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                                                Hill Cemetery  Vol 2

                                                 Strunk Ky


54 Identified graves,5 Unidentified graves


Directions:From US27 in the Strunk area where Ky1470 goes SW cross the railroad tracks(Southern) and continue 1.2 mile.The cemetery is .1 mile to the Right of the road, or NE of Ky 1470.



Anderson- Joyce Ann 1940-1972



Bell-Clifton     Mar 20,1902-Jan 31,1980  ossw Madeline

Bell-Madeline  May 25,1902 one date ossw Clifton


Boyd-Marion F Jul 29,1921-Mar 30,1961


Byrd-Stephen 1974-1974



Cox-Myrtle E  1909 one date ossw Richard

Cox-Richard  1917-1985  ossw Myrtle


Crabtree-Burl   Feb 20,1906-Feb 11,1960

Crabtree-Jess  1908-1959

Crabtree-Lora   Apr 28,1903-Jan 29,1975

Crabtree-Mary Ann  1970-1970

Crabtree-Wildie  Jan 24,1933-Jan 24,1933


Crow-Bessie W no dates



Daughtery-Chester  Apr 24,1924-Nov 26,1957

Daughtery-Emma    Jan 13,1894-Nov 1,1978  ossw Rev.George

Daughtery-Rev.George   Oct 18,1891-Feb 15,1974  ossw Emma

Daughtery-Herbert   1931-1984

Daughtery-Herman Joshua  1931-1959

Daughtery-Rev. J.H  1881-1950  ossw Kizzie

Daughtery-Josh  Feb 22,1932-Feb 21,1959

Daughtery-Kizzie  1887-1979  ossw Rev. J.H


Dixon-Opal  jan 19,1914-Apr 9,1973



Green-Bertha  May 26,1889-Sep 4,1958  ossw Oscar

Green-Oscar  May 5,1890 one date ossw Bertha

Greene  John H  Aug  27,1921-Dec 5,1974



Hamby-Jerry A Nov 24,1919-Jul 7,1961


Hill-Dewey  Nov 21,1899-Sep 21,1975  ossw Myrtle

Hill-Dora     May 26,1868-Jan 7,1928  ossw Henry

Hill-Henry   Oct 2,1864-Mar 25,1923  ossw Dora

Hill-Leslie   May 26,1907-Aug, 1942

Hill-Myrtle   Sep 23,1902  one date ossw Dewey

Hill-Ova T    Apr 13,1902-Jan 1,1952



King-Eva  1891-1976

King-Helen  Jun 9,1916-Jan 27,1933 w/o Jess Crabtree

King-Joshua  Mar 17,1890-Aug 2,1969

King-Juanita  Dec 18,1899-Aug 3,1944

King-Marcum E   Oct 28,1924-Oct 29,1976

King-Peter   Aug 12,1925-Sep 25,1928 s/o N.N & Juanita King

King-Vina    1904-1976