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                                               Day Ridge/Strunk Cemetery- Vol 3

                                                           Parkers Lake


66 Identified graves-17 Unidentified graves


Directions: From Parkers Lake on US 27 go South .8 mile to KY 927. Proceed about 1.7 mile to The Day Ridge Church which is on the Left. The cemetery is on the NW side of the Church.



Clark- Pearlie                     1909-1976



Davis- W S                        May 4,1878-Nov 4,1954



Gibson- Elizabeth               age 74 one date Nov 4,1954

Gibson- Etta                       1896-1970

Gibson- John                      1862-1955

Gibson- Lucy Curly             1945-1965



Hughes- Goldie                   Jan 29,1923- Dec __,___

Hughes- Mary                     Dec 21,1941- Aug 18,1942


Hunley- Rev. George            no dates

Hunley- Sarepsy                  no dates



Mason- Ida                        Jun 10,1919- Nov 5,1971 ossw Neal

Mason- Isaac                     Feb 22,1908- May 13,1975

Mason- Neal                      May 17,1913- Feb 21,1947 ossw Ida



New- Bonnie                       Jul 25,1934- Aug 1,1959 ossw Glenna photo

New- Cora                          1883-1973

New- Glenna                      Feb 25,1940 one date ossw Bonnie married: May 2,1959 pic of Bonnie & his wife Glenna on stone

New- Henry                        1878-1972 ossw Louisa

New- Joe                           1890-1980 ossw Rhoda

New- Louisa                       1905-1973 ossw Henry

New- Rhoda                       1892-1980 ossw Joe

New- Sherman                   1878-1957 ossw Cora



Richmond- Estes               Jul 27,1924- May 4,1976



Strunk- M L                       Aug 24,1912-Oct 24,1918

Strunk- Ollie                      Mar 19,1901- Aug 23,1928



Thompson- Elizie                no dates

Thompson- Herbert             no dates

Thompson- Shade              no dates

Thompson- Ugene              no dates


Tucker- Anna                             age 65 one date 1930 ossw William

Tucker- Anthony N (Ankney)       Jun 13,1898- May 17,1968

Tucker- Arnel E                          Dec 30,1931-Dec 31,1931

Tucker- Charlie                          age 19 one date 1931

Tucker- Charlie C                       May 17,1933- Jun 17,1937

Tucker- Cherry Lynn                   Feb 17,1960- Mar 8,1960

Tucker- Clyde                            Sep 13,1923- one date ossw Gladys married: Jul 10,1943

Tucker- Corena                          Jul 12,1933- Apr 30,1979

Tucker- Elisha                           May 5,1909- Sep 26,1972 ossw Evelyn

Tucker- Evelyn                           Mar 3,1912- Apr 30,1979 ossw Elisha

Tucker- Florence                       Jun 23,1911 one date ossw Henry J

Tucker- Gary Dewayne               May 2,1959- May 2,1959

Tucker- Gladys                          May 21,1927- Jan 7,1978 ossw Clyde

Tucker- Henry J                          Jun 13,1895- Jul 2,1978 ossw Florence

Tucker- Henry W                        Feb 14,1954- Jul 7,1972 s/o Winfred & Anna Lee Tucker

Tucker- Lillian W                       Mar 11,1939- Mar 22,1939

Tucker- Linda Lee                      Oct 7,1955- Jan 15,1956

Tucker- Margaret                        Aug 6,1953- Aug 7,1953

Tucker Mary Lee                        Sep 22,1912- Apr 30,1957 ossw Mosie W

Tucker- Mosie                           Mar 24,1908- Feb 21,1947 ossw Mary Lee

Tucker- Nathan Harold                1964-1964

Tucker- Noble                           Nov 24,1926- Dec 7,1926

Tucker- Oda May                      Jul 15,1899-Jul 13,1954

Tucker- Robby Allen                  Jun 17,1966-Jun 17,1966

Tucker- Sarah                           Apr 6,1897- Jan 31,1930

Tucker- Theo A                         Jul 20,1935- Mar 22,1941

Tucker- William                        no dates ossw Anna

Tucker- Wilma Jean                  Jul 6,1953- Jul 6,1953

Tucker- Zella                             no dates




Worley- Bob                              one date 1946



Yancy- Cana                             1911 one date ossw Edward photo

Yancy- Clellan                           no dates photo only

Yancy- Deborah Yvonne             Oct 26,1959-Sep 10,1970

Yancy- Edward                         1911-1960 ossw Cana


Young- George A                       Nov 5,1889 one date ossw Maggie E

Young- James H                        Jul 3,1933- May 5,1953 photo

Young- Maggie E                       Mar 15,1892-Jun 10,1969 ossw George A