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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-E F-K L-R S-Z

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Abbott, Francis C.SgtC 
Abbott, JosephPvtF 
Abby, Peter M.PvtG 
Able, FrederickPvtG 
Achuhert, AdolphPvtK 
Adams, AlbertPvtB 
Adkins, William R.PvtC 
Aidridge, Henry V.PvtD 
Aiholtz, GothleibPvtD 
Albecker, JacobPvtK 
Albert, FrederickPvtH 
Allen, Theodore W.PvtA 
Allen, WilliamPvtI 
Amsburry, WilliamPvtA 
Anderson, Daniel R.PvtH 
Anderson, Eli S.PvtH 
Andres, EdwardPvtI 
Andrews, AugustPvtB 
Andrews, George W.PvtD 
Andrews, William W.CorpD 
Anton, JohnPvtI 
Anton, ZunderCorpK 
Armstead, AllenPvtB 
Arohea, EzekielPvtG 
Arty, FrederickPvtC 
Arty, FrederickPvtI 
Atkinson, AlexanderPvtD 
Atkinson, Edward S.CaptG 
Ayers, EliPvtG 
Baily, WilliamPvtC 
Bain, FrederickCorpK 
Baker, ElishaCorpF 
Baker, Francis A.PvtI 
Baker, John F.PvtK 
Baker, RobertPvtI 
Ball, WilliamPvtA 
Baly, JohnPvtI 
Baner, GeorgePvtB 
Bannister, JohnPvtH 
Barr, Samuel Jr.CaptD 
Battle, BarneyPvtI 
Bauer, WenderlinPvtA 
Bauman, FrederickPvtK 
Baxter, LutherPvtF 
Baxter, SamuelPvtF 
Bayless, JohnPvtH 
Beardmere, JohnPvtA 
Becker, JohnCaptK 
Beckler, JohnPvtA 
Bell, John H.PvtH 
Bendt, ChristianPvtB 
Benton, H. W.2dLtG 
Bepler, FrederickPvtK 
Berg, FrederickPvtD 
Berrine, John V.CorpC 
Berty, GeorgePvtK 
Bierbour, AbramCorpG 
Bigge, FrankPvtK 
Biggleman, JacobPvtF 
Billings, WilliamCorpF 
Birrell, HenryPvtK 
Bishop, AbsalomPvtC 
Black, CyrusCorpC 
Bloomenthall, JosephPvtG 
Boettger, WilliamPvtK 
Bohn, MathiasPvtG 
Bombarger, John A.PvtG 
Boner, SilasPvtI 
Boner, TheodorePvtI 
Bonoy, JacobPvtI 
Borteaux, L. L.Sgt.Maj.Staff 
Botkin, George W.PvtC 
Bowman, Henry S.SgtG 
Bowman, Wm.PvtF 
Boyer, FrederickPvtC 
Bracken, Jas. F.CorpD 
Brady, Alfred E.PvtC 
Bragger, FrederickPvtD 
Brandy, WilliamPvtC 
Brazier, JohnPvtB 
Breith, Albert C.SgtI 
Brewer, GeorgePvtD 
Bricher, PeterPvtD 
Brick, DonaldPvtH 
Brinkman, HenryPvtB 
Bromfield, Jasper P.PvtD 
Bronnon, JamesPvtA 
Brown, DanielCorpD 
Brown, JohnPvtA 
Brown, JohnPvtC 
Brown, Patrick J.CaptD 
Brown, PeterPvtG 
Brown, Thos.PvtA 
Brunell, John M.PvtC 
Bryant, J. C.PvtD 
Bullard, William H.PvtA 
Burch, James L.PvtH 
Burkes, Edward A.PvtI 
Burkhead, Charles W.PvtC 
Burnes, Jas.PvtG 
Burnes, JohnPvtB 
Burnham, HenryPvtC 
Burns, JohnPvtD 
Burtgheimer, FiankPvtK 
Burton, Wm. D.PvtF 
Bush, John H.PvtC 
Busly, HamiltonPvtC 
Busly, William H.SgtC 
Butler, EdwardPvtD 
Cadal, AndrewPvtD 
Cahill, Frank P.Lt.Col.Staff 
Cahill, FrankCaptH 
Cahill, JosephPvtH 
Calshear, John M.CorpH 
Calvert, GordonPvtD 
Camper, JohnPvtF 
Cannon, JohnPvtC 
Cannon, JohnSgtB 
Carr, JohnPvtB 
Carr, PatrickPvtC 
Carr, RichardPvtA 
Carson, Albert B.SgtA 
Carson, Wm. H.CorpG 
