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                                               Hayes Creek Cemetery Vol 2

                                               Pine Knot Ky

                                               walked and updated by Barb Nicholas 2005



127 Identified graves-26 Unidentified graves


Directions-From the intersection of US27 and Ky 92 at Pine Knot go 5.1 miles to Ky 147- and  KY 592,continue on these roads,  .16 mi

to Ky 1470 which goes E and S up Hayes Creek. Here you will see the Hayes Creek Church on your Left and if you dont watch you will pass the road to Hayes Creek Cem which is about beyond the church.Theres a gravel raod that goes to the Right with a real sharp Right turn which leads you to the cemetery.This is a Very Pretty burial place and well maintained.



Anderson-Calvin Sidney   1902-1978

Anderson-Elva                 Feb 27,1908-Apr 21,1960 ossw Tom

Anderson-Tom                 Nov 13,1899 one date ossw Elva



Baird-Benedine                       Mar 27,1960-Jun 1,2003 ossw Jerry

Baird-Bettie                            Jul 1,1890-Jan 19,1968 ossw Hiram                     

Baird-Billy M                           Jan 29,1978-Mar 14,1978

Baird-Christopher                     1985-2003

Baird-David                             Aug 4.1870-Dec 17,1960 ossw Sintha

Baird-Douglas J                       Mar 18,1961-May 8,1998 ossw Paula

Baird-Dwight                           1960-2003

Baird-Elaine                            one date 1966

Baird-Ethel                              Feb 17,1909-May 20,1991 ossw Arthur

Baird-Flora Mae                       Dec 1,1925-Jan 7,1995

Baird-Frances M                      Oct 31,1880-Jul 5,1959 ossw Hannah C

Baird-Frank                             Jul 3,1935-Apr 13,1998

Baird-Fremon                          Jul 3,1940-Sep 28,1940

Baird-Fermon                           Dec 25,1945-Oct 2,2001 ossw Kathy

Baird-Fronia J                          Dec 23,1907-Jul 9,1981 ossw Walter married: Jul 1,1923

Baird-George Sr                       1927-1983

Baird-Hannah Corneilus             Nov 2,1877 one date ossw Frances M

Baird-Herman                           Aug 9,1887 one date ossw Bettie

Baird-Hiram W                         May 15,1974-Dec 20,1974

Baird-Jerry                               Jul 30,1955 one date ossw Benedine

Baird-Jim Edward                      Apr 17,1965-Feb 6,1968

Baird-Johnnie W                       Aug 1,1954-Jan 17,2001

Baird-Joseph F                         1908-1985 ossw Myrtle married Dec 22,1934

Baird-Josephine                        Mar 20,1938-Oct 19,1938

Baird-Judy Kay                         Jul 22,1960 one date ossw Millard Junior

Baird-Kathy                              Jan 29,1959 one date ossw Fermon

Baird-Laura Esther                   Dec 22,1944-Oct 4,1977

Baird-Lewis M                          Feb 2,1902-May 10,1973 ossw Manda L

Baird-Manda L                         Dec 28,1906-Jul 7,1990  ossw Lewis M

Baird-Millard Junior                  Sep 7,1958-Mar 4,2001

Baird-Paula                             Oct 6,1996 one date ossw Douglas J

Baird-Phillis                             Mar 22,1945-Aug 25,1945

Baird-Raymond E                     Apr 14,1900-Jul 10,1999

Baird-Sally Renee                    1975-1975

Baird-Sintha                            Jul 15,1885-Oct 20,1968 ossw David

Baird-Terry Lee                        Jun 3,1984 0ne date

Baird-Walter                            Sep 6,1902-Apr 2,1999 ossw Fronia married Jul 1,1923

