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Mercer County KY Will - 1999
(Archived posts from 1997 - June 2001)

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ADAMS, WILLIAM SR. 29 Jul 1789
Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
Will: July 29, 1789: Probated July 1795: Book 1 page 205

Leg: sons William, Samuel, David; dau. Jennet Adams, Anne Adams, Margaret Curry, Mary Wilson.

Exor: sons Samuel and David.

Wit: Elizabeth Thomas, Wm. Stewart, John Thomas

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Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
ALEXANDER, MARTHA Will: May 1, 1798: Probated July 1798: Book 2 page 75
Came from Mecklenburg Co., Va.

Leg: Maj. Gen. Samuel Hopkins - to friend Polly Hopkins (sister to Maj. Gen. Samuel Hopkins). Elizabeth Davis, wife of Charles Davis. To my brother Robert Alexander, half brother Williams Jones Alexander, half sister Nancy Jones Alexander, brother John Alexander, friend Catharine Hopkins (sister to Maj. Gen.), Polly H. Davis (dau of Chas & Elizabeth), Sally P. Hopkins (dau of Maj. Gen.)

Exor: Maj. Gen. Samuel Hopkins

Wit: E. McDowell, Ephriam & John D. Housmin

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ARMSTRONG, MARY; 13 Dec 1792
Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
ARMSTRONG, MARY Will: December 13, 1792: Probated May 1793: Book 1 Page 104

Leg: (1) heirs of dau Elizabeth, (2) heirs of son William, (3) son Abel, (4) son Richard, (5) grandson William, son of Abel, (6) grandson John, son of Richard, (7) granddaughter Jean Stell, dau of son James, (8) granddaughter Mary, dau of son James

Exor: son Richard Armstrong
Wit: Ninian Steel, John Bunton

Inventory: Aug 1793: Book 1 Page 111
Apprs: John Armstrong, John Buntain, Stephen Arnold.

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ARNOLD, STEPHEN; 26 Dec 1793
Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
ARNOLD, STEPHEN Will: December 26, 1793: Probated March 1794: Book 1 page 159

Wife: Jane Arnold
Leg: sons Stephen, John, James; dau.s Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane. Son-in-law Alexander Armstrong, son-in-law Thomas Wilson, granddaughter Jenney Arnold (dau. of Abegale)

Exor: none
Wit: Wm. Steele, Staley McClure

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ASHBY, HENRY; 5 Feb 1797
Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
ASHBY, HENRY Will: February 5, 1797: Probated Aug 1798: Book 2 page 80

Wife: Ellinder
5 dau: Elizabeth, Mary Jones, Nancy Hardin, Sarah Fields, Lenor
5 sons: Robert, Bounds, Argyle, George and Stephen (deceased)
Grandchildren: Mary and Mitildy Ashby, dau. of Stephen, Lewis and John Robason

Exor: son Bounds Ashby and Mason Jones
Wit: David Ashby, John Ashby, Stephen Ashby

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ASHBY, STEPHEN; 19 May 1797
Pam Fri, 05 Feb 1999
ASHBY, STEPHEN Will: May 19, 1797: Book 2 page 36
Wife: name not given
Heirs: 5 sons: Daniel, Absalom, John, Stephen, Enos
3 dau: Rosy Timmins, Anna Prather, Lettice Neally

Exors: sons Daniel, Absalom, John & Stephen Ashby
Wit: Thomas Adams, John Waggoner, Moses Neal, Enos Haden, Mason Jones.

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THRELKELD, JOHN; 23 Jan 1797
Vernon <> Mon, 15 Feb 1999
Will: January 23, 1797: Probated March 1802: Book 2 Page 292
Wife: Margaret
three sons, George, Daniel, John
four daughters, Judith Bohon, Sarah Bohon, Molly Burriss, Betty Russel
three granddau., Peggy, Elly and Betty Russel (dau. of John Russel)
Exors: wife Margaret, sons George and Daniel Threlkeld
Wit: Wharton Ransdell, Nathan Neeld

Appraisement: April 16, 1802: Book 2 Page 296
Exors: George Threlkeld, Daniel Threlkeld
Apprs: Wharton Ransdell, John Curry, John Sanford

Note: On my copy of the appraisement, I do not have the "Book" number recorded; I have assumed it is book 2 because the date and page follow shortly after those of the probated will.

