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                                               Spradlin Cemetery-Vol 1

                                                  Bell Farm


26 Identified graves-0 Unidentified graves


Directions: From Yamacraw Bridge at the intersection of Ky 92 and Ky 1363 go toward Rock Creek,where Ky 1363 intersects with Bell Farm and Rock Creek Road,turn West to go to Bell Farm and go .2 mile.You will see the cemetery on the Left side of the road as you turn to go to Great Meadows Campground.It is really pretty and well maintained.



Blevins-Donna P    Feb 16,1953 one date ossw Phillip

Blevins-Phillip G    Jan 31,1950-Feb 7,1982 ossw Donna



Coffey-Mary Esther Spradlin   May 13,1914-Jul 5,1972


Cooper-Ellen          1952 one date ossw Larry W married: Jun 11,1971 photo

Cooper-Larry W      1951-1977 ossw Ellen  photo



Haynes-Elsie       May 12,1916-Aug 19,1975 ossw Jesse married: Dec 18,1937

Haynes-Jesse      Apr 1,1912-Jun 12,1976 ossw Elsie

Haynes-Infant       May 2,1951-May 2,1951 s/o Jesse & Elsie Haynes


Hill-Sarah E           1908 one date ossw Walter F married: Jun 28,1929

Hill-Walter F           1906-1980 ossw Sarah E



Lee-Barbara F Coffey    one date Mar 24,1985 w/o Herman d/o Earl & Esther Coffey



Spradlin-Almeada           Dec 10,1873-Nov 29,1969

Spradlin-Christine           Jun 1,1917-Mar 29,1984 ossw Wilburn

Spradlin-Ebb                  1875-1948 ossw Hallie

Spradlin-EvaLee              Mar 23,1921-Apr 22,1978 ossw Sylvester

Spradlin-Gladys              Feb 7,1937-Feb 7,1937

Spradlin-H B                   Jul 10,1877-Jun 28,1956

Spradlin-Hallie                 1881-1954

Spradlin-Hattie                 Feb 20,1901-Jan 18,1942

Spradlin-Hattie D              Feb 20,1901-Jan 18,1942

Spradlin-John                   Apr 14,1868-Nov 22,1942

Spradlin-Mary F                Feb 21,1875-Jan 21,1958

Spradlin-Oren                   Feb 7,1910-Jul 16,1982

Spradlin-Surrepta              May 31,1903-Oct 10,1978

Spradlin-Sylvester             Jun 23,1921-one date ossw EvaLee

Spradlin-Virgil                   May 5,1908-Nov 20,1954

Spradlin-Wilburn               May 8,1912-Apr 13,1968 ossw Christine