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                                               Higginbotham Cem

                                               Beulah Heights,Ky


400 Identified graves-140 Unidentified graves


Directions: Located approximately 6.1 miles from Us 27 & 1045, this cemetery is located on the Left side of the road.



Anderson- Arthur A                            Dec 27,1940-Aug 3,1978 ossw Joyce

Anderson- Joyce A                           May 10,1943 one date ossw Arthur A


Angel- Alvin -                                      no dates

Angel- Laura-                                     no dates





Badger- Milton                                   Aug 29,1891-May 27,1966


Barnett- Gracie                                  Apr 16,1918-Aug 18,1967 ossw Leonard

Barnett- Leonard                               Dec 23,1913-Apr 9,1970 ossw Gracie


Barton- Alvin                                      Aug 27,1898-Mar 8,1977

Barton- Emerine                               May 15,1900-Oct 15,1933

Barton- Loyd                                     Jul 19,1919-Jul 19,1937


Blankenship- Arthur M                     Feb 17,1905 one date married: Jan 28,1933 ossw Mattie H

Blankenship- Delphia                      Sep 29,1947- Dec 11,1952

Blankenship- Fred Worley              Nov 26,1939-Nov 28,1939

Blankenship- Henry Levy                Nov 30,1933-Mar 10,1935

Blankenship- John P                       Dec 28,1946-Dec 18,1964

Blankenship- Mattie H                   Jan 4,1910- Jul 14,1982 ossw Arthur M

Blankenship- Sammie Lee            Feb 18,1943- Feb 18,1943


Brooks-                                             no info

Brooks-                                             no info

Brooks- Bradley O                           Oct 20,1923-Nov 11,1969

Brooks- Creacy                               Jan 20,1894-Feb 20,1947

Brooks- Elijah                                  May 30,1891-Jul 20,1942

Brooks- J.J                                       no info

Brooks- John                                    Feb 10,1877-Sep 10,1962

Brooks- John Jr.                              Jul 18,1928-Apr 28,1979 ossw Zola

Brooks- Laura                                  1909-1917

Brooks- Lee                                     no info

Brooks- Maxine                                Dec 26,1945 one date ossw Roy

Brooks- Opal F                                1924-1983 ossw Ross

Brooks-Rodia                                    no info

Brooks- Ross                                   1919- one date ossw Maxine

Brooks- Roy                                     Aug 24,1943-Oct 12,1977 ossw Maxine

Brooks- Winnie                                Sep 14,1888-Aug 1,1981

Brooks- Zola                                     Dec 4,1925 one date ossw John Jr.


Bryant- Alice May                            1930 one date ossw William C married: Aug 2,1946

Bryant- Arnold E                              Dec 16,1916-Feb 19,1974

Bryant- Arthur M                              Mar 1,1901-Sep 4,1926

Bryant-  Bertie                                 Sep 11,1923 one date ossw Fred

Bryant- Billie                                    Feb 17,1905-Apr 30,1950

Bryant- Daniel T                              Jul 3.1971-Jul 10,1971

Bryant- Donald                                no dates

Bryant- Emilty Etter                         Sep 15,1898-Jan 23,1952 ossw Flora L

Bryant- Erma L                                Sep 16,1941-Feb 5,1971

Bryant- Flora L                                 Sep 27,1899-Jul 11,1980 ossw Harlle A

Bryant- Fred                                    Oct 1,1916-Mar 26,1982 ossw Bertie

Bryant-Glenna                                 Mar 14,___-Mar 25,1928 d/o Luther & Maudie Bryant

Bryant- Homer Monroe                    May 17,1923-May 18,1973

Bryant- Jackie D                              Sep 8,1877-Feb 18,1942 ossw Lillie Ridener

Bryant- K L                                      no info

Bryant- Lela Vae                             Jul 12,1936-Mar 6,1938

Bryant- Lillie Ridener                      Jul 29,1895-May 3,1972 ossw Jackie D

Bryant- Lincoln A                            Jun 29,1891-Jun 6,1977 ossw Lucy M

Bryant- Lucy M                               May 28,1898 one date ossw Lincoln

Bryant- L W                                     no dates

Bryant- M                                         no dates

Bryant- Pearl                                   Jun 28,1916-Jun 28,1916 d/o Lincoln & Lucy Bryant

