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                                                Eagle Creek Cemetery-Vol 3

                                                        Parkers Lake

                                                  Updated By: Jennifer Perry (MPCPS) 2005


355 Identified graves-251 Unidentified graves


Directions: Take Ky 90 from US 27 at Parkers Lake go 7.1 miles to KY 896, turn Left and go 1.7 mile to Eagle Creek Church which is on the Right side of the road, and South side of Eagle Creek.



JB-                       one date Sep 11,1858


Ball- Laura J          Aug 26,1898-Feb 13,1979

Ball- Leo Willard    Aug 17,1919-May 3,1938

Ball- Lincoln E       May 28,1892- Feb 3,1971

Ball- William A       Apr 11,1924- Sep 14,1981


Ballou- Calvin          Apr 9,1863-Mar 22,1881 s/o Meredith & Parlinia Ballou

Ballou- Daniel         Jul 3,1883- Oct 26,1885 s/o James & S E Ballou

Ballou- Martha        May 5,1880-Jun 1,1880 d/o James & S E Ballou

Ballou- Merideth      Jan 15,1822- May 25,1899

Ballou- Parlinia        Aug 28,1831-Jan 14,1916


Barnett- Betty Lou    Oct 30,1948-Feb 17,1975

Barnett- Edna G       Jan 24,1923-Aug 17,1930

Barnett-Ernest P      Aug 27,1948-Mar 17,1998  

Barnett-  Little Lewis   Feb 22,1902-Oct 12,1902 s/o Mack Barnett

B rnet- ___ ate           (no dates) probably Barnett


Bennett- Dora Dean          Sep 13,1932 one date ossw Ozas Clayton

Bennett- Ozas Clayton      Mar 21,1918-Feb 27,1977 ossw Dora Dean


Browder-Nancy Worley      1911-one date



J A C                               one date 1852


Campbell- no name            May 28,1820-Aug 4,1874


Childers- Byo                    May 10,1926-Oct 5,1931

Childers- Earl                    Jun 19,1914-Jun 24,1914

Childers- Icie                     Jan 19,1920-Jan 19,1920

Childers- Linzy C               1872-1952 ossw Vicie L

Childers-Lora                     Sep 23,1916-Aug 23,1917

Childers- Loyd E                Aug 29,1915-Sep 16,1916

Childers- Oliver                  Jun 2,1928-Jun 2,1928

Childers- Reba                  Apr 3.1934- Apr 4,1934

Childers-Vicie L                  1874-1911 ossw Linzy C

Childers-Tempa Rose        Apr 12,1892-Dec 31,1985


Childres- Infant                    Jan 1,1906-Jan 1,1906 c/o J H Childres

Childres- Infant                    Dec 9,1906-Dec 9,1906 c/o J H Childres

Childres- Elia                      Sep 8,1843-Apr 14,1920

Childres- Fannie E               Aug 5,1846-Jan 26,1917


Clark- Infant                        no dates c/o George Clark




S V D                                 one date 1852

J D                                     one date 1852


Davis- Harrt Lucinenia          Jan 28,1867-Jan 2,1876


Durham- Samantha Vanover    Jul 14,1896- Sep 1,1966



Flanery- Lillie                         Mar 3,1897-Jul 22,1897


Fore- Jesie G                         Jul 7,1900- Jul 7,1902


Freeman- A F                        no dates

Freeman- Jas J                      no dates

Freeman- Margaret E             Nov 6,1849 one date w/o James J

Freeman- Mary J                   Apr 3,1847- Mar 3,1898 w/o J B




E G                                   no dates


Gibson- Girtie                     Aug 29,1899-Nov 10,1942


Godbey- Stoney A              Nov 21,1966-Jun 3,1967


Goodin- Artman                  Apr 21,1937-Apr 5,1984 ossw Offie A

Goodin-Carolyn                  Jan 10,1944 one date ossw James “BO”

Goodin- Claude Jr               1945-1983

Goodin- Cora E                  Jul 5,1911-Aug 14,1977 ossw Denton

Goodin- Denton                  Jul 27,1898 –Mar 16,1994 ossw Cora E married: Feb 8,1927

