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This article, written by Todd Preston, president of the Magoffin County Historical Society, was taken from the
JANUARY 5, 2017

The Salyersville Independent , a weekly newspaper. P. O. Box 29, Salyersville, KY 41465. Telephone (606) 349-2915.  Yearly subscription rates are $24.00 in Kentucky and $32.00 per year out of state.

Looking back over the year 2016 has been a poignant and emotional one as we recall the friends and relatives we have lost. The lives they lived have left treasured memories that will not be forgotten.

As we enter the new year we are thankful for all our many blessings and the opportunities for new beginnings in our lives. Let us work toward creating goals for a better future for all of us.

January: Robert James "Buck" Allen (23 May 1946-1 Jan 2016) son of Western Allen and Sis Montgomery, Floyd Eugene Fletcher (10 Dec 1977-1 Jan 2016) son of Floyd Fletcher and Janet Conley; Dollie Neeley (11 Mar 1926-2 Jan 2016) dau of Came Bailey and Margaret Wireman; Brad Lee Wallen (12 May 1991-3 Jan 2016) son of Kernie Wallen, Jr. and Lisa Saylor; Timothy Castle (6 Apr 1963-4 Jan 2016) son of Buford Castle and Martha Jane Lafferty; Sandra Sue Reed (4 Jan 1939-5 Jan 2016) dau of Russell Franklin Dingus and June Belle Adkins; Bill W. May (14 Feb 1941-6 Jan 2016) son of Ralph May and Gladys Cole; Orville B. Shepherd, Jr. (3 Jul 1954-8 Jan 2016) son of Orville Shepherd and Anna Lee Fletcher; Roy Conley (5 May 1939-10 Jan 2016) son of George Conley and Peggy Hale; Bernadine Gearheart (9 Sep 1963-11 Jan 2016) dau of Virgil Handshoe and Martha Howard; Vernon Dyer (24 Feb 1938-12 Jan 2016) son of Beverige Dyer and Bertha Williams; Herley Manns (25 Mar 1940-13 Jan 2016) son of Cleve Manns and Ruby May; Garland Risner (10 Feb 1932-16 Jan 2016) son of Les Risner and Julia Whitaker; Wendell Williams (21 Sep 1937-17 Jan 2016) son of Chandler Williams and Bertie Adams; Ralph Douglas Allen (18 Jul 1951-17 Jan 2016) son of Goms Allen and Jewel Howard; Harlen Wireman (28 Nov 1927-18 Jan 2016) son of Kennie Wireman and Myrtle Allen; Joy Mullins (21 Oct 1938-20 Jan 2016) dau of Johnny Patrick and Dora Shepherd; Shelva Jean Montgomery (23 May 1940-20 Jan 2016) dau of Clayton Montgomery and Madge Skaggs; Callie Salyers (5 Apr 1922-21 Jan 2016) son of Earn Salyer and Bertha Spradlin; Bethel Marie Hicks (6 Jul 1942-21 Jan 2016) dau of Ollie Ratliff and Zada Bradley; Jean Ann Wireman (18 Jun 1940-22 Jan 2016) dau of Floyd Wireman and Goldie Wireman; Don Windell Minix (21 Jan 1941-24 Jan 2016) son of Jasper Minix and Myrtle Salyers; Carolyn Pennington (30 Jan 1942-26 Jan 2016) dau of Frank Collins and Laura White; Justine Gambill (15 Apr 1947-26 Jan 2016) dau of Lester Howard and Monnie Phipps; Barbara Ann Arnett (23 Apr 1935-26 Jan 2016) dau of Ben Crace and Daisy Howard; Hershel Eugene "Gene" Hall (1 Feb 1936-27 Jan 2016) son of Garfield Hall and Mary Bolen; Myrtle Cole Hughes (13 Oct 1928-29 Jan 2016) dau of Wiley Fletcher and Parrot Pinks; Kenneth Salyer (2 Oct 1945-30 Jan 2016) son of Howard Salyer and Lutie Rowe.