Casey, M.PvtF 
Caskin, NicholasPvtI 
Catteen, PeterPvtB 
Chamberlain, RanseleerPvtF 
Chippendale, Chas. W.MusicianB 
Christie, Samuel L.1stLtH 
Christie, Samuel L.Capt.A 
Clair, ChristopherPvtG 
Clarke, JohnSgtA 
Clary, DavisPvtG 
Claybaugh, Frank M.PvtD 
Clemmens, RobertPvtC 
Clemmons, FranksPvtG 
Cobaugh, Wm. T.PvtC 
Coffee, FrancisCorpH 
Coffee, JohnSgtG 
Coggins, AnthonyCorpI 
Coldwater, CharlesPvtA 
Cole, Benj.PvtA 
Cole, William W.PvtG 
Cole, Wm. M.CorpG 
Collins, Benj. S.PvtI 
Collins, CorneliusPvtF 
Condra, RichardCorpB 
Conine, James W.Adjts.Staff 
Conklin, James J.PvtC 
Conklin, Luke W.SgtB 
Conmore, JohnPvtC 
Connell, JamesPvtF 
Connelly, MichaelPvtF 
Connolly, DudleyPvtH 
Connolly, Michael G.PvtF 
Connolly, Michael G.PvtH 
Connolly, MichaelPvtH 
Connor, DanielPvtF 
Conway, OwenPvtB 
Cook, IsraelPvtC 
Cook, J. W.PvtF 
Cook, MathewPvtH 
Coolery, Wm. H.SgtG 
Cooper, Wm.PvtF 
Corcoran, RichardPvtB 
Cot, John Jr.PvtB 
Cot, John Sr.PvtB 
Covert, Charles W.SgtF 
Covey, IsaacPvtH 
Cox, Thomas Jr.CaptF 
Cox, Thomas Jr.CaptI 
Coyle, PatrickPvtC 
Cozine, James C.2dLtG 
Crane, CharlesPvtD 
Creigg, JohnPvtH 
Croark, JosephPvtC 
Crost, BenardPvtD 
Crouse, James W.CorpC 
Crow, JamesPvtC 
Crowford, WilliamCorpA 
Crown, GeorgePvtB 
Cuff, James H.PvtG 
Cullen, Jos.PvtF 
Curher, MosesPvtI 
Curray, AngusPvtB 
Curren, JohnPvtD 
Cussack, JamesPvtG 
Dailey, JohnPvtG 
Dale, Thomas D.PvtD 
Daley, JamesPvtD 
Damee, Frederick A.SgtC 
Dance, LouisPvtF 
Daniels, Levi B.SgtB 
Darby, William M.PvtH 
Darcy, RichardPvtB 
Davis, JeffersonPvtC 
Davis, JosephPvtH 
Davis, Reuben G.PvtH 
Davis, William A.PvtF 
Daws, RobertPvtG 
Dearth, IsaiahPvtC 
Decker, Frank D.PvtG 
Deckhart, MartinPvtD 
Delaney, MartinPvtF 
Dennis, JamesPvtI 
Dennis, John W.PvtH 
Densinger, JohnPvtC 
Dermoody, ThomasPvtH 
Derna, ChristianCorpD 
Deron, CorneliusPvtC 
Derrick, AnthonyPvtI 
Devaine, NicholsPvtK 
Dick, David S.CorpD 
Dickerson, JohnAsst.Surg.Staff 
Dignan, Joseph M.PvtH 
Dixon, GeorgePvtA 
Dixon, Jas. M.PvtH 
Dobson, Edmund H.PvtB 
Doherty, WilliamPvtI 
Dolt, PatrickPvtA 
Domire, FrederickPvtK 
Donnovan, JamesPvtH 
Dorson, JohnPvtD 
Dougherty, John H.CorpG 
Dougherty, JohnPvtD 
Dressel, WilliamFiferH 
Dryden, David M.CaptF 
Drynam, DavidPvtH 
Duff, Samuel C.SgtC 
Duffield, JosiahPvtI 
Dunn, DuncanPvtF 
Dwyer, JohnPvtA 
Dwyer, WilliamPvtA 
Eddy, Forrace M.PvtG 
Edrington, LovellPvtF 
Egan, TerrencePvtG 
Ehler, ThomasPvtA 
Einsberry, ChristianPvtF 
Ellis, Joseph A.PvtD 
Ellison, AlonzoPvtC 
Elms, JohnPvtB 
Elvis, WilliamPvtD 
Ely, Gilbert2dLtG 
England, ThomasPvtA 
English, John W.SgtF 
Enyart, David A.ColStaff 
Erwin, William B.PvtH 
Eversole, WalterPvtF 
Evins, FrancisPvtC 
Ewin, John B.Sgt.Maj.Staff 

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