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                                                Kingtown Cemetery  Vol 2

                                                 2nd Otter Creek



162 Identified graves,12 Unidentified graves


Directions: From Strunk on US27 take Ky 1470 W toward Mt.Pleasant Church.About 1 mile from the railroad tracks turn Left onto Kingtown Road and continue 3.3 miles to the 2nd Otter Creek Church.As you travel SE the Church and cemetery are to the Right.



Adams-Hattie                Jun 9,1919-Feb 20,1965



Blevins-Thomas D         Nov 17,1933-Nov 17,1933


Bryant-John                   no dates


Burchfield-Isam              Apr 22,1916-Feb 12,1984

Burchfield-John Frank     Nov 19,1877-Jan 21,1955

Burchfield-Polly              Jan 5,1883-May 3,1965



Childers-Rev.Harrison L       Jan 29,1919-Feb 12,1971 ossw Goldia P


Crabtree-Alice                    May 6,1925-May 6,1925

Crabtree-Franklin                Apr 4,1905-Apr 19,1940

Crabtree-Gary W                Oct 16,1950-Sep 29,1966

Crabtree-Albert Archie        one date Jun 19,1983

Crabtree-Effie                     Sep 18,1913 one date ossw Ethel Bert

Crabtree-Ethel Bert             Jan 25,1908-Dec 15,1967 ossw Effie

Crabtree-Ethelbert D           Jan 25,1908-Dec 15,1965



Daughtery-Gloria M              Jan 24,1939-May 18,1939 d/o Thornton & Myrtle Daughtery       

Daughtery-Louise                 May 24,1941 one date ossw Vaughn E

Daughtery-Myrtle M              May 17,1908 one date ossw Thornton E

Daughtery-Opaline K             Mar 26,1916-Jul 12,1984

Dayghtery-Thornton E           Mar 3,1913-Jun 13,1964 ossw Thornton & Myrtle Daughter

Daughtery-Infant                   May 9,1940-May 9,1940 s/o Thornton & Myrtle Daughtery

Daughtery-Vaughn               Jun 3,1940-Feb 21,1982 ossw Louise


Duncan-Ale                          Feb 11,1905 one date ossw Versie

Duncan-Infant                       Sep 9,1937-Sep 9,1937 d/o Arnold Duncan

Duncan-Augusta V                May 16,1918 one date ossw James

Duncan-Blanche                   Jun 8,1908 one date ossw David

Duncan-Bradford Jr.               Aug 19,1935-Aug 19,1935 s/o Bradford Jr. & Ollie Duncan                  

