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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-O P-S T-Z

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Aaron, NathanielPvtA 
Abrams, ElijahPvtI 
Abrams, SolomonPvtI 
Absher, AustinPvtD 
Adams, AlfredPvtF 
Adams, ThomasPvtK 
Adams, Wm. P.PvtA 
Adams, Zachariah T.PvtF 
Adkins, JamesPvtK 
Adkins, Thos. J.CorplK 
Adkins, WyattPvtK 
Age, JacobPvtG 
Akers, John1stLtG 
Allen, Jas. C.PvtF 
Allen, John T.PvtF 
Allen, WilliamPvtE 
Allen, WilliamSgtB 
Allen, WilliamSgtI 
Allen, Wm.SgtMajStaff 
Alvis, HerrifordPvtG 
Anderson, JacobPvtE 
Anderson, Robert P.CorplA 
Anderson, William F.PvtA 
Anderson, WoodfordPvtE 
Arel, AbrahamPvtC 
Armstrong, AdamComSgtStaff 
Ashley, JohnPvtC 
Ashley, William D.PvtK 
Atkin, Joselh M.PvtA 
Bagby, JamesPvtE 
Bailey, WilliamPvtA 
Baker, Abel W.PvtC 
Baker, MerrillPvtB 
Baker, WansleyPvtI 
Baley, LewisPvtG 
Ball, John S.SgtF 
Ball, LewisSgtF 
Ball, WilliamCorplF 
Ballard, ElijahPvtI 
Ballard, Jas. P.PvtF 
Ballard, Jno.PvtF 
Ballard, SheltonCorplI 
Ballinger, DanielCorplG 
Bamnett, William HCaptB 
Banks, Clement P.PvtA 
Banks, Jacob W.SgtA 
Banon, Galen B.PvtD 
Barker, JamesPvtB 
Barkley, Hugh G.PvtK 
Barnes, AbrahamPvtC 
Barnes, James R.PvtE 
Barnes, John D.PvtC 
Barnes, MathewPvtC 
Barnes, ThomasPvtB 
Barnes, Willis G.PvtK 
Barnett, James B.PvtF 
Barnett, James T. W.CaptK 
Barnett, John F.CorplC 
Barnett, Wm. H.2dLtC 
Barnett, Wm.H.1stLtD 
Barrett, John C.PvtE 
Bastin, Wm. M.PvtE 
Baugh, AmosCorplC 
Bault, William A.PvtA 
Beadles, Bob C.PvtC 
Beard, DavidPvtA 
Beard, Henry F.PvtB 
Beard, John H.PvtA 
Beard, LittletonPvtA 
Becknell, Thomas S.PvtD 
Bedman, Elbert S.SgtD 
Belk, William T.PvtG 
Bell, IsaacPvtE 
Bell, John I.PvtA 
Benge, WarrenPvtI 
Bennett, CharlesPvtA 
Benningfleld, J. H.PvtE 
Beverly, HenryPvtB 
Bice, GeorgePvtD 
Bishop, ZachariahPvtC 
Black, John H.2dLtK 
Blair, JamesPvtA 
Blankenship, George S.SgtG 
Blankenship, George S.SgtMajStaff 
Blankenship, George W.PvtG 
Blankenship, James B.PvtA 
Blankenship, James M.PvtK 
Bloomer, John C.PvtI 
Bobbett, JohnPvtK 
Bolin, Benjamin J.1stLtG 
Bolin, Henry J.PvtG 
Bolin, IshamCaptG 
Bolin, John C.2dLtG 
Bolin, John C.CaptD 
Booher, AbrahamPvtH 
Booher, William H.PvtH 
Boston, Pleasant H.PvtE 
Bowman, Wm.PvtE 
Bradshaw, Aaron W.PvtA 
Bradshaw, Alban D.1stLtA 
Brady, George W.PvtF 
Brady, Peter S.PvtK 
Brady, Wm. B.CorplK 
Bramlette, James T.2dLtG 
Bramlette, Thomas E.ColStaff 
Bramlette, William L.2dLtH 
Bramlette, Wm. L.Q.M.SgtStaff 
Branon, JohnPvtB 
Bray, NathanielPvtD 
Brennan, JohnCaptF 
Brennan, JohnMajStaff 
Brenton, Wm. W.MusnStaff 
Brewer, DavidPvtD 
Briddle, AndersonCorplF 
Bridgewater, James H.2dLtF 
Bristow, James M.1stLtH 
Bristow, James M.CaptE 
Bristow, Richard J.SgtH 
Brock, AllenPvtK 
Brock, DavidPvtK 
Brown, Abram P.2dLtA 
Brown, ElijahPvtA 
Brown, William J.PvtG 
Brown, William J.PvtI 
Brummett, Jas.PvtG 
Brummett, John SPvtG 
Brummitt, John W.PvtH 
Buck, JonathanPvtH 
Buford, Charles H.MajStaff 
Buford, LeonidasPvtI 
Buford, Wm. R.1stLtK 
Bullard, ThomasPvtH 
Bullitt, William A.LtColStaff 
