Nancy Grave Cemetery

                                                Wilson Ridge ,Ky

                                                walked through by Pam Tucker,

                                               Sheila Perry ,Elizabeth Heath 2005

                                               updated for Barbara Nicholas


Directions: From Yamacraw Bridge which crosses BSF, turn where Ky 1363 intersects with Ky 92.Go S to Devils Creek Rd, then turn S to Rock Creek,and go to the concrete bridge and tuen Left, continue on until you come to a fork in the road and take the Left fork, continue on until you come to the Cemetery on the Right.



Anderson-Ernest Aug 18,1920-Dec 16,1821

Anderson-Infant (twins) Aug 27,1918-Aug 27,1918 sons/o H.C & Laura Anderson

Anderson-James Floyd Jan 10,1905-Aug 21,1905 s/o Shelby & Syntha Jane Anderson

Anderson-Ruby Oct 6,1913-Nov 7,1914 d/o H.C & Laura Anderson

Anderson-Shelby Apr 13.1864-Jun 2.1924

Anderson-W.H Oct 26,1906-Mar 16,1924

Anderson-Baby no info



Bell- Franklin D  one date 1935 s/o Willam & Ella Bell


Branscum-Annie E May 27,1901-Apr 28,1975 ossw Delbert T

Branscum-Delbert T Jan 31,1928-Sep 23,1974 ossw Annie E



Cooper-Bill 1852-1918 ossw Patsy

Cooper-Dorcus(Darkie) Foster one date Sep 13,1956 age 76 yrs.7 mo.0da. 1st w/o Charlie New