Bryant- Reda Mae                           Apr 31,1955-Sep 8,1955

Bryant-Susan                                  1871-1958 ossw W H

Bryant- Vida                                    May 24,1923 one date ossw Homer M

Bryant- W H                                    1867-1904 ossw Susan

Bryant- William C                            1921-1966 ossw Alice May



Barnett- Carl                      no info





Canada- Bell                      1893-1972

Canada- Cleo                     1923-1981

Canada- Earl Ray               May 19,1924-May 8,1974

Canada- Mary E                 Aug 18,1878-Jan 25,1882

Canada- Melton                  Apr 11,1888-Nov 18,1942

Canada- Wilburn C              Feb 28,1952- Feb 28,1952


Caudill-                                 no name or dates

Caudill-                                 no name or dates


Collins- Emma Hinkle            1905-1963


Cox- Flora Vanover                 Mar 24,1943- Nov 14,1969


Crabtree- Florinda Lue            Aug 7,1916- Sep 11,1938




Denton- Juanita Lawson           Nov 3,1930- Dec 23,1969



Goins- Glen                              B&D May 22,1955

Goins-  D G                              no info

Goins- J G                                no info

Goins- M G                               no info

Goins- S G                                no info


Gregory- Della                          Nov 1,1903- Apr 8,1975



A H                                           no name or info

G H                                           no name or info

J H                                            no name or info


Hamby- Jessie P                       Feb 18,1913 one date married: Dec 19,1932 ossw Ollie

Hamby- Ollie                             Aug 11,1916 one date ossw Jessie P


Hayes- Arthur T                        Feb 17,1910- Jun 3,1972 ossw Ora

Hayes- Ora                               Feb 25,1917 one date ossw Arthur T


Head- Carcillus (Sid)                 Feb 21,1918 one date ossw Dessie

Head- Dessie                            Oct 21,1921 one date ossw Carcillus


Hicks- Eathel                             Jul 29,1925- Jun 20,1960

Hicks- Jim                                 1924-1979

Hicks- Lewis                              no dates


Hinkle- Archie                           Mar 31,1923- Apr 14,1957

Hinkle- Frank                            Jul 16,1874- Jan 12,1943 ossw Ollie

Hinkle- Jim                                May 11,1903- Jan 21,1979 ossw Myrtle

Hinkle- John                              Aug 3,1933 one date

Hinkle- Myrtle                            Apr 14,1903 one date ossw Jim

Hinkle- Ollie                              Nov 17,1877- Dec 2,1953 ossw Frank



Johnson- Kermit T                     Oct 27,1933- Oct 28,1973 ossw Norma J

Johnson- Norma J                     Jul 2,1935 one date ossw Kermit T


Jones- Helen                             1962 one date

Jones- Jackson                         Oct 3,1875- Dec 5,1947 ossw Polly

Jones- John E                           1905-1945

Jones- Polly                               Aug 17,1879-Oct 26,1952 ossw Jackson




Keith- Ben T                               Jul 23,1880-Nov 25,1959

Keith- Charlie                              May 14,1926- Jan 2,1974

Keith- Darly M                            Jan 5,1899- Jun 28,1967 ossw Ethel P

Keith- Ethel P                             Jul 8,1899-Feb 19,1969 ossw Darly M

Keith- Nellie                                Mar 3,1895- Aug 13,1952


Kidd- Beatrice                             1925-1926

Kidd- Betty Lee                           Apr 21,1938- Oct 20,1938 d/o Leonard Kidd

