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This article, written by Todd Preston, President of the Magoffin County Historical Society, was taken from the
September 23, 2010 issue of THE SALYERSVILLE INDEPENDENT newspaper.

The Salyersville Independent , a weekly newspaper.
P. O. Box 29, Salyersville, KY 41465. 
Telephone (606) 349-2915. 
Yearly subscription rates are $24.00 in Kentucky and
$30.00 per year out of state.

            The week after our 32nd Founders Days celebration has been a very grueling one for this scribe as it has been clean up time; trying to get all the equipment used during the celebration back to its place.  In addition, I have tried to keep up with Bob Whittaker & “Company” as they have set several markers at the gravesites of early settlers of our area.  Helping were Jack Sizemore, Henry Sizemore, Randall Risner, John Britton and others.  Sometimes their better halves were along for the trip also.  A lot of work has been completed.

            First we went to the Meredith Risner Cemetery on the Puncheon Creek of Rt. 7 and set a marker for James and Margaret (Adams) Risner. Then there was a trek to the Elias Risner grave on the Owl’s Nest of Middle Fork for a dedication.  John Britton had been unable to attend when that marker was set due to an operation.  We were very pleased to have Willie Montgomery accompany us on this trip for the ceremony.

            The longest trek was to the Enoch Stone Cemetery.  We took Rt. 404 to the Floyd County line then turned left up a coal haul road that a mountain goat would shun, if possible, but Bob, Henry Clay and Old Todd punished our vehicles to go the mile and a half to clean this cemetery.  We then made a second trip to set four tombstones, two for Civil War soldiers, William R. Whitaker and Enoch Stone and two for William and Tacy (Minix) Stone.  This last trip we were accompanied by Betty, Lori and Dorothy. 

            The elevation for this cemetery is 721 feet, and the coordinates are North 37.44. 400; West 082.46.146.

            I think I left out a couple of trips but today is when we are going to set the Martha “Patsy” Brashears Bailey marker.  She was the wife of Joseph Bailey.

            We will also be setting the Cudberth Stone marker and hopefully the Reuben Arnett Marker.  Jessica and Jarrod Howard and I traveled up to the Swampton area where we sawed and hacked our way to the Reuben Arnett Cemetery.  This cemetery had rock markers but no inscriptions.  In fact, Jarrod told that he had used the oak tree in the midst of the cemetery for a deer stand when he was younger without realizing it was the burial site of one of his ancestors.

            I had the pleasure of attending the Manns Reunion on Hawes Fork on Saturday, thanks to Doug and Sue Mortimer.  His cousin, the daughter of the late Ben Manns, went along. We departed a bit early and missed the Bluegrass music of Burl Manns and the Black Powder Express.  I missed the Saturday Middle Creek Re-enactment but got to see the Grand Finale on Sunday afternoon which was great.  I got to talk with Chaplin McKevin and he and his family are looking forward to returning to Magoffin for the October re-enactment at the Gardner farm.

            The weather has cooled down a few degrees and we here at the home twenty are gearing up for the second Civil War Battle Re-enactment which is only a couple of weeks away, this time to be held at the Gardner Farm on the Ivy Point Hill, October 1-3.

            The Sesquicentennial Committee met for their regular meeting, this time pictures were taken for the book and plans were discussed for the events for the rest of the year.  We thank the committee and Judge Hardin for boosting our morale with their good words for the recent Founders Day celebration.

            Again!  Have you written a story for the book that is being compiled concerning your family, community, church, business, school or a person important to you?   There are many subjects and people who need to be written about.  For instance, a sign was brought in to our library with the name Isaiah Cheek, IMP’D  O. R. M. and on the eagle’s chest are the letters T. O. T. E.  Now, I think there may have been a lodge at the Tackett “Dip” on Rt. 40 connected with this.  There was a Red Man Lodge group in our county and they may have met there. This is a part of our history; can anyone submit information on the lodges of our county? 

            Then thirty years ago our fledgling historical society got the idea that our county needed its own flag and we sponsored a contest among our grade schools.  Out of the designs submitted a flag was made which is still in use.  A story about it is in the Sesquicentennial book but we are lacking the names of the students who submitted the winning designs.  We have some pictures of them and would appreciate the help of parents, teachers or students who might remember having participated in this venture to help us identify the pictures.

            We can be reached at 191 South Church Street in Salyersville (write Magoffin County Hist. Soc., Box 222, Salyersville, KY 41465 or email

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