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This article, written by the Magoffin County Historical Society,
was taken from the
AUGUST 10, 2017

The Salyersville Independent 
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Salyersville, KY 41465. 
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The Cole family was an area of research for us this week. Some of the information that helped us research this family came from Harold Risner of Minford, OH and from the late Bernice Moore.

Brenda Cole was our visitor; she is a granddaughter of Samuel Cole and Mary Watkins. Samuel Cole was born 13 Apr 1878 to Wallis Cole (1847-1914) and Margaret "Peggy" Poe (1855-1920). Samuel's death certificate lists parents as "Edison Cole and Sarah Nickle" but census records seem to reflect him being a son of Charles Cole and Charlotte "Lottie" Cole. Lottie was a dau of William Cole and Obedience Collins.

The children of Charles and Lottie were (1) Wallis Cole b. 1847, (2) Shepherd Cole b. 1848 d. 15 Oct 1917, (3) Apperson Cole b. 1851, (4) Nancy Jane Cole b. 1854, (5) Meredith Cole b. 1856, (6) Page Cole b. 1858, (7) Cam (Cain or Calvin – spelling of name varies) Cole b. 1862 and (8) Louisa Cole b. 1866.

Wallis’s wife Peggy Poe was a dau of Civil War soldier Meredith Poe and Angeline Adams Bradford. Meredith was born ca. 1826/27 and died in 1913, a son of James P. Poe and Sarah Watkins. Angeline was born in 1825 and died 28 Feb 1909, a dau of -?- Bradford and Nancy Adams.

The 10 children of Meredith and Angeline were (1) Nancy Poe b. 1847 m. Andrew J. Ray, (2) Mary "Polly" Poe b. 1849 m. James P. Risner, (3) Margaret Poe m. Wallis Cole (see above), (4) Mark Poe m. Solena McCarty, (5) Violet Poe m. Dial Barnett, (6) Elizabeth Poe m. Gardner Risner, (7) Asberry Poe m. Jane Collins and Kitty Allen; (8) Francis M. Poe m. Cordelia Bailey and Nancy Jane Collier, (9) Olivia Poe m. Elisha Higgins and G. B. Allen and (10) Bethana Poe b. 1880 – no other info on her. In 1880 Meredith and Angeline also had 7 month old Benjamin Brown in their household.

Samuel’s wife Mary (1891 d. 1983 in Toledo, OH) was the dau of John Watkins and Rose Anna Perkins. John and Rose Anna lived on Abbott, Floyd Co. KY, next door to Preston and Susannah (Holbrook) Prater in 1920. Rose Anna was a dau of George Washington Perkins b. 1842 d. 1917 OK and Biddy Watkins Cole b. 1840 d. 1908 Magoffin Co. KY. Rose Anna’s husband John was born in 1862, the son of James Watkins and Mary Elizabeth Poe.

James’ and Mary’s children as compiled from the 1860 Floyd and the 1880 Magoffin Co. census: (1) Benjamin Watkins b. 1852, (2) Elizabeth Watkins b. 1854, (3) Mary A. Watkins b. 1857, (4) William J. Watkins b. 1859, (5) John Watkins b. 1862, (6) Sylvester Watkins b. 1865, (7) Kittie Watkins b, 1868 and (5) Barbara Watkins b. 1869 m. Riley Perkins (we believe she is the person listed as "Bastora Perkins" who died 6 May 1904 according to the Vital Statistics).

James Watkins was a son of the Rev. War soldier Benedict Watkins and Barbara Stanley.

Brenda’s mother was a dau of Troy Stephens and Roxie Holbrook. Troy was a son of George W. Stephens and 2nd wife Jahaza Risner. George W. was a son of Elijah Stephens and Rebecca Dunn. George’s wife Jahaza was a dau of Robert Risner and Leatha Dunn.

Troy Stephens’ wife Roxie was a dau of Alley Clifton Holbrook (1881-1962 OH) and Alice "Dicie" Crase (1879 Morgan Co. KY-1948 Cow Creek, Magoffin Co. KY).

Clifton Holbrook was a son of Leander G. Holbrook and Luana Margaret Walters. Alice "Dicie" was a dau of Alfred Crase (1837-1915) and Emily Elam (buried in cemetery at the Wheelrim Church, Hazel Green, KY).

Another visitor was Pat Maltempo whose mother has Magoffin County roots. Pat’s grandparents were Buck Patrick and Sally Ann Howard. Buck was a son of Commodore Patrick b. 1870 and Cynthia Patton b. 1874 d. 1937. Commodore was a son of Dr. Jackson Patrick b. ca. 1800 d. 1876. Vital Statistics records give the names of his parents as John and Sarah Patrick. Dr. Patrick was first married to Jane Alred and m. 2nd to Sarah Bailey, dau of John Bailey, Sr. and Susan -?-.

Commodore’s wife Cynthia was a dau of Henry Patton (1833-1885) and Nancy Stone (1842-17 May 1924). Henry was a son of James and Polly Patton. Nancy was a dau of John and Jane Stone.

Buck Patrick’s wife Sally Ann was a dau of Samuel Howard and Rebecca Wireman. Samuel was a son of John E. Howard and Susannah Shepherd; Samuel’s grandparents were John and Nancy (Cameron) Howard and Jacob and Elizabeth (Hale) Shepherd.

Samuel’s wife Rebecca was born in 1868 to Morgan Wireman and Sally Allen. Morgan was the youngest son of John Wireman and Rebecca Carpenter. Sally was a dau of John Allen and Nancy Jane Click.

The Magoffin County Historical Society would like to hear from descendants of any of these families with more or corrected information. Please write us at Box 222, Salyersville, KY 41465 or email

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