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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-Z

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This Regiment also referred to as "Battery C", or "Neville's Battery".


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Adams, Franklin B.PvtC 
Alfrey, William G.PvtC 
Allen, AlbertPvtC 
Allen, George W.PvtC 
Allen, William G.PvtC 
Ashley, RichardPvtC 
Barker, Riley A.PvtC 
Barnhill, Caswell H.PvtC 
Bellows, JosephusCorplC 
Benjamin, HenryPvtC 
Benningfield, John H.PvtC 
Bernett, HarrisonPvtC 
Bickell, JohnPvtC 
Black, John W.PvtC 
Board, PhilipPvtC 
Bowlen, James M.PvtC 
Bradley, Charles1stLtC 
Braselle, HiramPvtC 
Brasher, William P.PvtC 
Brasselle, WilliamPvtC 
Bray, KinchonPvtC 
Brown, Geo. F.SgtC 
Brown, George W.PvtC 
Bryson, William B.SgtC 
Burton, JamesPvtC 
Campbell, HarveyPvtC 
Cate, Thomas J.PvtC 
Chambers, Sterling M.PvtC 
Colyendater, Jno. W.SgtC 
Combs, TarltonPvtC 
Coon, William H.PvtC 
Cooper, SamuelPvtC 
Corner, John C.PvtC 
Cox, JohnPvtC 
Dolton, Jas. E.CorplC 
Dorrity, JamesCookC 
Duke, JamesWagonerC 
Dulaney, HiramPvtC 
Edwards, Henry P.PvtC 
Edwards, RobertPvtC 
Field, Robert W.PvtC 
Floui, DanielPvtC 
Fontain, JosephPvtC 
Galloway, ThomasPvtC 
Garr, William P.PvtC 
Ghormly, Jesse A.PvtC 
Goodwin, John 1stPvtC 
Goodwin, John D.PvtC 
Gorrity, John W.BlksmthC 
Gould, Edwin W.SgtC 
Green, NewtonPvtC 
Hardy, SamuelPvtC 
Hart, WilliamPvtC 
Heart, JamesPvtC 
Henderson, Daniel T.PvtC 
Hensley, James E.SgtC 
Hern, George T.PvtC 
Hickerson, WlliamPvtC 
Hill, ThomasPvtC 
Hockman, Gideon A.PvtC 
Holder, NoahPvtC 
Hough, Joseph M.PvtC 
Howard, LowdySgtC 
Hughes, George W.PvtC 
Hughes, John C.PvtC 
Ingram, CalebPvtC 
Irvin, John A.CorplC 
Irvin, William L.PvtC 
Jones, NathanielPvtC 
King, Lewis W.PvtC 
Knouse, George F.PvtC 
Lanes, Henry N.PvtC 
Leapnot, Joseph H.PvtC 
Lelbetter, JohnsonPvtC 
Losser, NicholasPvtC 
Louch, JeremiahPvtC 
Loving, JosephPvtC 
Lyons, Richard N.PvtC 
Mann, John C.ArtificerC 
Mathews, MosesCorplC 
Maylon, Washington E.PvtC 
McDonald, John S.PvtC 
McGee, SamuelPvtC 
McMillan, JosephPvtC 
McReynolds, Richard W.2dLtC 
Moore, JohnPvtC 
Morris, JesseCorplC 
Music, CampbellPvtC 
Neville, Jno. W.CaptC 
Newton, JeromeCorplC 
Nouse, JohnPvtC 
O'Brien, ThomasPvtC 
Pearman, John M.CorplC 
Penehouse, Robert C.PvtC 
Posey, ThomasPvtC 
Pruett, HenryPvtC 
Puckett, George W.PvtC 
Pullam, RobertPvtC 
Rawle, Hugh S.1stLtC 
Ray, GeorgeCookC 
Redling, Richard P.PvtC 
Richardson, WilliamPvtC 
Richie, John HenryPvtC 
Rightly, HardinPvtC 
Riley, EdwardPvtC 
Rody, AnthonyPvtC 
Rose, John H.PvtC 
Russell, Thomas S.SgtC 
Salsbury, Joseph M.PvtC 
Segroves, Spencer H.SgtC 
Sheffield, CharlesPvtC 
Simmons, Thomas J.CorplC 
Simpson, Henry C.ArtificerC 
Sims, James P.PvtC 
Smith, McDanielPvtC 
Smith, Thos. J.PvtC 
Spain, JamesPvtC 
Spillman, JohnPvtC 
Stewart, NathanCorplC 
Summers, JohnPvtC 
Sweaton, Moses A.PvtC 
Taylor, James L.PvtC 
Travis, William H.CorplC 
Troll, CharlesCorplC 
Unkelback, John A.PvtC 
Varable, JohnPvtC 
Vest, WilliamPvtC 
Waggoner, DanielPvtC 
Walters, Thos. J.2dLtC 
Whitehead, Wm. J.PvtC 
Whitsell, John W.PvtC 
Williams, John F.PvtC 
Williams, Wm. H.PvtC 
Wilson, JohnCorplC 
Wilters, GeorgePvtC 
Winders, Finis E.CorplC 
Winston, James M.PvtC 
Wood, Charles W.PvtC 
Wright, Thomas J.PvtC 

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