February: David Henry Howard (27 Sep 1927-3 Feb 2016) son of Dennie Howard and Alice Lemaster; Thomas R. "Skip" Salyer (7 Jun 1949-3 Feb 2016), son of Wiley J. Salyer and Ann Isaac; Teresa Whitaker (25 Jun 1955-6 Feb 2016) dau of Robert Fletcher and Dorothy Salyer; Walter "Yogi" Auxier, Jr. (31 Dec 1959-6 Feb 2016) son of Walter Auxier, Sr. and Annalee Risner; Ronnie "Dog" Slusher (4 Nov 1963-9 Feb 2016) son of Carl Junior Slusher and Alma Whitaker; Katherine Adams (21 Feb 1928-13 Feb 2016) dau of Irvine Burton and Leona Stephens; Odis Bradley (21 Aug 1955-13 Feb 2016) son of Jacob "Jake" Bradley and Phoebe Hyden; Viola Minix Thomas (13 Jun 1950-14 Feb 2016) dau of Oscar Howard and Pansy Carty; Seward Allen (27 Apr 1930-15 Feb 2016) son of Tom Allen and Lonnie Stone; Cynthia Ann Howard Whitaker (14 Apr 1921-17 Feb 2016) dau of Adam Wireman and Sally Neeley; Pattie Gullett (17 Sep 1957-18 Feb 2016) dau of Russell Caldwell and Ethel Lykins; Georgia Houser (4 Feb 1937-19 Feb 2016) dau of Chester Perkins and Virgie Mae Perkins; Eva Lee Nickels (4 Nov 1957-19 Feb 2016) dau of Shirley Johnson and Vivian Faye Ross Cole; Finley Ray Cole (1 Jan 1951-19 Feb 2016) son of Lucas Cole and Jessie Gipson; Judy Miller (5 Aug 1971-20 Feb 2016) dau of Larry Barnett and Edna Nickels Miller; Pamela K. Collinsworth (8 Feb 1959-21 Feb 2016) dau of Willie "Bub" Patrick and Oda Conley; Herman Hale (22 May 1935-22 Feb 2016) son of Winfield Hale and Stella Bradley; Kelly D. Vanderpool (22 Oct 1971-22 Feb 2016) son of Forrest Vanderpool and Ella Burke; George Harrison Wolfford (3 Jul 1935-23 Feb 2016) son of Ernest Earl "Joe" Wolfford and Ora Ethel Little Wolfford Huff; Gregory Holbrook (23 Aug 1966-23 Feb 2016) son of Allen S. Holbrook and Melissa K. Burke; Juanita Litteral (5 Nov 1924-24 Feb 2016) dau of Dona Conley and Maudie Blanton; Beulah Bozenski (25 Apr 1934-24 Feb 2016) dau of Warnie Miller and Lillie Conley.

