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This article, written by Todd Preston, president of the Magoffin County Historical Society, was taken from the

The Salyersville Independent , a weekly newspaper. P. O. Box 29, Salyersville, KY 41465. Telephone (606) 349-2915.  Yearly subscription rates are $24.00 in Kentucky and $32.00 per year out of state.

Only two weeks until Christmas Day and three weeks until the start of a brand new year! The year 2014 has been a very eventful one and one that has passed a little too quickly. We have been able to accomplish a few of our planned tasks here at the historical society but still have a "bushel basket" full yet to do! (Smile)

It was in 1987 that we celebrated the heritage of the Wireman family with a three volume set of genealogy and picture books. It has been our pleasure from time to time to be able to add to our store of info on the family and so it was recently with the visit of a son of Kernie Mullins and his second wife Rosetta Whitaker. Kernie was a brother to (1) Jasper Mullins m. Eva Hale, (2) America Mullins m. Walter Miller, (3) Ernie Mullins m. Goldie Joseph, (4) Clarence Mullins m. Clara Conley, (5) Lacy Mullins, (6) Versa Mullins, (7) Thelma Mullins m. -?- Bauer, (8) Alphie Mullins m. -?- Polanski, (9) Christine Mullins m -?- Miller and (10) Agen Mullins m. Ethel Mae Wireman. They are all children of Charlie Mullins and Darky Prater who lived on Salt Lick Creek near the former post office of Galdia, KY. This family will also be in our Prater book revision as Darky was a daughter of James Prater and America Bailey. We are still in need of additional info as you can see by the outline of the Charlie Mullins family listed above.

Ambrose Mullins was the ancestor of Kernie. Ambrose was a son of Polly Wireman and Isaac Mullins. Polly was the first child of John Wireman and Rebecca Carpenter, early settlers of the Trace Fork of Licking River.

Ambrose (b. 7 Nov 1839 Floyd Co. KY died 2 Feb 1915) and is buried on the Pitts Fork of Hawes Fork, Breathitt Co. KY. He was first married to Meriam Rowe, dau of William Rowe and Mary Fincher. Ambrose enlisted in Co. F, KY 13th Cavalry Regiment, Confederate States of America. A nice government marker was placed at this gravesite in the Samuel Watkins/Mahala Joseph Watkins cemetery by Robert "Bob" Whitaker of South Carolina along with the help of Melvin Minix, Herley Manns, Betty Whittaker, Bill and Dorothy Wireman, Todd Preston, Toddie Preston, Faron Sparkman and Stephen Bowling. This was on April 3 of 2005.

Ambrose and Meriam were the parents of (1) George Mullins m. Malinda Bailey and (2) William "Tater Bill" Mullins m. Angeline Miller.

Ambrose Mullins next married his second wife Barbara Watkins; she was born in 1848 and died before 1890, the daughter of William and Elizabeth Watkins. Ambrose and Barbara’s children were (3) Haden Mullins m. Elizabeth Oliver and Mary Mann, (4) Arty Mullins m. Irvin Bailey, (5) Jasper Mullins m. Willie Carpenter, Mary Watkins and Annie Trusty, (6) Polly Mullins m. "Squirrely" Sam Carpenter, (7) Johaza "Jay" Mullins m. John Prater, (8) Eliza Mullins m. James Patton, (9) Mary Mullins m. Floyd Collins and (10) Russell Mullins m America Summa.

Ambrose Mullins third wife was Clerinda Collins who died after 1910 in Alger, OH. Ambrose and Clerinda were the parents of (11) Elisha Mullins m. Alice Bailey and Nancy Joseph, (12) Charlie Mullins m. Darky Prater, (13) Jim Mullins m. Cellie Watkins, (14) Nancy Mullins m. Marion Brown and Will Bailey, (15) John Mullins m. Virgie Conley, (16) William "Pea" Mullins m. Gracie Wireman and (17) Ervin Mullins m Gladys Jones of Floyd Co. KY.

As per our usual request, additional information is welcome and may be sent to Magoffin County Historical Society, PO Box 222, Salyersville, KY 41465 (email magoffin@foothills.net)

Our historical society often has the good fortune to come in contact with some wonderful people. This has been especially so in our association with Jack and Lori (Risner) Sizemore of Puncheon Creek Road here in Magoffin County. Jack and Lori have been reliable allies of the work being done by the historical society for several years. Jack has contributed most of the pictures that we are using in our Magoffin County Sesquicentennial Activities book. He attended nearly all the activities of that year and brought us photo disks of the happenings. In addition he and Lori participated in the Civil War Reenactment activities, dressing in period costume for the parades and Founders Days programs. Lori has lent her beautiful singing voice to many of our programs, always finding the perfect songs for the occasion. Anyone who has attended the marker dedications where she sang for us will not forget the specialness of her part in the program. It is said that sometimes bad things happen to good people and that was certainly the case on Friday, November 28th when Jack and Lori lost their son Jeffrey Clay Sizemore. We grieve along with Jack and Lori for the loss of this fine young man and send our condolences to all the family and friends.

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