Goodin- Infant                    no dates c/o Denton & Cora Goodin

Goodin- Infant                    no dates c/o Denton & Cora Goodin

Goodin- Infant                    no dates c/o Denton & Cora Goodin

Goodin- Infant                    no dates c/o Denton & Cora Goodin

Goodin-James “Bo”             May 10,1935-Aug 14,2001 ossw Carolyn

Goodin-Kenneth Earl           Mar 19,1942-Aug 27,2001

Goodin-Martha Mae            1950-2005 d/o Lloyd & Virgie Vanover

Goodin-  Melissa                Aug 12,1967- Dec 1967

Goodin- Offie A                   Apr 20,1947 one date ossw Artman

Goodin- Pearl                     Jan 9,1934-Jul 12,1936

Goodin-Roman Eugene      May 13,1968-Nov 30,2000 s/o James “Bo” & Carolyn Goodin

Goodin- Roscoe                  Feb 28,1905-Mar 1974

Goodin- Roscoe                  Dec 28,1939-Nov 10,1945

Goodin- Stella                    Feb 11,1899-Feb 23,1943

Goodin-Thomas  J              Feb 7,1931-Apr 4,1989

Goodin- Willlis (Wig)          Jan 18,1900-Nov 11,1969



Hamlin- Evert L                   no dates s/o J R & Ida Hamlin


Hansard-Jno                       no dates


Hanserd- J P                      no dates  ossw S N Warma & M L Warma


Harms- Ethel G                   Feb 26,1909-Feb 2,1942


Hicks- Allie L                      Feb 17,1896 one date ossw Jasper

Hicks- Cora Alice                Apr 15,1906-Jan 28,1929 d/o W D & Millie E Hicks

Hicks- Jasper                     Nov 8,1895-Oct 22,1975 ossw Allie L

Hicks- Millie E Perry           Jan 31,1874-Apr 14,1947

Hicks-Rebecca                   no dates w/o W H

Hicks- W D                        Mar 23,1872-Jan 3,1963


Holden- C                          1805-1897


Hughes- Rebecca                no dates w/o W M Hughes



Keith- ?                              no dates

Keith- Carl                          Mar 17,1952-Mar 17,1952 ossw Carol

Keith- Carol                        Mar 17,1952-Mar 17,1952 ossw Carl

Keith- Ethel Mae                 Jun 23,1919-Apr 1,1982 ossw Virgil H

Keith- Marvin                      Oct 2,1914-Mar 29,1955 ossw Truie married: Jun 5,1944

Keith- Truie                         Aug 3,1927-Jan 3,2001ossw Marvin married: Jun 3,1944

Keith- Virgil H                     Sep 20,1907-Aug 5,1966 ossw Ethel Mae



Lawson- Charlie                    Dec 1,1882-Nov 7,1959

Lawson- Deamie                   Sep 9,1892-Oct 10,1964

Lawson- Infant                       no dates c/o Louise Lawson


Logan-Emma                        Jan 27,1887-Sep 6,1975

Logan-Lawrence                   Jul 17,1935- Apr 3,2004




J B M-                                 one date Oct 13,1850

N M-                                    one date Oct 28,1886


Martin- Abbie                        Oct 10,1853-Dec 17,1938 ossw John J

Martin- Addie S                     Mar 3,1911-Jan 11,1977 ossw Justin married: Dec 31,1932

Martin- Charles E                  Nov 16,1891-Oct 31,1933

Martin- Ida R                         Jul 12,1901-Feb 7,1989 ossw Lewis M

Martin- John J                       Nov 23,1853-Jul 20,1943 ossw Abbie

Martin- Justin                        Apr 3,1912 –Oct 29,1987 ossw Addie S married: Dec 31,1932

