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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-D E-K L-R S-Z

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Adams, JacobPvtG 
Adams, John H.1stLtF 
Adkins, BartlettPvtD 
Adklns, PatrickCorplD 
Agnew, Andrew J.PvtD 
Agnew, William B.PvtD 
Aldridge, Henry S.PvtB 
Aldridge, John W.CorplB 
Aldridge, SamuelPvtB 
Allen, AlfredPvtB 
Allen, AncelPvtI 
Ames, Berry S.PvtF 
Ammerman, WilliamSgtG 
Anderson, JacobPvtG 
Anderson, JamesPvtH 
Anderson, JosephPvtG 
Anderson, SamuelPvtH 
Anderson, William H.PvtG 
Angel, MarshallPvtD 
Anthony, ThomasPvtG 
Armes, DanielPvtB 
Armes, JamesPvtF 
Armes, MicajahPvtB 
Armes, Simeon B.PvtB 
Armes, William Mc.PvtB 
Armstrong, IsaacCorplA 
Arnold, William R.CorplG 
Ashe, John C.PvtG 
Ashley, JosephSgtA 
Ashley, MilesPvtA 
Ashley, SquirePvtA 
Aubrey, William H.SgtH 
Avery, Andrew J.PvtE 
Babbett, Stephen D.SgtI 
Bailey, Andrew J.CaptC 
Baker, Edmund C.PvtA 
Baker, Jefferson G.PvtA 
Barbour, RobertSgtG 
Barger, Richard A. S.SgtD 
Barlow, George B.PvtC 
Barnes, Benjamin F.CorplH 
Barnes, David F.PvtD 
Barnes, Robert W.PvtH 
Basham, Elijah C.PvtB 
Basham, Minoah S.PvtB 
Basham, Thomas M.SgtF 
Bassham, Obediah2dLtB 
Bates, JamesPvtH 
Bealmear, BeckwithCaptH 
Beatty, ClellandCorplA 
Beatty, Henry P.WagonerA 
Bechtold, GeorgePvtG 
Bell, EzraPvtD 
Bell, JacobPvtC 
Bell, NelsonPvtD 
Bennett, MicajahPvtD 
Bennett, Samuel S.PvtE 
Bennett, WilliamPvtE 
Benningfield, Fleming S.CorplE 
Benningfleld, John S.PvtE 
Bennington, WilliamPvtB 
Bergen, John T.PvtE 
Bergen, John T.PvtG 
Bingham, James H.PvtH 
Black, Robert E.PvtD 
Blair, CharlesPvtF 
Blair, WilliamPvtF 
Blanford, John A.SgtB 
Blankenship, ThompsonPvtC 
Blantford, Henry T.CorplF 
Boles, A. H.PvtH 
Booth, Galt W.HospStwdStaff 
Boston, Julius F.PvtE 
Bottoms, JamesPvtC 
Bowles, Paul C.PvtE 
Brady, William W.CaptA 
Brewster, AdamPvtF 
Brooks, FelixPvtC 
Brown, CampbellPvtB 
Brown, HarrisonPvtD 
Brown, James L.PvtF 
Brown, JamesPvtC 
Brown, John T.PvtF 
Brumfield, Elisha H.PvtB 
Brunk, AlbertPvtA 
Brunk, SamuelCorplA 
Bryan, Edmund S.PvtA 
Bryant, DavidPvtC 
Bryant, Junius C.PvtC 
Bryant, LeviPvtC 
Buchanan, RobertPvtG 
Buckles, Iredel D.PvtI 
Burkhead, Francis A.PvtA 
Burkhead, John W.PvtA 
Burks, EwingPvtF 
Burnett, JohnPvtB 
Burris, JamesPvtA 
Burriss, CharlesPvtD 
Burriss, NoahPvtD 
Butler, WilliamPvtF 
Cahill, BenjaminPvtA 
Campbell, JamesPvtH 
Canary, Benjamin H.PvtD 
Carle, Ashbill B.PvtG 
Carlisle, JohnMajStaff 
Carman, Christopher C.PvtF 
