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                                               McCreary Memorial Gardens  Vol 2

                                                            Whitley City

                                                    walked and updated by Barb Nicholas


166 identified graves,O Unidentified graves


Directions:From the courthouse on Ky 1651 adjacent to the Library go S .35 mile.Beforw you get to the Bridge on the Ky 2278  intersection with Ky 1651 which goes S alone Southern railroad tracks, go .3 mile along Ky 2278.The cemetery will be on a hill on your Left side,another road circles arond the cemetery.



Alcorn-Jason A            Jan 13,1975-May 23,2003

Alcorn-William             1916-2004 ossw Antha

Alcorn-Antha               1922-one date ossw William


Anderson-Arnold L       Feb 14,1902-Jul 3,1980

Anderson-Charles L     1892-1977

Anderson-Clay Ian       May 20,1918-Aug 15,1965  ossw Dorotha P

Anderson-Dorotha P    Sep 30,1915  one date ossw Clay Ian

Anderson-Edith           Jan 11,1912 -Jan 18,1999 ossw Loyd d/o Martha Ann Cooper & Hence Dobbs

Anderson-Lonnie B      Mar 31,1945-Mar 3,1979 ossw Lon       

Anderson-Loyd            Aug 20,1914-Jul 9,1989 ossw Edith

Anderson-Mabel Troxell   Apr 2,1914-Sep 9,1963

Anderson-Roy William     Jun 16,1908-Jan 12,1969



Baker-Clara Mabel      May 6,1915-Oct 28,2001

Baker-James R          Dec 22,1935-Apr 10,1966

Baker-James Willard  Dec 10,1911-Mar 14,1979  ossw Clara Mabel


Ball-1915      one date ossw Myrtle L

Ball-John H  Apr 23,1881-Jun 23,1962  ossw Inez Jones & Leslie C

Ball-Myrtle L 1912-  one date ossw Floyd


Bell-Robert Michael  1978-1978

Ball-Harry Lee          Jul 21.1929-Mar 27,1984


Bradley-Delphia  Apr 26,1902-May 14,1969 ossw Ed

Bradley-Ed        Oct 23,1898-Dec 14,1969  ossw Delphia

Bradley-John M  Nov 17,1939-Apr 10,1973


Bruce-Ralph E    Feb 25,1920 ossw Trecia W

Bruce-Trecia W  1927-1979  ossw Ralph E


Bryant-Lawrence E Aug 29,1911-Aug 31,1974


Burk-John E       Feb 19,1887-Jan 8,1960  ossw Horace G

Burk-George M  1918-1961  ossw Pauline


Burke-Horace G  Aug 22,1954-Aug 17,1958 ossw John E

Burke-Pauline     1919-2002 ossw George M


Bibee-Earl     Mar 8,1923-Sep 2,1990  ossw Judy

Bibbee-Judy  Feb 25,1945-Jun 5,2000


Bybee-A.L     Apr 29,1897-Apr 14,1970

Bybee-Bon L  Sep 19,1930-Jun 16,2002

Bybee-Boyce Dean   Sep 29,1935-Aug 5,2001

Bybee-Eva     Dec 15,1905-1974

Bybee-Joe L   Aug 24,1938-Aug 19,1959

Bybee-Joyce  Apr 25,1939-Mar 2,1998  married: Apr 24,1959



Canada-Charles N  Dec 4,1939-May 18,2002 ossw Virginia S

Canada-Virginia S  Mar 5,1960 one date  ossw Charles N


Cash-Christine  Dec 31,1923 one date ossw Marvin

Cash-Marvin     Npv 11,1915-May 30,1982  ossw Christine


Chitwood-Dewey  Jul 12,1898-Nov 24,1967  ossw Kizzie

Chitwood-Kizzie   Aug 19,1907-May 13,2004 ossw Dewey


Coffey-Ada Jun 20,1890-May 28,1972


Conaster-Mildred Shirley   May 24,1918-May 23,1999


Couch-Chester  1902-1980 ossw Mary R

Couch-Leslie     Aug 28,1906-Jul 30,1968  ossw Inez Jones & John H Ball

Couch-Mary R   1909 one date ossw Chester


Cox-Geraldine     Oct 13,1940-Feb 6m2001


Crabtree-Clarence David  Dec 14,1960-Dec 15,1960 s/o Evelyn & Leroy Crabtree

Crabtree-John A Jun 11,1922-Dec 17,2003 ossw Norma H

Crabtree-Norma H Mar 13,1925 one date ossw John A

Crabtree-Nettie G  Apr 20,1890-Jun 19,1959


Crisp-Cora E        Jun 7,1898-May 23,1999