March: Jackie Neal May (8 Nov 1956-1 Mar 2016) son of Darus May and Ruby Fletcher; Dan "Dude" Howard (18 Aug 1944-2 Mar 2016) son of Sam Howard and Alda Lykins; Sarah Ethel Jenkins (21 Apr 1956-4 Mar 2016) dau of Ranzie Albert Ramey and Nora May Phipps; Elliot Wireman, Jr. (6 Mar 1936-5 Mar 2016) son of Elliot Wireman and Martha Arnett; Marsha Rae Salyer Sumpter (4 Apr 1951-5 Mar 2016) dau of W. H. "Pat" Pelfrey and Clista Margaret McKenzie; Pamela Diane Richmond (13 Feb 1947-10 Mar 2016) dau of David Whitaker and Jacqueline Arnett; Harold Marion Collinsworth (30 Jan 1927-10 Mar 2016) son of Rollie Collinsworth and Addie Cooper; Brenda Sue Watson (5 Feb 1959-11 Mar 2016) dau of Nelson Allen and Lula Howard; Everett Dale Allen (11 Mar 2016-11 Mar 2016) infant son of Brandon Allen and Brianna Hale; Harrison "Bo" Gamble (27 Aug 1947-14 Mar 2016) son of Sherman Gamble and Elizabeth Howard; Jeremy Daniel Arnett (21 Oct 1983-17 Mar 2016) son of David Arnett and Debbie Mullins; Lawrence Sumpter (25 Oct 1941-17 Mar 2016) son of Harry Robinson and Mae Begley; Callie Conley (8 Jan 1915-18 Mar 2016) dau of Paris Franklin Long and Clara Ethel Ferguson; Teresa Webster (29 Nov 1962-18 Mar 2016) dau of Henry McKinney and Elizabeth Jones; Dennis Arnett, Jr. (27 Oct 1937-20 Mar 2016) son of Dennis Arnett, Sr. and Lena Patrick; Ina Sue Marshall (29 Mar 1942-21 Mar 2016) dau of Dewey Patrick and Myrtle Maloney; Pearl Marie Elam (16 Jun 1930-22 Mar 2016) dau of Clarence Hensley and Rosa Montgomery; Charlie Prater (26 Aug 1931-22 Mar 2016) son of Riley Prater and Margaret Kilgore; Ethel Stephens (19 Mar 1923-23 Mar 2016) dau of Russell Wireman and Martha Shepherd; Margie Lee Salyer (30 Mar 1944-24 Mar 2016) dau of Johnny Back and Jessie Manns; Mary Lou Minix (31 May 1960-25 Mar 2016) dau of Burl Holland and Juanita Adams Cole; Frank James Whitaker (5 Jun 1933-27 Mar 2016) son of Tony Whitaker and Ida Bailey; Grayling Ray Wilson (8 Sep 1950-28 Mar 2016) son of Elwood Wilson and Emma Combs; Midas Whitley (4 Oct 1926-28 Mar 2016) son of Dudley Whitley and Elizabeth Allen; Hassel Darrel Hall (1 Sep 1956-29 Mar 2016) son of Junior Hall and Onie Phipps; Lucy Mae Arnett (14 Nov 1927-30 Mar 2016) dau of John B. Lykins and Mintie Meadows.

April: Johnnie Manns (10 Jun 1951-1 Apr 2016) son of Arzannis Manns and Julie Noble; Bryan "Bud" Howard, Jr. (19 May 1929-1 Apr 2016) son of Bryan Howard and Nollie Conley; Swonnie Howard (13 May 1939-3 Apr 2016) dau of Golden Howard and Dessie O’Dell Howard; Thelma Mae Conley (27 Dec 1930-4 Apr 2016) dau of Arthur Combs and Alafair Holbrook; Melovee Holliday (9 Jan 1933-6 Apr 2016) dau of Henry Holliday and Flora Rowe; Grace Wireman (28 Feb 1929-6 Apr 2016) dau of Mort Arnett and Bessie Shepherd; Bobby Joe Bailey (18 Sep 1956-7 Apr 2016) son of Frank Bailey, Sr. and Nancy Allen; Elmer E. Shepherd (14 Dec 1932-8 Apr 2016) son of Arlond Shepherd and Virgie Wireman; Wilma Venetta Keeton (11 Aug 1974-9 Apr 2016) dau of Gary Wayne Gipson, Sr. and Ella Mae Nickels; Alkie Faye Swihart (20 Apr 1938-10 Apr 2016) dau of Levi Tackett and Annie Conley; Deborah Elaine Arnett (22 Aug 1965-10 Apr 2016) dau of Kenneth Salyer and Emma Faye Burke; Samuel Conley (25 Feb 1957-11 Apr 2016) son of Raymond Conley and Ruby Adams; Merlean Isaac (31 Oct 1932-11 Apr 2016) dau of Charlie Rice and Vernie Gullett; Seth Alexander Barnett (30 Nov 1998-12 Apr 2016) son of Michael Barnett and Betty Carol Howard; Levna May Howard (5 Nov 1930-15 Apr 2016) dau of Jasper Miller and Polly Cole; Henry McDaniel (6 Feb 1920-15 Apr 2016) son of Lidge McDaniel and Sarah Sams; Rodney Whitaker (33-15 Apr 2016) son of Jimmy Darrell Whitaker and Sherry Neeley Whitaker Shepherd Branham; Wheeler Conley (22 Jun 1934-18 Apr 2016) son of Bernie Conley and Trennie E. Cooper; Rebecca Arnett (13 Aug 1918-21 Apr 2016) dau of Silas Montgomery and Cora Wireman; Menifee Shepherd (12 Jun 1925-25 Apr 2016) son of Mexico Shepherd and Julia Howard; Phyllis Gross (16 Aug 1943-26 Apr 2016) dau of Earn Minix and Myrtle Montgomery Rowe Minix; Tressie Mae Ritchie (19 Jun 1918-27 Apr 2016) dau of "Red" Elbert Arnett and Martha Williams; Barbara Barnett (30 May 1944-30 Apr 2016) dau of Mike Cole and Garnet Salyer.