                                                                                                 2nd w/o John L. Cooper



Cooper-Patsy 1854-1914 ossw Bill

Cooper-Vadie one date Mar 21,1941  d/o John & Linda Taylor Cooper


Crabtree-Rachel Meadows Sep 23,1914-Sep 25,1982



Daughtery-Arlie May 4,1905-May 10,1964 w/o Clabe Daughtery

Daughtery-Delores Ann Oct 9,1958-Apr 3,1959 d/o Alma & Verlin Daughtery

Daughtery-Mittie Jun 25,1903-Apr 7,1940

Daughtery-Verlin T Mar 20,1938-May 16,1997



Davis-Earl Mar 9,1974 death date only s/o Ephraim & Minnie Hester New Davis


Douglas-Julie Ann Nov 1969-Nov 1969


Duncan-Reldy Sep 24,1869-Jan 28,1945




Foster-Raymond Jun 30,1904-May 10,1966

Foster-Sallie 1880-1915

Foster-Emma Hill May 12,1918-Nov 3,1999



Garland-Edmond Mar 4,1939 one date

Garland-Les no info


Godsey- Mamie Dec 7,1907-Apr 10,1939


Gibson-Dewey  Dec 10, 1900-Apr 5,1934



Hail-Infant Dec 28,1924-Dec 28,1924 c/o Joe Hill


Hickman-Irene Oct 29,1926-Oct 3,1929


Hill- Davied E Jun 2,1955-Sep 18,1955

Hill-Herstel May 12,1931-Dec 24,1956

Hill-Mildred May May 15,1931-Aug 11,1913 d/o Will & Nannie Hill

Hill-Porter 1924-1926

Hill-Will no info



Jones-Pearlie L Feb 28,1922-Dec 3,1995

Jones-Gertie May 29,1902-Oct 25,1971

Jones-James L 1950-1950

Jones-Mary Ann 1962-1962



Kidd-Loretta one date Jan 31,1940 d/o Mr. Mrs. G.M Kidd


King-Clayborne Feb 28,1900-May 2,1945




Lewis- Fayrene Feb 7,1946-Feb 7, 1946

Lewis-Loyd Cecil Aug 7,1949-May 18,2003

Lewis-Minnie Ethel Jun 1,1907-Mar 3,1999

Lewis-Virgil S Mar 3,1902-Oct 1,1971



Maxwell-Dave E 1847-1933

Maxwell-Dela Sep 17,1941-Sep 17,1941

Maxwell-Ruben F May 14,1905-Apr 4,1997 ossw Tamsey L

Maxwell-Mary H 1908-1925

Maxwell-Mindy J 1900-1919

Maxwell-Marie Jan 31,1912-Dec 12,1938 w/o Bill Maxwell

Maxwell-Tamsey L Mar 6,1908-Dec 8,1992


Meadows-Robert Lewis Sep 16,1962-Mar 28,1999 ossw Ruben F


Miller-Bettie Lou one date Jan 1941

Miller-Bill 1876-1945


Murphy-William Bill 1876-1945 ossw Porter L. Perry



New-Buddy Jun 27,1927- Jun 29,1927

New-Tolbert May 2,1909-Aug 24,1937



Perry-Earl 1919-1965

Perry-Harrison Apr 1,1919-Jul 7,1919


Phillips-Bonnie Lou  one date Nov 11,1948

Phillips-Boycedean one date May 24,1940

Phillips-Caroleen Oct 9,1944-Jul 24,1963

Phillips-Christen 1941-1941

Phillips-Willard 1946-1949



Ross-Alfred      May 8,1926-Jul 10, 1926

Ross-Bobby L Jan 27,1941-Apr 11,1998 ossw Marcella

Ross-Charlie H       Feb 8,1934-Mar 21,1937

Ross-Cynthia Jane 1890-1962

Ross-David Lee Feb 19,1963-Feb 26, 1963

Ross-George one date Sep 20,1976  War Mem

                                                      Coast Arty.Corps

                                                      Sep 20,1976

Ross-Loyd Jan 4,1921-Oct 24`1976 ossw Ruth

Ross-Marcella Feb 11,1943-Jan 16,2002 ossw Bobby L

Ross-Magdeline Nov 7,1948-Sep 20,1955 PHOTO on stone

Ross-Maudie Ethel May 29,1912-Nov 12,1913 d/o George & Susis Ross

Ross-Ruth Sep 19,1921-Jul 12,2004  ossw Loyd

Ross-Tonya Kay and Sonya Kay (twins) Dec 8,1971-Dec 9,1971

Ross-Sandra K Jul 25,1955-Jul 26,1955

Ross-Thelma L Jan 19,1884-Oct 18,1939

Ross-William Loyd Jan 4,1921-Oct 24,1976  War Mem

                                                                 US Army


                                                               Bronze Plaque



Smither-Sara 1889-1947



Slaven-Alfred 1906-1975

Slaven-June Jun 20,1917-Jun 29,1938

Slaven-Lonnie L Nov 20,1901-Jun 14,1918

Slaven-Oliver C Aug 20,1875-May 9,1920

Slaven-Paul Jr. Apr 19,1933-Sep 17,1933

Slaven-Sythe one date 1934

Slaven-Timothy C one date Jan 30,1973

Slaven-Obie D 1965-1965


Spradlin-Isaac 1845-1916

Spradlin-Lorena May 11,1932-Jun 22,1932

Spradlin-Pina Laurence Mar 7,1925-Oct 28,1929

Spradlin-Ralph Edward Jun 3,1941-Dec 20,1941 s/o Mr.Mrs.Arnold Spradlin

Spradlin-Robert Lee Jul 6,1936-Sep 1,1936 s/o Mr.Mrs.Arnold Spradlin


Strunk- Homer Aug 2,1948-Aug 25,1948 s/o Joseph & Truie Strunk

Sweet-Clay Henry Dec 24,1938-Dec 29,1994 ossw Vela Ann Sweet

Sweet-Vela Ann Dec 23,1943 one date ossw Clay Henry  married: Apr 25,1964

Sweet-Robert Hurstle Feb 16,1965-Jul 30,2000



Trammell-Abraham Nov 14,1893-Dec 15,1964  War Mem


                                                                     Pvt. Co. G

                                                                      28 Inf.


Troxell-Artie E May 2,1918 -Feb 22,2004 married: Oct.12,1935 ossw George W. d/o Rufus Winchester

Troxell-Christeen 1924-1925

Troxell-Clementine 1880-1938 ossw Franklin

Troxell-Dillard Nov 18,1908-Mar 1,1909

Troxell-Doris J 1933-1937

Troxell-Franklin Lee 1882-1962  ossw Clementine

Troxell-Garfield May 10,1871-May 1,1936 f/o George W Troxell

Troxell-George W Sep 14,1912 May 23,1991 ossw Artie E married Oct 12,1935 s/o Garfield Troxell