Baird-William Kelly                  Jan 20,1983-Sep 30,1996


Barnhill-Eva Ann          no dates d/o John & Maude Barnhill

Barnhill-James C         Jul 30,1937-Mar 15,1940 s/o John & Maude Barnhill

Barnhill-John H            Sep 22,1905 one date ossw Maude T

Barnhill-Maude T          Apr 1,1915-Jan 7,1984 ossw John H


Ball-Roger K                Nov 13,1948 one date ossw Nova A

Ball-Nova A                 Mar 31,1950-Nov 13,1998 ossw Roger K


Beaty-Madeline Cook        Feb 10,1924-Sep 24,2001



Carver-Nellie                       1925-2001


Collins-Bill                         Oct 22,1933 one date ossw Willa Mary

Collins-Kimberly                 Dec 3,1964-Mar 14,1995

Collins-Willa Mary              Feb 17,1938-Apr 1,2003


Chitwood-Ernest Lee           Jan 8,1931-Aug 8,1999 ossw Mary Doris  married Jul 7,1952

Chitwood-Mary Doris           Mar 19,1933 one date ossw Ernest Lee married Jul 7,1952


Corneilus-B F                     Mar 5,1887-Apr 10,1981

Corneilus-Herman               Sep 4,1917-Jun 29,1990


Creekmore-Elizabeth         May 13,1876-Feb 1,1955

Creekmore-Ada Ethel        Jul 1,1837-Jan 31,1983 ossw Homer Levi

Creekmore-Francis A         Aug 17,1837-Jun 15,1926

Creekmore-Homer Levi       Oct 28,1892-Feb 13,1961 ossw Ada Ethel

Creekmore-Hubert              Nov 11,1924-Jan 18,1929

Creekmore-J C                  Jul 20,1876-Jan 21,1915

Creekmore-L J                   May 10,1873-Feb 13,1929

Creekmore-Lena M             Mar 29,1928-Sep 25,1928

Creekmore-Lettie L             Jan 3,1848-Sep 24,1927

Creekmore-Nina E              Jan 16,1923-Jan 30,1923

Creekmore-Sallie                no dates



Donahue-Jamie                  Feb 28,1974-Feb 24,1995 photo


Dople-Bertha                     Jun 13,1888-Oct 26,1964 ossw Joe

Dople-Edgar A                   Jul 28,1941-May 31,1992

Dople-Herman                    Feb 7,1913-Feb 2,1980 ossw Mary

Dople-Joe                          Nov 22,1886-Aug 8,1975 ossw Bertha

Dople-Mary                        May 13,1914-Dec 2,1997 ossw Herman


Douglas-David Lynn            Nov 7,1951-Nov 11,1994  photo

Douglas-George F "Jack"    Jul 20,1934-Nov 30,1997 ossw Jessie married: Jan 4,1979

Douglas-Jessie                   May 21,1934 one date ossw George F "Jack" married: Jan 4,1979