Duncan-Casper E                  Feb 7,1934-Feb 7,1934

Duncan-David                        Mar 17,1902-Sep 26,1959 ossw Blanche

Duncan-Donald Lee                Dec 20,1942-Jun 22,1964

Duncan-Edward Arnold           Apr 26,1944-Apr 26,1944

Duncan-Elizabeth                  one date Aug 15,1900

Duncan-Elmon Ray                Mar 23,1943-Mar 23,1943

Duncan-Ethel Marie               Feb 19,1940-Feb 19,1940

Duncan-Flo K                        Apr 9,1905-Jul 15,1979 ossw Jefferson

Duncan-Flonnie                     Dec 5,1918-Dec 5,1918 d/o Oliver & Tabby

Duncan-Imogene                   Jun 23,1947 one date ossw James Ray

Duncan-James Arthur            Oct 5,1907-May 8,1983 ossw Augusta U

Duncan-James Ray               Apr 4,1940-Oct 9,1971 ossw Imogene

Duncan-Jefferson                  Nov 21,1902-Mar 16,1983 ossw Flo K

Duncan-Kenneth                   Jan 18,1933-Jan 25,1933

Duncan-Luther                      Apr 25,1913-Aug 23,1916 s/o Oliver & Tabby

Duncan-Manuel Devan           Dec 9,1940-Jun 8,1974

Duncan-Oliver                       May 9,1870-Dec 16,1918

Duncan-Robert Ale                Aug 2,1925 one date

Duncan-Rosa Lucille             Nov 20,1925-Mar 29,1982

Duncan-Rosa Sauls              Dec 24,1936 one date ossw Kenneth

Duncan-Sherman A              Mar 29,1941-Jun 17,1964

Duncan-Shirley                     Feb 3,1878-Oct 29,1966

Duncan-Tabitha                    Feb 26,1947-Sep 15,1954 w/o Oliver

Duncan-Versie                     Mar 5,1917 one date ossw Ale

Duncan-Will                         Oct 15,1895-Feb 9,1954



Faulkner-John N          Feb 27,1847-Jan 13,1966

Faulkner-Polly A         Sep 19,1854-Mar 31,1926



Gooch-Ernest      1922-1922

Gooch-Estol        1924-1924

Gooch-Johnnie     Nov 15,1919-Aug 13,1944

Gooch-Lula          1891-1947

Gooch-Matt         1879-1936

Gooch-Ethel M     Jun 9,1913-Dec 6,1913 d/o Matt & Lula Gooch

Gooch-Twins        Feb 20,1916-Feb 20,1916 Twins/o Matt & Lula Gooch

Gooch-Infant        May 11,1917-Sep 26,1918 d/o M L & Alice M


Griffis-Ollie King      May 14,1905-Dec 20,1969



Hamby-Edd             Jun 12,1894-Aug 24,1970 ossw Laura

Hamby-Laura           Nov 21,1899-Jan14,1955 ossw Edd



Jewel-Stanley Ale     Nov 17,.1954-Aug 17,1977


Johnson-Luther         Aul 27,1918-Dec 30,1963


Jones-Ethel M            Apr 26,1923-Aug 29,1983

Jones-Herman            Oct 7,1919-Jan 8,1984 ossw Ethel M

Jones-Joyce V            Dec 22,1941-Dec 22,1941

Jones-Lenvil K            Jan 8,1941-Jan 16,1941



King-A K                      no dates

King-Addie                   Jan 31,1895-Apr 19,1896 d/o Emby & Rosa King

King-Aileen                  Sep 15,1925-Jun 3,1927 d/o Manuel & Rosa King

King-Arthur W              Dec 13,1896-Aug 17,1961

King-Infant                   Jun 5,1901-Jun 5,1901 s/o B & M King

King-Bessie M             Jul 12,1916-Nov 1,1918 d/o Edward & Lillie King

King-Rev.Burel             1875-1945 ossw Mittie

King-Charlene              Jan 18,1947-Jan 18,1947 s/o Bradford & Ophia King

King-Clara                   1910-1914

King-Clyde                   May 22,1951-May 22,1951 s/o Bradford & Ophia King

King- Dermon               May 28,1929-Oct 21,1983  photo

King-Dnald E               1934-1977

King-Eater                    Apr 1,1893-Jul 24,1893 d/o E & R King

King-Edw                      Nov 2,1895-Jul 5,1951

King-Edwin                   Jan 26,1899-Jan 26,1899 s/o Burl & Mitta King

King-Elmer                    Mar 24,1900-Ma_,1900 s/o Burl & Mitta King

King-Emby Sr.              Jun 15,1852-Nov 19,1937

King-Emby                    Feb 8,1885-May 31,1943 ossw Rosa

King-Ernest J                Oct 6,1923-Oct 11,1923 s/o Manuel & Rosa King

King-Estol W                 Jan 2,1911-Jul 21,1929

King-Franklin A              Dec 29,1887-Dec 8,1891 s/o E & R King

King-Fredrick M             1922-1971

King-Flora J                   Jan 1,1894-Mar 9,1922

King-Gerald Dean           Aug 5,1949-Aug 6,1949 s/o Bradford & Ophia King

King-Gertie E                 Feb 10,1902-Nov 10,1903 d/o Thomas & Minnie King

