King Cemetery   Vol 2



68 Identifiable Graves-34 Unidentifiable graves


Directions: From Ky/Tn stateline near Isham Tenn,go N .25 mile to the junction of US27 & Ky 759,then go NNE.25 mile  to King Cemetery, which is graveled road that goes E  1 mile to the Cemetery.



D.E.D no dates



Floyd-Bessie Jean Jan 17,1938-Jun 11,1967



Galimore-Edker J   Jan 26,1921-Jun 28,1921

Galimore-Linda      Apr 13,1881-Jul 24,1941

Galimore-Robert C  May 7,1909-Jan 2,1912



Hill-Clea    1917-1926

Hill-Della    Sep 3,1898  one date ossw W. Lewis

Hill-Delpha  Aug 15,1838-Aug 19,1897

Hill-Isabell A    Aug 28,1875-Jan 21,1951

Hill-James       1897-one date

Hill-Mathew     Nov 3,1909-Oct 2,1911

Hill-Mathew     Mar 18,1872-Sep21,1920

Hill-Maude        no dates

Hill-R.J            1939-1940

Hill-Robery C   1913-1940

Hill-Rossier      Jun 12,1900-Jan 4,1901

Hill-W.Lewis    Jun 1,1894-May 29,1973  ossw Della

Hill-William Clely  Mar 24,1920-Jul 23,1984



Jones-Garfield  Dec 11,1903=Apr 10,1930

Jones-John       1854-1919  ossw Sealie

Jones-Sealie     1873-1934  ossw John



King-Ambrose Authur  no dates

King-Belle           Sep 25,1870-Aug 30,1959

King-Burl             Mar 8,1854-Oct 19,1928

King-Chester E    1927 one date  ossw Della C

King-Clide           Mar 4,1926-1926

King-Delilah         Jan 4,1828-Mar 12,1895  ossw Mathew

King-Della C        1926-1982  ossw Chester E

King-Evelee         Nov 10,1909-Nov 10,1909 d/o Sidney & Ada King

King-Georg          Jul 9,1932-Jun 25,1933

King-Grace Lee    1900-1980  ossw Ledford

King-Hayden        Mar 26,1929-Feb 25,1968  ossw Leonard

King-Henry          1889-1967

King-Joe              Jun 8,1861-Oct 26,1924

King-Jophes         Jun 7,1878-Sep 21,1909

King-Ledford        1891-1966 ossw Gracie Lee

King-Lenville        Feb 21,1917-Sep 28,1936

King-Leonard       Apr 16,1939-Feb 11,1968  ossw Hayden

King-Lewis          1886-1983 ossw Zillie

King-Millie Ann     Sep 22,1888-May 10,1914

King-Nanny Bell   Jun 5,1898-Aug 14,1968  ossw Tun

King-Robertlll       Nov 16,1966-Aug 24,1970

King-Robert N      Jan 31,1897-May 13,1954  ossw Julie J

King-Rodney        May 5,1956-Dec 20,1971

King-Sallie           Feb 5,1847-Nov 2,1911 w/o Burl

King-Theodore      Feb 10,1914-Feb 27,1914

King-Willie B        Mar 10,1927-May 2,1947

King-Zillie             1892-1965



Moses-Sallie  Apr 4,1905-Oct 21,1918  d/o Crit & Ida King

Moses-Sarah  Jul 3.1914-Aug 3,1916



Ridner-Carolyn 1943-1979


Ross-Albert    1885-1923  ossw Lizzie

Ross-Henry    Feb 20,1878-Feb 4,1828

Ross-James   1921-1982

Ross-Kizzie   1890-1940  ossw Albert



Smith-James Carrel Oct 23,1918


Strunk-Leslie L Mar 12,1902-Nov 16,1907


Stephens-Calvin  no dates

Stephens-Curtis  no dates

Stephens-Mary C  Sep 10,1939-MAR 2,1940

Stephens-Myrtle  no dates


Strunk-Minford Dec 30,1892-Jan 10,1915

Strunk-Rachel one date Jan 21,1919

Strunk-Pina Jan 22,1913-Sep 30,1913 d/o James & Etta Strunk