Douglas-Herbert                 Jul 27,1945-Oct 24,1946

Douglas-Kathleen               Jan 20,1922-Mar 20,1957



Ellison-William J Jr.    Feb 18,1906-Jun 10,2003



Grodi-Hattie A            Dec 30,1917-Nov 30,1999



Hamlin-Eugene               Dec 3,1928-Dec 20,1990 ossw Myrtle

Hamlin-Myrtle                 Mar 11,1935 one date ossw Eugene


Hauserman-Diane Neal    1943-1999


Hayes-Andrew W            Oct 1,1914-Oct 12,1991

Hayes-Robert                 Jul 27,1945-Oct 24,1946



Jeffers-Virgil C           Feb 7,1929-Oct 25,1990



Kidd-Rodney Allen     Jan 3,1960 one date


Kangas-Elizabeth H      Mar 28,1936-Sep 2,2004 ossw Dennis G

Kangas-Dennis Lee      Aug 14,1932 one date ossw Elizabeth H

Kangas-George            no dates


King-Dennis G               Aug 14,1932 one date ossw Gorman Donald

King-Gorman Donald     May 28,1936-Sep 2,2004 ossw Dennis G



Lay-Amanda M          Feb 11,1916-Mar 29,1986 ossw Joe M & Ida B

Lay-Bessie                Jul 31,1910-Dec 15,1969 ossw Mitchell   photo

Lay-Bill                     Apr 22,1859-Feb 15,1935 ossw Sophia

Lay-Cal                     1890-1952

Lay-Clara M               Mar 20,1910-Aug 12,1992 ossw Edgar C

Lay-Dewey J              Apr 26,1934-Apr 27,1994 ossw Glenna R

Lay-Edgar C              Jan 15,1889-Mar 17,1962 ossw Clara M

Lay-Francis A             1891-1977

Lay-Glenna R              Aug 30,1944-May 4,2005 ossw Dewey J

Lay-Homer Caradise   Aug 14,1929-Nov 2,1977

Lay-Ida B                   Apr 7,1907-Dec 11,1941 ossw Amanda & Joe M

Lay-Joe M                  Aug 25,1902-Jul 28,1985 ossw Amanda & Ida B

Lay-Joseph H             Mar 28,1852-May 18,1940 ossw Mary E

Lay-Lewis Manual       Jul 12,1896-Mar 21,1951

Lay-Mark Alan             Nov 18,1970-Jan 3,1993 photo

Lay-Mary E                Aug 20,1861-Jul 20,1916 ossw Joseph H

Lay-Mitchell                Oct 15,1907-Dec 3,1981 ossw Bessie  photo

Lay-Roy Ancil              Mar 20,1940-Jul 10,2000 ossw Sarah Wanda

Lay-Odas Hobart         Sep 21,1922-Aug 14,1927

Lay-Sarah Wanda        Mar 20,1943 one date ossw Roy Ancil

Lay-Sophie                 Jan 28,1873-Feb 9,1953


Litton-Edward                Sep 29,1912-Jan 24-1998 ossw Elsie M

Litton-Elmer D               May 15,1903-Jul 4,1973

Litton-Elsie M                May 29,1914-Dec 23,1992 ossw Edward

Litton-Emma J               Apr 24,1908-Jan 13,1993 ossw Elmer D

Litton-James Daniel       Aug 2,1930-May 12,2005 ossw Maggie June

Litton-Maggie June        Jul 11,1934 one date ossw James D

Litton-Tressie Hamlin     Oct 10,1905-Jun 6,1977 ossw Albert James


Long-Effie                     Sep 25,1890-Mar 18,1948

Long-Lewis                   Sep 20,1883-Nov 21,1964


Loudermilk-Clarence Allen               Aug 23,1953-Jun 21,2004

Loudermilk-Rev.Clarence Andrew     Oct 26,1932-Apr 25,2003 ossw Erlene Howard

Loudermilk-Erlene Howard               Jul 4,1936 one date ossw Rev.Clarence A


Lovett-Alonzo                 Jul 27,1919-May 12,1977

Lovett-Fannie                 Jun 26,1884-Jul 25,1961 ossw Mack

Lovett-Gwendolynn         Nov 17,1953-Nov 17,1953 d/o Fred Lovett

Lovett-Mack                   Nov 12,1877-Dec 22,1931 ossw Fannie

Lovett-Samantha            1898-1936


Lovejoy-Clifford D           Aug 26,1927-Jan 12,2004 ossw Bernice E          

Lovejoy-Bernice E          Dec 12,1940-Oct 7,1992 ossw Clifford D



Lovitt-Cannava                 May 23,1903-Oct 1,1924 d/o Mack & Fannie Lovitt

Lovitt- Carylon                  Sep 28,1946-Jan 13,1947

Lovitt-Claude                    Nov 16,1923-Aug 15,1979 ossw Norma

Lovitt-Columbus                Apr 16,1910-Aug 10,1962

Lovitt-Rev.E L                   Jun 28,1879-Aug 11,1948

Lovitt-Rosa                       Jun 5,1914-Sep 2,1997

Lovitt-Frank                      Jul 15,1883-Oct 17,1951

Lovitt-Lizzie                      May 7,1919-Apr 9,1920

Lovitt-Mary                       Nov 16,1877-Jun 30,1947

Lovitt-Norma                     Feb 21,1929 one date ossw Claude E



Marion-Amanda Dean              May 1,1916-Mar 30,1993

Marion-Leslie Kelly                  Mar 13,1974-Apr 8,1994

Marion-Richard David               Apr 18,1945-Mar 30,2005 ossw Mary Eileen