My copy was made from microfilm #191830 at the KY Archives.

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Will of John Ryan - 1798
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer Will Book 1, page 70
Will of John Ryan
Dated: April 2, 1798: Probated May 1798

In the Name of God Amen

I, John Ryan of the county of Mercer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky being sickly and weak of body but of strong mind and perfect memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same and calling to mind that it [is] appointed for all men to die, I do therefore make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner & form following viz:

I commit my soul unto the Hands of Almighty God that gave it & my body to the dirt to be buried in a Christian and decent like manner at the direction of my executors hereafter named and as for the Wordly estate that hath pleased God to bless me with I give and devise and bequeath in the followin manner Viz:

ITEM: I give & devise to my loving wife Sarah Ryan one third of my estate during her life.

ITEM: I give and devise to my loving sons John, Solomon, Thomas, and David all my lands Viz: the plantation whereon I now live, the plantation on Salt River which I bought from Peter Casey and that plantation on Chaplins Fork containg the Grape Vine Bottom to be equally divided betweem them & their heirs and assigns forever.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my loving daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Eleanor, Mary & Catherine the sum of sixty pounds to each of them allowing a deduction from each one of them for what they have actually received from me when they set up for themselves to be paid in four yers after my decease.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my son Thomas a year old sorrel colt and to my son David his choice of the cross eard Maris colt or a colt that the bay mare may bring forth this spring.

ITEM: and all the rest remainder and revision of my estate whether real personal or mixt I give and devise and bequeath to my sons Thomas and David part of which my will is to be applied to their learning and education and the remaining ballance to be paid in their hands or delivered to them when they shall arrive to the age of twenty one years having equall dividends thereof and I do hereby constitute and appoint my loving wife Sarah, my son John and my son-in-law Robert Johnston my executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking and disannulling all wills and testaments heretofore by me made and done pronouncing this and declaring this and no other to be my last will and testemant.

In witness whereof I have set my hand by subscribing my name and affixing my seal this second day of April anno domino one thousand seven hundred ninety eight.

John Ryan {seal}

Signed sealed and delivered to be his last will and testament in the presence of us:

David Williams
John Jones
John Thomas.

Mercer County Set. May Court 1798. The last will and testament of John Ryan deceased was exhibited into court and proved by the oaths of David Williams & John Thomas two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. Teste Thos Allin. CC

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Division of Land - John Ryan
Surnames: RYAN#00009
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Book 2, pg 295-296

In obedience to an order from the worshipful Circuit Court of Mercer County to us directed to divide the lands of John Ryan dec'd Between the Legatees as followeth: To John Ryan the plantation on Salt River his paying his mother seventy four pounds & four shillings for her rite of dowery; To Solomon Ryan the plantation on Chaplins Fork his paying his mother fourteen pounds four shillings for her rite of dower; To Thomas & David Ryan (minors) where they now live on Mrs. Ryan to her her thirds of said plantation during her natural life then to return to the said Thomas & David Ryan. Given under our hands this 30th day of Jany 1799.
Peter Casey
James Ray
David Williams.

Mercer Ct Set. March Court 1802. The division of land between the legatees of John Ryan dec'd was returned into court and ordered to be recorded. Thos Allin C.C.

