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                                                Greenwood Cementery #1 - Vol 3



252 Identified graves-40 Unidentified graves


Directions: Take US 27 N from Whitley City-about 11 miles turn Left and cross the railroad tracks, turn Right and the cemetery is about 1/4 a mile on the Left on a hill.




Alcorn- Charles P            Dec 3,1877- Sep 27,1963

Alcorn- Henry J "Pat"      Jun 22,1893- Feb 2,1963 ossw Linda

Alcorn- James                Jan 12,1887- May 7,1971

Alcorn- Linda                 Jun 2,1891- Mar 5,1979 ossw Henry J



Ballou- L E                    Apr 12,1888-Mar 19,1919

Ballou- L E                    Nov 20,1892-Oct 23,1918 w/o L E Ballou

Ballou- Ottis                  Jul 28,1931 one date not known if this is birth or death date

Ballou- Pearl                  Apr 9,1887-Feb 5,1959


Ball- Evelyn                  1910-1974 ossw James M

Ball- James M              1892 one date ossw Evelyn


Barnett- Hariett L          1893-1969


Beatty- Armelda           1844-1929

Beatty- A J                  1866-1911

Beatty- Callie B           Jan 15,1877-Apr 9,1961

Beatty- Herbert            1902-1933

Beatty- Louisa C          Sep 4,1867-Jan 14,1898

Beatty- Noll                 1907-1930


Bolton- Joseph W         Dec 21,1869-Sep 14,1950 ossw Sarah E

Bolton- Sarah E            Jan 14,1869-Mar 26,1952 ossw Joseph W


Brassfield- Lilly               1917-1922

Brassfield- Relda            1888-1929

Brassfield- Thomas         1886-1950


Bruce- Clifford                Feb 15,1915-Oct 30,1921 s/o Leslie & Agatha Bruce

Bruce- Pauline               Apr 4,1927-Jan 12,1932 d/o Leslie & Agatha Bruce


Bryant- Infant                        B & D Oct 13,1923 d/o Ira Bryant

Bryant- Infants                      no dates c/o Dora A Bryant

Bryant- Arnold Fred              May 18,1917-Oct 28,1962 ossw Mary Jo

Bryant- Betty                       Nov 23,1925-Nov 24,1925 d/o Ira Bryant

Bryant- Cressel                    Mar 7,1911-Dec 27,1981

Bryant- Dora A                     Oct 3,1882-Feb 11,1969 ossw John A

Bryant- Edward L                 1915-1943

Bryant- Elizabeth H              Sep 3,1898-Sep 30,1918

Bryant-Harold                       Dec 5,1912-Apr 23,1991

Bryant-Oval Edwin                Feb 2,1922-Sep 26,1989 ossw Kathryn Freeman

Bryant-Kathryn Freeman       Feb 19,1929 one date ossw Oval E

Bryant-George Edward          Dec 19,1901-Apr 29,1988 ossw Susie mae Cox

Bryant-Susie Mae Cox           Dec 28,1906-Oct 2,1996 ossw George Edward

Bryant- Hattie Haynes          Apr 12,1888-Apr 29,1971

Bryant- Herbert H                 Jul 14,1900-Dec 7,1948 ossw Nora J

Bryant- Holys                       Oct 18,1903-Dec 8,1956

Bryant- John A                     Sep 18,1878-Apr 20,1966 ossw Dora A

Bryant- Lewis                       May 31,1843-Aug 24,1925 ossw Mary

Bryant-Lydia                         Jun 30,1906-Jul 16,1996 ossw Holys

Bryant- Lucile                       Sep 30,1909-Sep,1910

Bryant- Manervia Ann           Apr 4,1861-Aug 20,1943

Bryant- Mary                       Jun 9,1846-Jan 16,1922 ossw Lewis

Bryant- Mary Jo                   Feb 26,1918-May 7,1980 ossw Arnold Fred

Bryant-Michael R                 Oct 17,1943-Nov 3,2003

Bryant- Nora J                     Jul 1,1895- Aug 18,1974 ossw Herbert H

Bryant- Otho                       Aug 8,1907-Feb 24,1910

Bryant- Robert                    Mar 13,1886-Mar 19,1957

Bryant- William A               1868-1982



Carpenter- George                197?-1973

Carpenter- Raymond            1919-1974


Casada- Lorenzo                 Jun 2,1900-Sep?or Apr 8,1964 ossw Sadie

Casada- Sadie                    Aug 10,1912-Aug 6,1982 ossw Lorenzo


Chapman- Edgar A              Oct 9,1909-Nov 26,1971 ossw Marie G

Chapman- Janice M             Sep 9,1938-Nov 10,1938 d/o Ed Chapman

Chapman- John R                1877-1942 ossw Nevada

Chapman-LeeRoy                May 10,1932-Aug 3,2003 ossw Wanda

Chapman- Marie G               Jul 28,1912-Oct 17,1973 ossw Edgar A

Chapman- Nevada               1879-1932 ossw John R

Chapman- Scott H                Jun 1,1905-May 28,1975

Chapman-Wanda                   Sep 22,1932 one date ossw Lee Roy


Clark- Archie H                  1905-1926 s/o G G & Ellen Clark

Clark- Arthur G                  1891-1956

Clark- Barney Oral             1896-1965

Clark- Clarice                    1913-1914 d/o G G & Ellen Clark

Clark- Clyde E                  1894-1929

Clark-Darwin B                  Jun 14,1908-Jan 27,1997 ossw Elsie D

Clark- Dora May                1905-1971 ossw Barney O

Clark-Elsie D                    Feb 15,1912-Nov 3,1994 ossw Darwin B

Clark- Ellen                       Oct 26,1867-Nov 12,1930 ossw Grant

Clark- Grant                      Dec 1,1868-May 31,1948 ossw Ellen

Clark- Helen                      Feb 9,1923-Mar 7,1926

Clark- Junior                     1942 one date s/o B O Clark

Clark- Leslie G                  1892-1971

Clark- "Buzz" Mirwin Raymond         1917-1976

Clark-Ralph                                        Apr 3,1940-Nov 4,2000 s/o Bo Clark

Clark- Ruth                                        Feb 9,1923-Aug 4,1924

Clark-Neman H “Newt”                       May 1,1923-May 20,2002 ossw Opal R

Clark-Opal R                                      Sep 2,1919-May 16,2002 ossw Neman H