May: Gladys Mullins (19 Jul 1925-3 May 2016) dau of Ramey Whitaker and Frankie Bailey; Ray Risner (11 Apr 1959-5 May 2016) son of Lloyd Risner and Dorie Risner; Rodney "Bug Man" Tressler (7 Aug 1938-5 May 2016) son of Robert Tressler and Melanie Murray; Pearlie Risner (10 Oct 1937-6 May 2016) dau of Everett Risner and Mary Fitch; Ila Stephens (18 Dec 1930-10 May 2016) dau of John L. Trent and Rora Saylor; Virginia Louise Patrick (27 Aug 1924-15 May 2016) dau of Millard Salyer and Julia Cain; Robert Ray Howard (20 Aug 1965-15 May 2016) son of Bobby Howard and Eva Lee Bailey; Anna Mae Howard (23 Jul 1945-15 May 2016) dau of Proctor Arnett and Nora Kimberlin; Edward Grigsby (11 Jan 1931-16 May 2016) son of Marion Grigsby and Pollie Smith; Frank Stephens (31 Jan 1922-16 May 2016) son of Edward Stephens and Leatha Howard; Betty Howard (6 Jul 1924-19 May 2016) dau of George Wireman and Pokie Hale; Helen Ruth King (16 Jun 1932-20 May 2016) dau of Carew Castle and Nora E. Shepherd; Alvin Jordan (12 Dec 1938-23 May 2016) son of Kelson Jordan and Tressie Rowe; Sandra Shepherd (7 Jul 1931-24 May 2016) dau of Burney Arnett and Harriet Wireman; Alka Patrick (22 Apr 1925-27 May 2016) dau of Shafter Patrick and Ada Arnett; Cassandra Adkins (13 Apr 1949-27 May 2016) dau of Robert May and Loretta Lewis; Valanda S. Miller (23 Mar 1945-27 May 2016) dau of James Wireman and Margaret Birchfield; Anthony Arnett, Sr. (19 Sep 1949-28 May 2016) son of Forest Joe Arnett and Pansy Mae Arnett; Joyce Lemaster (5 Nov 1944-28 May 2016) dau of Turner Ward and Mae Kelso; Gover A. Wireman (26 Jun 1948-29 May 2016) son of Dirl Wireman and Sally Arnett; Marcella McDaniel (4 Apr 1946-30 May 2016) dau of Noah Minix and Ressie Howard.

