-Mary E  Aug 2,1854-Mar 30,1915  ossw William

Hayes-William  Feb 1,1856-Aug 12,1924  ossw Mary E



Lay-Estes E  1913 one date ossw Mildred A married: Sep 23,1936

Lay-Mildred A  1919 one date ossw Estes E


Long-Ida B Jun 21,1906-Nov 4,1908 d/o J.D & Hattie Long


Lovitt-John  Jun 11,1877-Nov 11,1922

Lovitt-Infant Mar 12,1900-Mar 13,1900 s/o John & Salena Lovitt


Lovett-Corneilus  Sep 31,1856-Nov 5,1929

Lovett-Martha      Jun 21,1861-Nov 6,1955

Lovett-Opal         Jul 3,1908-Mar 29,1937

Lovett-Oscal       Nov 28,1899-Aug 14,1932

Lovett-Salena     May 2,1879-May 20,1966



Meadows-George D  Jan 6,1902-Jan 11,1902 s/o Jerry & Vernnie

Meadows-Manday    Oct 17,1850-Feb 4,1899  w/o W.B Meadows

Meadows-Mary E     Feb 14,1904 -Feb 14,1904 d/o Jerry & Vernnie

Meadows-Vernia      Dec 25,1910-Jan 27,1911 d/o H.G & Hanna Meadows


Murphy-Agnes L    Jan 14,1910 one date  ossw Raymond E

Murphy-Raymond E   Dec 22,1911-Jul 30,1982  ossw Agnes L

Murphy-Sary J   1838-1848



Neal-China    Apr 7,1908-May 31,1972  ossw Finley

Neal-Finley    Feb 13,1900-Dec 5,1967  ossw China

Neal-Henry    Nov 15,1838-Dec 1922

Neal-Naome   Apr 1838-Dec 1922

Neal-Susie     Jul 27,1866-Nov 10,1935

Neal-William 1871-1950



Redmon-Anna C Jul 29,1883-Apr 14,1884 d/o E.C & S Redmon


Roe-Edna   Dec 7,1907-Feb 7,1908 d/o Fritz& Sarah Roe

Roe-Fritz    Sep 28,1886-Feb 25,1918

Roe-Geneva    Jan 12,1917-Feb 8,1918  d/o Fritz & Sarah Roe

Roe-James M  Apr 25,1884-Sep 18,1905

Roe-Susie      May 18,1880-Aug 24,1910

Roe-Tilda       Jul 13,1850-Feb 1,1934  ossw W.M

Roe-W.M       Sep 10,1848-Sep 1,1926  ossw Tilda J


Rowe-Goldie  Oct 14,1921-Jun 5,1977  ossw Raymond

Rowe-Hannah E  1872-1958 ossw Thomas

Rowe-Jean D     Feb 14,1945-Jun 13,1945

Rowe-Raymond  Jan 2,1917 one date  ossw Goldie

Rowe-Thomas M  1872-1946  ossw Hannah E


Roundtree-Joyce Lue  Apr 4,1933-Apr 29,1933

Roundtree-Myrtle Elma  Apr 23,1919-Apr 28,1919  =daughters of W.E & Vica Roundtree

Roundtree-Rosetta  Oct 19,1917- Dec 3,1918 d/o T.F & Stella Roundtree

Ryan-Martha Mar 26,1847-sep 20,1881 w/o T.G Ryan



Smith-B.A  Aug 6,1898-Oct 17,1898

Smith-Henry C  Dec 17,1906-Jul 19,1907

Smith-Laura can't make out dates


Stephens-Margaret E Jun 18,1894-Sep 21,1878  ossw E.B

Stephens-Bill Jul 23,1879-Mar 23,1958  ossw Leatha

Stephens-Leatha Oct 22,1885-Dec 20,1957  ossw Bill



Wasson -W.G Sep 7,1816-May 4,1865


Wilson-Ettie Aug 4,1894-Aug 15,1928 d/o McKinley & Ettie