Kidd- Burton                                1917-1920

Kidd- Oscar Sr.                           1896-1958

Kidd- Oscar Jr.                            1927-1950




Lawson-  Edna M                         Jan 17,1919 one date ossw Frank

Lawson- Frank                             Jan 18,1905- Jan 17,1961 ossw Edna M

Lawson- Georgia Anna                B & D Nov 9,1953 d/o Jimmy & Betty Lawson

Lawson- James                           1874-1964

Lawson- James                            Jun 17,1933- May 1,1873

Lawson- Mimia E                         1907-1979


Lynch- Corbie                              Mar 10,1916- Jan 29,1946

Lynch- George H                         1911-1979

Lynch- J Harve                            1888-1965

Lynch- Maggie                             1912-1973

Lynch- Onzie Ray                         May 31,1925- Oct 7,1959



Murphy- Ernest Raymond            1944-1948

Murphy- Henry M                         Jul 12,1891- Dec 23,1972 ossw Martha

Murphy- Martha                           Nov 7,1894- Aug 12,1969 ossw Henry M



Nelson-                                       no name or dates

Nelson-                                       no name or dates

Nelson- Frank M                        Mar 20,1940- Aug 22,1971

Nelson- Fred M                          Apr 4,1928- Apr 28,1928

Nelson- Glynda                         1962-1963

Nelson- James E                       Jul 8,1903- Jun 18,1971

Nelson- Mable M                        Sep 20,1928 one date married: Sep 20,1946 ossw Teddie M

Nelson- Teddie M                      Jun 24,1926 one date ossw Mable M



Parriman- Oma                          1888-1966


Patrick- Alfred                            1903-1983 married: Dec 31,1926 ossw Oda E

Patrick- Alice                             no dates married: Mar 24,1962 ossw Chester

Patrick- Annie                           1867-1947 ossw N W

Patrick- Chester                        Mar 5,1931- Jan 3,1979 married: Mar 24,1962 ossw Alice

Patrick- Infant                             no dates

Patrick- Infant                             no dates

Patrick- Infant                             no dates

Patrick- Infant                             no dates

Patrick- Infant                             no dates

Patrick-  Lee                               Mar 2,1905- Feb 7,1977 ossw Helen

Patrick-  Loyd                             Nov 3,1928- Jan 3,1929

Patrick- M W                              1864-1950 ossw Annie

Patrick- Oda E                           1907 one date ossw Alfred married: Dec 31,1926


Perkins- Wanda Perry               1928-1946


Perry-                                        no name or dates

Perry- A (Adam) H                    Apr 22,1890- Jan 17,1973

Perry- Alfred                              Nov 25,1868-Jul 22,1942 ossw Florence

Perry- Arnold                             Sep 18,1920- Apr 2,1923

Perry- Boyd                               May 29,1944 one date

Perry- Cal                                   no dates

Perry- Carl Allen                         Aug 18,1944- Dec 9,1970 ossw Freida Ann

Perry- Charlie E                          Sep 8,1904- Aug 31,1905 s/o Wes & Lida Perry

Perry- Cora                                 no dates

Perry- Dallas                               Feb 27,1911- Apr 12,1936

Perry- Delmer                             Apr 27,1911- Apr 12,1936

Perry- Dilly                                  no dates

Perry- Don                                  no dates

Perry- Earnest                             Apr 25,1900- Dec 4,1982 ossw Martha

Perry- Earley                               Apr 2,1898-Feb 18,1935 s/o Alfred Perry

Perry- Earley D                            Dec 29,1921- Sep 19,1970

Perry- Elmer                                Jul 2,1934 one date

Perry- Elmer Cleo                         1918-1970

Perry- Emby                                 Jun 1,1882- Jan 26,1965

Perry- Estell                                 Feb 22,1920- Apr 7,1971

Perry- Evert                                  May 29,1919- Jan 10,1938

Perry- Flora                                  Jul 18,1940 one date

Perry- Florence                            Mar 5,1875- Jan 2,1952 ossw Alfred

Perry- Flossie Bryant                   Sep 12,1917- Nov 6,1981

Perry- Freida Ann                        Apr 24,1949 one date ossw Carl Allen

Perry- Gerald E                            Jul 16,1940- Oct 14,1940

Perry- Glenn                                Nov 9,1917- Nov 21,1925 s/o Lonnie & Amanda Perry