Martin- Lewis M                    Oct 9,1880-Jul 1,1938 ossw Ida R


Minish- Ricky                       1957-1958


Morgan- C C                        Mar 29,1833-Sep 13,1903

Morgan- Ella H                     Feb 26,1870-Apr 22,1902

Morgan- Nancy A                 Feb 17,1874-Mar 21,1915


Muncy-Estaleen Vanover      May 16,1930-May 21,1996



Neals- Infant                        Apr 5,1897-Aug 13,1897 d/o F M & L J Neals


Neely- A A                           May 23,1901-Feb 14,1903 ossw L D

Neely- D B                           Apr 19,1892-Jun 11,1919

Neely- Harriett Luesinda        no dates

Neely- Jas I                          no dates

Neely- L D                            Feb 16,1886-Jul 22,1903 ossw A A




Owens- Bradley Ellard                    Sep 23,1901-Feb 3,1935 ossw Lottie Jane Meadows

Owens- Lottie Jane Meadows          Dec 9,1866-Mar 20,1939 ossw Brady Ellard




A P            no dates

A P            no dates

G P            no dates

G P            no dates

JLP- Infant   no dates

L P              no dates

N L V P       no dates

N P             no dates

S P             no dates

W P            no dates

V P             no dates


Patrick- Garrett Cole       1983-1983

Patrick- Larry Allen         Nov 3,1957-Nov 3,1957


Perry- A E                       one date Oct 6,1858

Perry- Aaron Ethan           B&D 2005

Perry-Almond                  Mar 2,1916-May 24,1998

Perry- Armelda                Jun 30,1864-Nov 14,1930

Perry-Ancil                      Sep 28,1908-Apr 28,1987 ossw Dollie L married: Aug 10,1931

Perry- Bertha                  Oct 2,1904- Mar 15,1975

Perry- Bessie A               Nov 7,1929 one date

Perry- Billie Joe Infant       no dates

Perry- Bertha                   Nov 27,1932- Jun 20,1934

Perry- Blarn                     Sep 14,1885-May 10,1931

Perry- Boney                   Mar 16,1895-May 27,1957 ossw Sarah Jane

Perry- Bruce                    Mar 14,1902-Sep 8,1970 ossw Lola

Perry- Claude                   Jan 12,1909 –Oct 3,1993  ossw Rhoda  married: Jun 8,1930

Perry- Daniel C                 Aug 9,1918-Apr 21,1922

Perry- Danie                     no dates

Perry- Dema                     Oct 11,1914- Mar 18,1980 ossw Estes

Perry-Dollie L                   Jan 10,1913-May 19,1988 ossw Ancil married: Aug 10,1931

Perry- Elizabeth L             Jul 28,1903 –Aug 5,1997 ossw Morgan L

Perry- Sue                        no dates

Perry- Blitha                      Mar 12,1829-Feb 17,1918

Perry- Estes                      Oct 19,1913-Mar 28,1959 ossw Dema

Perry- Firnie                      Oct 5,1911- Oct 10,1934

Perry- Frank                      Dec 25,1897-May 25,1946

Perry- Freli McKinney         Nov 28,1896-Sep 20,1928

Perry- G W                        one date Dec 30,1883

Perry- George K                 Jan 30,1885-Jan 15,1968 ossw Minnie B married: Nov 14,1906

Perry- Henry Sr                  May 18,1827- Dec 24,1918

Perry- Hobert                     Mar 29,1930-Aug 8,1948

Perry- Howard                    Dec 10,1930-Jan 1,1932

Perry- Infant                       no dates c/o Emma & W P

Perry- Infant                       no dates c/o Emma & WP

Perry- Infant                       no dates c/o Emma & WP

Perry- Infant                       no dates c/o Emma & WP

Perry- Infant                       Sep 28,1923 c/o Lola Perry

Perry- Ira S                        Mar 30,1882- Nov 5,1948

Perry- Irene                        Sep 17,1951-Sep 17,1951 d/o Ancil & Dolly Perry

Perry- Isaac                       May 14,1937-Dec 28,1938 ossw Marvin

Perry- Isaac                       Nov 28,1872-Dec 20,1933

Perry- Jane                        Jan 25,1850-Dec 28,1941

Perry- John                        Mar 23,1893- Sep 8,1955

Perry- John                        one date Feb 3,1881

Perry- Johnathan                May 1857-Feb 1924

Perry- Judy                        Mar 1850-Jan 1926

Perry- Lola                         Sep 6,1906- Dec 22,1996 ossw Bruce married: Feb 11,1929

