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                                               William Wilson Cemetery Vol 2

                                               Pine Knot, Ky


46 Identified graves- 7 Unidentified graves


Directions:From the intersection of US27 and Ky 92 at the trafficlight in Pint Knot go .3 mile SW on Old US27. Continue S 1.6 mile to a gravel road which crosses the Railroad tracks in a westerly direction, then continue S about 1 mile where the road dead ends near the cemetery, which is on the WNW side of the cemetery. There is a pond and a stripping mined area nearby.



Crabtree-Claude B May 18,1886-Aug 15,1969  ossw Lydia M

Crabtree-Lydia M Sep 0,1909 one date  ossw Claude B

Crabtree-Von D Jun 1,1942-Jun 6,1944



Duncan-Bill Nov 28,1934-Jan 20,1986  ossw Elisha B & Mary L

Duncan-Elisha B Oct 6,1981-Feb 27,1982  ossw Mary L & Bill

Duncan-Mary L Jun 23,1953-Feb 7,1982  ossw Bill & Elisha B

Duncan-Mae 1930-1984

Duncan-Marilyn Rose Jul 23,1936-Sep 12,1936



Howard-Amber Kay 1986-1986



King-Cora May 7,1891-Feb 24,1942  w/o W.C



Murphy-Betty Lou 1910-1978

Murphy-William J Aug 10,1893-Dec 20,1966   War Mem



                                                                   Co. C




Simpson-Brenda Sue Jan 23,1946-Jan 23,1946

Simpson-Denniee Dec 3,1925-Jul 26,1943

Simpson-Dessie E Jan 3,1920-Dec 1,1920

Simpson-Maudie E Aug 12,1902-May 17,1951  ossw Mitchell

Simpson-Mitchell May 21,1900-Jul 10,1976  ossw Maudie E

Simpson-Tommy Wayne Oct 30,1957-Feb 26,1983

Simpson-Vela A Feb 27,1943-Feb 27,1943


Stephens-Durshle Joe Aug 16,1977 one date



Tapley-John Henry Jun 16,1894-Jun 25,1958  War Mem



                                                                  7 Co. Coast Arty.



Thomas-Bill Oct 30,1902-Oct 29,1972

Thomas-Emma J Apr 26,1910 one date  ossw Wiley A

Thomas-Haggard Mar 17,1932-Apr 5,1946

Thomas-Norma J Jun 26,1942-Jun 1,1943

Thomas-Rosa E Apr 17,1906-Aug 14,1978

Thomas-Wiley A Mar 8,1900-Oct 15,1962 ossw Emma J



Wilson-Artennie Oct 10,11879-Jun 4,1952

Wilson-Ben Oct 25,1917-May 19,1937 s/o Richard & Ardilla Wilson

Wilson-Cora Lee Apr 14,1921-Dec 21,1931 d/o W.C & Cora Wilson

Wilson-Eddie Jul 31,1930-Nov 27,1930 s/o Richard & Ardilla Wilson

Wilson-Elizabeth Feb 26,1842-Jun 30,1913 ossw William

Wilson-Jimmy Oct 4,1949-Apr 22,1972 Photo on stone

Wilson-Mary 1876-1943 w/o Ben Wilson

Wilson-Murry Mar 9,1874-Mar 17,1957

Wilson-Ollie E 1921-1923

Wilson-Polly E May 16,1923-Aug 22,1977

Wilson-Richard F Apr 20,1889-Oct 4,1964  War Mem



                                                                30 Co.

                                                              Coast Guard, Arty


Wilson-William Nov 10,1911-Feb 20,1913  s/o Murry & Artine Wilson

Wilson-William May 27,1839-Jan 21,1914  ossw Elizabeth

Wilson-William C Dec 5,1886-May 6,1947

Wilson-Woodrow Oct 25,1915-Dec 6,1931  s/o Richard & Ardilla Wilson

Wilson-Valdese F Feb 5,1919-Aug 8,1946  War Mem



                                                               46 Field Arty.