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                                                Kidd Cemetery-Vol 1

                                                    Bald Knob

                                                updated by Barb Nicholas

61 Identified graves-55 Unidentified graves


Directions-Cross Yamacraw Bridge on Ky 92 and turn Left onto Ku 1363 continue on this road until you come to a concrete bridge that crosses over Rock Creek on your Left ,Turn Here and continue up the mountain until you come to a fork in the road bear to the Right.Continue on until you come to Beech Grove Church on the Left,continue on this road remembering to bear to the Right when you get to the Ledbetter trailhead,this will bring you to the Stepping Rock, continue on an you will come upon Kidd Cemetery on the Left.



Adkins-Maudie B                    Mar 16,1923-Mar 16,1923 d/o T C & Della Adkins



Boyatt-Stella I                         Apr 14,1936-Jul 3,1938



Cooper-Betty                           Apr 20,1945-May 8,1945

Cooper-Conward                      Jan 21,1929-Oct 7,1932 s/o Fank Cooper & Kizzie Winchester Cooper

Cooper-Edd                             one date 1918 s/o Linda Taylor Cooper & John Lindsey Cooper 

Cooper-Julie                             _Jul 1908 one date

Cooper-Linda                           one date  May 22,1937 d/o Britton Taylor & Mary Polly Thompson Taylor  w/o John L.Cooper

Cooper-Lloyd                           May 20,1915 one date s/o Linda Cooper & John L Cooper

Cooper-Mary                           Jan 3,1921-Oct 12,1938

Cooper-Roxie(Spradlin)            one date Jan 14,1924 d/o Amp & Minnie Gregory Spradlin  w/o 1) Oscar Cooper



Dobbs-Martha Ann(Cooper)          Mar 22,1897-Mar 9,1932 d/o Linda & John L Cooper w/o 1) Henderson"Hence" Dobbs



Foster-James Reed                     Jan 11,1918-Apr 12,1942



Gregory-Rosa                             Jan 20-Jan 23,1935


Hill-Berry                                    May 11,1867-Jul 22,1884

G.M.H                                        no info



Jones-C A                                  1917-1918

Jones-Joe David                          Mar 12,1922-Nov 24,1922  s/o M D & Mary Jones



Ledbetter-Georgie                         Sep 10,1937-Feb 26,1939 d/o Luther & Gertie Ledbetter

Ledbetter-McKinley                       Dec 23,1930-Jan 1,1931 s/o Luther & Gertie Ledbetter                   



Miller-Elizabeth                             Aug 18,1854-Aug 27,1920  d/o Ambrose & Sallie Foster Spradlin w/o F M Miller

Miller-George W                            Apr 26,1879-May 1,1901 s/o Elizabeth Spradlin Miller & F M Miller



Ross-Brackston                            Mar 20,1867-Sep 25,1927

Ross-Oda                                     Dec 7,1913-Aug 4,1943



H S                                               no info

Shoopman-Gladys                          Dec 5,1921-Feb 10,1934


Spradlin-Virgie S                            no dates

Spradlin-Ambrose"Ambers"            1831-1901 ossw Sallie Foster Spradlin

Spradlin-Cleveland"Cleve"               Oct 28,1898-Mar 19,1935 s/o Amp & Minnie Gregory Spradlin h/o 1) Hattie Spradlin

                                                                                                                                                     2)Lola Anderson Spradlin


Spradlin-Dorotha Christeen              Jul 29,1925-Jul 30,1926  d/o Jessie & Vernie Cooper Spradlin                                                                                               

Spradlin-Eliza Ann                           w/o Granville Grant Spradlin-she is buried in Pine Knot Cem,Pine Knot Ky

Spradlin-G W"Granville" Grant          1876-1933 s/o Rececca Spradlin h/o ElizaAnn Winchester Spradlin

Spradlin-Hattie                                Jan 24,1904-May 23,1923 w/o 1) Cleve Spradlin d/o Colonel & Belle Spradlin

Spradlin-J T                                    one date Mar 1,1885

Spradlin-Leo                                   1896-1925  s/o Amp & Minnie Gregory Spradlin h/o Emmerine Wilson Spradlin

Spradlin-Lizie                                  Jun 3,1900-Jan 20,1924

Spradlin-Mary E                              1868-1938

Spradlin-Rebecca                            Jul 4,1849-Feb 7,1923 d/o Ambrose"Ambers" Spradlin & Salley Foster Spradlin

Spradlin-Roenie                               Mar 12,1903-May 3__ d/o Ambrose & Salley Foster Spradlin

Spradlin-Sallee                                     (same as below different spellings)

Spradlin-Salley                                1831-1885 w/o Ambrose "Ambers" Spradlin m/o Amp Spradlin

Spradlin-Will                                    no info

Spradlin-Virgie                                 1914-1918



H T                                                       no info



Watson-Col                                         Jul 7,1912-Dec 20,1012

Watson-G W                                        Mar 3,1871-Oct 15,1935

Watson-James S                                  Feb 22,1822-1905

Watson-Jasper                                     Feb 15,1890-Jan 1,1943  Ordained Minister

Watson-Jhon                                        Feb 25,1878-Feb 20,1897

Watson-Jim R                                      one date 1884

Watson-Meery Jaine                             Jun 5,1886-Jun 14,1888   

Watson-Nancy                                     1866-1921

Watson-Pollie                                       Oct 29,1841-Sep 28,1920

Watson-Spensir B                                 Sep 9,1885-Sep 23,1896

Watson-W M                                        Sep 17,1890-Nov 3,1901


Winchester-Bethena                                1855-1932 ossw William

Winchester-Pene Renee                           Oct 10,1963-Oct 10,1962 d/o Clara Winchester

Winchester-William                                  1854-1937   ossw Bethena



Tork-Leman                                              Dec 20,1925-Apr 12,1929