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                                               Spradlin Cemetery

                                                Bell Farm, Ky


26 Identifiable graves-O Unidentifiable graves


Directions: From Yamacra Bridge at the intersection of Ky 92 & Ky 1363 go W toward Rock Creek,Where  Ky 1363 intersects with Bell Farm-Rock Creek Rd turn  turn W to Bell Farm and go.2 mile.You will find the Cem on the Left side of the road.



Blevins-Donna P Feb 16,1953 one date ossw Phillip

Blevins-Phillip G Jan 31,1950-Feb 7,1982  ossw Donna



Coffey- Mary Ester May 13,1914 one date  ossw


Cooper-Ellen 1952 one date  ossw  Larry W

Cooper-Larry W 1951-1977 ossw Ellen



Haynes-Elsie May 12,1916-Aug 19,1975  ossw Jessw

Haynes-Jesse Apr 1,1912-Jun 12,1976  ossw Elsie

Haynes-Infant May 2,1951-May 2,1951 s/o Jesse & Elsie Haynes


Hill-Walter F 1906-1980  ossw Sarah E



Lee-Barbara F. Coffey Jun 6,1939-Mar 24,1985  d/o Earl & Ester w/o Herman



Spradlin-Almeada Dec 10,1873-Nov 29,1969

Spradlin-Christine Jun 1,1917-Mar 29,1984  ossw Wilburn

Spradlin-Ebb 1875-1948 ossw Hallie

Spradlin-Evalee Mar 23,1921- Apr 22,1978 ossw Sylvester married: Aug 13,1942

Spradlin-Gladys L Feb 7,1937-Feb 7,1937

Spradlin-H.B Jul 10,1877-Jun 28,1956

Spradlin-Hallie 1881-1954  ossw Ebb

Spradlin-Hattie D Feb 20,1901-Jan 18,1978

Spradlin-John Apr 14,1868-Nov 22,1942

Spradlin-Mary F Feb 21.1875-Jan 21,1958

Spradlin-Oren Feb 7,1910-Jul 16,1982

Spradlin-Surrepta Aug 31,1903-Oct 10,1978

Spradlin-Sylvester Jun 22,1921- one date  ossw Evalee

Spradlin-Virgil May 5,1908-Nov 20,1954

Spradlin-Wilburn May 8,1912-Apr 13,1968  ossw Christine