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Will of John Ryan (III) 1825
Surnames: RYAN, WOOD#00010
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County Kentucky Will Book 8, pg 254 -255

Will of John Ryan (III) dated 25 Jan 1825

In the name of God amen
I, John Ryan of the county of Mercer & State of Kentucky, being very weak of body but of perfect mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body do make & ordain this my last will & testament in the following manner & form viz:

FIRST of all I commend my spirit into the hands of Almighty God who gave it & my body to the earth from where it came to be buried in decent christian burial -

And touching the wordly estate wherewith it hath pleased the Lord to bless me after all my just debts are paid I give and bequeath to my dear well beloved mother, Elizabeth Ryan, my interest in the tract of land wheron I now reside as laid off to me as my Legacy of my Fathers estate by the county court of Mercer County 1824 - which interest she is told as her own during her natural life or widowhood. At her death or marriage it is my will that sd lot or parcel of land be equally divided between my two beloved brothers, Solomon Ryan & Isaac Ryan provided that they pay to my dearly beloved sister Elizabeth Ryan eighty dollars in silver or it equivelent & to my well beloved nephew John Ryan Wood the sum of eighty dollars in the like manner.

I give & bequeath to my well beloved sister Sarah Wood one roan horse.

I give to my well beloved sister Elizabeth Ryan one iron grey mare colt.

I give to my beloved brother Isaac Ryan 36 dollars commonwealth money being a debt due me from him.

And as respect to all other articles or property belonging to me it is my will that they be kept & used by my mother in her present family for their use during her life with them.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this 25th day of January in the year of our Lord 1825.

John Ryan [seal}

Signed & acknowledged in presence of us:
Martin C. Duncan
Asberry Lillard

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Will of David Williams - 1832
Surnames: THOMPSON, WILLIAMS#00011
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County Will Book 9, pg 496

Will of David Williams
dated 23 Jun 1831 - probated Jan Court 1832

I David Williams of Mercer Co..
1st: To my grandson, Isaac N. Thompson, negro boy named Abel & all my lands in the State of Ohio not heretofore disposed of. Also my right to 200 acres of land on Highland in (blank) County, Ky.

2nd: To my grandson Joseph W. Thompson, my tract of land on the Kentucky [River] in Gallatin County, called Williams Bottom.

3rd: I give to my granddaughter, Lucy Jane Thompson, 1/2 of my tract of land in Mercer Co to include the place called the White be laid off by my exors..subject however to such part of my wifes dower as may fall on it as hereinafter directed.

4th: to my grandson, David W. Thompson, I give the other 1/2 of my said home tract in Mercer - subject to my wifes dower or portion as hereinafter directed.

5th: to my dearly beloved wife in lieu of dower in my estate real & personal - I give as followeth, my grandson, Joseph W. Thompson is required to pay her at the end of each year after my death the sum of $25.00. She is to have all my stock, household & kitchen furniture forever, 1/3 of all money on hand or debts due me forever - 1/3 of my slaves during her life & 1/3 of my home tract and plantation including my dwelling house during her life to be laid off by my exors without reguard to its covering an equal quanity of Lucy Jane's and David's land. Abel to be given to Isaac before the slaves are divided.

6th: I give to my grandsons Joseph & David and my granddaughter Lucy Jane the remainder of al property herein bequeathed to my wife for life except the land remaining before directed to Lucy Jane & David.

7th: I give unto my grandchildren, Joseph, Lucy Jane & David - the balance of my real personal or mixed, slaves, money &c not herein specifically disposed of.

If any of my sd grandchildren or their representatives should ever presume to call for a settlement of their mothers accounts or acting as exor of their father and recover or establish anything to be due to him or her - then his or her part of my estate is to go to satisfy the demand so made for if my daughter owed her children anything I give them my estate as above in discharge of it & in confirmation of what she has done in relation to their fathers estate.

I appoint my grandson, Joseph W. Thompson and my friend George W. Thompson exors of this my Will...they are not to give security.

My negro woman Lucy to have her freedom

signed: 23 Jun 1831.

David Williams

Hiram Downing
Dymer Downing
Armstead Downing

probated Mercer County Court - Jan Ct. 1832..further proved Feb Ct. 1832

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Will of Rev. James Davis - 1821
Surnames: DAVIS#00012
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County - Will Book 6, pg 351

Will of James Davis dated 24 Apr 1820 & probated Mercer County Ky Feb. 1821

I James Davis of Mercer County State of Kentucky desire this writing to be my last will and testament.

In the first place I direct that my Just debts be paid. My will and desire is that in the following Manner:

My loving wife is to have one third of my estate during her life and at her death my wish is that what I have given her be equally divided between all my children then living.

