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                                              Gregory Cem

                                               updated 10-6-05 By Barb Nicholas

                                                Hilltop/Yamacraw Ky


Directions: From Whitley City takeHwy 92 W to Slavans. Turn Right at the Old Bell Store build onto Slavans/Jones School Rd.which goes NE.The Cemetery lies about 1.1 mile from the Old store building.It is in the midst of a farm field on the ridge above the Vaughn Cem.and the LSF of the Cumberland River.



Coffey-Nelson 1911-1980   War Mem

                                        US Navy




Gregory-Baby Apr 11, 1943-Apr 28,1943

Gregory-Boise 1939-2000

Gregory-Bud Mar 11,1893-Apr 28,1961

Gregory-Charlie Dean Apr 6,1944-Apr 6,1944

Gregory-Clyde Aug 31,1931-Mar 24,1969

Gregory-Coolidge Mar 22,1924-Jan 8,1978 ossw Gussie

Gregory-Danny B Jul 31,1954-Mar 19,1973

Gregory-Dean Mar 15,1950-Feb 18,1982 ossw Marilyn

Gregory-Dorthie Mae Feb 21,1942-Aug 1,1943

Gregory-DovieFeb 19,1916-May 4,1979

Gregory-Elna Jul 22,1954-Dec 13,1954

Gregory-Ema Dec 27,1900-May 24,1933

Gregory-Freeman Sep 17.1907-Jun 10,1975

Gregory-Gussie Jul 20,1923 (one date) ossw Coolidge

Gregory-Homer Jul 27.1952-Feb 13,1971

Gregory-Lenard Sep 13,1915-Apr 11,1966 ossw Odell

Gregory-Leo Sep 15,1909-Feb 15,1978

Gregory-Lillie Jul 22.1889=Mar 7,1976

Gregory-Marilyn Oct 21,1948(one date) ossw Dean married Mar 11,1974

Gregory-Mash Sep 11,1868-Oct 26,1937

Gregory-Minnie Mar 29,1984 (one date) d/o Minnie & J Gregory

Gregory-Odell May 17.1913 (one date) ossw Lenard

Gregory-Patsy 1947-2000

Gregory-Rollie (no info)

Gregory-Schylor May 9,1917-Sep 29,1979

Gregory-Shelv 1885-Dec 1966

Gregory-Tommy Sep 6,1962-Oct 15,1963

Gregory-Versie Aug 10.1930-Jun 6,1968



Jones-Infant (no dates( c/o Don & Patsy Jones

Jones-Eliza Aug 24,1891 (one date) ossw Richard

Jones-George A Dec 5,1963-Mar 8,1965

Jones-Reba Mae Apr 20,1943-Jul 30,1943

Jones-Richard Mar 24,1892-Dec 2,1964 ossw Eliza

Jones-Velvie Dec 16,1944-Jul 7,1946



Koger-Hannah Mar 6.1889-Dec 12,1967 d/o Meshack & Mary Polly Spradlin Gregory



Pitman-Mattie Vaughn 1946-2003



Roberts-Dovie 1932-1970


Rose-Cecil Jr.Mar 18,1972(one date)

Rose-Connie Dec 1972-Dec 1972 ossw Jeffory

Rose-Jeffory Dec 1972-Dec 1972 ossw Connie



Spradlin-GS (one date) Aug 1,1943

Spradlin-Amp (one date) 1959 ossw Minnie Gregory Spradlin

Spradlin-Minnie Feb 11,1875-Aug 17,1954 ossw Amp age 77 yrs 6 mo.6 da d/o Sarah Jane Gregory



Turpin-Rev.Burl (one date) 1957

Turpon-Burl (one date) 1944



Vaughn-Jimmy Aug 28,1957-Aug 30,1957

Vaughn-Oscar Jun 4,1914-Jun 8,1954

Vaughn-Savanah Jul 14,1861-Jan 24,1935

Vaughn-Alice Jul 19,1967-Jul 31,1967

Vaughn-Allen Jul 19,1967-Jul 21,1968

Vaughn-Ambrose May 29,1913-Jun 27,1979

Vaughn-Anna Lee Oct 11,1919-Jul 15,1976

Vaughn-Bill Feb 25,1877-Jan 1,1914 ossw Rhoda d/o Sarah Jane Gregory

Vaughn-Charles 1886-1938

Vaughn-Denver 1947-2003

Vaughn-Dillard Mar 27,1937-Jul 18,1966 ossw Monie

Vaughn-Edmon Sep 8,1934-Dec 21,1974 ossw Verna (photo on stone)

Vaughn-Finas Jun 18,1920 (one date) ossw Johnny

Vaughn-George Dec 15,1893-Dec 9,1959 ossw Mima

Vaughn-Henry Jul 3.1888-Feb 8,1963 ossw Ruthie

Vaughn-Hiram Jan 15,1908-Mar 1,1936

Vaughn-Jimmy Ray 1976-1976

Vaughn-Johnny Jan 15,1908- Jun 13,1972ossw Finas

Vaughn-John H Jul 3,1925-Jan 14,1968

Vaughn-Milford Jun 6,1936-Apr 13,1977 ossw Novella

Vaughn-Mina May 17,1898-Sep 17,1939 ossw George

Vaughn-Monie Mar 21,1930(one date) ossw Dillard

Vaughn- Novella May 5,1939 (one date) ossw Milford

Vaughn-Othel Dec 26,1932-Jun 29,1934

Vaughn-Rhoda Feb 3,1883-1968 ossw Bill d/o Sarah Jane Gregory

Vaughn-Peggy May 9,2003(death date only)

Vaughn-Ruthie Mar 12,1893-Dec 5,1978 ossw Henry

Vaughn-Verna Lee Nov 27,1935 (one date) ossw Edmon