June: Kevin Joe Whitaker (13 Apr 1976-1 Jun 2016) son of Joe Ed Whitaker and Debra Bailey Miller; Eleen Patrick (16 Jul 1940-2 Jun 2016) dau of Les Fletcher and Rebecca "Becky" Fletcher; Bryan Curtis "Peck" Rice (24 Apr 1929-5 Jun 2016) son of J. B. Rice and Ella Mae Rice; Garnett S. Johnson (23 Jan 1932-5 Jun 2016) dau of Floyd Hale and Clara Cooper; B. F. Borders (24 May 1929-8 Jun 2016) son of Coy Borders and Okie Williams; Terry Kenneth Gullett (7 Sep 1950-9 Jun 2016) son of Ollie Gullett and Vinette Slusher; Lisa Renee Buttgen (19 Mar 1965-9 Jun 2016) dau of Paul Douglas "P. D." Wireman and Phyllis Estep; George Robert Elam (4 May 1950-12 Jun 2016) son of Dewey Elam and Ruby Kennard; Janet Sue Horne (4 Dec 1945-13 Jun 2016) dau of Gail Edward May and Lucille Hitchcock; Sammy Borders (23 Aug 1925-18 Jun 2016) son of Coy Borders and Okie Williams; Marty Ratliff (10 Oct 1962-18 Jun 2016) son of Joseph Ratliff and Dolly Shepherd; Harold Poe (16 Jun 1971-20 Jun 2016) son of Harold Ray Poe and Brenda Preston; Oma Wireman Stone (25 Oct 1927-20 Jun 2016) dau of Jesse Shepherd and Curtis Wireman; James Randall Collins (11 Jun 1982-21 Jun 2016) son of Melvin Dale Collins, Sr. and Judy Hale; Sue Crownover (18 Jun 1945-22 Jun 2016) dau of Brock Howard and Leola Patrick; James Franklin Blair (15 Feb 1925-26 Jun 2016) son of Dennis D. Blair and Mary Ellen Hensley; Wava Whitaker (17 Nov 1930-27 Jun 2016) dau of Tony Risner and Elizabeth Risner; Aileen Push (1 Jan 1929-28 Jun 2016) dau of Lee Minix and Carrie Caudill.

July: Hazel Lemaster (20 Oct 1934-1 Jul 2016) dau of Lacy Collinsworth and Lizzie Powers; Bertie Mae Howard (26 Jan 1941-2 Jul 2016) dau of Kelly Bailey and Gracie Conley; Henry "Butch" Williams (8 Apr 1956-6 Jul 2016) son of Henry Clayton Williams and Greta Beck; Darlene Baughman (17 Mar 1938-11 Jul 2016) dau of Vellis Scutchfield and Beulah Jackson; William Hager Montgomery (16 Sep 1930-15 Jul 2016) son of John H. Montgomery and Flora Alice Rigsby; Mary Emma ‘Sittie" Connelley (28 Nov 1926-16 Jul 2016) dau of Clay Prater and Golda Holbrook; Charles Danny Patrick (12 May 1930-16 Jul 2016) son of Charles Walter Patrick and Fanny Reed; Timothy Riley Caldwell (5 Aug 1981-20 Jul 2016) son of Michael Caldwell and Penelope Kay Jackson; Jimmy Forest Slusher (30 Jan 1937-24 Jul 2016) son of Frank Slusher and Emma Gamble; Sharon Lee Peavy (31 Jul 1946-24 Jul 2016) dau of Leroy VanKirk and Helen Louise Tate; Irene Sue Howard (29 Jan 1936-25 Jul 2016) dau of Morrison H. Prater and Emma Rose Johnson; Daisy Aleane Arnett Clemmons (30 Nov 1949-28 Jul 2016) dau of John Mullins and Beatrice White; Hager Jack "Redhawk" Sizemore (28 Mar 1938-28 Jul 2016) son of Hager Sizemore and Prudence "Prudie" Hamilton; Carolyn Jean Minix (16 Jan 1933-29 Jul 2016) dau of Beckham Arnett and Erin Arnett; Susie Decker (11 Jan 1919-30 Jul 2016) dau of Loren Neeley and Delaney Wireman; Shirley Manns (7 May 1946-31 Jul 2016) dau of Cecil Cantrell and Claire Castle; Luther Montgomery (22 Sep 1926-31 Jul 2016) son of Silas Montgomery and Cora Wireman Allen Montgomery Baldridge.

