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                                                Laurel Cemetery Vol 2

                                                Whitley City


83 Identified graves-33 Unidentified graves


Directions: From the stoplight in Whitley City at the junction of US 27 & Ky 1470 go 7 miles.Along the way you will pass Bruce Cemetery on the Right,Laurel Creek,Indian Knob and Wright Branch.To arrive at Laurel Cemetery it is set in the forks of Ky 478 and Laurel Cemetery Road/McCreary Airport Road that goes N from Ky 92 and the Pine Knot vicinity.



Ball-Ben               1879-1918 s/o Cal & Luizza Ball

Ball-Calvin R         Jan 23,1843-Sep 16,1926

Ball-Edward E       1889-1961 ossw Nancy L

Ball-James L         Mar 16,1926-Feb 10,1945

Ball-Luster            May 13,1916-Jul 13,1918 d/o Ves & Georgia Reed Ball

Ball-Nancy L         1901-1969 ossw Edward E

Ball-Truly L            Jun 1,1919-Oct 12,1919


Bartels-Geneva L               Jan  18,1920-May 22,1985

Bartley-Christopher Carl     1968-1968


Bowling-Donald Dewayne    1972-1977

Bowling-Duayne                 Aug 30,1960-Feb 16,1982


Bryant-Gladys                     1922-1965

Bryant-J J                            May 30,1940-Jun 2,1940 s/o E C



Cooper-Donna Faye             1979-1980


Cox-Ed                               Apr 22,1893-Oct 4,1902 s/o Levi & Rebecca Cox

Cox-John B                         Jun 5,1890-May 23,1906 age 15 yrs 11 mo 18 da



Hamby-Opal R                     Dec 18,1900-Jul 21,1943 w/o Ben


Holt-Novene J                      1920-1920



Inman-Gorman                     Jul 24,1905-Mar 30,1909 s/o J C & Annie Inman

Inman-Infant                         no dates c/o J C & Annie Inman



Jones-Infant                           no dates c/o Roy & Grace Kidd Jones

                                                               (Grace Kidd Jones later married Sanford Sampson)



Kidd-                                   no dates

Kidd-                                   no dates

Kidd-                                   no dates

Kidd-                                   no dates

Kidd-Audrey                         one date Aug 26,1926 s/o William Peat &Ida Kidd

Lidd-Carrie                           1912-1914

Kidd-Ida P                            Oct 5,1899-May 26,1952  Pete Kidds wife

Kidd-Chester H                     Jun 2,1905-

Kidd-Elijah                            Jun 2,1905-Aug 19,1906

Kidd-Elizabeth                       Sep 28,1873-Jan 4,1896

Kidd-Nellie                            Jun 27,1894-Oct 11,1894 d/o Elijah & Elizabeth

Kidd-William Pete                   Dec 3,1885-Aug 26,1926



Murphy-Nora R               Mar 7,1905-Jul 25,1906 d/o W H & Betty Murphy

Murphy-Ollie                   May 21,1935 one date



Patrick-Elizabeth J            Sep 22,1832-Jan 9,1890      

Patrick-Flarra                    Jan 4,1888-Apr 23,1889

Patrick-Susannah              Aug 15,1861-Jan 20,1900

Patrick-William                  no dates


Puckett-Blueford                Aug 24,1908-Jan 21,1972 ossw Flossie

Puckett-Flossie                  May 15,1912 one date ossw Bluford




Reed-Infant                          no dates c/o Leslie & Selvidge Reed

Reed-Gregory                       no dates c/o Leslie Reed

Reed-Haywood                     no dates



Stephens-Henry                    Feb 6,1915 one date ossw Gladys

Stephens-Ida E                     Oct 28,1878-Jul 6,1936

Stephens-Jane Waters           Jan 23,1892-Jun 5,1970   (2nd w/o Ronnie Waters)

Stephens-Paul                       Sep 22,1910-Mar 10,1911 s/o Bud Stephens



Watters-Anna                         Mar 9,1905 one date ossw Leslie

Watters-Danny Paul                Mar 15,1950-Mar 15,1950 s/o Paul & Agnes Watters

Watters-Elitha                         Mar 19,1892-Mar 18,1918 w/o Virgil                                       )

                                              (she died in childbirth with Twins-they later died also)

Watters-Fred M                      Mar 13,1919-Apr 3,1919 twin s/o Virgil & Elitha Watters

Watters-Elitha B                     Mar 13,1919-Jun 12,1919 twin d/o Virgil & Elitha Watters

Watters-Ethel N                     Jul 24,1898-Sep 2,1927  w/o John

Watters-George V                  1895-1979 ossw Minnie M                              

Watters-Henry                       Jul 14,1909-Jul 28,1909 s/o Joe & Nevada Watters

Watters-Henry J                     Jan 27,1853-May 21,1934

Watters-James F                    Jul 15,1893-Jan 18,1954 s/o Henry Watters  

Watters-Joe M                        Jun 12,1884-Apr 21,1966 ossw Nevada s/o Henry Watters

Watters-John W                      Jun 5,1899-Oct 12,1969 ossw Lucy E

Watters-Kendrick                     Jul 16,1920-Oct 19,1953

Watters-Leslie                         Feb 22,1907-Mar 22,1973 ossw Anna s/o Joe Watters

Watters-Lisa Ann                     Oct 30,1969-Oct 30,1969

Watters-Lucy E                        Sep 13,1910-May 2,1979 ossw John W

Watters-Mattie Larue                Dec 29,1899-Oct 3,1978 ossw Thomas J

Watters-Michael Edmund          Jun 18,1944-Jun 19,1944

Watters-Minnie M                     one date 1909 ossw George W

Watters-Nevada                        Apr 26,1889-May 15,1976 ossw Joe M

Watters-Paul H                         Jul 18,1911-Jun 9,1972 s/o Virgil & Elitha Watters

Watters-Roy K                          one date Oct 18,1953 age 33 yrs,3 mo,2 da

Watters-Silas                            1914-1984 s/o Virgil & Elitha King Watters

Watters-Syntha J                      Jan 8,1855-Nov 25,1910

WattersThomas Jeff                   Apr 8,1891-Jan 29,1973                

Watters-Virgil                            1886-1961 s/o Henry Watters

Watters-William H                     Jun 9,1879-Apr 17,1921 s/o Henry Watters

 Watters-Zechariah                    May 15,1919-Dec 1