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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

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The 34 Kentucky Infantry was also called "Provost Guard of Louisville" or "Louisville Provost Guard".


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Abbett, Alfred V. D.CaptD 
Aberer, BenedictPvtH 
Ackerman, AnthonyPvtI 
Adams, J. W.SgtC 
Adams, Joseph W.1stLtB 
Adams, Joseph W.SgtMajStaff 
Alexander, Thomas M.1stLtB 
Alexander, Thomas M.SgtI 
Alford, Henry C.PvtC 
Allen, William J.PvtC 
Almer, JacobPvtF 
Andy, FrankPvtG 
Armbruster, RodolphPvtH 
Armitage, JamesMusicianF 
Armstrong, JamesCorplA 
Armstrong, John1stLtK 
Arnold, John J.PvtK 
Arnold, John S.PvtI 
Ashby, Charles D.SgtH 
Atkinson, ThomasPvtA 
Atwood, John S.PvtE 
Baird, Wm. G.SgtI 
Baker, Charles S.SgtK 
Baker, John L.PvtB 
Baker, JohnPvtB 
Baker, RichardPvtK 
Baldwin, Wm. H.PvtB 
Bardin, CharlesQ.M.SgtStaff 
Bardin, CharlesSgtA 
Barker, StephenPvtB 
Barnes, WilliamPvtH 
Batie, JosephPvtB 
Battle, Jesse T.SgtD 
Batts, AndrewSgtB 
Baumnache, LionhartPvtF 
Beal, James F.PvtB 
Beale, Louis P.PvtH 
Beard, John O.2dLtH 
Beasley, ThompsonPvtB 
Beck, JacobCorplK 
Beck, PeterPvtB 
Becker, UlrichPvtB 
Becktel, FrederickCorplH 
Bell, Jacob A.PvtG 
Bell, JamesPvtB 
Bennett, James R.PvtD 
Bennett, JohnPvtD 
Bennett, NathanPvtI 
Benton, HenryCorplB 
Billings, MichaelPvtC 
Binge, ThomasPvtE 
Birdwell, JamesPvtH 
Blake, John W.PvtD 
Blankenship, JohnPvtB 
Blumel, MartinPvtF 
Blunk, JacksonPvtA 
Blunk, WilliamCorplH 
Bogg, Sibburne W.PvtF 
Bohanan, ThomasPvtA 
Bollinger, Wm.PvtF 
Boman, Wm. A.PvtG 
Born, JohnPvtG 
Borten, PeterPvtF 
Boultinghouse, B. F.PvtK 
Boultinghouse, JamesPvtE 
Boultinghouse, WillisPvtE 
Boultlnghouse, JamesCaptK 
Bower, GabrielPvtC 
Bowers, George A.PvtF 
Bowers, George A.SgtA 
Bowman, CantralPvtB 
Boyle, Mitchel J.SgtD 
Boyson, Andrew O.PvtD 
Brady, Francis E.MusicianI 
Brady, PeterPvtE 
Brady, StephenPvtE 
Bramel, ThomasPvtG 
Brandabery, ConradPvtI 
Brannon, PatrickPvtK 
Brentlinger, SamuelPvtC 
Brentlinger, WesleyCorplC 
Briley, Wm. L.PvtC 
Brining, Edward L.PvtA 
Brisby, Francis M.PvtD 
Brocar, Frank J.SgtC 
Brochelt, Frederick W.PvtA 
Brown, James B.PvtI 
Brown, John N.PvtC 
Brown, John W.PvtB 
Brown, Patrick F.PvtC 
Brown, PatrickPvtF 
Brown, Wm.PvtK 
Bruner, AlexanderPvtH 
Bruner, ElbertPvtH 
Brunnon, JohnPvtF 
Bryant, WilliamPvtG 
Bullock, EdwardSgtC 
Bumgardner, DavidCorplK 
Burba, Peter A.PvtI 
Burba, Samuel T.PvtI 
Burger, JohnPvtF 
Burnell, JamesPvtH 
Burnett, HenrySgtF 
Burns, RobertPvtB 
Burress, John W.PvtI 
Busath, JosephPvtK 
Bussman, HenryPvtF 
Butcher, AlonzoPvtH 
Butler, JamesPvtE 
Buzan, LouisPvtC 
Byram, Amos H.PvtD 
Byrne, JamesPvtE 
Caher, Patrick S.PvtI 
Cain, JohnPvtC 
Cain, ThomasPvtC 
Cain, ThomasPvtG 
Callahan, James M.CaptI 
Callahan, Milton T.CaptI 
Callahan, Milton T.MajStaff 
Campbell, JohnPvtC 
Canavan, MartinPvtC 
Carroll, JohnPvtB 
Carroll, PatrickPvtF 
Casey, JohnPvtG 
Cash, JohnPvtI 
Chadic, WilliamPvtG 
Chappell, Abram T.SgtK 
Chappell, C. M.PvtD 
Chappell, Henry J.PvtB 
Chappell, Thomas A.PvtB 
Chessey, JonathanPvtG 
Christoff, FranklinPvtK 
Clair, Albert St.PvtE 
Clair, George W. St.PvtA 
Clark, JamesPvtD 
Clator, GeorgePvtF 
Clay, CharlesPvtA 
Clifford, JohnPvtF 
Coburn, James A.PvtH 
Cody, JamesPvtE 
Combs, Wm.PvtC 
Concannon, MichaelPvtG 
Conelly, StephenPvtF 
Conley, CorneliusPvtD 
Conley, JohnPvtG 
Conley, StaffordPvtG 
Conley, ThomasPvtD 
Connell, James D.PvtD 
Conner, WashingtonPvtK 
Connor, Frederick D.CorplK 
Conroy, DennisPvtE 
Coogle, GeorgePvtH 
Cook, WilliamPvtC 
Cooper, George W.PvtK 
Cooper, John W.PvtI 
Coracho, JohnPvtK 
Corcoran, MichaelPvtB 
Corrigan, PatrickSgtE 
Costillo, WilliamPvtH 
Cotter, EdwardPvtH 
Coughlin, MichaelPvtG 
Coward, George W.1stLtD 
Coward, Joel M.CaptD 
Crawford, Joel B.PvtI 
Crawford, JohnPvtE 
Crawford, JohnPvtG 
Crawley, GeorgePvtA 
Craycraft, Thomas J.SgtB 
Cready, JohnPvtH 
Crowe, PeterPvtH 
Crull, DavidSgtK 
Crull, NelsonPvtK 
Curle, JohnPvtH 
Curry, JamesCorplG 
Cutsall, Edward A.PvtF 

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