August: Bill Wireman (22 Sep 1941-2 Aug 2016) son of Charlie Wireman and Gracie Baldridge; Loren Green Luke Lewis (17 Nov 1963-3 Aug 2016) son of Carol Sue Salyer Lewis Day; Roland Matthew "Bub" Bailey, Jr. (31 Mar 1983-10 Aug 2016) son of Roland Matthew Bailey and Judy Joseph; Billy Jo Hicks (25 Aug 1942-11 Aug 2016) son of Bert Hicks and Julia Wireman; Billy Lovely (30 Nov 1963-14 Aug 2016) son of Rayon Lovely and Minerva Howard; Alma J. Stacy White (22 Sep 1934-14 Aug 2016) dau of Kurt Salyers and Elizabeth Salyer; Pansy Jean Howard (26 Jul 1955-14 Aug 2016) dau of Grover Craft and Maxine Gipson; Sylvia Lyon (20 Mar 1940-15 Aug 2016) dau of Turner Ward and Mae Kelso; Danny Thomas Waddle (9 Jun 1955-16 Aug 2016) son of Ron Waddle and Lorrene Shepherd; Jewel Dean Shepherd (27 Mar 1950-17 Aug 2016) dau of Van Shepherd and Magdalene Hale; Eugene Farris (17 Oct 1937-17 Aug 2016) son of Dennie Farris and Carrie Montgomery; Buretta Keeton (6 Dec 1941-17 Aug 2016) dau of Beecher McCarty and Gustava Carty; Dan Meade (21 Aug 1920-21 Aug 2016) son of Martin "Mart" Meade and Genoah "Genny" Blanton; George Jacob Carpenter (15 Jan 1941-22 Aug 2016) son of Lawrence Grey Carpenter and Irene Wireman; Clayton Salyer (3 Feb 1937-22 Aug 2016) son of Thomas Salyer and Maudie Barnett; Emma Jean Adams (17 Jul 1931-23 Aug 2016) dau of Granville "G. V." Joseph and Ethel Mullins; Rhondal Ishmael Wireman (5 Aug 1938-24 Aug 2016) son of Ishmael Wireman and Maude Elam; Kenneth B. Hunley, Sr. (15 Sep 1935-25 Aug 2016) son of Beecher Hunley and Mollie Hale; Sylvia Marcella Keeton (30 May 1947-26 Aug 2016) dau of Walter Gipson and Julie Mae Conley; George Wellington Robinette (7 Aug 1933-26 Aug 2016) son of George Matthew "Mac" Robinette and Louise Cook; Carl Roger Minix (19 Jun 1941-28 Aug 2016) son of Lewis Minix and Erie Rudd.

September: Rose McGuire (10 Apr 1944-3 Sep 2016) dau of Dave Whitaker and Jacqueline Arnett; Jolene Conley (3 Jul 1942-6 Sep 2016) dau of Frank Prater and Hazel Henry; Marie Conley (29 Aug 1925-6 Sep 2016) dau of Willie Shepherd and Martha Howard; Marie P. McGuire (18 Oct 1932-7 Sep 2016) dau of Benjamin Patrick and Emma Haddix; Oscar Wiley Mullins (2 Apr 1928-8 Sep 2016) son of Edgar Mullins and Esther Wages; Jack Standifer (26 Jan 1942-10 Sep 2016) son of Zack Standifer and Clara Young; Rebecca "Becky" Howard (21 Nov 1966-13 Sep 2016) dau of Wishard Howard and Eula Dyer; Edward R. Hazelett (8 Nov 1926-15 Sep 2016) son of Warrick Hazelett and Mable Conley; Linda C. Collett (1 Oct 1949-15 Sep 2016) dau of Howard Speer and Mary Margaret Johnson; Sandra D. Conley (29 Apr 1939-21 Sep 2016) dau of Raymond Arnett and Peggy Adams; Ronnie Neil Anderson (24 Jan 1951-22 Sep 2016) son of Farris Anderson and Grace Craft; Mikel Gene Cole (22 Apr 1955-25 Sep 2016) son of Newton Cole and Sallie Smith; Helena Maria Williams (12 Jan 1937-27 Sep 2016) dau of Albert L. Williams and Nora Hensley; Ricky Whitaker (27 Feb 1961-29 Sep 2016) son of Edmond Whitaker and Oma Hale; Bazel Howard (27 May 1939-29 Sep 2016) son of Homer Howard and Mary Jenkins; Carl "Bub" Cole (4 Aug 1949-30 Sep 2016) son of Harold Lynn Cole and Grace Rowe Adams.

