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NOTE: Company "F", originally recruited by Capt. John E. Burns, was consolidated with Company "M." Afterwards, in January, 1864, Capt. Geo. T. Stacey recruited a company for the 2d Regiment Kentucky Heavy Artillery, which was assigned as Company "F," 7th Kentucky Cavalry, and at the muster-out of the regiment was transferred to Company "H," 6th Kentucky Veteran Cavalry.

Company "I", originally recruited by Capt. Jesse H. Berry, was consolidated with Company "B". Afterwards, in March, 1864, CapL Jno. M. Cook re-enlisted a company from the 49th Kentucky Infantry, which was assigned as Company "I", 7th Kentucky Cavalry, and at the muster-out of the regiment was transferred to Company "B" of the 6th Kentucky Veteran cavalry.


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Abbott, Robert B.SgtC 
Abernathy, Henry C.SgtB 
Ackmire, JamesFarrierE 
Adams, AndrewPvtH 
Adams, ArthurCorplA 
Adams, GeorgePvtD 
Adams, James D.CorplH 
Adams, John M.SgtA 
Adams, Samuel W.CorplG 
Alison, J. M.PvtC 
Allen, James A.CorplD 
Allen, SamuelBuglerA 
Ambrose, M. J. W.ChaplainStaff 
Anderson, John H.CorplH 
Anderson, SimeonPvtH 
Anderson, WilliamSgtG 
Annis, Taylor W.PvtD 
Antrabus, JamesPvtC 
Armotage, BenjaminPvtE 
Arnett, WilliamPvtB 
Arnett, WilliamPvtK 
Asberry, ClaytonPvtD 
Asberry, Franklin C.CorplD 
Ashcraft, Alonzo P.CorplD 
Ashley, James P.CaptC 
Atchison, JamesPvtK 
Atchison, Samuel C.PvtA 
Atchison, SilasPvtA 
Ausburn, Henry C.PvtE 
Austin, Hudson R.PvtG 
Baird, James L.2dLtH 
Baird, John F.PvtH 
Baird, JosephSgtH 
Baker, BenjaminPvtH 
Baker, JamesPvtH 
Baker, JosephPvtH 
Baker, Phillip L.PvtG 
Baker, William P.PvtH 
Bales, WilliamPvtB 
Barber, JamesSgtM 
Barker, BenjaminPvtK 
Barnes, Grandison G.SgtM 
Barnett, James H.PvtE 
Barnett, JohnPvtG 
Barrett, WilliamPvtG 
Barry, BartholomewPvtC 
Bartley, JohnPvtK 
Bateman, Noah C.WagonerK 
Bateman, WilliamPvtK 
Bau, Robert E.CorplH 
Beach, Addison D.PvtB 
Beach, WilliamWagonerE 
Beagle, Jasper H.PvtB 
Beaumont, ThomasHospStwdStaff 
Beaumont, Thos.PvtH 
Beihn, FrederickPvtK 
Bell, Wm. M.SgtC 
Bennett, John M.PvtK 
Berkshire, WilliamSgtG 
Berry, Jesse H.CaptB 
Bettis, WilliamPvtG 
Bichu, FredrickCorplE 
Biddle, JeromeCorplK 
Bingham, HenryPvtK 
Bishop, JohnPvtB 
Bishop, JohnPvtC 
Blackburn, Allison K.PvtE 
Blackburn, Benjamin T.CorplE 
Blackburn, Geo. W.PvtB 
Blackburn, William B.PvtE 
Blackman, Wm. J.PvtE 
Blake, George R.PvtG 
Blake, John L.CorplD 
Blake, ThomasPvtK 
Bloom, Andrew S.MajStaff 
Blythe, William B.PvtK 
Boaez, DavidPvtM 
Boaz, DanielPvtB 
Bolen, DavidPvtC 
Boone, JosephFarrierG 
Bostick, GabrielPvtE 
Bowles, Martin N.PvtB 
Boyd, Samuel G.BuglerA 
Bradley, George W.PvtA 
Bradley, W. W.CaptD 