Crisp-Joseph W    Feb 22,1882-Sep 19,1961



Dabney-Christine  Apr 27,1889-Feb 5,1958 w/o Rev. J B

Dabney-Rev.J B    Mar 16,1872-Jan 13,1974


Duncan-Nora Sexton Jul 9,1900-Aug 5,1981



Flynn-Logan Sr.       Oct 7,1921-Jun 16,2001

Foster-Arlena          1903-one date ossw Manuel L

Foster-Donna Gail   Sep 16,1959-Jun 27,1970

Foster-Kathryn        1919 one date

Foster-Leonard L     1915-1979

Foster-Manuel L      1898-1980  ossw Arlena


Frazier-James R Sep 13,1939-Sep 27,1977



Garrett-Louise  Jun 7,1921-Sep 24,2004

Garrett-Roy L Apr 26,1924-Feb 9,1966



Hall-Deborah Kay  Jul 18,1956-Dec 27,1957

Hall-Lester Morris  Apr 23,1918-Mar 23,1966


Hawkins-Ollie    1902-1984  ossw Robert

Hawkins-Robert 1906-1983  ossw Ollie


Hicks-Bernice J            Feb 15,1943 one date ossw James D

Hicks-James D "Jim"   May 12,1939-Jan 12,2001 ossw Bernice J

Hicks-Sidney V Jun 2,1909-Jan 29,1962


Holmes-Arthur W 1909-1971


Hyden-Frances A      Jan 28,1928-Nov 17,2001  ossw John H

Hyden-John H           Jan 31,1924 one date ossw Frances A



Jones-Henry C      Feb 9,1909-Nov 15,1980  ossw Linda F

Jones-Inez            Mar 30,1915 one date ossw John H Ball & Leslie Couch

Jones-John           Oct 4,1887-Oct 5,1973

Jones-Linda F       Aug 7,1905  one date ossw Henry C

Jones-Maggie N    Apr 23,1903-Jan 7,1977



Keith-Cordus K    Feb 22,1920-Oct 24,1961

Keuth-James Allen"Jimbo"  Aug 8,1965-Apr 22,1994

Keith-Ronnie       1945-1986


Kidd-Goldman    Mar 6,1892-Oct 19,1972 married: Jul 9,1933

Kidd-Minnie       Feb 24,1914-Sep 7,1999 ossw Goldman


King-Elva K         Mar 19,1915-May 6,1969 ossw George D

King-George D    Mar 7,1909-Feb 19.1973 ossw Elva K

King-Ralph D       Dec 27,1933-Apr 8,1966



Lavengood-Thomas A   Jan 29,1937-Jan 2,1985


Litton-Jasper Burton   Apr 14,1898-May 24,1960

Litton-Phyllis             Mar 8,1936-Mar 2,2002


Lovett-Loyd B           May 22,1919-Dec 20,2000  ossw Pauline

Lovett-Pauline Ross  Mar 18,1926-Jul 2,1985 ossw Loyd B



Malone-Della                 Feb 29,1908-Oct 9,1960 ossw Millard Photo

Malone-Millard (Chuck)  Feb 6,1891-Jun 29,1960 ossw Della


Maxwell-Dora L       1909 one date ossw Emery A

Maxwell-Emery A    1899-1985 ossw Dora L

Maxwell-Genevieve Gail   1965-1974

Maxwell-Susan M Jun 26,1977-Jun 26,1977


McDonald-Clarence   May 16,1916-Jan 11,1967

McDonald-Curtis Eugene   Jul 24,1959-Sep 19,1965



Neal-David B    Jul 20,1915-Sep 16,1988

Neal-Ruby E    Apr 7,1915-Jun 11,2003 ossw David B

Nichols-Harry   May 4,1906 one date ossw Hazel

Nichols-Hazel   Aug 18,1909-Apr 7,1972 ossw Harry



Owens-             Gilda Kay Dec 13,1950-Jun 26,2001

Owens-Mary A   Apr 1,1901-one date

Owens-Rev. T.B  Jun 13,1903-Feb 27,1963



Patrick- Leslie R Apr 13.1912 one date


Penticuff-Cledes Jr. Jun 5,1931-Nov 27,1980


Perkins-McKinley  May 2,1898-Aug 27,1980

Perkins-Retta        Jun 19,1901-Sep 15,2001 ossw McKinley


Perry-Ruby Lee Feb 19,1909-Feb 17,1983


Potter-Katie G Mar 10,1886-Nov 29,1964


Powell-Mary    May 19,1890-Mar 24,1979 ossw Mart Married: Jun 23,1906

Powell-Mart B  Nov 2,1882-Jul 10,1976 ossw Mary



Redden-Leland C Jan 6,1911-Jul 22,1983

Redden-Pearl B  Jun 28,1916-Nov 15,2003 ossw Leland


Robbins-Willene Dec 27,1939-Apr 21,1984


Roberts-Arnold C      1921-1980 ossw Glenna

Roberts-Glenna        1922 one date ossw Arnold C

Roberts-Henry A       Apr 22,1904-Jun 26,1958 ossw Mattie

Roberts-Henry T       Nov 22,1894-Oct 12,1968

