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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-G H-L M-P Q-Z

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Adams, SimonPvtC 
Adams, SimonPvtI 
Adamson, Francis A.PvtA 
Alexander, JamesPvtI 
Allen, JosephPvtG 
Allen, Marcus A.D.L.2dLtA 
Allison, Cain C.PvtC 
Allison, JamesPvtA 
Allison, SamuelPvtC 
Andrews, James A.CorplH 
Andrews, Jas. A.Q.MstrStaff 
Applegate, BerryPvtK 
Applegate, StephenPvtK 
Archobald, James W.PvtE 
Armstrong, AaronPvtI 
Armstrong, David W.CorplI 
Armstrong, John E.PvtI 
Atchison, IsaacPvtB 
Atwood, Thomas A.MusicianA 
Bagby, James T.PvtI 
Bailey, PerryPvtD 
Bailey, Wallace W.PvtC 
Bailey, William H.PvtK 
Baily, Jos.PvtB 
Baily, NathanPvtB 
Barkley, Marton V.2dLtE 
Barnes, James W.PvtH 
Barnett, AmbrosePvtA 
Barnett, JamesPvtC 
Barnhill, George Sr.PvtF 
Barrow, NorthwoodPvtE 
Bartlett, Edwin M.PvtC 
Bayless, John S.ChaplainStaff 
Bell, Edward W.MusicianB 
Bell, William J.PvtK 
Bendle, John E.PvtC 
Benez, GeorgePvtA 
Benez, PeterPvtA 
Benton, Henry H.PvtG 
Berry, ElijahPvtG 
Berry, John S.WagonerF 
Berry, RobertPvtC 
Berry, RobertPvtI 
Berry, William K.SgtF 
Biddle, WilliamPvtH 
Bishop, Henry Jr.PvtF 
Bishop, Wm. P.PvtF 
Black, RudolphPvtD 
Bland, JamesSgtA 
Blankenship, SylvesterPvtK 
Blanton, John N.PvtC 
Bloomfield, WilliamPvtK 
Boise, SirasPvtK 
Boley, JosephPvtK 
Boner, John Q. A.PvtK 
Boner, PeterPvtK 
Botts, George W.PvtB 
Boughner, OliverPvtD 
Bouring, FrancisPvtD 
Bourore, Joseph B.PvtB 
Boyce, WilliamPvtE 
Boyd, John W.PvtK 
Boyd, Robert A.SgtK 
Bradford, Jacob D.SgtI 
Bradford, Nicholas J.CorplD 
Bradley, Henry C.PvtA 
Bradley, JamesPvtG 
Bramble, BlufordPvtI 
Bramble, DavidPvtI 
Brammell, Amos R.PvtB 
Branum, JonathanPvtC 
Bratton, Theodore C.CaptD 
Bravard, Gustavus F.PvtE 
Bravyard, Dudley O.PvtE 
Brengartner, CharlesPvtE 
Brewer, FrankPvtA 
Bridges, John W.PvtI 
Bridges, MosesPvtG 
Brierly, FrancisPvtD 
Bright, John W.PvtB 
Brody, Jas.PvtH 
Broils, Joshua F.CorplF 
Bronner, WilliamPvtC 
Brown, Salathiel2dLtI 
Brown, WilliamPvtF 
Browning, AbrahamPvtG 
Browning, Charles H.PvtG 
Browning, Jos. C.PvtG 
Browning, Lewis D.SgtB 
Bryan, ThomasPvtC 
Bryant, JohnPvtF 
Bryant, MatthewCorplF 
Buckler, RobertPvtA 
Buckler, WillisPvtA 
Bullock, Thaddeus P.1stLtI 
Bunch, William P.PvtF 
Burke, PeterPvtI 
Burks, PatrickPvtH 
Burnes, JohnPvtA 
Burnes, Thos.PvtA 
Burns, Dennis T.SgtH 
Burns, EnochSgtH 
Burns, Thomas B.1stLtH 
Burns, Thos. E.CaptF 
Burns, Thos. E.LtColStaff 
Burris, IsaacPvtB 
Burton, Geo.PvtA 
Burton, JohnPvtA 
Byron, James M.PvtB 
Cablich, JacobPvtC 
Callanan, MartinPvtH 
Calvert, Charles G.PvtA 
Campbell, Benjamin F.PvtG 
Campbell, EzekielPvtA 
Campbell, Geo. H.PvtA 
Campbell, GeorgePvtG 
Campbell, Henry G.PvtB 
Canady, Levi W.PvtH 
Caniger, Jas.PvtH 
Carpenter, JohnPvtB 
Carpenter, JosephPvtB 
Carpenter, MarshallPvtB 
Cartmell, Simon M.Surg.Staff 
Case, Arthur H.PvtE 
Cassiday, JohnPvtH 
Caywood, John N.CorplH 
Chiles, John R.PvtI 
Chipley, StephenPvtD 
Chisham, Mathew C.PvtC 
Clark, AllenPvtA 
Clark, Daniel W.PvtA 
Clark, JohnPvtD 
Clarke, Edgar T.PvtK 
Clarke, James W.PvtH 
Clarke, Lewis M.2dLtK 
Clay, Henry M.PvtC 
Clinger, Geo.PvtC 
Clutter, DavidPvtC 
Cnnley, VarainPvtD 
Cobb, WilliamPvtC 
Cobourn, Andrew J.PvtC 
Cogan, JamesPvtA 
Cogan, John H.PvtH 
Colburn, Levi H.PvtC 
Collins, Archibald W.PvtA 
Collins, GeorgePvtG 
Collins, Henry D.PvtA 
Collins, MarcusPvtG 
Collins, William P.PvtA 
Collins, Willilam N.PvtA 
Colts, CalvinPvtF 
Columbia, ThomasPvtE 
Colyer, James P. F.PvtD 
Conley, CarterPvtI 
Conley, JohnPvtH 
Cooke, PatrickPvtE 
Cooley, Robert B.PvtK 
Coons, JohnPvtH 
Cooper, Hiram B.PvtK 
Cooper, John M.PvtC 
Cooper, John W.PvtE 
Cooper, Samuel S.SgtE 
Cooper, Samuel T.PvtE 
Cooper, Thomas P.PvtK 
Cooper, ThomasPvtH 
Cooper, WyattPvtK 
Cord, Albert A.PvtH 
Courtney, Benjamin F.CorplC 
Courtney, Peter D.PvtC 
Cowen, OliverPvtF 
Cox, JohnPvtE 
Cox, SamuelPvtK 
Cox, Wm. P.PvtE 
Cracraft, George T.PvtA 
Cracraft, WilliamPvtA 
Craddock, James W.ColStaff 
Craig, HarbinPvtD 
Craig, JosephPvtF 
Craughwell, MichaelPvtH 
Crawford, Geo. N.CorplI 
Craycraft, JeremiahPvtE 
Creaton, ThomasCorplB 
Crookshanks, Simon K.PvtG 
Croswell, Jasper M.PvtI 
Cuinings, HarveyPvtI 
Cummins, NelsonCorplF 
Cummins, WilliamPvtD 
Curran, Thomas A.CaptG 
Curry, John A.PvtD 

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