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                                               Hughes Cemetery #2- Vol 3



19 Identified graves- 13 Unidentified graves


Directions: Go South from Greenwood on US 27- at Middle Ridge Road or Road 839 turn Left. After going about .2 mile turn Left back towards Greenwood onto a Forest Service Road. The cemetery is .1 mile Left just below the top of a hill.




Canada- Eliza Hughes           Jun 4,1878-Feb 5,1968




Durham- Claude                    1903-1967

Durham- Mark E                    1970-1971




Green- Rube                         1876-1957

Green- Bert Jack                   1892-1970




Hughes- Edd                         Apr 22,1880-Nov 1,1975 ossw Lula & Nora

Hughes- Lula                         Nov 4,1900-Feb 14,1980 ossw Edd & Nora

Hughes- Mary                       1857-1958

Hughes- Morgan R.D             1926-1951

Hughes- Nannie                    1894-1982

Hughes- Nora                       Jun 16,1888-Feb 11,1923 ossw Edd & Nora

Hughes- Ollie                       1881-1956

Hughes- Robert A                 Feb 26,1892-Mar 11,1970

Hughes- Woodrow R             Jul 11,1912-Dec 24,1951




Solomon- W M                    Apr 30,1812-Apr 29,1905 ossw Nancy

Solomon- Nancy F               Feb 29,1831-May 2,1916 ossw W.M




Terry- Hattie Lou                   Feb 3,1882-May 13,1948

Terry- Clyde H                      Apr 12,1908-Aug 27,1957




Vanover- V T                        Oct 11,1900-Nov 20,1916