Perry- Green B                             Apr 25,1880-Mar 31,1958

Perry- Ida                                     Jun 7,1918- Jan 28,1942 ossw Otis

Perry- Ike                                     1906-1971

Perry- James                               Apr 2,1932- Jan 9,1934

Perry- James Roy                        Apr 24,1945- Sep 19,1946 s/o Fount Perry

Perry- John                                  Jan 1,1890-Feb 17,1960

Perry- John C                               Feb 13,1858- Apr 4,1942 ossw Martha

Perry- John G                               Apr 10,1913- Dec 5,1963

Perry- Kenneth William                 Apr 27,1947- Nov 23,1967 ossw Robbie

Perry- Lela                                    Aug 11,1926- Aug 11,1926

Perry- Leslie                                 no dates

Perry- Levernia                            Sep 22,1845- Jun 24,1932

Perry- Lloyd L                               Mar 30,1915- Mar 14,1950

Perry- Lonie                                  Jan 12,1876-Feb 12,1943

Perry- Loretta                               Sep 1,1894- Oct 10,1975

Perry- Louie C                              Feb 27,1917- Feb 6,1976 ossw Willie Mae

Perry- Lue Ranie                           Sep 13,1884- Feb 17,1917

Perry- Luther( Babe)                    Dec 8,1901- Aug 13,1964

Perry- Lydia                                 Apr 25,1870- Jan 10,1913 ossw W E Shelt

Perry- Manda                               Nov 9,1898- Jan 2,1968

Perry- Mahan                               Jul 5,1932- Apr 6,1932

Perry- Margaret                             1895-1974

Perry- Martha                                Jul 2,1899 one date ossw Earnest

Perry- Martha                                Oct 11,1878-Oct 27,1930 ossw John C

Perry- Mary                                   Feb 13,1923- Apr 29,1946

Perry- Melda                                Aug 25,1896- Aug 27,1981

Perry- Milford                               Jan 1,1856- Apr 5,1909

Perry- Minnie S                             Apr 17,1889- Sep 17,1965

Perry- O B                                   Sep 22,1862- Sep 23,1945

Perry- Oscar                                Nov 19,18__-Aug 14,19__ s/o Fred Perry

Perry- Otis                                    Jun 9,1913- Nov 11,1943 ossw Ida

Perry- Pearlie M                           Oct 10,1923- Feb 15,1926

Perry- Preston L                            Feb 12,1933- Jun 25,1955

Perry- Robbie                               Apr 19,1901 one date ossw Kenneth William

Perry- Ronnie M                           Jan 28,1953- Feb 8,1980

Perry- Ruthel                                Jan 10,1923 one date

Perry- Vernia                                Oct 1,1942 one date

Perry- Victoria                              Apr 28,1885- Aug 8,1947

Perry- Virgie                                  May 4,1941 one date

Perry- W E Shelt                           Feb 12,1866-Oct 27,1933 ossw Lydia

Perry- Wes                                   no dates

Perry- William Jesse                     Jun 21,1906- Dec 24,1963

Perry- Willie Mae                          Jan 16,1924 one date ossw Louie C



Powell- Charlie                               Apr 9,1920- Apr 10,1978


Price- Gary Wayne                          May 16,1959- Nov 21,1977


Privett- Archibald                             Jan 9,1848- Jan 24,1913

Privett- Lewis M                               Oct 29,1881- Nov 26,1952

Privett- Pearlie Privett Koger            May 20,1909 one date-  married: John 2nd time ossw Tilford

Privett- Tilford                                   Apr 12,1902- Mar 20,1942 ossw Pearlie Privett Koger

Privett- W J                                       May 12,1871- Dec 16,1905



Roark- Doris Ann                               1944-1981


Roberts- Barney A                            Jan 16,1911- Jul 31,1976 ossw Rosemary