Marion-Mary Eileen                 Feb 16,1949-Jul 16,1989 ossw Richard David


Meadows-Moares                    Oct 16,1933-Jul 1,1934

Meadows-Vina H T                  Feb 14,1917-Nov 22,1948


Moore-Carrie L                        Jun 14,1926 one date ossw John W

Moore-John W                         Feb 13,1913-Oct 18,2003 ossw Carrie L

Moore-George H                      Feb 22,1929-Jun 28,1999 ossw Lillian

Moore-Lorraine                        Feb 23,1954-Apr 19,1984 photo

Moore-Vina                             Aug 22,1911-Jul 22,1946


Murphy-Pearl                           Mar 30,1898-Feb 13,1937



Myers-Alonzo  D                       Oct 28,1923-Mar 25,1999

Myers-John M                           Oct 5,1911-Feb 20,2001

Myers-Henry                             Nov 15,1913-Dec 14,1990

Infant                                        only info Minnie Mae

Myers-Mary                              Jun 17,1877-Dec 25,1940

Myers-Martha A                        Oct 30,1919-Mar 17,2002 ossw William Henry

Myers-William Henry                  Nov 15,1913-Dec 14,1990 ossw Martha A

Myers-William R                       Jul 20,1883-Jun 13,1952



Neal-Bertha                                    Sep 23,1906 one date

Neal-Cal R                                     May 19,1872 one date ossw Rev. Leonard

Neal-Carl E                                    Dec 21,1927-Oct 20,1999 ossw Maggie D

Neal-Carol                                      Mar 3,1947-May 5,1951

Neal-Darlene B                                Feb 17,1957-Jun 30,1995 ossw Davy G

Neal-Davy G                                   Jan 13,1957 one date ossw Darlene B

Neal-Dora Mae                                Jul 5,1922-Nov 16,1997 ossw Roscoe

Neal-Edward L                                Aug 8,1934-Nov 27,1969 ossw Opal E

Neal-Elbert Luther                           no dates

Neal-H.Esler                                   Jan 23,1910-Apr 27,1992 ossw S.Marie

Neal-Fleda                                     1913-1940

Neal-George Jacob Isreal                 Aug 28,1994-Sep 7,1994 s/o Gail Neal

Neal-James                                    Feb 25,1896-Oct 12,1957

Neal-Kerney                                   1944-1945

Neal-Rev.Leonard                            Dec 9,1905-Sep 5,1981 ossw Bertha

Neal-Maggie D                                Apr 14,1937-May 19,2001 ossw Carl E

Neal-S.Marie                                    Jul 1,1926 one date ossw H.Esler  married: Aug 21,1943

Neal-Norma Gail                              Jun 23,1953-Feb 19,2004

Neal-Roscoe                                    Nov 11,1914-Mar 2,1995 ossw Dora Mae

Neal-Verlen Dallis                            Aug 22,1934-Oct 7,2000



Privett-Mary E                                  Dec 22,1932 one date ossw Luster E

Privett-Luster E                                Jan 17,1927-Jan 9,1995 ossw Mary E



Richmond-Marie                               Sep 18,1916-Jan 21,1998


Rigney-Ashley Nicole                        Dec 6,1994-Dec 7,1994



Stephens-Artie                                   Nov 10,1923-Dec 20,2000 ossw Hazel  married : Nov 23,1943 photo

Stephens-Devon Randall                      B&D Nov 11,2003

Stephens-Donna                                 Dec 14,1957-Jul 3,2001 ossw Wade

Stephens-Dorothy O                            Feb 8,1925 one date ossw Thomas M

Stephens-Jerry W                               Nov 25,1951-Jan 23,2003

Stephens-Sherman D                          1946-1985

Stephens-Thomas M                           Dec 8,1925-Jul 13,2000 ossw Dorothy O

Stephens-Wade                                  Sep 7,1954 one date ossw Donna

Stephens-Hazel                                  Jan 25,1926 one date ossw Artie  married: Nov 23,1943  


Showalter-Tyler                                   B&D May 4,2004           



Taylor-Betty  J                Nov 8,1946 one date ossw Walter E   photo

Taylor-Francis                 Mar 11,2003(death date only) ossw Walter

Taylor-Walter                  Jul 11,1916  (death date only) photo

Taylor- Walter E              May 8,1936-Jan 4,2005 ossw Betty J  photo