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                                               Pigeon Cemetery Vol 2

                                               Marshes Siding


47 Identifiable graves,43 Unidentified graves


Directions: On US27 & Ky 700 at Marshes Siding where the Whitley City Motel is go E 1.5 mile to the intersection of Taylor Ridge(Sandhill Rd).Here go NE 1.5 mile to an unimproved road that goes E to NE,  then take the Right fork and go .6 mile to the cemetery. Be sure to take the Right fork which goes NNE. The cemetery is on top of the hill.



Bryant-Dewayne  Jun 20,1968-Jun 21,1968

Bryant-Jackie      Dec 8,1900-Jan 9,1951

Bryant-Marvin      Oct 4,1934-Oct 19,1937

Bryant-Mary        Jul 16,1929-Jul 20,1942

Bryant-Sherm      1967-1967

Bryant-Sherry L    Jan 7,1952-Jan 8,1952



Cox-Gracy  May 12,1916-Jul 14,1917

Cox-Roger Lee   Jun 26,1951-Oct 7,1952




Jones-John Mar 10,1893-Dec 10,1918



Lynch-Hurstil  Apr 8,1921-Apr 8,1930

Lynch-Lee   Jul 22,1939-Jan 13,1952

Lynch-Martha  Jan 7,18870Nov 24,1962

Lynch-W.David  Oct 30,1948-Nov 11,1948

Lynch-Wonda Lee   Jan 11,1944-Jan 21,1944


Loudermilk-Tava  Mar 18,1922-Mar 22,1922

Loudermilk-Willis  Aug 27,1920-Oct 30,1921



Moore-Edith Dec 5,1914- Sep 30,1986


Murphy-Elisha   Jan 8,1860-Jan 4,1928  ossw Isabell

Mutphy-Isabell   Dec 1,1862-May 26,1926  ossw Elisha



Stephens-Bertha M  Oct 10,1912-Nov 27,1912


Sumner-Cleda   Jun 26,1906-Mar 11,1907 d/o J.H & C.M Sumner

Sumner-Dorotha  Oct 5,1907-May 8,1908  d/o J.H & C.M Sumner

Sumner-Earnest S  Jan 14,1918-Aug 27,1918

Sumner-Infant  Jul 17,1904-Jul 17,1904 d/o F.R & Minnie Sumner

Sumner-Frank  May 8,1883-May 31,1924

Sumner-Freddie  Jan 25,1895-Jun 22,1901 s/o Joe & Minnie Sumner

Sumner-Infant   May 12,1903-Dec 3,1903 d/o J.H & C.M Sumner

Sumner-J.M   no dates

Sumner-Jessie   Dec 24,1919-Mar 16,1939

Sumner-Joseph  Apr 22,1848-Sep 29,1911

Sumner-Maud     Mar 4,1910-Mar 20,1911

Sumner-Mimey M   Mar 31,1884-Dec 3,1965

Sumner-Ruth  Feb 9,1914-Jul 24,1914 d/o J.H & C.M Sumner

Sumner-Willie L  Oct 24,1906-May 12,1907 s/o F.R & Minnie Sumner

Sumner-Wilma W  Jun 1928-Sep 1928 d/o Earl Sumner




Taylor-C.E  no dates

Taylor-George  Apr 20,1868-Sep 19,1921

Taylor-George May 16,1845-Jan 4,1929

Taylor-Jasper  no dates

Taylor-Lizzie  Nov 24,1872-Jun 30,1953

Taylor-Mertle  no dates

Taylor-Phoebe  Nov 18.1855-Jul 16,1928

Taylor-Ratchel  Aug 9,1881-Aug 8,1944

Taylor-Tom  1878-1950



Worley-Mildred Oct 21,1920-J