Bullock, George W.CorplI 
Bullock, Riley R.PvtK 
Bunch, Francis M.PvtH 
Bunch, IsaacPvtH 
Burbank, Austin M.CaptE 
Burbank, Austin M.LeaderStaff 
Burbank, Austin M.SgtA 
Burchell, WilliamPvtH 
Burchett, John P.PvtH 
Burdine, DavidPvtK 
Burdine, ElijahPvtD 
Burdine, JosephPvtK 
Burdine, SquirePvtK 
Burditt, John P.CorplB 
Burge, DruryPvtC 
Burns, HenryPvtGsee also Henry Burris: per Reita Jones Burress <>
Burns, John B.SurgeonStaff 
Burris, HenryPvtGsee also: Henry Burns
Burroughs, JamesCorplB 
Burroughs, JohnSgtB 
Burton, Daisy C.PvtC 
Burton, Daniel W.CorplC 
Burton, ElijahPvtC 
Burton, EllisPvtC 
Burton, GilmorePvtC 
Burton, IsaiahPvtC 
Burton, Jas. P.PvtC 
Burton, John C.PvtC 
Burton, JoshuaPvtC 
Burton, SamuelPvtC 
Burton, Stephen W.TeamsterC 
Burton, WileyPvtC 
Burton, Wm. A.PvtC 
Buster, JohnPvtC 
Buster, MichaelSgtH 
Butcher, JohnPvtE 
Bybee, Henry A.PvtE 
Cable, Peter S.PvtI 
Calhoun, Solomon T.PvtC 
Cantwell, JohnPvtI 
Carcaran, LawrencePvtF 
Carmichael, JohnPvtI 
Carnes, AlexanderPvtG 
Carpenter, William P.PvtI 
Carrel, PaulPvtD 
Carroll, Geo. W. Jr.PvtG 
Carroll, George W. SrPvtG 
Carroll, TimothyPvtB 
Carson, James F.PvtF 
Carson, Joseph J.1stLtI 
Carson, Joseph J.CaptF 
Carter, AndrewPvtH 
Carter, Charles B.SgtH 
Carter, Harrison B.1stLtH 
Carter, HughPvtD 
Carter, John H.PvtA 
Casseday, JohnPvtE 
Caughran, Bladely C. W.PvtD 
Chadoin, Isaac T.PvtA 
Chanay, JohnPvtD 
Cheek, George H.SgtE 
Childers, CyrenisSgtK 
Childers, ElijahPvtF 
Childers, WilliamCorplB 
Christie, Norman H.2dLtA 
Christie, Norman K.ComSgtStaff 
Christie, Norman R.CaptI 
Chumbly, WilliamCorplD 
Cidwell, JessePvtH 
Cissell, JosephPvtH 
Clara, EdwardPvtB 
Clark, Henry T.PvtE 
Cleveland, Eli M.PvtF 
Coe, SonvillePvtG 
Coffey, Benjamin F.PvtG 
Coffey, ClevelandPvtG 
Coffey, IsaacPvtH 
Coffey, JohnCorplD 
Coffey, ShelbyPvtG 
Coffey, VirgilPvtG 
Coffey, Willis A.PvtG 
Coger, James E. F.PvtD 
Cogle, Jno. C.PvtF 
Coinpton, Wm. A.PvtC 
Cole, MichaelPvtE 
Collier, Daniel H.LtColStaff 
Collier, Daniel R.CaptB 
Collier, IsaacCorplB 
Collier, ZachariahSgtB 
Collins, AchillesPvtD 
Collins, DavidPvtF 
Collins, Jno. B.PvtG 
Collins, Sidney F.1stLtC 
Comley, John P.PvtB 
Comley, WilliamPvtB 
Compton, AndersonPvtD 
Compton, Erasmus D.SgtC 
Compton, HenryPvtE 
Compton, John H.SgtD 
Conn, John S.PvtB 
Connor, ThomasPvtB 
Cook, ThomasPvtC 
Coomer, John E.PvtD 
Coomer, Killis J.PvtE 
Coomer, Washington M.PvtE 
Cooper, JacobChaplainStaff 
Cox, Albert J.PvtA 
Cox, DanielPvtC 
Cox, George A.PvtF 
Cox, Henry D.PvtE 
Cox, Levi A.PvtA 
Cox, LinseyPvtI 
Craig, C. S.PvtH 
Crayens, SilvesterCorplA 
Crisp, WilliamPvtG 
Crouch, PersonPvtH 
Croucher, Jas.PvtF 
Crow, SamueuICorplB 
Crowder, HamiltonMusnStaff 
Crowder, HenryMusnStaff 
Crutcher, ReubenPvtH 
Cullen, Mathew1stLtD 
Cullen, MathewComSgtStaff 
Cullen, MathewPvtI 
Cummins, Bluford H.PvtI 
Cummins, JamesCorplI 
Cummins, John G.PvtI 
Cummins, John S.PvtI 
Cummins, JosiahPvtI 
Cummins, Thos.PvtK 
Cummins, WilliamCorplF 
Curry, James N.PvtA 
Curry, John M.CorplA 

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