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                                                Wilson/ Spradlin Cemetery Vol 2

                                                          Strunk, Ky


141 Indentifiable graves-49 Unidentifiable graves


Directions:From US 27 in Strunk where Ky 1470 goes W across Southern railroad tracks continue 1.2 mile. The Wilson Cemetery is SW of the Hill Cemetery with Ky 1470 running about equql in distance between the two. To go to the cemetery turn Left off Ky 1470 and go .3 mile. where you wil;l see the cemetery in the distance from Ky 1470.



Baker-Edith Spradlin 1950-1968

Baker-L.H 1949-1949

Baker-Melissa 1971-1973


Bell-Bertha May 9,1903-Aug 2,1932

Bell-David O Oct 14,1940-Oct 14,1940

Bell-Jean May 14,1929-Sep 26,1932

Bell-Infant Apr 22,1970-Apr 22,1970 s/o Leonard & Edna Bell

Bell-Vergie Lee Apr 20,1932-Aug 18,1932

Bell-Willard Oct 24,1905-Dec 3,1973


Brotherton-Belinda Aug 28,1955-Aug 30,1955

Brotherton-Homer Sep 26,1902-Nov 9,1963  War Mem



                                                                 US Army



Brown-Margarett Dec 13,1846- May 2,1921 w/o John R Brown


Buckshorn-Anna L Oct 23,1918 one date  ossw Fred

Buckshorn-Fred C Aug 20,1899-Apr 12,1975  ossw Anna L


Burchfield-Jarry Dean Jan 31,1948-Jan 31,1948 s/o Travis & Irene Burchfield



Chitwood-Timothy M Aep 17,1961-Oct 4,1981


Connor-Mack Leighton Jun 30,1915-Dec 9,1945

Connor-Violet Latina May 3,1934-Aug 21,1935 d/o Mack & Beatrice Connor


Crabtree-Flora J Dec 24,1909-Jun 30,1953

Crabtree-J.A Nov 10,1879-Sep 23,1949


Creekmore-William H Oct 18,1887-Jul 3,1945  War Mem



                                                                   74 Coast Guard Arty.



Daughtery-Agnes Oct 5,1929-Aug 15,1930 s/o Maynard & Essie Daughtery

Daughtery-Dester C 1915-1970

Daughtery-Edna May 4,1908-Nov 2,1958

Daughtery-Eldora Oct 8,1909-Feb 6,1979  ossw John H Daughtery

Daughtery-Essie  Jun 24,1909 one date ossw Maynard Daughtery

Daughtery-Rev. Hubert Jan 1,1911-Jan 13,1962

Daughtery-Jesse Feb 20,1879-Mar 20,1949

Daughtery-John H Aug 7,1909-May 16,1964  War Mem  ossw Eldora Daughtery



                                                                  Co.G 11 Inf.

Daughtery-Lizzie Oct 30,1883-Sep 14,1971

Daughtery-Maynard Feb 24,1905-Jul 22,1931 ossw Essie Daughtery

Daughtery-Willard Apr 3,1910-Apr 8,1922 s/o Lissie & Jesse Daughtery

Daughtery-Rev. William F Nov 20,1902-Apr 10,1984


Duncan-Bailey G Jun 16,1898-Jun 2,1978 ( Photo on stone)

Duncan-Bobby Joe May 3,1967 one date  ossw Danny Charles Duncan

Duncan-Danny Charles May 1,1968  one date ossw Bobby Joe Duncan

Duncan-Etta R Sep 23,1900 one date  (Photo on stone)

Duncan-Fred Oliver Mar 28,1966-Sep 24,1977

Duncan-Geneva Dimple Oct 1,1922-Jun 26,1923 d/o Sherman & Sylvania  Duncan (Photo on stone)

Duncan-Joshua Willard Jan 4,1924-Aug 6,1973  War Mem  (Photo on stone)



                                                                     US Army



Duncan-Monnie Jul 28,1922 one date ossw Oliver C

Duncan-Oliver C Sep 26,1926-Dec 10,1977  ossw Monnie married: Jan 7,1947

Duncan-Sherman Dec 27,1900-Sep 17,1966

Duncan-Sherman Johnny Jan 11,1961-Jan 18,1961

Duncan-Sylvania Mar 1,1900-Apr 16,1982

Duncan-Thurman J Dec 7,1922-Jun 23,1969



Frogue-Robert E Jan 19,1939-Jun 10,1959 (Photo on stone)

Frogue-Rosa Ayg 13,1913-Apr 8,1959 w/o Everett



Green-Emma May 19,1868-Dec 5,1925 w/o John Green

Green-John Jun 21,1841-Sep 3,1915 h/o Emma Green



Jones-Leo Dec 25,1894-Apr 7,1945



King- Armp Apr 14,1864-Sep 1933

King-Barzilla 1919-1947  ossw  Robert

King-Bettie Sep 19,1871-Sep 14,1955 w/o David King

King-(Red) Burl Apr 2,1875-Mar 16,1955

King-Carl B Sr. Jan 27,1906-Sep 1,1983

King-Casey 1972-1972

King-Chester Mar 14,1922-Nov 14,1980  ossw Gladys married: Jul 16,1940

King-David Jan 21,1867-Aug 6,1941 h/o Bettie King

King-Edgar Jan 2,1898-Apr 25,1918 s/o D & B King

King-Evert Feb 24,1908-Mar 5,1908

King-Gary  Jun 1,1955-Nov 25,1972 (Photo on stone)