Roberts-Lowell Dean   Mar 31,1934-Jan 30,1979

Roberts-Mattie            Sep 4,1910-Jan 5,2005 ossw Henry A


Ross-Dora I    Jul 21,1924-Dec 30,1970 ossw Fred W

Ross-Fred W  Nov 19,1918-Jul 17,1986 ossw Dora I

Ross-Lillian    Oct 23,1924-Jun 3,1999

Ross-Margie   Mar 1,1891-Nov 19,1964


Roundtree-Stella          Jan 17,1899-Jul 26,1967 ossw Thomas F

Roundtree-Thomas F    Jan 10,1895-May 21,1968 ossw Stella



Sanderson-Faye Marie     Nov 18,1915-Jul 9,1979


Shelley-Jonni Rae           Dec 2,1973-Ocr 30,2000


Sheperd-William G         Jan 23,1916-Jul 7,1968


Smith-Van Ella               Dec 25,1895-Sep 2,1967


Sotka-Laura Lee             Sep 1,1967-Sep 2,1967

Sotka-Patricia Lee          Dec 12,1942-Jun 27,1970


Spradlin-Cary Von          Sep 11,1959-May 11,1961

Spradlin-Donna Carole    Aug 30,1958-May 11,1961

Spradlin-Fred                 Jun 13,1897-Oct 7,1961

Spradlin-Fred Ambrose   Jun 13,1897-Oct 7,1961

Spradlin-Fred Donald      Feb 21,1933-May 11,1961

Spradlin-Vernon H          1918-1977


Stephens-Adrian N         Feb 4,1912-Nov 7,2000 ossw Lois Ann

Stephens-Bertha           1922- one date ossw Elisha

Stephens-Elisha           1918-1980 ossw Bertha

Stephens-Fayrene        1927-1984 ossw Morris E

Stephens-G.W Attorney  Dec 24,1873-Mar 28,1976  ossw George W.Jr.

Stephens-George W Jr    Oct 18,1907-Jan 3,1970 ossw GW,Selden O

Stephens-Lois Ann         Jan 13,1936 one date ossw Adrian N

Stephens-Morris E          1928-1976 ossw Fayrene

Stephens-Selden Octavius  Apr 26,1910-Jun 28,1967 ossw GW,George W Jr

Stephens-Virginia B           Jul 26,1937-May 1,1985


Strunk-Odia  1917-1984

Strunk-Millie S 1902-1977

Sutton-Clifford C             Dec 14,1921-Nov 7,2000

Sutton-Omega Martha    May 31,1925-Jul 2,1983



Trebolo-Betty Jo            Feb 15,1936 one date

Trebolo-Charley             Nov 30,1907 one date ossw Cordia Anderson

Trebolo-Cordia Anderson  Mar 23,1917 one date ossw Charley


Tucker-Arnold                Dec 2,1923 one date ossw Eileen Marsbery

TuckerDillie E                1904 one date ossw Luther G

Tucker-Earl                   1918-1984

Tucker-Eileen Marksbery   Oct 30,1922-Sep 27,1984 ossw Arnold

Tucker-Genevieve Rose     Jul 27,1907-Jun 23.1985

Tucker-Luther C                1906-1983 ossw Dillie E

Tucker-Mr.MT                   Mar 29,1893-Aug 10,1970

Tucker-Mrs.MT                 Jan 19,1896-Sep 16,1977

Tucker-Mitchell J               no dates



Walker-George C Jr.  1917 one date ossw Jewel R

Walker-Gertrude        1909-one date ossw Oscar R

Walker-Jewel R          1917-1976 ossw George C Jr.


Warman-Nell Oct 22,1912  one date ossw W E Walker


Watson-Lola Spradlin   Jan 20,1910-Dec 8,1970

Watson-Verna             Dec 24,1890-Aug 11,1966


Watters-Elenora          Jul 16,1938-Dec 28,1976


West-Ery                    Apr 3,1890 one date ossw Rebecca E

West-Edwina Hicks     Apr 27,1919-Jun 8,2001 ossw Sidney V

West-Nola McKee       1912-1979  ossw Norman

West-Norman             1907-1978  ossw Nola McKee

West-Rebecca E         Sep 13,1900-Oct 24.1976  ossw Ery


Westfelt-Nettie J             1905-one date ossw William

Westfelt-William             1899-1971 ossw Nettie J


Wilson-Grady                 Apr 9,1924-Jun 14,2004  ossw Nixola

Wilson-Nixola                 Jul 24,1926 one date ossw Grady

Wyatt-James                 1936-2005



York-Charlotte Kay          Oct 25,1960-Dec 26,1960