Troxell-Gladys Delois Aug 6,1934-Oct 6,1952

Troxell-James H 1936-1937

Troxell-Lincoln 1914-1986

Troxell-Louise 1930-1931

Troxell-Mary W Aug 23,1879-Feb 18,1971

Troxell-Robert E May 10, 1918-Oct 18,1970

Troxell-William H Jul 2,1943-Jan 2,1944

Troxell-Zora 1925-1976


Tucker-Gary Dean Jul 24,1960-Nov 18,2004



 JW-no dates

Waters- Alice Oct 30,1899-Dec 21,1899

Waters-Crit 1909-1947

Waters-Dise Ann Aug 3,1870-May 19,1912 w/o Noah Waters

Waters-Eva Revis Oct 2,1904-Sep 14,1944 d/o H.F Waters

Waters-Gilbert H Dec 24,1905-May 11,1928

Waters-Herzila Jul 9,1871-Oct 23,1956

Waters-Lila Jul 12,1880-Jan 8,1944

Waters-Liddy Roberts  1830-1908  ossw Sam

Waters-Noah Jan 15,1866-Apr 21,1930

Waters-Sam 1830-1907  War Mem  ossw Liddy

                                     Civil War


Waters-Willie Feb 12,1900-Jun 27,1923


Watson-Ada Barton Oct 8,1921-Nov 8,1999 d/o Exroad Watson

Watson-Bertha Jul 27,1909-Jun 29,1956

Watson-Ray & Kay (twins) May 25,1949-May 25,1949

Watson-Walter Jun 24,1910-Jul 21,1944


Watters-John M Apr 23,1894-Nov 23,1927

Watters-Julie Ann Oct 8,1881-Mar 10,1957


Whitehead-______ no info

Whitehead-Denton Mar 21,1899-Aug 25,1967 ossw Ethel M

Whitehead-Ethel M Mar 21,1916-Feb 17,2001 ossw Denton  married: Mar 4,1936

Whitehead-G.D 1919-1919

Whitehead-James 1885-1962

Whitehead-L.Q no dates

Whitehead-M.O no dates

Whitehead-O.R no dates

Whitehead-Rev.J.L no info


Wilson-Austin Apr 6,1932-Jul 26,1933 s/o Elihu & Marie Wilson

Wilson-Ada Mae Jun 1,1902-Jan 18,2001

Wilson-Ben H Mar 15,1893-Feb 2,1973   War Mem



                                                            US Army


Wilson-Billy Jo 1934-1950

Wilson-Carl Danny Aug 2,1954-Apr 2,1974

Wilson-Earl J Jun 30,1929-Nov 9,1968

Wilson-Elihue 1895-1980    War Mem


                                        US Army


Wilson-Marie  Apr 18,1904 one date ossw Elihu  married: Apr 2,1920

Wilson-Mary Hill May 4,1920=Apr 17,2004 ossw Elbert Ale

Wilson-Elbert Ale Aug 4,1922-May 1,1993 ossw Mary Hill Wilson

Wilson-Infant Jan 11,1948-Jan 11,1948 c/o Mr.Mrs.Elihu Wilson

Wilson-Genina no info

Wilson-Henry H Sep 15,1876-Feb 27,1942

Wilson-James Sep 22,1843-Oct 16,1913

Wilson-Janice 1942-1983 w/o Luther"Bud" d/o Alfred & Ella Spradlin Slaven

Wilson-Luizay Nov 20,1911-Dec 26,1911 d/o Jas & Nannie Wilson

Wilson-Luvernie Mar 1,1863-Aug 24,1938

Wilson-Ronnie Wayne Nov 16,1952-Oct 10,1981

Wilson-S. Jane Apr 20,1840-May 15,1924

Wilson-William Richard no dates

Wilson-Willie 1881-1915


Winchester-Carol V Nov 6,1928-Jan 8,1929

Winchester-Coleman 1937-1971

Winchester-Conley Jun 2,1930-Jun 1,1932

Winchester-F.W one date 1916 ossw L.W

Winchester-Frank Jun 30,1871-Nov 8,1948

Winchester-Geneva E Feb 9,1922-Jun 26,1923

Winchester-Glen May 8,1936-May 8,1936

Winchester-John Riley Aug 14,1870-Mar 15,1937

Winchester-Jonese Nov 27,1919-Oct 16,1951

Winchester-L.W one date 1916

Winchester-Lawrence Feb 22,1906-Jul 8,1925

Winchester-Liza Ann Mar 22,1876-Jan 19,1949

Winchester-Lizzie Aug 11,1876-Feb 26,1920

Winchester-Myrtle Waters 1896-1969

Winchester-Ollie Jun 1,1898-Jan 10,1934 w/o Obie Winchester

Winchester-Pete Dec 13,1896-Feb 14,1937

Winchester-Infant Sep 13,1937-Sep 13,1937 s/o Robert & Lula Winchester

Winchester-Infant Mar 27,1936-Mar 27,1936 s/o Robert & Lula Winchester

Winchester-Thelma Jun 8,1927-Jul 22,1929

Winchester-Infant May 19,1938-May 19,1938 s/o Wilburn  Winchester

Winchester Bob Jun 17,1932-May 16,1997