Perry- Luke                        Sep 6,1894-Mar 14,1959 ossw Mary Ann

Perry- Marvin                     May 14,1937-Dec 28,1938 ossw Isaac

Perry- Mary Ann                Jun 18,1894-Apr 30,1969 ossw Lulu

Perry- M D                         Apr 28,1868-Dec 27,1925

Perry- Millie                       1861-1915

Perry- Minnie B                  Aug 17,1892-Nov 9,1977 ossw George K married: Nov 14,1906

Perry- Morgan N                 Jun 14,1917-Feb 12,1983 ossw Elizabeth L

Perry-Ollie V                        May 3,1914-Jun 25,1997 ossw Raymond married: Dec 2,1935

Perry- Omie                       May 4,1920-Jul 11,1922

Perry- Polly J                      Apr 2,1861-Apr 25,1945

Perry-Raymond                 Nov 11,1915-Sep 28,1989 ossw Ollie V

Perry- Rhoda                      Aug 20,1910 –May 17,1985 ossw Claude married: Jun 8,1930

Perry- Roena                      Aug 25,1896-Aug 20,1954

Perry- Sally                        no dates

Perry- Samuel                    1859-1915

Perry- Sarah Jane               Aug 24,1897-Jul 13,1955 ossw Boney

Perry- Sintha                      no dates

Perry- Tavie                        no dates

Perry- Thomas A                 Feb 24,1943-Feb 24,1943

Perry- Tiney                        no dates

Perry- Virgil                         Sep 10,1934- Oct 13,1934

Perry- Virginia R                  May 27,1953-Apr 16,1955

Perry- Waymon                   May 11,1918- Oct 1,1968

Perry- Wyatt                       Nov 21,1860-Apr 14,1939

Perry- Willie                        1889-1929

Perry- Willis                        Apr 4,1892-Dec 20,1923

Perry- Zilpha Emerine           Apr 16,1938-Jul 3,1944


Privett- Emma                     Sep 22,1888-Apr 16,1919




Renfro- Armanda                     Jul 12,1914 one date ossw Mahan married: Mar 25,1932

Renfro- Artie                           Aug 3,1938-Oct 2,1943

Renfro- Carl                            Oct 20,1921 one date ossw Fannioe married: Jul 1,1939

Renfro- Charley A                   Jun 7,1895-Dec 8,1917

Renfro- Fannie E                    Jun 15,1921-Jan 8,1978 ossw Carl married: Jul 1,1939

Renfro- Foist J                       Apr 20,1932-Feb 22,1959

Renfro- Rev. Frank E               Nov 16,1903-Jan 30,1971 ossw Lissie J

Renfro- George V                    Jan 4,1921-Apr 7,1974

Renfro- Infant                          no dates c/o Carl & Fannie Renfro

Renfro- Infant                          one date 1920 s/o Tom & Minnie Renfro

Renfro- Jerelda Jane                one date Aug 13,1873

Renfro- John S                        Apr 9,1887-Nov 30,1927 ossw Nellie F Privett

Renfro- Lenza                         1899-1928

Renfro- Lewis                         no dates

Renfro- Lewis Harmon             Mar 16,1859-Feb 6,1951

Renfro- Lissie J                       Feb 26,1906 –May 7,1991 ossw Rev. Frank

Renfro- Mahan                        Sep 24,1910-Sep 23,1975 ossw Amanda married: Mar 25,1932

Renfro- Mary                           one date Sep 29,1954 d/o F J & O N

Renfro- Minnie O                     Dec 28,1898-Apr 23,1978 ossw Tom W

Renfro- Nancy A                      Mar 16,1864-Jul 22,1934

Renfro- Nellie F Privett              1896-1984 ossw John S

Renfro-Ortha N                        Jul 29,1932-one date ossw Foist J

Renfro- Oscar Frank                 Apr 18,1940- May 1,1940

Renfro- Rebecca                      Aug 19,1969 one date d/o Floyd & Mary Renfro

