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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-B C-F G-J K-M N-S T-Z

Data Contributed by Mark Fields and Gerald Tudor, page created by Pam Carey Ison
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Abbott, JessePvtG 
Able, JohnPvtK 
Ackman, Wm.PvtF 
Acres, HenryPvtF 
Adams, MontgomeryPvtF 
Adkins, BarrellPvtA 
Adkins, ChristianPvtI 
Affell, MichaelPvtD 
Albert, George F.PvtF 
Aldridge, JohnPvtF 
Allen, James A.PvtC 
Allen, John W.PvtI 
Allen, WilliamPvtA 
Allstatt, JacobPvtK 
Ammons, James M.PvtI 
Anderson, AbrahamPvtA 
Anderson, AustinPvtA 
Anderson, Enoch J.PvtA 
Anderson, JacobPvtC 
Anderson, JamesSgtD 
Anderson, John T.PvtB 
Anderson, Moses H.CorplB 
Anderson, NoahPvtH 
Anderson, SamuelPvtI 
Anderson, William T.PvtB 
Anderson, Wm. W.PvtA 
Andus, JohnPvtF 
Anelsbrook, Wm.PvtD 
Angel, John D.PvtC 
Angel, John D.PvtD 
Armstrong, AaronPvtB 
Armstrong, AaronPvtF 
Arnold, Samuel P.PvtF 
Arnold, Wm. B.CaptA 
Ashberry, HarmonPvtG 
Aull, JohnPvtA 
Austin, WilliamSgtG 
Avery, John T.PvtK 
Axe, JacobCorplG 
Bachelor, JessePvtA 
Bailey, John H.PvtA 
Bailey, Vivian F.PvtF 
Baker, George W.PvtI 
Baker, GeorgePvtD 
Baker, Henry D.PvtA 
Baker, James H.PvtA 
Baker, JessePvtF 
Baldwin, JamesPvtA 
Ballinger, JosephPvtF 
Barber, John Q.PvtD 
Barber, WilliamPvtD 
Bardwell, DanielCorplG 
Barker, John P.PvtK 
Barlow, CharlesPvtK 
Barnes, GeorgePvtF 
Barnes, JohnPvtE 
Barnes, JosephPvtI 
Basler, MathiasPvtH 
Bates, PeterPvtI 
Battle, BarneyPvtF 
Beagle, JoelPvtC 
Beagle, JoelPvtD 
Beard, ThomasPvtB 
Beard, UsiliusPvtB 
Beavors, MiltonPvtF 
Becker, BattasarPvtH 
Beckum, MarionCorplD 
Beilstein, GeorgePvtH 
Bell, John T.PvtC 
Bellstein, GeorgeMusicianStaff 
Bennett, Milton P.SgtI 
Berkley, GeorgePvtG 
Bethel, JacobCorplA 
Bethuran, JamesPvtG 
Biehl, DavidPvtH 
Biehler, CharlesPvtH 
Bigam, JohnPvtH 
Biggs, Wm.PvtD 
Birge, ThomasCorplE 
Bishop, John C.2dLtH 
Blackwell, ThomasPvtB 
Bladen, AugustusPvtB 
Blades, John S.PvtK 
Bladner, Philip J.PvtK 
Blanchard, Frank2dLtI 
Blankenship, Thos. H.PvtE 
Blankenship, WesleyPvtE 
Blitt, LewisPvtB 
Blitt, LouisPvtD 
Boarley, JohnPvtH 
Bohn, GustavSgtF 
Bolden, DanielPvtF 
Bondurant, John T.PvtF 
Boothe, EdwardPvtD 
Boyd, John F.PvtF 
Boyd, MarionPvtC 
Bradley, AlbertPvtH 
Bragg, RobertPvtC 
Brand, SamuelPvtD 
Brayden, JamesPvtE 
Breden, John B.PvtB 
Breeding, WilliamPvtK 
Bricking, JohnPvtA 
Bridges, Oscar H.PvtI 
Bridges, Samuel P.WagonerI 
Brooking, JamesPvtH 
Brown, AlkenahPvtI 
Brown, AlonzoCorplH 
Brown, CharlesPvtK 
Brown, Daniel D.PvtC 
Brown, EliasCorplG 
Brown, George W.PvtB 
Brown, HenryPvtD 
Brown, MastinPvtI 
Brown, ThomasPvtH 
Brown, William A.PvtI 
Brown, WilliamPvtC 
Brown, WilliamPvtF 
Brown, WilliamPvtG 
Brown, Wm. H.PvtF 
Brown, Wm. H.PvtG 
Bruce, William A.PvtI 
Bruce, WilliamPvtC 
Bruler, John D.PvtK 
Bryant, JosephPvtF 
Buchanan, JamesPvtH 
Buchanan, John N.2dLtG 
Buckley, WilllamCorplG 
Buley, Thomas C.PvtE 
Bumfin, LawsonPvtF 
Burdick, JohnPvtF 
Burge, Thomas T.PvtG 
Burke, EdwardPvtK 
Burke, Patrick W.PvtF 
Burkert, Geo.PvtH 
Burkhardt, JohnPvtH 
Burlein, JacobPvtD 
Burns, John A.PvtK 
Burns, JohnPvtF 
Burns, Thomas H.PvtE 
Burris, JohnPvtE 
Burros, ThomasPvtE 
Bustard, WilliamPvtK 
Butts, Wm. S.1stLtA 

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