October: Leah Michelle Roark (2 Aug 1963-2 Oct 2016) dau of Jake Leslie Groce and Judith Stark; Lee Gene Carty (17 Nov 1934-3 Oct 2016) son of Kash McCarty and Emmaday Reed; Billy Joe "Whitey" Gamble (8 Aug 1961-3 Oct 2016) son of Berlin Gamble and Reva Tackett; Marguella "Marge" Minix (4 Jul 1939-3 Oct 2016) dau of John Push and Grace Banks; Jesse Murrell (18 Mar 1947-7 Oct 2016) son of Robert Murrell and Lizzie Rowe; Mary Salyer Curton David (30 Dec 1929-8 Oct 2016) dau of Toy Risner and Audrey Long; James Burl "Biggin" Cole (18 Jun 1986-9 Oct 2016) son of Harold James Cole and Edna Eugenia Peoples Trusty; Doshie Lee Wright (25 May 1931-13 Oct 2016) dau of Elder Lonnie Wright and Lula Cantrell; Forrest Junior Perkins (8 Sep 1930-16 Oct 2016) son of Benny Perkins and Reva Lykins; Mary Ruth Watson (15 Jun 1945-17 Oct 2016) dau of Dewey Patrick and Myrtle Maloney; Mike May (10 Aug 1943-18 Oct 2016) son of Prater May and Verna Reed; Garnett Sue Adams (21 Apr 1932-20 Oct 2016) dau of Brooklyn Caudill and Mildred Prater; James D. Borders (15 Apr 1948-22 Oct 2016) son of Everett Ray Borders and Addlean Hunley; Paul R. Jones (28 Jun 1937-23 Oct 2016) son of John Morgan Jones and Lula Hatfield; Faye Denise "Dee-Dee" Hale Wireman (23 Dec 1963-24 Oct 2016) dau of Clyde Rowe and Lydia Edens; Susie "Eldree" Wireman 28 Jan 1937-26 Oct 2016) dau of Adam Whitaker and Rebecca Howard; Della Lynn Howard (24 May 1962-27 Oct 2016) dau of Corbitt Howard and Mae Howard; Roger Lee Arnett (1 Jan 1965-27 Oct 2016) son of Willard Arnett and Marsue Allen Arnett Dillon; Holly Allen Shepherd (31 May 1964-29 Oct 2016) son of Robie Shepherd and Norma June Whitaker; Jeremy Scott "Pork Chop" Francis (1 Jun 1982-29 Oct 2016) son of Mike Francis and Gina Lovely; Frances Ann Howard (23 Nov 1958-30 Oct 2016) dau of Grover Craft, Sr. and Maxine Gipson; Irvin "Tootie" Isaac (18 Jun 1944-31 Oct 2016) son of Sam Isaac and Maudie Howard; Charlotte Shepherd (30 Sep 1958-31 Oct 2016) dau of Buck Owsley and Marie Ousley Owsley Shepherd.

November: Louise Wireman Collins (18 Jan 1949-3 Nov 2016) dau of Ben Holiday and Deloris Arnett; Richard Lacy (7 Nov 1938-3 Nov 2016) son of Clay Lacy and Junie K. Kilgore; Kenneth Robert "Bob" Brown (24 Nov 1946-5 Nov 2016) son of Paul H. Brown and Bonnie Brown; Paul Howard (5 Oct 1947-5 Nov 2016) son of Patrick Howard and Lulie Howard; Ronald Eugene "Ronnie" Sutton (1 Feb 1957-8 Nov 2016) son of Ralph Sutton and Nora Williams; MSG. Steven Bailey (27 Jun 1973-8 Nov 2016) son of Mitchell Bailey and Mary Bailey McGee; Earsel James Minix (1 Mar 1934-13 Nov 2016) son of William Minix and Virginia "Virgie" Minix; Israel Cole (10 Jul 1929-14 Nov 2016) son of Ham Cole and Pruda Minix; Erica Lee Stanfield Saylor (10 Nov 1980-14 Nov 2016) dau of Edward Moyes and Sonja Stapleton; Lowell E. Wheeler (16 Jul 1938-14 Nov 2016) son of Lester "Tank" Wheeler and Ethel Cantrell; Dean Puckett (25 Jun 1962-15 Nov 2016) son of Ronald Puckett, Sr. and Barbara Witlow; Laura Susan Phillips Rice (5 Aug 1937-18 Nov 2016) dau of Dewey Elam and Ruby Kennard; Phillip Ratliff, Jr. (3 Aug 1942-23 Nov 2016) son of Phillip Ratliff, Sr. and Lennie Spears; Randy Gamble (9 May 1964-25 Nov 2016) son of Mitchell Gamble and Lovine Tackett Simpson; Jimmie Lee Taulbee (12 Jun 1974-26 Nov 2016) son of Charles Patrick Taulbee and Alice Clemons Howard; Sola Hamilton (13 Mar 1918-28 Nov 2016) dau of Johney Wireman and Dona Allen; Diana Pennington (22 Jan 1959-28 Nov 2016), dau of Raymond B. Kimbler and Virgie Ratliff; Paul Bryan May (2 Oct 1964-30 Nov 2016) son of Homer "Bill Dodd" May, Jr. and Phyllis Arnett; John D. McCarty (27 Sep 1932-30 Nov 2016) son of Clyde McCarty and Rittea Carty.