Renfro- Tom W                        Mar 21,1897-Jul 23,1979 ossw Minnie

Renfro- Virginia                         Jan 15,1945- Jan 15,1945

Renfro- Imogene                        no dates


Richardson- Mandy                  1827 one date


Ridener- Arlo C                       Feb 5,1921-May 6,1966

Ridner-Cena Jane                   Aug 8,1899-Apr 24,1990

Ridener- Elizabeth                  May 26,1894- Dec 2,1920

Ridener- Ellen Rose                May 2,1901- Nov 13,1971

Ridener- Emma                       Apr 25,1893-Dec 20,1967 ossw Enoch

Ridener- Enoc                         Jun 6,1892-Jul 6,1956 ossw Emma

Ridener- G W                         Mar 2,1856-Sep 20,1935

Ridener- Leonard Shrink          Aug 20,1889-Sep 5,1911

Ridener- Margaret                   1893-1927

Ridener- Millie An                   Sep 17,1875-Dec 20,18??


Ridner- Elba E                       Apr 9,1883-Oct 17,1928 ossw George M

Ridner- George M                  May 24,1881-Aug 17,1951 ossw Elba E

Ridner- Infant                         no dates c/o Sam & Cena Ridner

Ridner- Martin Eugene            Feb 11,1919-Aug 27,1929

Ridener-Millie Ann                 Sep 17,1875 one date

Ridner- Ranzy Allen”Bud”      Feb 16,1979-Jan 14,1999

Ridner- Sam                          Sep 21,1890-Nov 17,1969



Rollins-Evelyn                    Apr 3,1938 one date ossw Mintford”Ned” married: Oct 19,1957

Rollins-Kathy Darlene         Nov 5,1954-Jan 13,1993 ossw Roger Allen married: Jan 27,1971

Rollins- Lucy                       Aug 13,1912-Mar 14,1979 ossw Robert

Rollins-Mintford”Ned”          Mar11,1935-Nov 12,2004 ossw Evelyn

Rollins- Robert                    Oct 6,1905-Mar 19,1966 ossw Lucy


Rose- Ana S Fread              Jun 22,1933-Jul 2,1933

Rose-Alma                          Sep 14,1923-Nov 4,1990 ossw Cye married: Mar 2,1940

Rose- Calvin                        Mar 16,1839-Jun 26,1901

Rose- Curtis                        May 9,1898- Sep 27,1961

Rose- Cye                           Jan 27,1917- Apr 1,1965

Rose- Frankie                      Dec 10,1840- Jun 25,1905

Rose- Henry                        Sep 24,1895- Mar 1,1934

Rose- Infant                         one date Nov 12,1940 s/o Cye & Alma

Rose- Nathan                      Aug 9,1930-Oct 2,1970

Rose- Norma Faye               Nov 15,1943-Nov 2,1944

Rose- Oscar                         Apr 22,1902- Feb 7,1961

Rose- Relda A                      Feb 15,1874-May 30,1933

Rose- Telitha                        Jun 28,1869-Apr 7,1941

Rose- Wiley                          Aug 14,1873- Oct 5,1928

Rose- William O                   Jun 5,1869- Oct 30,1944



Sawyer- Lucy B                    Mar 2,1882- Oct 25,1882


Scales- Zona E                     Apr 15,1903-Sep 10,1904 d/o Dora C & R E


Selvidge- Arlie                       Jul 3,1881-Sep 27,1975 ossw Sarah

Selvidge- Blanche                  Apr 24,18??- Dec 28,1940 ? d/o A B & Sarah Selvidge

Selvidge- Ira R                       Dec 28,1910- Mar 7,1914 s/o A B & Sarah Selvidge

Selvidge- Sarah                     Jul 14,1884- Oct 6,1966 ossw Arlie


Slone- Elizabeth                     Mar 27,1928- Oct 5,1980 ossw Marvel

Slone- Marvel                         Sep 30,1917- Dec 1,1985 ossw Elizabeth


Sloan-Roger                           Oct 22,1956-Feb 17,1994


Smith- James Millard               May 20,1881- Sep 9,1949

Smith- Lola                             May 11,1920 one date ossw Lummer

Smith- Lummer                        Jul 8,1916- Jan 11,1975 ossw Lola

Smith- Nancy Ann                    Dec 4,1893- Jul 27,1966

Smith-William L                       Jan 13,1928-Aug 5,1988


Spradlin- Infant                        one date Oct 4,1953 c/o Roscoe & Ida Spradlin