My will and desire is that my sons Thomas S. Davis, Harrison Davis & Achilles Davis have each of them a colt the same which is now called their colts & each of them meaning my three named sons to have a feather bed & furniture.

The ballance of my estate I desire may be equally divided between my NINE children. I desire that my estate be not appraised.

I hereby appoint my two sons James E. Davis & Thomas S. Davis my executors and desire that when they qualify they may do so without given (sic) security.

As witnesses I have here unto put my hand & seal this 24th April 1820.

James Davis {seal}

Geo Thompson
Henry Horine
John F. Fleming

Note: The Davis Family Bible gives his birthday as 3 Sep 1763 & day of death as 6 Dec 1820.

Davis-Johnson Family Graveyard - on Mundays Landing Pike in Mercer Co.,Ky.
Two stones remain:
Rev. James Davis died 6 Dec 1820 aged 57 yrs
Robert M. Johnson died 18 Jan 1824 aged 64

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Heirs of John S. Cecil 1844
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer Co Will Book 13, pg 40
John S. Cecil administrators settlement - Oct 18, 1848
Adms: Solomon Jones & George Davis

Mercer Co., Ky. Deed Book 24, pg 322
3 Jul 1844
William Brown & Nancy h/w
Robert Jones & Polly h/w
George Davis & Susan h/w
Sally Simpson
Robert Poor & Mahala h/w
James Cecil & Mary h/w
Catherine Bryant....heirs at law [brothers and sisters] of John S. Cecil dec'd and Lucinda [Jones] Cecil widow of said John Cecil, dec'd...convey to Samuel Jones...for and in consideration of a tract of land of 160 & 1/2 acres which Samuel Jones caused to be deeded to said John Cecil, parties of the first part bargain and sell unto Jones, two tracts of land in Mercer County on Shawnee Run. The first tract contains 107 acres and 8 sq poles on the north side of the road leading from Harrodsburg to Shawnee Run ferry...corner to Berryman and bounded by Grimes and Martin. The 2nd tract of 50 acres & is part of the old Horine mill tract and on which the old mill now stands. Boundaries: Overstreet - Thomas Anderson - up Shawnee Run to the mouth of Overstreets branch.

It is understood that there is reserved from the first tract the dower or life estate of Mrs. Elizabeth Moore dec'd who had a right to the whole of sd tract during her life.

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Will of John Jones 1824-1829
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County Will Book 9, pg 168

Will of John Jones, Sr. - dated 21 Sep 1824 - prob. Sep 1829

I, John Jones, Senr. of Mercer County and State of Kentucky, make this writing my last Will and Testament.

My Will is that my Estate be not appraised.

The tract of land on which I live containing by estimation 110 acres be the same more or less being originally part of Casey's preemption and deeded to me by David Williams - I hereby give and devise to such children of my son Robert Jones lawfully begotten as may be living after the death of both the said Robert and Polly Jones his present wife--or if said Robert may have any child to die before the death of himself and Polly leaving lawful descendents then such descendents to have one share as the representatives of such deceased child -- But my will is that my said son Robert shall have the management and use of said land during his life and his wife Polly after him during her life if she survive him that they may take care of said children and have a home for themselves but by no means intending to vest in them or either of them any such interest in said land as would be liable for the debts or contracts of either of them --the bequest to my son Robert's descendents as above defined is to them and their heirs forever.

I have heretofore given to my son Jesse Jones all the portion which I intended for him.

All the rest of my estate of every kind which I may leave at my death I give to be equally divided between my children David, Samuel, John, Jane Burton, the children of my deceased daughter Polly Robertson [?Robinson] and the daughter of my deceased son James Jones -- meaning that the children of Polly Robertson shall have but one share among them and if any of the children above named as devisees under this clause shall die before this will shall take effect then the lawful decendents of such person to come in for such share as their deceased father or mother would have been entitle if living--I hereby appoint my sons David Jones, Samuel Jones, and John Jones, Jr., executors of this my last will and testament

Witness my hand and seal this 21st day of September 1824.
John Jones [seal]

signed in the presence of:
Geo. Thompson
George C. Thompson
William Brown
George Davis

Mercer County Court, set. February County Court 1829.
The Foregoing last will and testament of John Jones dec'd was this day produced into court and proven by the oaths of G. Thompson, Geo. C. Thompson, William Brown & Geo. Davis subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded. Att: Tho. Allin. C.C.

