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                                                Duncan Cemetery  Vol 2



77 Identified graves-86 Unidentified graves


Directions:From the intersection of US27 & Ky1470 at Strunk,beginning at the Southern Railroad Tracks go W.9 mileswhere Kingtown Road goes toward Roaring Paunch Creek.Continue on Kingtown Road 2.5 miles to the SW.You will have crossed  Roaring Paunch Creek about.6 mile after you turn NW and go .3 miles more,you will be heading towards Dardy CreeBranch,The cemetery is at the top of the mountain.



B.A no info



Crabtree-Emanuel  1899-1931  ossw Tabby

Crabtree-Tabby  1876-1948  ossw Emanuel

Crabtree-Nellie or Willie  no dates



Daughtery-Henry   unreadable

Daughtery-Arma     May 10,1889-Feb 24,1978

Daughtery-Burl       Jan 16,1866-Sep 19,1915

Daughtery-Daniel  one date Sep 18,1924

Daughtery-Eliza J    Aug 9,1920 one date ossw Hiram

Daughtery-Emeline   Mar 8,1868-Jul 10,1928

Daughtery-W.G     Oct 29,1880-Sep 3,1938

Daughtery-Henry    Dec 29,1884-Jun 20,1952

Daughtery-Isham   1868-1929

Daughtery-Lona Myrtle  Sep 7,1934-Sep 15,1934 

Daughtery-Martha   1858-1937

Daughtery-Maudella   Apr 13,1901-Nov 4,1901

Daughtery-Martie M    May 15,1905 one date

Daughtery-Rachel M   May 5,1910-Oct 22,1929  d/o Henry &Anna Daughtery

Daughtery-Ruthie M    Jan 21,1916-Jul 23,1920  d/o Albert & Barzilla Daughtery

Daughtery-Thelma G   Aug 3,1938-Nov 29,1938  d/o Manuel & Arlena Daughtery

Daughtery-W.Andrew   Mar 31,__-Sep 9,1904

Daughtery-E.              one date Nov 5,1868

Daughtery-Hiram         Dec 27,1838_Jan 15,1908

Daughtery-Luvina         Dec 5,1971-Sep 22,1872

Daughtery-John           Feb 11,1859-Sep 2,1882


Doughtery_John Feb 11,1859-Sep 2,1882


Dority-Infant   Dec 13,1886-Dec 26,1889 c/o E.M & Eliza

Dority-Infant   Mar 2,1890-Apr 10,1890 c/o E.M & Eliza

Dority-Infant   Feb 27,1905-Mar 13,1905 c/o E.M & Eliza

Dority-Infant   Luviny May 3,1810-Feb 25,1890



Duncan-Sary_______ no dates

Duncan-Burl Mar 18,1912-Apr 18,1913





King-Albert   one date Aug 4,1885

King-Deborah Elaine     May 5,1959-Aug 26,1962

King-Elena                   Sep 2,1940-Dec 18,1940

King-Elisha S               Feb 15,1837-Apr 27,1892

King-G.Maxine             Jul 22,1950-Apr 23,1953

King-Haywood              1907-1966  ossw Leland K

King-John P                 1876-1958  ossw Mary E

King-Lela V                  1908 one date  ossw Haywood

King-Mary                    1800-Sep 28,1881

King-Mary E                 1883-1965  ossw John P

King-Oliff                      no dates

King-Pamela Gail          Jun 6,1963-Jan 3,1972

King-Porter                   May 27,1895-Feb 8,1899 s/o B & R King

King-Thomas M             1790-Feb 26,1880

King-Velma Esther         Nov 8,1918-Oct 14,1950

King-Willard                   May 21,1916-Sep 19,1975



Ross-             no dates

Ross-A           one date 1862

Ross-Glenn    Jun 5,1927-Jun 7,1927

Ross-L.S        Mar 16,1875-Sep 30,1902

Ross-Ma H     one date 1812

Ross-Nancy   18__-Dec 29,1878

Ross-S T        one date 1858



Slaven-A.B   Jan 25,1825-Aug 24,1876

Slaven-Mary  Feb 12,1830-Jun 3,1900 w/o A.B Slaven


Slavey-Granville  no dates


Sparks-Lucy Jane  Feb 10,1901-Feb 2,1981

Sparks-Roscoe 1901-1985


Spradlin-Bulah  Aug 14,1925-Sep 11,1926

Spradlin-LeeRoy  May 16,1938-May 25,1938

Spradlin-May      May 30,1914-Nov 3,1928

Spradlin-Nora Lee   Apr 21,1887-Jun 30,1930

Spradlin-Pearl Maxine   Apr 16,1930-Jul 7,1930



Tapley-James no dates

Tapley-Nancy no dates


Troxell-Ida B  May 9,1898-Feb 15,1917

Troxell-Sylvia  Oct 21,1816-Feb 7,19017



Vaughn-L.C no dates



West-Howard  Jul 29,1920-Jul 13,1921

West-Isham    Oct 12,1898-Aug 31,1931

West-Jane      Feb 16,1843-May 7,1918 w/o Fredrick West