Brady, William W.LtColStaff 
Brewer, James W.1stLtG 
Brewer, John S.PvtG 
Brewer, Richard2dLtG 
Brewer, RichardSgtG 
Brewer, SterlingPvtK 
Briddock, JosephCorplK 
Brown, Charles P.PvtA 
Brown, George A.PvtH 
Brown, Lucius O.PvtC 
Brown, WilliamSgtA 
Brown, ZachariahPvtB 
Bruce, EdwardPvtB 
Brush, PeterPvtE 
Bryant, JesseCaptD 
Bryant, RobertPvtK 
Bryant, WilliamPvtK 
Buchanan, MarionPvtC 
Buckley, EdmondCorplG 
Buckley, James W.PvtG 
Buckley, John W.PvtG 
Burden, JarrottPvtG 
Burden, MorilloePvtG 
Burden, SamuelPvtG 
Burkley, HenryPvtB 
Burnam, Andrew J.AsstSurgeonStaff 
Burnes, JohnPvtB 
Burns, AlfordPvtM 
Burns, John E.CaptM 
Burns, JohnCorplE 
Burns, JohnCorplM 
Burns, PhilipBuglerB 
Burton, JamesPvtB 
Burton, JeffersonPvtB 
Bush, JamesSgtE 
Calway, FrederickCorplB 
Cambell, John B.AdjtStaff 
Campbell, GeorgePvtK 
Campbell, JamesPvtK 
Campbell, John W.Q.MstrStaff 
Campbell, Jos.PvtC 
Canter, James M.SaddlerB 
Carden, James H.PvtB 
Carden, William H.PvtB 
Cardwell, ThomasPvtB 
Carlton, Jno. M.SgtB 
Carlton, John J.CorplB 
Carlton, Robert E.CorplB 
Carpenter, George W.PvtM 
Carpenter, John M.SgtH 
Carr, ThomasPvtM 
Cart, Orville S.CorplG 
Carver, ThomasPvtB 
Caswell, Philip S.PvtG 
Caughey, Harvey G.PvtG 
Caughey, James F.PvtG 
Caughey, James M.PvtG 
Caveno, Jno.SgtB 
Cayton, Geo. W.PvtD 
Cayton, William A.CorplB 
Chancy, Robert2dLtG 
Chipley, BenjaminPvtB 
Chism, ThomasSgtD 
Chrisman, Jno. W.SgtB 
Chrystler, HenryPvtG 
Church, JamesPvtH 
Chysm, SelbyPvtG 
Clark, John R.PvtD 
Clark, Manilla C.SgtD 
Clark, RobertPvtM 
Clark, ThomasCorplM 
Clark, Wm. C.SgtMajStaff 
Clarke, Wm. C.PvtB 
Clawser, Wm.PvtB 
Claypoole, James H.ChiefBuglerStaff 
Claypoole, Jas. H.BuglerC 
Clem, Geo. W.PvtD 
Clemons, James R.CorplD 
Coffer, AndrewPvtM 
Coffer, ReubenPvtA 
Coffer, ThomasSgtM 
Cogswell, HenryPvtA 
Cogswell, IsaacPvtA 
Coleman, Wm. H.BuglerK 
Collier, RobertCaptH 
Collier, RobertMajStaff 
Collier, William J.PvtD 
Collins, EdmondPvtG 
Collins, JosiahPvtG 
Collover, JosephPvtM 
Conn, Andrew J. T.CorplH 
Connelly, MartinSgtB 
Conyers, ThomasCorplM 
Conyers, William M.PvtM 
Cook, JosephPvtB 
Cooper, James M.PvtE 
Cooper, Lorenzo D.PvtC 
Cord, John M.SgtK 
Corey, JohnPvtA 
Cosligon, WilliamPvtM 
Cox, William H.PvtK 
Coyle, Andrew K.PvtM 
Craig, AbsalomVetSurgeonStaff 
Craig, James W.CorplA 
Craily, AbsalomFarrierD 
Cram, SimeonCaptM 
Crawford, SamuelPvtG 
Craycraft, Wm. B.PvtK 
Crear, JohnPvtB 
Crombie, JamesPvtM 
Crosby, WilliamPvtD 
Crouch, John B.SaddlerM 
Crouch, John W.CorplD 
Crouch, William A.PvtB 
Cummings, George W.PvtG 
Cunningham, JohnPvtM 
Cupps, CorneliusPvtM 
Curl, Wm.PvtC 
Curtis, DanielPvtD 
Curtis, HenryPvtD 
Curtis, JohnPvtG 

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