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                                                Sammie New Cemetery

                                                 Barthell, Ky


Directions:From US27 at Whitley City take ky 1651 SW to Ky 701 at Stearns, you will be at Randall Kidds Grocery,from here turn Right NNW going towards Smithtown on Ky 92,Continue on to Wolf Ridge Community,At Wolf Ridge turn Left onto a gravel road that heads toward the River,then turn Right onto a farm the Cemetery is at the top of the hill SSE of church.



Belew-Christine May 22,1928-May 28,1978 ossw Robert Lee

Belew-Robert Lee Dec 13,1933 one date ossw Christine K


Branscum-Emma Mar 7,1913- Jul 24,1982 ossw Harvie

Branscum-Harvie Aug 24,1913-Feb 1,1961 ossw Emma



Coffey-Garner O Aug 15,1909-Jul 31,1976 ossw Monnie  married: Mar 13,1933

Coffey-Monnie O Jan 31,1913 one date ossw Garner O


Cooke-Connie Apr 5,1945-Apr 18,1981 ossw John E



Davis-Sarepty Jun 10,1894-Dec 7,1973 ossw William

Davis-William Dec 23,1892-May 2,1956 ossw Sarepty



Flynn-John T Sep 18.1892-Feb 24,2973 ossw Mollie

Flynn-Mollie Mar 27,1892 one date ossw John T



Haynes-Albert 1901-1968



Inman-Aliene Sep 28,1920-Jan 17,1999

Inman-Everett Oct 8,1888-Jan 29,1973 ossw Aliene


Isaccs-Viola M Mar 15,1923-Jan 14,1978



Jones-Effie Aug 20,1930-Aug 27,1979 ossw Fred A

Jones-Harrison Aug 22.1891-Jan 1,1964

Jones-Lue Vern May 7,1896-May 24,1970



Keith-Lucy E 1908-1978 ossw Robert Lee

Keith-Robert Lee 1909-1973 ossw Lucy E



New-Alcie Jane Nov 12,1874-Jun 27,1962

New-Rev.Samuel Sep 7,1884-Feb 5,1956 ossw Alcie







Sheperd-Nannie J one date Jul, 1903



Thompson-John Jasper Feb 19,1864-Oct 15,1946 ossw Louise

Thompson-Louise Jul 25,1871-Feb 8,1946 ossw John Jasper

Thompson-Shade Mar 3,1893-Sep 22,1962 ossw Susue


Tucker-Alpha L May 28,1909 one date

Tucker-Boycedeen Dec 8,1937-Dec 18,1937

Tucker-Easter  Apr 13,1915 one date

Tucker-Evert J Apr 10,1914-May 3,1961

Tucker-Grover C May 10,1910 one date ossw Easter married: Sep 4,1932

Tucker-Henry Sep 18,1874-Oct 4,1965

Tucker-Katherine Lynn Dec 12,1961-Aug 28,1974

Tucker-Lutie M Apr 3,1920-Jan 14,1971

Tucker-Marshal Jun 7,1926-Aug 17,1981



Whitehead-Matthew Jul 2,1973 one date