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Will of John Cecil Jones 1901
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County Will Book 19, pg 151
dated 10 Jan 1901 & probated Feb 4th 1901

I, John C. Jones of the County of Mercer and State of Kentucky do make and establish this my last will and Testament.

FIRST: It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

SECOND: I give to my two grandchildren, Hattie Bird and Mattie Bell Threlkeld my bay mare this is for their faithfulnes during my illness.

THIRD: It is my will that the farm on which I now reside be sold after my death and the mortgage of $700 on said farm held by J. K. Sumerall be paid first out of the proceeds at sd sale.

FOURTH: After said sale and the mortgage satisfied, I will that my burial and funderal expenses and any other just debts that I have be paid out of my half interest in the residue after the payment of the mortgage, my daughter Hester Lampkin is the owner jointly in the farm and after the mortgage is met, one half of the remnant is hers.

FIFTH: After all my indebtedness is met from the sale of the farm I desire that my interest in the remainder of the proceeds from sd sale be equally divided between my daughter Hester Lampkin, my grand-son: George Trapnall Jones and my grandson, Robert Franklin Jones.

SISTH: I appoint my son in law Joseph Lamkin as guardian for my grand-son Robert Jones and direct that he use all proper means to educate him out of the part that falls to said Robert Jones.

Wit. my hand this January 10, 1901
John C. Jones

Wit: Geo. A. Robinson, James L. Reed.

The above will was regularly probated at the Feb. term of the Mercer County Court 1901 being proven by Geo. A. Robinson and James L. Reed.

James L. Neal appointed as administer with the Will annexed of John C. Jones on Feb 16, 1901 & executed bond with J.A. Lampkin as his surety. [Order Book 9, pg 113]

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Will of Gabriel Slaughter Taylor 1903
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer County Will Book 19, pg 201

Will of Gabriel S. Taylor - dated July 1903 - probated 4 Jan 1904

I wish a stone similar to the one erected over the grave of my wife.
To my great niece Mrs. Jennie Bow, wife of Rev.J G. Bow - $500
Balance to the Ky Orphan School of Midway (Ky) & The Christian Church Widows & Orphans Home in Louisville.

Exors: James T. Wilson & Benj. F. Roach
Jno B. Mann
Joshua Adams

Settlement 1 Oct 1904 - Mr. Taylor lived until 30 Dec 1903 & deposed of his property, household & kitchen furniture & personal property in his lifetime so none of this came into the hands of his exors. His cash amounts to many thousands of dollars. And a debt owed by Stephen Lucas for $2,566.66. The exors.

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Will of John Taylor - 1841
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
John Taylor's long will..covering 6 pages in the Mercer Co Will Book was written by him..dated 16 Jan 1841, with a codicil written 28 Feb 1841 & probated April Court 1841..

..believing that the disease with which I am aflicted must shortly terminate...
ITEM: having given my son SAMUEL TAYLOR upwards of $3,000..I now give him $1.00
ITEM: having given my daughter SALLY MOSBY upwards of $1,200..I now give her $1.00
ITEM: having given my son JAMES TAYLOR, upwards of $2,000..I now give him $1.00
ITEM: having given my son CREED TAYLOR, upwards of $2,000..I now give him $1.00..all right & title to certain lands all my land claims in the state of Arkansas.
ITEM: having given to my daughter SOPHIA CARDWELL, upwards of $1,200..I give her the further sum of $2,000 more and to her son JOHN T. CARDWELL $1,000 and to my said daughter Sophia I give all the interest that may accrue on a note I hold on her husband JOHN W. CARDWELL
ITEM: having given my daughter SUSAN LEWIS $1,000..I give her $1.00
ITEM: after all my debts are paid ..all the rest to my beloved wife MARY TAYLOR and my sons JOHN TAYLOR & WILLIAM TAYLOR and my daughter ANN TAYLOR...this is followed by detailed items for these three children and what they should have when they arrive at the age of 21..including 200 acres in Bullitt Co., Ky. to son JOHN....son WILLIAM, to have the farm where John now lives if it suits his mother..& Ann & John to have items & property to the sum of $10,000 each..and the residue to son WILLIAM.