Roberts- Kay                                    1959 one date

Roberts- Robert                               no dates

Roberts- Rosemary                          Jul 3,1931 one date ossw Barney A

Roberts- Amy Ruth                           May 2,1978- Dec 18,1978



D S                                                        no info


Sexton- Kenneth                                   1929-1930


Schoor- Reba                                        no dates

Schoor- Richard E                                 Feb 28,1928- Nov 18,1982


Shelley- Bertha                                       Oct 31,1906-Jun 22,1973

Shelley- Infant                                         B & D Dec 13,1940 s/o Roscoe & Ollie Shelley

Shelley- Madie M                                    Jul 2,1938- Jul 22,1938 d/o Ollie Shelley

Shelley- William Stanley                         1916-1916


Spradlin- Amie Hazelene                        May 25,1950- May 17,1952

Spradlin- Delmer                                     Oct 2,1930- Nov, 1932

Spradlin- Delpha                                     Jul 14,1900- Sep 1,1945

Spradlin- Dora                                         Jun 20,1917- Aug 31,1922

Spradlin- Floyd                                        Mar 25,1919- Sep 2,1922

Spradlin- James W                                  Feb 11,1871- Jul 29,1937

Spradlin- Levi                                          Aug 29,1891- Dec 22,1953

Spradlin- Martha L                                   Mar 30,1920- Sep 25,1922

Spradlin- Mary E                                      Mar 8,1871- Apr 25,1961


Stephens- Amy Susan                             May 4,1963- Jan 1,1981

Stephens- Dennis E                                 May 2,1963- Sep 4,1979

Stephens- Vickie Vanover                        Feb 24,1957-Apr 8,1980

Stephens- Eula                                        1924-1981


Strunk-                                                     no info

Strunk-                                                     no info

Strunk-                                                     no info

Strunk- Bertha                                         Jan 26,1904 one date

Strunk- Charles G                                    Nov 1,1930- May 2,1979

Strunk- Clayton                                        May 13,1943- Jul 17,1954

Strunk- Gladys O                                     Jan 18,1914- Dec 6,1977 ossw Smith M

Strunk- Glenn                                           Nov 1,1930- May 2,1979

Strunk- Howard                                         Oct 17,1937- Feb 27,1938

Strunk- J T                                                Feb 28,1935- Sep 13,1957

Strunk- Luther                                           Mar 25,1898- Jun 17,1981

Strunk- Maggie                                         Jun 27,1895 one date ossw McKinley

Strunk- McKinley                                      Jun 20,1897-Dec 12,1970 ossw Maggie

Strunk- Smith M                                       Feb 11,1914-Apr 25,1979 ossw Gladys O




Taylor- Alvin                                              Jun 8,1890-Mar 21,1963

Taylor- Beatrice                                        1930-1979 ossw Ernest J

Taylor- Bethena                                        Jun 14,1914 one date

Taylor- Carl Destle                                    Sep 11,1951- Aug 2,1973

Taylor- Ernest J                                         1924-one date ossw Beatrice

Taylor- Kennith E                                       1939-1940

Taylor- Luther                                            May 10,1918 one date ossw Bethena

Taylor- Pearlie Irene                                  Oct 7,1930- Aug 17,1980

Taylor- R Dari                                           Aug 9,1903- Sep 20,1904


Thomas- Hester                                        Feb 19,1885- Jul 28,1967

Thomas- John                                           Dec 13,1880- Nov 2,1960



Vanover-                                 no name or dates

Vanover- Infant                       no name or dates

Vanover- Infant                       no name or dates s/o Corneilus Vanover

Vanover-Ada B                        Mar 3,1891-Mar 30,1963

Vanover-Alonzo Michael         1979-1980

Vanover-Alta E                        Mar 22,1927-Jul 1,1927 d/o Willis & Ollie Vanover

Vanover-Alvin N                      May 7,1909- Dec 10,1960 ossw Ethel

Vanover-Andy                          Feb 17,1885-Apr 6,1967

Vanover-Arthur Boyd               Aug 19,1931-Dec 24,1978

Vanover-Billie                           Jun 22,1921-Jul 30,1956

Vanover-Billie Jane                  Oct 2,1935 one date ossw Arthur Boyd married: Jun 27,1952