Clark- Winfree                                  1919 one date s/o A G Clark



Corder-Carl W                    Feb 3,1920-Feb 21,1989

Corder-Charles Ray            Jun 28,1948-Jul 30,2000

Corder-Dillie L                     Nov 19,1943-Jan 14,1988 ossw Noble D

Corder-Flonnie Mae Hughes      Feb 1,1918-Jun 23,1991

Corder- Florence                        Dec 4,1890-Sep 10,1977 ossw Lester

Corder- George                          Jun 26,1927-Jun 24,1929

Corder- James                          1859-1936 ossw Siotha

Corder- Lester                            Sep 2,1881-Sep 9,1961 ossw Florence

Corder- Noble                           1939-1974

Corder- Siotha                          1860-1942 ossw James

Corder- S W                             Mar 29,1890-Jun 21,1921


Cooper-Norma Jean Sumner      Jun 30,1932-Mar 30,1995 w/o Roy G Cooper


Cox- Dicy                                    1877-1969 ossw John

Cox- John                                   1879-1938 ossw Dicy



Dahl-Lillian R(nee Ferguson)      Aug 31,1918-Nov 18,1997

Davis- Gracie Lee                       Jul 2,1911-May 29,1981 ossw Levi Claude

Davis- Levi Claude                      Nov 14,1908-Sep 14,1981 ossw Gracie Lee



Farmer- Bobby Lee           B & D Feb 6,1962


Ferguson- Infant               no dates s/o William Ferguson

Ferguson- Elfreda            1917-1922

Ferguson- Goldie Bell      1895-1947

Ferguson- William           1886-1950


Freeman- Charity Isis        1868-1949 ossw Lewis Levi

Freeman-Ernest G             Jan 28,1912-Feb 6,1990 ossw Ella M

Freeman-Ella M                 Dec 3,1925 one date ossw Ernest G

Freeman- George Grant     May 11,1899-May 11,1972 ossw Lula Pearl

Freeman- Lewis Levi         1870-1946 ossw Charity Isis

Freeman- Lula Pearl          Jun 7,1894-Sep 26,1973 ossw Geroge Grant

Freeman- Rufus                 May 9,1897-Sep 6,1977



 Gilvin-Olivia                   Nov 23,1940-Mar 1,1999


Griffis- Clifton G                Jun 9,1922-Mar 9,1972

Griffis- Coy Linden            Nov 1,1927-Jan 9,1983

Griffis- Eugene                 Apr 22,1932-Apr 23,1932

Griffis-Theopolis               Jun 16,1903-Aug 28,1991

Griffis- Wagie                   Apr 26,1905-Jan 16,1939


Gover-Sherry Bryant         May 22,1947-Jun 8,1997


Goodin- Jennie                  Aug,1863- Mar,1932




Hadding- Dorothy E        Apr 13,1927 one date ossw Robert L

Hadding- Robert L          Nov 15,1936 one date ossw Dorothy E


Hamlin- Aleyne B          1909-1980 ossw Fred L

Hamlin- Fred L              1906-1972 ossw Aleyne B

Hamlin-L Jr.                 Jul 19,1929-Jul 3,1994


Hansford- John             one date Mar 15,1915


Haynes- Bertha                    Dec 26,1923- Sep 19,1939