Friend William S. Moberly my exor and guardian to my children.

(An earlier will of John Taylor is found in the Mercer Co Circuit Court suit styled Taylor Heirs vs Taylor's Devisees)
from this will:

Having given my son Samuel Taylor $3,250 - I now give him $1.00
Having given my daughter Sally Mosby $1,200 - I now give her $500.00
Having given my son James Taylor near $2,000 - I now give him $500.00
Having given my son Creed Taylor upwards of $2,000 - I now give him $500.00
Having given my son Madison Taylor only $870 - I now give him $500.00 + a negro boy by the name of Little Sam & a bridle mare
Having given my daughter Sophia Cardwell $1,200 - I now give her $1,500 but if she died before me it is to go to her child John Taylor Cardwell or her children

Having given my daughter Susan Lewis about $1,000 - I now give her $1,000 but to be put into trust in the hands of John Wesley Cardwell until her eldest child, Elizabeth Ann Lewis becomes of lawful age or marries

I give to my wife all that she had when I married her & a horse, bridle & household furniture she may chose...(makes a lot of provisions for his underage children John, Ann & William Hughes Taylor).

I give to my granddaughter Lucy Ann Mosby one section of land situated in the Territory of Arkansas in the Co of Phillips near St. Francis River begin a section granted to Charles Rifell & sold to me..Deed record in the Clerk's Office of Phillips Co in Bok A, Pg 120

I give to my grandson James Harvey Mosby one section of land granted to John Severn & sold to me recorded in the Clerk's office of Arkansas Co.

My son James Taylor, John Wesley Cardwell & Basil Prather my exors. dated 20 Jul 1833

A codicil my son Madison has departed this life the part allotted to him is not to go to his heirs no do I wish the land allotted to my grandchildren Lucy Ann Caldwell and James Mosby is not to go to them but to be sold and equally divided between my first six children, Samuel Taylor excepted.
I now give my granddaughter Lucy Ann Cardwell a negro woman & to James H. Mosby a negro 16 Aug 1835.
Deed of James Taylor (son of John Taylor) to his sisters.

4 Oct 1842 (Mercer County Deed Bk 23, pg 489-547) for love of my three sisters, Sophia Cardwell, Susan Lewis & Ann Grimes..I give them all interest & title I have in the estate of our dec'd father, John Taylor. signed: James Taylor & wife Georgianna T[imberlake] Taylor

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Will of David Jarrel - 1813
Anne Baker <> Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Mercer Co., Ky. Will Book 4, pages 323-324
Will of David Jarrel - Will written 10 May 1813 & probated July Court 1813

[note this name is found in records as Jarrel, Jerrel, Jerald, Gerald etc]

In the name of God Amen.
I DAVID JARREL of Mercer County and state of Kentucky calling to mind the mortality of man and being at this in a sick and low condition but through the mercy of Almighty God, I being of a perfect and sound mind do constitute this my last will & testament and devine it to be recorded as such by all and after recommending my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth from whence it was taken and as to the earthly estate that God in his providence has endowed me with. I give and devise in way and manner as follows:

Viz. I first will that my funeral expenses bee [sic] paid and all my just debts bee paid

Secondly I give and bequeath unto my Dear and well beloved wife, ANN, All my estate real and personal during her life and at her death, I do devise that all the remaining part of my estate that may then be in her hands be sold except my land whereon I now live which land at her Death I do give and bequeath unto my grandson DAVID J. KELLY to him and his heirs forever but he is not [to] have possession until the Death of my wife excepting that part whereon he now lives on that part he is to have privilege to use as he may think proper at any time.

