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from "Union Regiments of Kentucky"
(Under the 13th Army Corps)

Surnames (in this Regiment): A-C D-H I-M N-S T-Z

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Tammage, HenryAsstSurgStaff 
Taulbie, Wm. H.CorplH 
Taylor, EdwardPvtF 
Taylor, Hiram L.PvtF 
Taylor, SimeonPvtE 
Templin, SamuelPvtC 
Thacker, Jas. W.PvtA 
Thackman, Abraham C.CorplA 
Thomas, EliPvtD 
Thomas, ElishaPvtD 
Thomas, JessePvtA 
Thomas, LeviPvtD 
Thomas, WilliamPvtD 
Thompson, Alexander H.PvtA 
Thompson, S. H.1stLtK 
Thompson, William J.PvtH 
Tincher, Wm. N.PvtA 
Tinchner, Henry B.CorplA 
Tinsley, James H.2dLtHDr. William C. Fleenor has additional information on James. See his website.
Tinsley, JohnSgtH 
Townsley, James L.SgtI 
Townsley, WilliamPvtI 
Treadway, E. B.MajStaff 
Treadway, Elisha B.CaptA 
Treadway, SimpsonPvtA 
Trewitt, ElitasPvtA 
Trewitt, WileyPvtA 
Trosper, Duncey E.PvtH 
Truitt, ReddenPvtC 
Tuggle, HenryPvtG 
Tuggle, JamesSgtH 
Turner, EdwardPvtD 
Turner, ElliottPvtK 
Turner, John C.PvtC 
Turner, MinatreePvtC 
Turner, Robt.PvtB 
Turner, ShadrackPvtK 
Tye, George W.PvtG 
Tye, James C.PvtG 
Tye, Joseph E.PvtG 
Tye, Joseph H.PvtG 
Tye, WilliamPvtG 
Underwood, Thos. J.PvtG 
Uptom, Gainford N.PvtC 
Upton, Edward H.PvtC 
Vanover, CorneliusSgtF 
Vanover, HenryPvtF 
Vaughan, William G.PvtI 
Vaughn, Levi H.PvtK 
Vaughn, William A.PvtK 
Volentine, DanielCorplE 
Volentine, HughCorplE 
Volentine, Wm.PvtI 
W.Steele, SamuelPvtF 
Wages, DuddlePvtE 
Wages, DuttinPvtE 
Wages, JacksonPvtE 
Wages, LeanderCorplE 
Wages, PendletonPvtE 
Wages, Wm.CorplE 
Walker, DanielSgtI 
Walker, PalasPvtI 
Wambles, JohnPvtE 
Ward, SilasPvtF 
Ward, ThompsonPvtI 
Warren, ClarkPvtI 
Warren, David S. E.PvtA 
Watkins, W. W.Q.MstrStaff 
Watkins, Wm. W.PvtG 
Weaver, David W.PvtK 
Weaver, Lewis P.PvtG 
Webber, ElihuCorplA 
Welch, Samuel E.PvtC 
Wells, John C.PvtG 
West, LeonardCorplD 
White, Beverly P.CaptE 
White, DaughertyPvtE 
White, Francis M.SgtA 
White, James H.PvtB 
White, William L.PvtB 
White, Wm. W.SgtE 
Whitman, JohnPvtF 
Whittemore, SmithPvtE 
Whittemore, WilliamPvtB 
Wiggins, John N.PvtH 
Wilburn, LewisPvtK 
Wilcox, SamuelPvtI 
Wilder, DempseyCorplE 
Wilder, EvenPvtB 
Wilder, George W.PvtB 
Wilder, HenryPvtD 
Wilder, Lewis C.PvtC 
Wilder, SilasPvtD 
Wilder, William H. H.PvtB 
Wilkinson, Jno. C.PvtK 
Williams, Daniel G.CaptB 
Williams, Geo. B.PvtD 
Williams, J.PvtB 
Williams, JamesPvtG 
Williams, NathanCorplD 
Willlams, William A.CorplD 
Wilson, AlfordPvtD 
Wilson, J. T.HospStwdStaff 
Wilson, Jesse T.CorplH 
Wilson, John C.SgtD 
Wilson, John W.PvtD 
Wilson, ManuelPvtG 
Wilson, Thomas H.CaptD 
Wilson, William W.PvtH 
Witt, Samuel L.PvtH 
Wood, HenrySgtD 
Wood, Jas.CorplE 
Wood, John J.PvtD 
Wood, Sherod F.PvtK 
Woods, AshleyCorplA 
Woods, JamesPvtH 
Woods, Lorenzo D.PvtG 
Woodson, Morgan J.CorplI 
Woodward, Calvin C.PvtK 
Woodward, JamesPvtA 
Woodward, JosiahPvtA 
Worm, StephenPvtE 
Wyatt, JohnPvtI 
Wyatte, Daniel H.SgtF 
York, Wm. P.PvtH 
Young, DavidPvtD 
Young, Hiram B.PvtK 
Young, JamesPvtD 
Young, JeremiahPvtC 
Young, JohnPvtK 

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