Vanover-Billy Joe                    1958-1981

Vanover-Billy Mae                    B&D Jul 3,1946

Vanover-Boyd D Jr.                 no dates

Vanover-Cena                         1876-1878

Vanover- Charlie M                 1903-1964 ossw Elsie M

Vanover-Clarence                   1927-1983

Vanover-J T                            no dates

Vanover- Kellen Jr                  Jul 20,1930-Sep 19,1931

Vanover-Kenneth E                 Feb 1,1937- Feb 13,1937

Vanover-Lara                         no dates

Vanover-Lawrence                  Jan 12,1927-Dec 23,1980 ossw Elva

Vanover-Lew Sinda Jane         Feb 18,1856-Sep 11, or 17th,1929

Vanover- Lewis                        1866-May 12,1952

Vanover-Loran                         no dates

Vanover-Louie                         May 9,1928-May 18,1928

Vanover- Lula                          Dec 2,1888-Sep 2,1964

Vanover-Martha                       Dec 4,1867-Jan 24,1930

Vanover-Martha                       Feb 7,1884-Aug 18,1924

Vanover-Mary                          no dates

Vanover-Mary                          Sep 10,1896-Mar 26,1963 ossw George

Vanover-MinnieJ                     Sep 20,1935-Oct 3,1938

Vanover-Minnie                       no dates

Vanover-Mollie                        1856-1937 ossw John

Vanover-Mousy                       Jan 19,1898-Dec 12,1958

Vanover-Nora                          Aug 28,1902 one date ossw Walter

Vanover-Noah                         Jan 16,1888- Jul 6,1970

Vanover-Ollie                           Apr 24,1907-Aug 12,1945

Vanover-Othel                          Feb 17,1914-Apr 5,1916

Vanover-Othel B                      Mar 9,1914-Dec 30,1926

Vanover-Parker                        Mar 19,1919-Oct 30,1949

Vanover-Pearlie Jane              Nov 24,1894- May 26,1976

Vanover-Rachel                       no dates

Vanover-Ralph                          Dec 25,1916-Jan 6,1973 ossw Clola

Vanover- Robert                       May 19,1884-Jun 22,1938

Vanover-Roscoe                       Feb 19,1896- Jul 11,1961

Vanover-Russell                       Jan 16,1904-Oct 24,1941 ossw Della

Vanover-Sada                           Mar 26,1901-Jan 23,1966 ossw Henry C

Vanover-Sally                            Sep 6,1875-Mar 4,1961

Vanover-Sol                              1855-1920

Vanover-Susana                       Nov 24,1897 one date

Vanover- Susan Victoria           May 27,1975- May 28,1975

Vanover-T                                 Aug 19,1886- Feb 12,1963

Vanover-Thurman                    Sep 16,1923- Nov 14,1973 ossw Delcie

Vanover-Una Lois                    Jan 12,1936- Nov 5,1936 d/o Russell & Della Vanover

Vanover-Vertie Mae                  Nov 21,1938- Nov 5,1960

Vanover-Walter E                      Aug 12,1901- Sep 23,1963 ossw Nora

Vanover-Willard                         May 13,1925-Jun 15,1925 s/o Walter & Nora Vanover

Vanover-Willis A                        Apr 22,1904-Oct 13,1932

Vanover-Zelphy                         Nov 14,1888-Apr 13,1983




J W-                                            no info

Waters-Lewvernia                       1899-1973


Westmoreland-James G              Feb 15,1890-Jan 29,1969


Wilson-Betty                                 Feb 13,1945 one date ossw Elbert Ray

Wilson-Dorothy E                         B&D Feb 15,1943

Wilson-Elbert Ray                        Oct 4,1942-Dec 4,1969 ossw Betty


Worley- Carol                              Jul 22,1940-May 11,1942 d/o Delbert & Edith C Worley

Worley- Carroll Sue                     Jul 20,1940-May 11,1942 ossw Delbert & Edith C

Worley- Delbert                            Mar 12,1916-May 31,1979 ossw Carroll Sue & Edith C

Worley- Edith C                            Oct 12,1921 one date ossw Carroll Sue & Delbert