Haynes- Ethel Clark             Jun 26,1894- May 22,1965

Haynes-Gertrude                  Oct 11,1895-Mar 20,1988 ossw Joseph L married: Nov 14,1913

Haynes-Joseph Lafayett       Feb 20,1892-Mar 11,1988 ossw Gertrude married: Nov 14,1913

Haynes-Macellus M Jr.         Feb 14,1874- Oct 15,1936


Helton- Agnes M            Aug 2,1926 –Jul 2,1991 ossw Ray D

Helton-Allie                    Jan 23,1901-Aug 24,1988 ossw Thomas

Helton- Bill                    Nov 17,1886-Sep 14,1926

Helton- Bryan                1920-1982

Helton- Ed                    Dec 18,1891-Jul 7,1946 ossw Grace

Helton- Edward             1924-1983

Helton- Edwin               B & D Aug 30,1919 s/o Oscar J & Bertha Helton

Helton- Elbert               Mar 19,1889-Jun 13,1928

Helton- Grace               Jun 26,1891-Feb 16,1980 ossw Ed

Helton- George             Nov 19,1859-Apr 1,1911 ossw Polly A

Helton- George E         1919-1979

Helton- James W         Mar 12,1943-Mar 5,2005

Helton- Louise             Jan 26,1889- Nov 10,1965

Helton- Luther W          Aug 7,1921-Apr 17,1973

Helton- Martha Stanton         no dates w/o Tom Helton

Helton- Oscar                      Apr 11,1894-Feb 17,1920

Helton- Polly A                    Feb 26,1870 one date ossw George

Helton- Ray D                     Feb 20,1923-Aug 17,1969 ossw Agnes M married: May 17,1969

Helton- Roscoe                   Sep 9,1897-Apr 10,1936

Helton- Allie                        Jan 23,1901 one date ossw Thomas W

Helton- Stanley Harris          Aug 18,1925-Jan 12,1972

Helton- Thomas W               Mar 25,1894- Aug 3,1955 ossw Allie


Hobbs-Ronald                     Feb 8,1931-Jul 16,2004 ossw Wanda

Hobbs-Wanda                     Nov 26,1944 one date married: Sep 21,1963


Hoff-Effie J                           Oct 30,1906-Jun 2,2003 ossw Beatty,Herbert A


Hughes- Elmer                     Mar 29,1895-Jul 6,1969 ossw Janie

Hughes- Janie                      Nov 6,1892-Oct 11,1962 ossw Elmer

Hughes- Letha                     Jun 23,1928-Jan 24,1983

Hughes- Lillie                       Mar 12,1943- Nov 18,1978

Hughes-Luther-                    Jun 28,1915-Feb 17,1999 ossw Marie married: Dec 26,1955

Hughes-Marie                       Aug 22,1919-Jul 3,1994 ossw Luther

Hughes- Rutha M                 Feb 23,1924- Feb 28,1925 d/o Elmer & Janie Hughes




Isabell- Dora                       Nov 9,1888- Feb 19,1940 ossw Eddie

Isabell- Eddie                     Nov 28,1882- Feb 13,1961 ossw Dora

Isabell- Edwin                    1917-1942

Isabell- Hazel E                 May 30,1909-Oct 16,1980 ossw Herman S

Isabell- Herman S              Sep 19,1909 –Sep 27,1997ossw Hazel E married: Dec 13,1930