Sprinkles- Melissa Ann            Oct 7,1970-Oct 7,1970


Stephenson-Rebecca Spradlin     Sep 29,1944-Nov 18,1997


Strunk- Franklin                      Mar 10,1892- Nov 27,1951



Taylor-______                        May 13,1880-Oct 13,1888  unreadable

Taylor-Arnie                           May 12,1911-Apr 18,2004 ossw Gordon

Taylor- Abigail                       Jul 25,1874-Feb 23,1884 d/o Reaves & Surrilda Taylor

Taylor-Bennie B                     Feb 16,1921-Oct 20,1992 ossw Thelma L

Taylor- Billy Earl                    Mar 31,1930- Oct 26,1931 s/o Lucy & Sidney Taylor

Taylor- Infant                         Mar 1,1894- Mar 2,1894 d/o Reaves & Surrilda Taylor

Taylor- Eugene                      Jun 4,1937- Mar 22,1938 s/o Harmon & Angeline Taylor

Taylor-Gordon                       Mar 23,1910-Oct 4,1994 ossw Arnie

Taylor- Harmon H                   Sep 9,1912- Dec 23,1944

Taylor- Helen                         1917-1981 ossw Lanceo J

Taylor- Ina Fay                       Jul 6,1943- Jun 21,1945

Taylor- Lanceo J                     1908-1972 ossw Helen

Taylor- Larry                           Apr 9,1958- Oct 17,1958

Taylor- Lucinda                       Mar 12,1871- Aug 10,1871 d/o Reaves & Surrilda Taylor

Taylor- Mary M                       Oct 16,1890-Jan 28,1974

Taylor- Polly                          Nov 27,1821-May 29,1908

Taylor- Robert B                    1900-1980 ossw Stella R

Taylor- Samuel R                  Aug 22,1888- Mar 25,1905

Taylor- Stella R                     1896-1979 ossw Robert B

Taylor- Steve G                     May 10,1888- Apr 4,1961

Taylor-Thelma                      Aug 3,1921-Aug 19,2000 ossw Bennie B married: Jul 8,1939

Taylor- W M                          Feb 9,1892- Apr 23,1893 s/o Reaves & Surrilda Taylor

Taylor- William                      Jan 22,1821- Oct 11,1903

Taylor- unknown                    no dates


Thackston-Charles H             Dec 20,1938-Apr 2,1999 ossw Retha Keith

Thackston- Retha”Keith”        Apr 13,1955 one date ossw Charles H



S V                                      one date 1852

S V                                      one date Feb 25,1853


Vanover- Boyde Joy              Apr 17,1927- Nov 4,1983

Vanover- Cora                      Apr 3,1914- Sep 28,1927

Vanover- Corneilus                no dates

Vanover- Ed                         Nov 18,1892- Dec 19,1966 ossw Roxie

Vanover- Elek                       1918-1931

Vanover- Eli                         Oct 24,1870- May 23,1935

Vanover- Elisabeth               Jan 4,1830- Feb 22,1896

Vanover- Elisebeth               May 15,1833- Feb 22,1896

Vanover- Ema                      Jan 31,1863- Jun 21,1961 nest to Rev. Robert

Vanover- Emma                   Dec 30,1859- Jun 12,1961

Vanover- Ernest                   Oct 11,1931- Jan 13,1932

Vanover- Everett                   Jan 2,1898- Jan 24,1971 ossw Laura

Vanover- Fenty M                 Sep 21,1904-Oct 31,1988 ossw Luther T

Vanover- George W              1887-1918

Vanover- Harshall D              Jan 18,1965- May 14,1980

Vanover-Homer                     Jan 8,1957-May 27,1991 s/o Lloyd & Virgie Vanover

Vanover- John                       1914-1934

Vanover- John                       no dates

Vanover- Laura                      May 2,1904-Nov 11,1996 ossw Everett

Vanover- Lettie Jane               1918-1918

Vanover- Levi                         Apr 2,1831- Jun 26,1922

Vanover- Levi Jr                     Jul 17,1863- Jun 27,1951

Vanover- Levi Watson             Feb 23,1930- Mar 1,1930

Vanover- Lloyd B                    Feb 5,1922-Jul 20,1975

Vanover-Martha Jane              May 7,1918-Sep 13,2000

Vanover- Luther T                   Nov 2,1897-Apr 22,1979 ossw Fenty M married: Nov 6,1920