Carman, ElijahPvtF 
Carman, FrazierPvtF 
Carman, HardinPvtF 
Carman, JohnMusicianF 
Carman, WilliamPvtF 
Carnes, William S.PvtA 
Carroll, JacksonPvtD 
Carter, EliPvtA 
Carter, JamesPvtA 
Casey, Benjamin F.PvtG 
Casey, John C.PvtG 
Casey, William H.PvtD 
Cassedy, Joseph S.PvtE 
Casteel, JohnPvtH 
Caswell, Thomas J.PvtH 
Chambers, JohnPvtD 
Chambers, ThomasPvtD 
Chancellor, Charles W.PvtB 
Chism, Burnett H.PvtC 
Christy, James F.PvtG 
Clark, Charles A.PvtA 
Clark, Edward L.PvtF 
Clark, Lucian S.PvtD 
Clark, RalphPvtF 
Clark, RobertPvtF 
Clarke, RollaPvtD 
Cleaver, Benj. W.1stLtA 
Clements, James W.PvtF 
Clemmons, James H.PvtC 
Clemmons, MatthewPvtC 
Clifford, Pearson W.PvtI 
Coats, OtisPvtA 
Coats, William H.PvtI 
Cocke, Jonathan G.CorplF 
Coffey, ChristopherPvtC 
Coffey, John W.PvtC 
Colvin, William A.PvtE 
Conner, Marion W.PvtD 
Consley, William J.PvtH 
Cook, Andrew J.PvtA 
Cook, Francis M.PvtA 
Coomes, Pius A.PvtB 
Cooper, John H.PvtG 
Cooper, William J.PvtG 
Copen, BartlettPvtG 
Copen, George W.PvtG 
Copen, ThompsonPvtG 
Cox, CharlesPvtI 
Cox, Lucian K.CaptB 
Cox, NelsonPvtI 
Cox, WalkerPvtC 
Cox, WilliamPvtI 
Coyne, Samuel J.CaptD 
Coyne, Samuel J.MajStaff 
Craddock, Robert F.SgtH 
Cravens, John R.PvtB 
Crews, William A.PvtB 
Crist, James A.PvtG 
Crume, Ralph M.PvtF 
Culberson, James A.SgtE 
Cundiff, John C.CorplC 
Cunningham, David H.PvtD 
Curley, ThomasPvtF 
Dalton, IsaiahCorplB 
Daugherty, Gabriel R.PvtH 
Daugherty, William P.PvtH 
Davidson, AnslemPvtB 
Davidson, JacksonPvtF 
Davis, JosephPvtH 
Davis, LewisWagonerC 
Davis, NathanielPvtC 
Day, EdmundPvtI 
DeWitt, James M.PvtA 
Dean, Charles A.SgtG 
Dearnon, JamesPvtG 
Decker, EdmundPvtA 
Decker, HarveyPvtI 
Decker, Squire J.PvtI 
Decker, William H.PvtA 
Defevers, James W.1stLtC 
Defevers, John T.SgtC 
Dennison, Isaac F.PvtC 
Dennison, Jesse U.PvtC 
Dennison, John M.PvtC 
Dennison, JosiahPvtA 
Dennison, Samuel F.PvtC 
Dennison, William H.PvtC 
Derbin, Samuel P.PvtD 
Devour, Wm.PvtC 
Dewey, WillardPvtH 
Dewey, WillardQ.M.SgtStaff 
Didway, Henry H.1stLtG 
Dinwiddie, RobertAsstSurgStaff 
Donald, JamesPvtD 
Doudle, ThomasPvtH 
Dougherty, JamesSgtG 
Douglass, Benjamin F.SgtE 
Douthitt, MartinSgtD 
Dowell, FelixPvtF 
Dowell, ThomasPvtB 
Downs, JohnCorplI 
Drury, JohnPvtA 
Duncan, George W.SgtH 
Dunn, EliPvtD 
Dunn, James R.SgtA 
Dunn, JamesPvtF 
Durbin, John R.PvtA 
Durham, JamesPvtE 
Durham, WilliamPvtE 
Duvall, John M.PvtA 
Duvall, RichardPvtA 

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