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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-O P-S T-Z

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Tartar, ThomasCorplD 
Tarter, Samuel B.SgtC 
Tarter, WesleySgtC 
Taylor, ArchibaldPvtD 
Taylor, Henry S.CaptH 
Taylor, James F.PvtK 
Taylor, JeremiahPvtD 
Taylor, John W.PvtI 
Taylor, Levi M.PvtE 
Temple, William H.PvtF 
Thomas, James W.PvtD 
Thompson, Calvin S.CorplF 
Thompson, SimeonMusnStaff 
Tillett, Walter A.PvtB 
Tillett, Walton A.ComSgtStaff 
Tracy, Robert L.2dLtK 
Tracy, Robt.PvtB 
Trail, CalvinPvtH 
Trimble, HenrySgtC 
Trimble, Thos. K.PvtC 
Trimble, WilliamPvtC 
Trtar, IvyPvtD 
Trunsbarger, JamesPvtD 
Trusty, ElihuPvtK 
Trusty, George M.PvtK 
Trusty, JohnPvtI 
Trusty, JohnPvtK 
Trusty, WilliamPvtK 
Tucker, JacksonPvtG 
Tucker, SamuelPvtH 
Turk, James G.AsstSurgnStaff 
Turner, Joba W.PvtG 
Turner, Martin A.PvtG 
Turpin, Tyrey2dLtC 
Tuttle, John W.1stLtH 
Tuttle, John W.CaptG 
Upchurch, Martin B.PvtH 
Urton, JohnSgtB 
Vanderpool, WilliamPvtB 
Vanhay, Wm. A.CorplG 
Vanhook, MartinPvtK 
Vanhoozer, ThomasPvtC 
Vanhoy, Christopher C.PvtG 
Vanhoy, Christopher C.Q.M.SgtStaff 
Vaughan, JacobPvtI 
Vaughan, William W.PvtI 
Vaught, George B.PvtC 
Volley, Harrison V.PvtG 
W, GeorgePvtF 
Wade, Marshall M.PvtE 
Waider, JamesCorplE 
Wallace, Arthur F.PvtE 
Wallace, James H.PvtH 
Wallace, John A.PvtC 
Wallace, John A.PvtE 
Wallace, Thomas A.SgtE 
Wallace, Wm. R.PvtE 
Wallin, JamesPvtI 
Wallin, JosephPvtI 
Wallin, WilliamPvtI 
Warden, William H.PvtF 
Warren, George W.TeamsterH 
Warren, John W.2dLtC 
Warren, John W.ComSgtStaff 
Warren, John W.CorplH 
Warren, Lewis M.SgtF 
Warren, William J.PvtF 
Waters, HenryPvtB 
Watkins, JohnPvtB 
Watson, Green P.SgtE 
Watson, Joel W.PvtA 
Watson, Samuel B.PvtK 
Wayne, Benjamin F.Q.MstrStaff 
Webb, DruryCorplC 
Webb, PrestonPvtC 
Webb, William H.PvtG 
Weddle, Galen E.CorplD 
Weddle, John J. C.PvtD 
Weddle, Louis Sharp. PerryPvtD 
Wells, DavidPvtG 
Wells, EliCorplK 
Wells, Francis M.PvtD 
Wells, Isaac M.SgtG 
Wells, SolomonPvtD 
Wesley, Robert TPvtD 
West, Harrison W.PvtF 
West, Richard J.Q.MstrStaff 
West, WoodfordPvtB 
Western, ReubenPvtG 
Whalen, JohnPvtK 
Whiles, JohnPvtK 
Whitaker, SilasPvtK 
White, Geo. W.PvtB 
White, James N.PvtB 
White, John W.CorplH 
Whitins, LeroyPvtC 
Whitley, Chapman A.PvtF 
Whitley, ThomasPvtE 
Whitley, WilliamPvtK 
Wickersham, JohnPvtF 
Wickliff, CharlesMusnStaff 
Wilder, James W.PvtK 
Wilder, WilliamPvtK 
Wiles, JeffersonPvtC 
Wilkerson, JamesPvtE 
Willhelm, Luther M.PvtI 
Williams, GreenPvtK 
Williams, HensonPvtK 
Williams, JoelPvtK 
Williams, Joseph P.PvtA 
Williams, SmithPvtG 
Williams, WedenPvtF 
Willis, Robert A.SgtF 
Wilmot, Nathaniel D.2dLtF 
Wilson, Aaron W.PvtA 
Wilson, Andrew J.PvtH 
Wilson, George W.PvtD 
Wilson, Moses H.CorplE 
Winfrey, Thomas J.PvtH 
Withers, Benjamin F.PvtF 
Wmfrey, Logan L.PvtA 
Womac, MiltonPvtA 
Wood, JosephusCorplH 
Woodall, GeorgePvtK 
Woodall, JohnPvtF 
Woodall, ReubenPvtK 
Woodall, WilliamPvtK 
Woods, Geo. W.PvtB 
Woods, Hanson L.PvtB 
Woolridge, Francis M.PvtG 
Wordlow, WilliamPvtF 
Wren, Wm. H.PvtE 
Wright, Alfred W.SgtH 
Wright, Clifton T.PvtE 
Wright, Cyrus W.PvtH 
Wright, Hiram B.SgtG 
Yadis, John I.PvtE 
Yates, McHaley1stLtE 
Yates, Olonzo C.SgtE 
Yates, ThompsonPvtF 
Yates, William W.CorplK 
Young, Barnett C.2dLtG 
Young, Barnett C.PrMusnStaff 
Young, Monroe N.PvtC 
Young, Van BurenPvtK 

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