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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-Z

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This Regiment also referred to as "Battery B", or "Hewitt's Battery".


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Acre, Jno. C.PvtB 
Acre, Junius C.PvtB 
Acre, William C.PvtB 
Aker, Wm. P.PvtB 
Anderson, HenryPvtB 
Bailey, Thos. J.PvtB 
Ball, James P.PvtB 
Brister, DavidPvtB 
Brister, WilliamPvtB 
Buckner, JeremiahPvtB 
Burris, RobertPvtB 
Caldwell, PresleyPvtB 
Caldwell, William W.PvtB 
Campbell, GeorgePvtB 
Carter, William T.SgtB 
Chadd, James M.PvtB 
Clements, Joseph A.PvtB 
Clinger, Wm. T.PvtB 
Collins, George W.BuglerB 
Connelly, JohnPvtB 
Corbett, MichaelPvtB 
Crawhorn, JohnPvtB 
Crawhorn, MiltonPvtB 
Cunningham, JamesPvtB 
Davis, WilliamPvtB 
Dhome, RobertSgtB 
Dickerson, Thos. E.PvtB 
Dohoney, Henry H.BuglerB 
Dooley, Wm. H.PvtB 
Dooley, Wm. H.PvtB 
Dudley, Isaac N.PvtB 
Dudley, JamesSgtB 
Eidson, WhiteSgtB 
Elkin, Daniel B.PvtB 
Ellsworth, Albion A.1stLtB 
Elmore, AlhunaciusPvtB 
Elmore, DemascusPvtB 
Elmore, FrancisPvtB 
Elmore, JessePvtB 
Emshimer, IsaacPvtB 
England, Jno. S.PvtB 
Fields, GeorgePvtB 
Finn, DavidCorplB 
Finn, James K.PvtB 
Finn, MarionPvtB 
Fishback, Benjamin F.SgtB 
Fleming, David J.CorplB 
Fletcher, LewisPvtB 
Freels, BeverlySgtB 
Freels, Daniel C.PvtB 
Garland, James M.SgtB 
Garrison, GeorgePvtB 
Gibbs, HenryPvtB 
Gibson, Wm. T.PvtB 
Gifford, JamesPvtB 
Gifford, JohnPvtB 
Gilleland, Samuel A.PvtB 
Hamcock, CiceroCorplB 
Hancock, William L.PvtB 
Haneock, Moses H.PvtB 
Hardin, Benjamin L.PvtB 
Harmon, SamuelArtificerB 
Harvey, RussellPvtB 
Harvey, WilliamPvtB 
Heartupel, Abram S.ArtificerB 
Henderson, CharlesPvtB 
Henderson, Geo. J.SgtB 
Henderson, Isaac N.PvtB 
Herrard, George T.CorplB 
Hewett, Jno. M.CaptB 
Hill, ThomasPvtB 
Hite, CharlesPvtB 
Holmes, GeorgePvtB 
Hope, JoelPvtB 
Housewell, AndrewPvtB 
Hudnal, JosiahPvtB 
Hudson, JamesSgtB 
Hurt, JoelPvtB 
Johnson, Alfred E.PvtB 
Johnson, WillaimPvtB 
Jones, Andrew J.PvtB 
Jones, AsaPvtB 
Jones, DavidPvtB 
Jones, WatsonPvtB 
Jones, WilliamPvtB 
Kay, Albert M.PvtB 
Keltner, Iren T.CorplB 
Kemp, James H.SgtB 
Kemp, Jno. M.PvtB 
Kinny, Jno. H.PvtB 
Lambert, ErnestPvtB 
Lawrence, Lewis M.PvtB 
Leftwick, James H.PvtB 
Little, Jesse D.PvtB 
Magee, HughPvtB 
Magill, CharlesPvtB 
Main, JohnPvtB 
Martin, Benjamin F.PvtB 
Martin, WilliamPvtB 
McCabe, JamesPvtB 
McGinnis, John C.PvtB 
McGlasson, JamesPvtB 
McKinney, BaileyPvtB 
McKinney, James E.PvtB 
Miller, Ayle C.PvtB 
Morris, Reuben H.PvtB 
Neil, Geo. W.1stLtB 
Neil, James K.CorplB 
Nell, ChesleyPvtB 
Oiler, WilliamPvtB 
Orr, Robert A.PvtB 
Orr, Wm. C.PvtB 
Pecan, RichardPvtB 
Pile, AsaPvtB 
Pyle, Thos. E.SgtB 
Reed, John M.SgtB 
Reynolds, JohnCorplB 
Rity, MichaelPvtB 
Rodgers, CharlesPvtB 
Rodgers, Geo. S.PvtB 
Rodgers, John C.PvtB 
Rutherford, WesleyPvtB 
Saunders, George T.PvtB 
Severe, Thomas B.PvtB 
Smiddy, George G.PvtB 
Snail, William N.2dLtB 
Sparks, GreenupPvtB 
Spence, William H.2dLtB 
Stephens, CharlesPvtB 
Stephens, HarrisonPvtB 
Stewart, Wm. Y.CorplB 
Stinson, RileyPvtB 
Street, James H.PvtB 
Street, SamuelPvtB 
Stump, James H.PvtB 
Sublett, John G.PvtB 
Thompson, JohnPvtB 
Tillman, James C.CorplB 
Traverse, George H.PvtB 
Tucker, Henry L.PvtB 
Tucker, James C.PvtB 
Tucker, Samuel F.SgtB 
Turner, Mathew H.2dLtB 
Turner, ThomasPvtB 
Tuttle, George C.SgtB 
Vertrees, JamesPvtB 
Vertrees, SquirePvtB 
Wade, Nathaniel B.PvtB 
Wall, John W.PvtB 
Watt, JamesPvtB 
Weatherington, James A.PvtB 
Williamson, Ira H.PvtB 
Wilson, Samuel A.PvtB 
Wooten, MathewPvtB 

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