King-Hurstle                  Dec 2,1912-Mar 1,1913 s/o Edward & Lilie King

King-Luther                    Feb 7,1903-Nov 28,1905 s/o Burl & Mittie

King-Manuel                  Jan 20,1881-Jan 9,1973 ossw Rosa

King-Marsha Guylene     Sep 20,1952-Sep 20,1952 d/o Bradfoed & Ophia King

King-Maudella                Jun 15,1897-Jun 15,1897 d/o Burl & Mittie King

King-Mittie                     1881-1962 ossw Rev.Burel

King-Ollie F                    May 7,1873-Jul 13,1950

King-Randle                   Sep 23,1947-Sep 23,1947 s/o Bradford & Ophia King

King-Robert K                 Jun 1,1927-Jun 1,1927 s/o Arthur & Ollie King

King-Rosa                      Dec 31,1856-Oct 5,1915 w/o Emby

King-Rosa                      Feb 11,1892-Feb 29,1971 ossw Emby

King-Rosa                      Jan 10,1881-Nov 30,1950 ossw Manuel

King-Infant                      Jul 14,1907-Jul 14,1907 c/o Rosey & M King

King-Infant                      Oct 22,1913-Oct 22,1913 d/o E M & Rosa King

King-Terrah Quentin         Nov 25,1919-Mar 18,1920 s/o E M & Rosa King

King-Velma                      no dates

King-William F                  Jul 3,1913-Jan 4,1914



Neal-Ira Ivan                       Jan 21,1963-Jan 4,1974

Neal-Jamie Taylor               one date Feb 20,1979



Parks-Michael A                  1963-1984



Ross-Emanuel                      Oct 2,1902-Jun 30,1965

Ross-Julia                            May 4,1902-Jul 26,1942 w/o E M

Ross-Kinley                          Aug 31,1896-Oct 5,1918

Ross-Lonnie                         Feb 8,1912-Oct 5,1918

Ross-Pauline                       one date May 9,1981



Shinkle-Carolyn         Oct 12,1941-Oct 19,1941              


Simpson-Ella          Apr 2,1923-Jul 6,1923

Simpson-Ezra B     Sep 21,1921-Mar 3,1922  

Simpson-George     Jul 13,1920-Jul 17,1920 s/o Ed & Ettie Simpson

Simpson-Oscar       Sep 11,1927-Jun 11,1929



Slaven-Euel           Apr 1,1896-Mar 13,1968

Slaven-Infant          Dec 23,1917-Dec 23,1917 d/o Euel Slaven


Spradlin-James Dewayne       May 14,1962-Jun 14,1965


Stephens-Jerry W                    19__-19__ only info

Stephens-Mitchell                    Oct 13,1915-Mar 13,1983 ossw Rose E married: Aug 19,1934

Stephens-Rena Gail                 May 30,1953-May 30,1953 d/o Mitchell & Rena Gail Stephens

Stephens-Rose E                     Mar 2,1919 one date ossw Mitchell married: Aug 19,1934



Taylor-Ella L                            Aug 21,1938-Dec 11,1984



Walker-Ann                              no dates

Walker-Marshal                        no dates


Williams-Margaret T                   Jul 31,1836-Mar 9,1897           


Wilson-Alfred                             Feb 4,1917-Feb 12,1918 s/o A W & Bertha Wilson                      

Wilson-Columbus                      1920-1980

Wilson-Edna E                          Mar 30,1919 one date ossw Truby H

Wilson-Emby N                         Feb 12,1911-Dec 7,1941

Wilson-Frances I                       May 23,1919-Aug 16,1919 d/o R N & Rebecca Wilson

Wilson-K Burel                          Feb 13,1871-Sep 29,1962 ossw Tabby E

Wilson-Leslie                            Jun 16,1902-Aug 14,1903 s/o B & E Wilson

Wilson-Linda Sue                      Jan 10,1950-Nov 24,1950 d/o Columbus & Doris Wilson

Wilson-Mark A                          Oct 11,1912-Feb 18,1914 s/o Andy & Bertha Wilson

Wilson-Naomi Rexroat               Jun 30,1894-Jan 6,1973

Wilson-Robert N                        Aug 20,1884-Dec 29,1972 ossw Rosa

Wilson-Rosa E                          Jul 17,1913-Oct 29,1913 d/o R N & Rebecca Wilson

Wilson-Rosa Rebecca                Dec 27,1934-Aug 22,1940 d/o Emby & Sybil Wilson

Wilson-Shirley                           Dec 27,1934-Aug 22,1940 d/o Emby & Sybil Wilson

Wilson-Sybil                              Aug 7,1912-Feb 17,1973

Wilson-Tabby E                         Aug 12,1877-Oct 13,1962 ossw K Burel

Wilson-Truby H                          Sep 27,1914 one date ossw Edna E

Wilson-Wendell                          1930 one date s/o Emby Wilson

Wilson-Wilda Effie                      one date  Mar 31,1935