I also give unto my daughter AMY ROACH 40 shillings.
I also give unto my son-in-law BENJAMIN KELLY 40 shillings.

The Balance of my estate when sold as above mentioned I devise to be equally divided among my 13 grandchildren
Viz: WILLIAM ROACH, DAVID ROACH, [ASH]CRAFT ROACH, SAMUEL C. ROACH, MARY MAGDLEN ROACH, LUCY ANN ROACH, AMY ROACH, BENJAMIN H. KELLY, WILLIAM RUSH KELLY, AMY KELLY, SALLY KELLY, MAHALY KELLY, ANN RUSH LYONS, Dec'd to her two children LIDIA LYONS and BENJAMIN LYONS shall inherit their deceased mothers equal share and if the children should not live until coming of age their moiety shall return to my heirs.

I also give to my grand Daughter MAHALY KELLY one feather bed and furniture.

I appoint as my executors my wife ANN and David Jones. I do constitute this my last will and testament hereby _____ all others by me made heretofore in writing.
I set my hand and affix my seal this tenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirteen.

David Jarrel {seal}

D. Worley
Allen Burks
Zachariah Shackleford
____ Stevenson

Mercer County Sct July County Court 1813
The foregoing instrument of writing was this day produced into court and proved to be the last will and testament of David Jerril Dec'd and ordered to be recorded. Attest: Thos Allin, Ck.

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Petition for a Grist Mill; Anthony Prewitt - 1790
Fleta Aday <> Thu, 04 Mar 1999
Mercer Co. Ct. Records pg 455
June 27 1790
On petition of Anthony Prewitt, the sheriff and jury are to meet to examine the place on Chaplin Fork where he is about to erect a water grist mill, he owning the lands on both sides of and report accordingly to Court.
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Thomas Crawford - Bond to operate a tavern - 1794
Surnames: CRAWFORD, EWING#00023
Fleta Aday <> Thu, 04 Mar 1999
Homepage: My Genealogy Page
Found in Crawford File at Mercer Co. Historical Society
Bond of Thomas Crawford to operate a tavern

Known all men by these presents we Thomas Crawford and Samuel Ewing are hereto and firmly bound onto his excellency Isaac Shelby Esqr. Governor of the State of Kentucky and his successors in the sum of one hundred pounds current money for the payment of which to be made good to our said governor to wit the said Thomas and Samuel do bind ourselves or heirs Exets. and _______ jointly and separately by these presents as witness our hands and seals this 27 day of May 1794.

The condition of the above obligation is such that where as the above bound Thomas Crawford hath obtained license to keep Tavern at his house in the county of Mercer _____ ____ the said Thomas ______ constantly find and provide in his said tavern good wholesome clean lodging and did for travelers and stablage provider or pasturage his horses for the term of one year from the date here of and shall not suffer or permit any unlawful dancing in his house nor suffer any person to tipple or drink more than is necessary or at any time suffer any disorderly or scandalous behavior to be practiced in his house with his private or consent then this obligation to be void or due to remain in full force and virtue.

Excet in the presence of the court
Thomas Crawford
Samuel Ewing

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Appointees to build a road - 1800
Fleta Aday <> Thu, 04 Mar 1999
Homepage: My Genealogy Page
Mercer Co. Ct. Records
May 26 1800
Robert Burton appointed overseer of the road on Chaplin Fork to Mrs. Hurbersons and from there to the county line as it leads to Springfield in place of Thomas Crawford
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Will of Charles Powell - 27 Mar 1810
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Charles Powell Will
Mercer County Kentucky
Will Book 4
Pages 112-114