Jones- John Eddie                1939-1980

Jones- J S                            Sep 2,1880- Jan 2,1955

Jones- Kenneth Lee             Jan 24,1937-Feb 8,1998

Jones-Mary Ann Burchett    Mar 31,1918-May 24,1994 ossw John Eddie

Jones- Sarah Jane              Jun 13,1884- Feb 17,1958



Keith- Fordie                      May 17,1916- Sep 27,1981 ossw Wahena H

Keith- Ottie                        Dec 30,1901- Mar 4,1978 ossw Rufus

Keith- Rufus                       Nov 14,1882- Feb 2,1961 ossw Ottie

Keith- Wahena H                Sep 30,1921 one date ossw Fordie



Miller- Infant                        B & D Feb 12,1913 child of J & L Miller

Miller- Charles Lee               Feb 15,1900- Jul 24,1964

Miller- Deyallon                   1907-1960

Miller- Elizabeth                  1871-1942 ossw John

Miller- John                         1866-1943 ossw Elizabeth

Miller- Lucy                         no dates

Miller- Virginia                     Jul 16,1922 –Nov 19,1989 ossw Weldon

Miller- Weldon                     Feb 21,1910-Apr 12,1983 ossw Virginia

Miller- Welmer A                  Dec 24,1902- Aug 3,1904 s/o J & L Miller


Moore-Henry Jr                    Apr 2,1915-Jan 21,2004 ossw Kathryn

Moore-Kathryn                     Nov 16,1919 one date ossw Henry Jr.


Mullenix- Arthur                   1893-1926 ossw Maymie

Mullinex- Maymie                1893-19? ossw Arthur



Nevels- Perlle A                 Sep 16,1902-Jan 19,1903 d/o F J R & Julia Nevels


New- Dovie                        Nov 16,1923 one date ossw Gaylon

New- Gaylon                      Aug 23,1929-Oct 2,1977 ossw Dovie married: Oct 28,1948




Owens- Annie M                Oct 1,1926- Apr 23,1928

Owens- Armelda                May 22,1932-Mar 27,1934

Owens- Barnett                 Jan 9,1889 one date ossw Wilbur,Allen & Nora A

Owens- Bertha                  Feb 12,1924 one date ossw Manuel

Owens- Cheerful G            Apr 27,1900- Jan 24,1957 ossw Mae L

Owens- Daniel R               Oct 5,1973- Jul 11,1974

Owens-Earl V 111             Sep 25,1960-Mar 31,1995 ossw Lena M

Owens- Enoch C               Mar 30,1893- Feb 9,1975 ossw Telda Hughes

Owens- Ernest                  Feb 14,1915-Feb 23,1920

Owens- Harvey                 Jan 26,1918-Jun 20,1919

Owens-Lena M                  Oct 4,1955 one date ossw Earl V

Owens- Mae L                   May 22,1901-Aug 25,1968 ossw Cheerful

Owens- Manuel                 Nov 19,1903-Nov 9,1978 ossw Bertha

Owens- Margaret A           Sep 29,1912 one date ossw Vola O

Owens- Martha Mariah      Sep 16,1865-Mar 30,1953 ossw U;ysses Grant

Owens- Mildred B              Jul 17,1928-Jul 25,1928

Owens- Nora A                  Dec 30,1884-Sep 18,1979 ossw Barnett,& Wilbur Allen(1st superintendant of McCreary Co. Schools)



Owens- Orville E               Oct 22,1906- Feb 24,1965

Owens- Ovalyn E              Mar 31,1922- Oct 28,1978

Owens- Tilda Hughes         Jul 26,1893- Feb 23,1979 ossw Enoch C

Owens- Ulysses Grant       Jul 4,1862- Dec 5,1941 ossw Martha Mariah

Owens- Vola                     Dec 22,1906- Aug 19,1965 ossw Margaret A

Owens- Wilbur                  Sep 1,1925- Jan 25,1941 ossw Barnett & Nora A

Owens- Wilbur Allen          1925-1941




Parsons- William                no dates


Phillips- Della                    Jan 10,1895-Jul 31,1993 ossw Esau

Phillips- Esau                    Oct 5,1888- Jun 22,1978 ossw Della

Phillips-Glenn                    Aug 2,1930-May 15,1996 ossw Dicie E

Phillips-Dicie E                   Aug 4,1931 one date ossw Glenn married: Aug 4,1931



Raynolds- Mary E              Apr 20,1891- Aug 25,1960


Reedy- Artie Waddle          1895-1973 ossw Charles & David

Reedy- Charles                  1920-1937 ossw David & Artie

Reedy- David                     1887-1925 ossw Charles & Artie


Rose- Bonnie A                  Sep 29,1916-Oct 11,1980 ossw Coy C

Rose- Coy C                      Jun 4,1915- Oct 23,1980 ossw Bonnie A

Rose- Ella                         1899-1979 ossw Luster

Rose- Larry Edward            Aug 12,1965- Jun 16,1972

Rose- Luster                     1895-1970 ossw Ella


Roy-Sophia Ellen               Sep 25,1861-Jul 22,1940




Sheehan- James                1843-1907

Sheehan- Grace B             Jan 11,1899- Mar 3,1900 d/o James & H Sheehan


Simon- Mary Ann Ferguson    no dates


Sims- Infant                          B & D Feb 17,2920 s/o I. S Sims

Sims- Ada Ora                      Oct 25,1892- Oct 4,1973 ossw Isaiah S

Sims- Isaiah S                      Mar 5,1886- Sep 22,1970 ossw Ada Ora


Smith- R R                           May 5,19?  - Apr 23,1921


Stanton- Edgar J Jr               Jun 22,1932 –Jun 9,2004 ossw Mable M married: May 10,1958

