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                                                Granny Keith Cemetery- Vol 3

                                                  Marshes Siding



0-Identified graves- 27 Unidentified graves


Directions: At Marshes Siding travel to Alum Ford Boat Ramp and take a boat down the BSF approximately 4 miles to Blacks Branch & Jim Lott Branch, which are 2 streams that enter Lake Gashore on the North bank of Jim Lott Branch. also known as Spring Branch. Turn toward a small bench that comes out toward the river. The cemetery is along the ridge which runs NNE and lies at the 900' contour. The graves are along the ridge in a East-West direction.




Keith- Dave               no dates

Keith- George           one date 1829

Keith- (Granny) Tammy Roberts           no dates w/o George Keith




New- Ed          no dates s/o John New

New- George   no dates