In the name of God Amen, I Charles Powel of Mercer County and state of Kentucky, being in a perfect state of mind and memory but feeling the dissolution of my mortal body approaching, do make constitute and ordain this as my last will and testament. First. I recommend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my friends in a decent manner and as to my worldly possessions I give and dispose of them in the following manner (to wit) I will that all my just debts be paid and that my Negro man Tom and my Negro woman Doriah be emancipated and enjoy their freedom from and after my death, and that the balance of my property, both real and personal be sold and the proceeds of the sales be equally divided amongst all my children having due regard to legacies they have already received which must be properly accounted for as part of their dividends. In testimony where of I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this 27th day of March 1810.
Archibald Bilbo
James Landerfur
Charles (his X mark) Powell

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Sarah Powell Estate, 1834
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Oct 4 1834
Will book 10 pg 243
Appraisment of Estate of Sarah Powell, Dec'd
One Bond on Jeremiah Briscoe 13 Aug 1807 for $1000
Plus interest $2638.33
Sundry Credits $1560.00
Balance Due $1068.33
Commissioners: Samuel Ewing; Martin Bottom; W. E. Crawford
Recorded Dec Co. Ct 1834
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Powell Heirs -vs- Prewitt; 1817
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Feb 15 1817
Mercer Co. Ct Box P # 9,10,11
Suit concerning title to 300 Acres that Charles Powell bought of Mary Hunter, etc.
At the house of Sally Prewitt, widow of Mathew Prewitt
Thomas Crawford, Adm. Of Charles Powell deceased

Heirs of Charles Powell
Charles Powell
Lewis Powell
Anthony Powell
Nathaniel Warren and wife Lucy
John Wesley and wife Agnes
George Cole and wife Rhoda
Fields Prewitt and wife Polly
Edmund Bottom and wife Sally
By attorney Samuel Davis

Bring suit against heirs and devisees
Sally Prewitt widow of Mathew Prewitt
Isham Pewitt
Nancy Prewitt
Edith Prewitt
Walker Prewitt
James Prewitt

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Will of James Coleman - 23 Dec 1843
Anne <> Mon, 15 Mar 1999
I , James Coleman, of the County of Mercer and the State of Kentucky being of feeble body but of sound mind do make this
my last will and Testament in the following manner to wit.

Item 1. My will and desire is that all just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon as convenient after my death.
Item 2. My will and desire is that in final distribution of my Estate all my children shall have equal share and proportion of the same the one with the other and as I have made advancements to some of my children I wish those who have recieved no advancements to be first made equally with the rest.
To my son Merrida Coleman I have advanced six hundred dollars also I have advanced to my son John Coleman eight hundred Dollars his interest in a sale of negroes which was willed to my wife Mary Coleman by my father ----To my daughter Mary Daniells I have advanced six hundred Dollars---To my son Basil Coleman I have advanced six hundred Dollars---To my son George Coleman I have advanced six hundred Dollars--To may daughter Merriah Dedman I have advanced six hundred Dollars.
To my son Linchfield and Thomas Coleman and my daughter Jane Amanda Coleman I have made no advancements--my will and desire is therefore that Each of those children shall receive and divide equally as and severally as much as by way of advancement as those who I have named above that is to say six hunreded dollars Each.
Item 3. After the equal advancements shall be made among Each and all of my children my will and desire is that my beloved wife Mary Coleman shall remain in the right possession of all my estate real and personal and mixed during her natural life and after her death my will and desire is that all the remainder of my Estate be equally divided among all my children so that each and all my children may recieve of my property and estate and equal proportions and shares with each other .
Item 4. I do hereby nominate my wife Mary Coleman, my son Merida Coleman, my son Linchfield Coleman and my son Thomas Coleman Executors of this my last will and Testament to carry the same into effect herby revoking all former wills and Testaments by me heretofore made-In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal in presence of Witnesses this 23rd day of December, 1843.

Signed and sealed and Delivered James Coleman
in the presence of the undersigned; (seal)
witnesses by James Coleman and
Acknowledged to be his Last Will
and testament by him, this day and
year above written

John A. Grimes

Thomas CLelland

Abram Chapline.

Mercer County Act February County Cout 1844

The foregoing Last Will and Testament of James Coleman Deceased was this day produced into Court and approved by the Oaths of James A. Grimes and Abram Chapline Witness thereto.

Orderded to be recorded Attest

Thos. Allin C .C.

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