Vanover- Millie                       no dates beside John Vanover

Vanover- N A                         one date Jan 7,1922 (hard to read)

Vanover- Robert                     1908-1918

Vanover- Rev. Robert             Mar 22,1872- Nov 11,1909

Vanover- Rev. Robert             May 10,1874- Jun 12,1910

Vanover- Roxie                      Oct 20,1900- Jan 11,1954 ossw Ed

Vanover- Sam                       1885-1918

Vanover- Sharon Ann             Jan 18,1964- Apr 9,1964

Vanover-Timpy                      Jan 30,1843-Jan 14,1934 w/o George (in book listed as unknown grave)

Vanover-Uliss                        Jul 10,1901- Jul 4,1978

Vanover- Virgel R                   Sep 10,1925- Dec 30,1925

Vanover- Zippehey An            Oct 30,186?- Sep 26,1936



D W                                    one date Nov 23,1852


Walden- Claude R                 Oct 18,1889- Dec 2,1968 ossw Lizzie Vanover

Walden- Lizzie Vanover         Apr 18,1898 one date ossw Claude R


Walker- Infant                       one date Apr 12,1911 c/o PP & MA Walker


Warma- S M                         no dates ossw M L Warma & J P Hanserd

Warma- M L                          no dates ossw S M Warma & J P Hanserd


Warman- A H                        1917-1917

Warman- Charley V                Jun 17,1903- Sep 1,1904 s/o WM & Louisa Warman

Warman- Ida L                       Nov 28,1886- Sep 2,1887 d/o W M & Louisa Warman

Warman- Infant                       no dates c/o B & L Warman

Warman- Infant                       Jun 23,1856-Aug 26,1856 s/o J R Emily Warman

Warman- James R                  Sep 17,1894- Mar 30,1895 s/o WM & Louisa Warman

Warman- Louisa                      Jun 11,1867- Aug 27,1932

Warman- Luther E                   Apr 19,1891- Mar 14,1926

Warman-Norma Marie             Aug 29,1940-Dec 11,2004

Warman- Mandy E                  Mar 8,1901- Mar 9,1908 d/o WM & Louisa Warman


Worman-Lankford                 Jul 5,1919-Jun 4,1985 ossw Ophia Owens Worman married: Nov 6,1936

Worman-Nadle                     Jul 11,1914-Nov 7,1993 ossw Emery

Worman-Ophia Owens         Aug 10,1911-Jun 18,1991 ossw Lankford


Worley- Arthur                        May 1,1901- Sep 21,1919 s/o J W

Worley- Ellen                         Feb 16,1881- Oct 11,1900

Worley- Infant                        Apr 25,1898- May 21,1898 c/o Sam Worley

Worley- James Wiley              1826-1874

Worley- James W                   1870-1947 ossw Mary M

Worley- Lonzo                        Apr 26,1918- Aug 17,1933

Worley- Mary M                      1875-1961 ossw James W

Worley- Nancy Rose                1830-1894

Worley- Tommy                       Jul 26,1920- Jul 26,1920

Worley- W Worley                    Apr 27,186?-Sep 20,1860

Worley- Bernice                        1919-1978


Worman- Emery W                  Jul 2,1917-Apr 14,1978 ossw Nadle M

Worman- Gabe                        Mar 12,1909- Jun 25,1909 s/o Louisa Worman

Worman- Gilbert T                    Sep 1,1925- Feb 8,1928

Worman- Lankford                    Jul 5,1919- Jun 4,1985 ossw Ophia Owens

Worman- Lenard                       May 22,1924- May 23,1924 s/o Luther & Demmie Worman

Worman- Nadle                         Jul 11,1914 one date ossw Emery W

Worman- Ophia Owens             Aug 10,1911 one date ossw Lankford

Worman- Pearl                         Sep 10,1922- Aug 30,1923 d/o Luther & Demmie Worman