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                                                John Casada Cemetery- Vol 3

                                                        Parkers Lake


25 Identified graves- 0 Unidentified graves


Directions: This cemetery is in Pulaski County about 1/2 mile f4rom the County line. Take KY 927 from US 27 at Parkers Lake, pass Keith Cemetery at Nevelsville and continue down river along Staley Branch, to a quarry on Cooper Creek. A jeep trail goes North. At the McCreary Co. line turn West the cemetery is about 1 mile on the Southside of the road before you reach a large strip mined area.



Ballou- Ida Y                                    Jan 13,1917-Feb 3,1933



Casada- Columbus                            Sep 28,`885-Feb 1,1916 s/o John & Sallie

Casada- George S                            Jan 31,1878-May 28,1965 s/o John & Sallie

Casada- J C                                      Feb 1,1929-Feb 1,1929 s/o Hayden & IM

Casada- John Anderson                     May 4,1845-Oct 11,1913

Casada- Josh                                    1915-1932 s/o George & Nora

Casada- Kellie                                   Jan 24,1930-Jan 24,1930 infant /o Hayden & Ida

Casada- Lewis R                                Feb 29,1893-Dec 24,1933

Casada- Murrell                                  May 23,1932-Jun 4,1932 s/o Hayden & Ida Ma

Casada- Nora New                              1886-1927 w/o George Casada

Casada- Noel                                      Apr 27,1927-Sep 30,1927 ossw Nora

Casada- Richmond                              1920-1926 s/o George & Nora Casada

Casada- Sarah Sallie Ann Taylor            Aug 19,1853-May 21,1914

Casada- Willard Paul                            Dec 14,1935-Feb 12,1936 s/o Steve & Hazel

Casada- Twins                                     Apr 27,1926-Apr 27,1926 babies /o George & Nora Casada

Casada- Infant                                      May 25,1931-May 25,1931 c/o Hayden & Ida Mae

Casada- Infant                                       no dates




Davis- Newel Hayden                              Jul 10,1915-Mar 8,1916 s/o Steve & Nan Casada Davis


New- Opel  (twin) d/o Ollie Casada New           May 30,1936-Jun 25,1936

New- Othel (twin) s/o Ollie Casada New           May 30,1936- Jun 15,1936




Overton- Bertha Casada        Jul 2,1897-Jan 1,1929 d/o John & Sallie Casada





Sandifer-Alvina                      Apr 8,1902-Aug 22,1913 d/o George & Florence Casada

Sandifer- Merle                     Apr 16,1913-Jun 8,1913 s/o George & Florence Casada