December: Virgie Nichols (10 Oct 1957-2 Dec 2016) dau of James Franklin Nichols and Audrey Gibson; Thelma Allen (3 Nov 1930-2 Dec 2016 dau of Sammy Allen and Millie Frazier; Lois H. Conley (15 Nov 1922-2 Dec 2016) dau of Nelvin "Nev" Howard and Dawsie Conley; Paul E. Coldiron (27 Nov 1936-3 Dec 2016) son of Troy Coldiron and Sendy Manns; Shari Dee Howard (30 Apr 1962-3 Dec 2016) dau of Paul B. Howard and Deloris Minix; Lindsey Lee Wheeler (7 May 1951-6 Dec 2016) son of Lester Wheeler and Ethel Cantrell; Justin Edward Blanton (30 Dec 1991-6 Dec 2016) son of Scott Blanton and Wendy Tackett Hancock; Kathy Howard (23 Oct 1959-7 Dec 2016) dau of Bobby Guinn and Leoma Alsman; Roberta Holderby Miller (22 Jun 1951-8 Dec 2016) dau of Robert Koontz and Francis Jacobs; Henry Eugene Howes (24 Dec 1943-8 Dec 2016) son of Henry Howes and Leneva Fletcher; Ann Bauer Williams (15 Jul 1936-13 Dec 2016) dau of Jasper Minix and Myrtle Salyer; Brian Douglas Howard (20 Jan 1979-14 Dec 2016) son of Rodney Easterling and Sandy Gullett Easterling Howard Evans; Misty Lynn Rowe (31 Aug 1982-15 Dec 2016) dau of Jerry Rowe and Debbie Bailey; Frederick Scott Swiger (28 Apr 1969-16 Dec 2016) son of Shelly Swiger and Reva Potter; Buena Estess Ely (11 Sep 1922-18 Dec 2016) dau of Henry Clay Wright and Carrie Lee Moore; Sandra Kay Miller (14 Feb 1971-23 Dec 2016) dau of Adam Babe "A. B." Howard and Stella Hager; James "Jim" Kern (5 Jul 1940-24 Dec 2016) son of Billy Kern and Donna Marie Simpson; William Howard Collinsworth (2 Aug 1919-26 Dec 2016) son of William Thomas Collinsworth and Pearlie Oney; Herman Salyer (5 Sep 1929-28 Dec 2016) son of Coin Salyer and Sarah Howard; Isom Sparks (24 Jan 1948-28 Dec 2016) son of Ellis Sparks and Elsie Gipson; Paul Richard Howard, Sr. (12 Feb 1939-29 Dec 2016) son of John Russell Howard and Marie Reynolds; Vernice Perkins (20 Jun 1934-29 Dec 2016) dau of Virgil Barnett and Asley Nickels; Rexford Perkins (26 Feb 1933-30 Dec 2016), son of Jackie Perkins and Hazel Isom.

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