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This article, written by Todd Preston, president of the Magoffin County Historical Society, was taken from the
OCTOBER 23, 2014  issue of THE SALYERSVILLE INDEPENDENT newspaper.

The Salyersville Independent , a weekly newspaper. P. O. Box 29, Salyersville, KY 41465. Telephone (606) 349-2915.  Yearly subscription rates are $24.00 in Kentucky and $32.00 per year out of state.

A tired but happy group of workers here at the Magoffin County Historical Society announce that another military volume is now in print! Volume Seven of our military series has just been printed. We ended up with 323 pages of additional material on service men and women with surnames from Adams through Wireman; coupled with the 125 page index to the preceding six volumes, this index brings the total number of pages of this book to 458. The total number of pages for all seven volumes is 3,054. You would think we had covered all of our soldiers with a Magoffin County connection but, no, we are sad to say, we are sure there were many of our veterans left out of these volumes because we had no info.

Included in this volume seven are 40 pages of military newspaper excerpts from the Salyersville Independent from January 1956 through December of 1959. This section is an extension of the two volume set of military excerpts that Betty Whittaker of South Carolina prepared for us. Her first volume covers the years 1939 to 1944; the second from 1944 through 1955. These books are still available at our library.

Now that this job is finished, we have been asked “What’s next?” Well, we still have quite a lot of printing work to do, as well as other projects to attend to, before winter weather sets in (smile). We have been asked by a few people about our Annual Magoffin County Founders Days celebration and what family we might be interested in honoring with another such event. This matter is presently in discussion and we will make a report when we have further information.

Our mailing address is Magoffin County Historical Society, PO Box 222, Salyersville, KY 41465 (email magoffin@foothills.net)

The Adams family was the subject of our very first Founders Days back in 1979 and we still have much to learn about that family. We have several visitors each year who are researching their Adams line of descent. One was Phillip Adams of Jackson, MI who is a son of William Earl Adams and Lois Risner. His paternal grandparents were Robert Adams who married in 1921 to Elizabeth Marshall.

Robert’s wife Elizabeth was a daughter of Grant Marshall and Mollie Howard

On his mother’s side of the family, Phillip’s grandparents were Millard Risner and Nannie Risner. Millard was a son of Alonzo Risner and Louisa Marshall. Alonzo was a son of Marshall Risner and Elizabeth Salyer.

Alonzo’s wife Nannie was a daughter of Lundy Risner and Kate Howard. Lundy was a son of George Risner and Mary Hamilton. Lundy’s wife Kate was a daughter of Lark Howard and Nancy.

Since Phillip was mostly interested in his Adams line, we will extend that family.

His grandfather Robert Adams who was born in 1887 was a son of William Adams who was born in 1852 when the area was still a part of Floyd County, KY. His address at that time was Licking Station, KY.

William and Harriet Blevins Adams were the parents of the following children: (1) Zilpha Adams b. 1873, (2) Nathan Adams b. 1875, (3) Louisa Adams b. 1877, (4) Emily Adams b. 1880, (5) Granville Adams b. 1884, (6) Robert Adams b. 1887, (7) Minnie Adams b. 1888 and (8) Lillie Adams b. 1891.

William “Bill” Adams died in 1891 in Magoffin County, KY. His parents were Joel Adams and Elizabeth Marshall. Joel was born in Virginia in 1814 and died in Magoffin County in 1880. He was a son of William Adams (1770-1852) and Frances “Fanny” Meacham (1775-1850). William and Fanny are buried on Oakley Creek; we believe probably in the same cemetery where Charles Minix is buried and also where we set markers for Reuben Marshall and Thomas Watkins. Reuben was in the War of 1812 and is the ancestor of most of the Marshalls in this area. Thomas was a Revolutionary War soldier. This Government Issue marker was requested by Charlotte Watkins Gillum with the help of Bob Whittaker.

In 2013 we added the names of William and Fanny to our Early Founders of Magoffin County marker in the Pioneer Village, along with the names of their children.

The late Sharroll Minix furnished us a composite list of William and Fanny’s children: They are as follows: (1) Nellie Adams b. 1797 Pittsylvania Co VA married Sept 24, 1816 to Jacob Burton at Scott Co VA; (2) Elizabeth Adams b. 1804 Pittsylvania Co VA married July 2, 1821 to William Burton at Scott Co VA; (3) Mary Adams b. 1805 Pittsylvania Co VA married March 21, 1824 to Corbin Lane at Scott Co VA; (4) Larkin Adams b. 1807 VA married Dec 16, 1828 to Lydia Thompson at Morgan Co KY; (5) Basheba Adams b. 1808 VA married Feb 4, 1830 to Johnson Marshall at Floyd Co KY; (6) Mahala Adams b. 1809 VA married Nov 4, 1829 to John Minix at Morgan Co KY; (7) Margaret Adams b. 1810 VA married June 29, 1828 to James Risner at Morgan Co KY; (8) William Adams b. 1811 VA married Jan 12. 1832 to Mary Fields at Scott Co VA; (9) Joel Adams b. 1814 VA married Elizabeth Marshall at Floyd Co KY; (10) Frances (Fanny) Adams b. 1817 VA married James Minix on December 12, 1834 at Scott Co VA; (11) Matilda Adams b. 1819 VA married Feb 9, 1836 to James Marshall at Floyd Co KY and (12) Nancy Adams b. 1820 VA married April 1, 1834 to Benjamin Howard at Floyd Co KY.

The 1870 Magoffin Co. KY census has No. 9 child, Joel Adams, listed as age 57; his wife Elizabeth was age 47 and they had three children in their household; William Adams age 18, Basha Adams age 16 and Elizabeth Adams age 14.

This material is a part of the Surnames of Magoffin County book that we are working on and which has become quite a large manuscript.

We want to thank the Salyersville Independent for such a nice article last week on our gift of the Tip Top plaque from Adam Manns. We do want to apologize to Adam Manns for forgetting his wife’s name. I guess we got excited about the gift they brought and didn’t get our information right. His wife’s name is Amy Cole Manns and we want to thank them both again for the beautiful Tip Top plaque which is much appreciated.

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