Stanton-James Dale             Dec 15,1958-Mar 9,1994

Stanton- Mable M                 Jul 26,1932- Dec 30,1978 ossw Edgar Jr


Steele- A Ralph                    Mar 28,1900-Apr 16,1977 ossw Pearl married: Dec 19,1922

Steele- Pearl                        May 3,1903 –Oct 20,1989 ossw A Ralph


Sumner- Betty J                   Oct 6,1923- Dec 24,1977 ossw Hobert M

Sumner- Dollie                     Oct 26,1890- Mar 18,1977 ossw Peter P

Sumner- Elmer                     Mar 10,1895- Oct 20,1972 ossw Nell

Sumner-Evelyn F                  Oct 27,1927 one date ossw Lewis E

Sumner- Hobert M                 Jul 1,1922 one date ossw Betty J

Sumner-Lewis E                    Aug 20,1923-Sep 14,1999 ossw Evelyn F

Sumner- Mark                        Sep 3,1870- Dec 4,194? ossw Sarrah

Sumner- Mary E                     1895 one date ossw William J

Sumner- Nell                          Jun 8,1904- Dec 29,1981 ossw Elmer

Sumner-Paul Micheal             Apr 30,1946-Jul 27,1998

Sumner- Peter P                    Jun 10,1891- one date ossw Dollie married: Oct 27,1916

Sumner- Sarrah E                  Mar 20,1872- Apr 17,1945 ossw Mark

Sumner- William J                1891-1977 ossw Mary E




Thomas- Ann M                    Aug 27,1848- Apr 25,1898


Thompson- Opal M                Feb 1,1901- Dec 3,1970 ossw Willie M married: Aug 3,1922

Thompson- Willie M               Feb 4,1897- May 7,1971 ossw Opal M


Treadway- Herbert                 Nov 11,1917- Nov 27,1917


Tucker-Clara Mae                  Mar 23,1922-Jun 12,1990 ossw William Lonzo

Tucker- Tom R                       no dates ossw Zaddy

Tucker-William Lonzo            Apr 23,1918-Feb 26,2004 ossw Clara Mae

Tucker- Zaddy                        no dates ossw Tom R



Vaughn- Margaret Hall           Jun 11,1867- Dec 4,1963



Walker- Bertha Helton            Jul 22,1895- Jul 11,1932

Walker- Bessie J                   Aug 17,1898 –Apr 10,1987 ossw Willie E

Walker- Delbert R                  Sep 6,1927- Jul 2,1949

Walker- Eulanda Sue             Sep 14,1959- Aug 16,1969

Walker-Ralph                         1921-2001

Walker- Willie  E                      May 10,1898- Dec 29,1976 ossw Bessie J


Wehrle- Robert H                   May 18,1896- Jan 23,1971


Wesley-Mary                         Mar 18,1932-Jul 31,1989


Wilson- Alice F                      Jul 4,1937- Aug 5,1937

Wilson- Billy                          1926-1982

Wilson-Carl C                        May 17,1922-Feb 13,1990

Wilson- James L                   Oct 21,1935- Oct 21,1935

Wilson- Katherine                  Apr 9,1924- Sep 12,1925

Wilson- Winnifred                  Apr 23,1897-Oct 2,1966 ossw William

Wilson- W Cecil                    Feb 5,1916- May 26,1934

Wilson- William Ross            Sep 3,1891- Sep 7,1967 ossw Winnifred


Wiseman- Tena Ferguson      1891-1916


Worley- Lonnie E                  Mar 21,1927- Feb 19,1952

Worley- Wilma Dean             Jun 24,1947- Feb 2,1950



Young- Eli                             Oct,1871- Jul, 1925

Young- George H                 Feb 14,1898- Jul 23,1924

Young-Francis L                    Aug 24,1932 one date ossw Tommy F

Young- Hoyt                         1918-1922

Young-Lloyd                         Oct 21,1919-Nov 1,1986

Young- Louis C                     Apr 24,1908- Jul 9,1967

Young- Infant                        1920-1920

Young- Nancy                       1950 one date

Young-Tommy F Jan 26,1924-Feb 24,1991 ossw Francis L