King-Gary D 1973-1973

King-Gladys Apr 20,1921-Oct 19,1985 ossw Chester married: Jul 16,1940

King-Harrell Nov 13,1908-Dec 4,1908 s/o Joshua & Eva King

King-Josephine Jan 1,1872-May 29,1962

King-Linzie Dec 17,1899-Mar 26,1908 s/o Burl & Rosie King

King-Michael 1977-1977

King-Robert 1911-1946

King-Rosa Jul 4,1869-Mar 19,1936

King-Virdie Feb 10,1914-Feb 12,1914

King-Virgle Feb 10,1914-Feb 10,1914



Laxton-John K 1882-1955

Laxton-Roy Lee 1933 one date


Laye-Elva Aug 21,1926-Jun 19,1951


Lewis-Geneva Lee Mar 14,1921-Apr 23,1921

Lewis-George Wesley Jul 8,1919-Jul 8,1919 s/o Mable Marie Lewis

Lewis-Mable Marie Jul 8,1919-Jul 8,1919  ossw George Wesley Lewis

Lewis-Mary Ellen Jul 24,1897-Jun 23,1938

Lewis-Norman Aug 8,1924-Dec 26,1925


Lovett- Ben Sep 6,1885-Aug 25,1925

Lovett-Elias Oct 8,1853-Sep 20,1923

Lovett-Elizabeth Sep 26,1892-Nov 1,1968 ossw Rant Lovett

Lovett-Jesse Apr 27,1894-May 23,1914

Lovett-Martha Jun 20,1863-Jul 11,1939

Lovett-Rant Sep 12,1887-Dec 15,1970  ossw Elizabeth Lovett

Lovett-Infant Jul 30,1920-Aug 29,192

Lovett- Lenville Aug 25,1927 one date s/o R.V Lovett



Manning-Edward C Apr 17,1895-Jul 28,1973  ossw Polly W Manning

Manning-Polly W Jan 18,1895-Oct 26,1973  ossw Edward C Manning



Ross-Carl 1917-1918

Ross-Flora Sep 27,1912-Aug 13,1913

Ross-Gladys Jan 21,1916-Aug 3,1916 d/o William & Annie Ross



Sargent-Blanche Jan 14,1917-Mar 18,1972


Sexton-Maynard C Jun 5,1920-Jun 28,1949  War Mem



                                                                 Inf. Bn

                                                                WW2, SS. PH


Slaven-Dora Nov 22,1903-Feb 10,1973 (Photo on stone)

Slaven-Ezra Jun 16,1898-Nov 26,1978 (Photo on stone)

Slaven-Flora Jan 12,1937-Jul 1,1938

Slaven-Lorene no dates d/o Ezra & Dora Slaven

Slaven-Vela Agnes Jun 29,1923-Jul 17,1925 d/o Ezra & Dora Slaven


Spradlin-Burrel Oct 7,1877-Aug 19,1894

Spradlin-Carl Oct 14,1948-Oct 6,1972

Spradlin-Earl Edward Jun 17,1921-Apr 7,1961

Spradlin-Rev.Elisha Jan 12,1882-Oct 20,1957

Spradlin-Frond R Apr 21,1901-__ Sep 1902

Spradlin-Millie Aug 14,1882-Nov 5,1948

Spradlin-Nancy Oct 11,1902-Oct 14,1932 d/o Elisha & Millie Spradlin


Stephens-Minnie May 10,1889-Nov 18,1973  ossw Thomas Stephens (Photo on stone)

Stephens-Thomas A Feb 18,1886-Jun 12,1970  ossw Minnie Stephens


Strunk-Alta K Jan 12,1893-Jan 26,1948

Strunk-Estes Sep 15,1905-May 25,1934

Strunk-Cal M Jun 7,1883-Aug 21,1921  ossw Louverna



Watson-Margie Feb 24,1886-Feb 8,1973


Wilson-Mary Mar 9,1854-Sep 6,1895 w/o Benjamin Wilson

Wilson-Alex Apr 20,1900-May 17,1980  ossw Elsie Wilson

Wilson-Ardilla Sep 18,1914-Sep 6,1919

Wilson-Cal Feb 21,1863-Nov 221,1948

Wilson-Cory Apr 20,1897-Apr 20,1897 d/o Joshua & Silvaney Wilson

Wilson-Elsie Dec 12,1904-Aug 9,1950 ossw Alex Wilson

Wilson-G.H May 10,1890-Jul 16,1906 s/o Cal & Mary Wilson

Wilson-Josh Oct 14,1876-Feb 24,1937

Wlson-Josh Dec 5,1897-Sep 27.1960

Wilson-Lucille May 5,1930-Jul 27,1931

Wilson-Margaret Loueller Aug 7,1903-Oct 17,1905 d/o Josha & Sylnabey Wilson

Wilson-Marshall Edward May 15,1941-Mar 4,1953 s/o Murry & Myrtie Wilson

Wilson-Mary Jul 6,1866-Sep 26,1944 w/o Calvin Wilson

Wilson-Murry R Oct 12,1899-Aug 10,1959  ossw Myrtie S

Wilson-Ricky A. Jr. Jul 19,1975-aug 18,1975  War Mem


                                                                  US Army


Wilson-Wictoria 1910-1929


Worley-Mable Jun 3,1911-Feb 4,1912 d/o H.L & Sarah Worley