from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-G H-K L-O P-S T-Z

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Tachua, Henry2dLtE 
Talbert, AlexanderPvtL 
Tanner, John H.CorplF 
Tatom, CliftonSgtF 
Tatum, SquirePvtF 
Taubsley, JacksonPvtE 
Taylor, Daniel LeePvtF 
Taylor, IsaacCaptD 
Taylor, Jos. D.PvtC 
Taylor, NelsonPvtM 
Taylor, Newton B.PvtE 
Taylor, RobertPvtC 
Taylor, SamuelPvtF 
Taylor, SimonPvtK 
Taylor, ThomasPvtF 
Taylor, William A.SgtM 
Taylor, WilliamPvtB 
Teril, WilliamPvtF 
Thomas, Elbert S.PvtI 
Thomas, GarrettPvtC 
Thompson, DavidPvtF 
Thompson, John B.PvtH 
Thompson, John H.PvtH 
Thompson, JohnPvtC 
Thompson, WilliamPvtA 
Thornton, Anthony B.SgtK 
Thrasher, Samuel J.FarrierF 
Toland, WilliamPvtM 
Tolbert, WilliamPvtL 
Tomason, John M.PvtC 
Toner, Stephens ThomasPvtA 
Toomey, CorneliusSgtD 
Tracy, Daniel P.PvtA 
Travis, WilliamPvtA 
Trent, WilburnPvtA 
Trobridge, GeorgeCorplF 
Truax, FrankCorplB 
Tucker, Burton R.PvtM 
Tucker, George W.CorplI 
Tucker, John G.SgtL 
Tucker, JohnPvtF 
Tucker, JohnPvtI 
Tucker, SamuelPvtH 
Tuder, WilliamPvtA 
Turner, JohnPvtB 
Turner, Samuel F.CorplA 
Turner, SamuelPvtM 
Tyre, JacksonBuglerC 
Underwood, ChalenWagonerI 
Underwood, GrenberryPvtH 
Underwood, Jas. F.PvtH 
VValler, FieldingPvtA 
Vancleare, William H.PvtH 
Vandiver, James L.PvtF 
Vaughn, William S.PvtH 
Veach, Jerry J.R.PvtD 
Vicken, AlbertPvtM 
Vimont, Louis V.PvtB 
Vittltoe, Abraham B.PvtK 
Votaw, Jno.PvtF 
Vowells, Frank2dLtH 
Wackerman, FrankPvtM 
Waddles, IshamPvtF 
Wade, John L.PvtH 
Walden, GeorgeFarrierM 
Waldon, GilesPvtH 
Walker, Charles E.FarrierA 
Walker, GeorgePvtM 
Walker, Thomas M.PvtK 
Walker, WilliamSgtF 
Wallace, GeorgePvtC 
Waller, Jno. M.PvtA 
Walter, CampbellPvtB 
Walters, BlufordPvtB 
Walters, GeorgePvtC 
Ward, AllenPvtD 
Ward, David A.SgtA 
Ward, James D.PvtL 
Warner, AlbertPvtC 
Warner, CharlesPvtH 
Warren, HaggardSgtH 
Warren, NathanFarrierI 
Watkins, Lewis D.Staff 
Watkins, William P.PvtL 
Watson, JohnsonPvtI 
Watt, FrancisPvtL 
Watts, Stephen J.CorplC 
Wear, WilliamPvtE 
Weaster, Tho. C.PvtA 
Webb, JessePvtF 
Webb, JohnPvtF 
Webb, The. S.PvtA 
Webster, SamuelPvtA 
Webster, Tho. C.PvtA 
Weddle, William H.PvtF 
Wellingford, HermenPvtA 
Welsh, DanielPvtA 
Welsh, James E.PvtL 
West, RichardPvtH 
What, Henry M.PvtL 
Wheat, John T.PvtL 
Wheat, WilliamSgtL 
Wheatley, LucienSgtA 
Wheler, JamesPvtF 
White, Alfred J.PvtI 
White, Anthony W.PvtB 
Whitehead, John R.PvtB 
Whitehouse, Benjamin H.PvtK 
Whitehouse, JosephPvtK 
Whitehouse, Squire M.PvtF 
Whitlow, Jesse P.PvtK 
Wikell, WilliamPvtH 
Wilcher, Levi B.SgtF 
Wilkerson, JamesPvtF 
Willard, James H.PvtK 
Williams, BarnettPvtF 
Williams, George HPvtB 
Williams, George1stLtM 
Williams, Henry C.SgtC 
Williams, James H.PvtI 
Williams, JamesPvtK 
Williams, John F.PvtI 
Williams, JohnPvtD 
Williams, RichardPvtI 
Williams, ThomasCorplC 
Williams, ThomasPvtC 
Williamson, David M.SgtI 
Williamson, James E.PvtI 
Williamson, ZachariahPvtI 
Willis, Andrew J.PvtB 
Wilson, Jas. D.1stLtK 
Wilson, SimeonPvtB 
Wilson, TheodorePvtH 
Wilson, Thomas B.CorplH 
Wilson, Wm. R.PvtM 
Wimsett, AlociusPvtH 
Winkelman, WilliamPvtE 
Winstard, JohnPvtF 
Withrow, Isham T.PvtL 
Withrow, Wm. K.PvtL 
Witt, GeorgePvtD 
Witt, Simon K.PvtD 
Witty, EzekielCorplL 
Wolfington, JohnPvtL 
Wood, Francis B.SgtB 
Wood, JosephPvtK 
Woodard, JosephPvtE 
Woodruff, ThomasPvtM 
Woods, John H.PvtK 
Woods, John W.CorplB 
Woods, John W.FarrierL 
Woods, JohnPvtH 
Woodson, Alexander C.SgtF 
Wooley, WilliamPvtI 
Woolridge, Daniel B.PvtI 
Woolridge, Richard T.PvtI 
Woolsey, Samuel M.BuglerM 
Worland, WilliamPvtK 
Wright, AlfredPvtH 
Wright, AllenPvtL 
Wright, CharlesPvtL 
Wyatt, CalvinPvtD 
Wyatt, Noal B.PvtD 
Yankee, DavidSgtF 
Yates, Lee R.Comm.Staff 
Yeager, AlfredPvtA 
Young, Benjamin H.PvtF 
Young, HenryPvtC 
Yowell, James B.PvtF 
Zachry, JohnPvtF 
Zimmer, JohnPvtK 

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