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Chapter Patriot Index

Allen, Benjamin Private CT (1) Rhoda Allen
(2) Mary X
Amburgey, John Patriotic Service NC Elizabeth Hamon
Anderson, William Patriotic Service
VA Catherine Shirley
Banta, Daniel Private NJ Mary Van Voorhees
Barnes, John Sergeant VA Milly
Beckett, Humphrey Private VA Susannah Blann Battott
Berry, John Private PA Elizabeth Gilmore
Blackerby, Jeduthan Private VA Mary Ann O'Rear Chamberlayne
Boone, Jesse Patriotic Service NC Sarah McMahan
Bourne, Francis Corporal VA Frances Christopher
Brainerd, Ruben Sergeant NY Hannah Mack
Bryan, Mary Boone Patriot VA William Bryan
Buckner, Philip Captain VA Tabitha (Tabie) Ann Daniel
Burchfield, Robert Private
Patriotic Service
NC Elizabeth Hill
Capron, Oliver Captain NH Esther Freeman
Carpenter, William, Jr. Private VA Mary Aylor
Charles, Joseph Private PA Elizabeth Fisher
Childers/Childress, Pleasant Private NC Sarah Jeffries
Conway, Elizabeth Bridgewater Patriotic Service VA John Conway, Sr.
Conway, John, Sr. Patriotic Service VA Elizabeth Bridgewater
Conway, Samuel Corporal VA (1) Elizabeth Clemmons
(2) Mrs. Margery Miller
Covington, Robert Private VA (1) Mary Duncan
(2) Amy Burk
Cowen/Cowan, Robert Private PA Catharine Davison
Cummings, Joseph Private VA Rossanah Medley
DeMoss, Peter Private VA Catherine Housman
Ducker, John Private VA Mary Hardesty
Fisher, Adam Patrotic Service MD Susannah Fisher
Franklin, Stephen Private VA, NC Elizabeth
Gilmore, Elizabeth Patriot
Nurse at Valley Forge
PA John Berry
Green, Gerald Private VA Verlinda Littleton
Grover, Nehemiah Private MA Betty Gamage
Harney, Jonathan 1st Lieutenant DE Isabell Mills
Hawkins, James Captain VA Jane Bourne
Hazzard, Martin Private VA Priscilla Walker
Herndon, Lewis Patrotic Service VA Frances Thompson
Hodges, Richard Lieutenant SC Sarah Rosemond
Holtzclaw, Benjamin Patriotic Service VA Catharine Melinda Russell
Hopkins, Ezekiel Soldier
Civil Service
PA & VA Sarah Hazzard
Hunt, John Private NC Charity
Inman, Rufus Private MA (1) Mehitable
(2)Betsy Mayhew
Lewis, James Private NC Winetrey "Winnie" Henson
Lewis, Thomas Patrotic Service VA Jane Strother
Loomis, Moses Private CT Eunice Webster
Lugar, Adam Private NC Margaret Clappe
Lutz, John Jacob Private PA Elizabeth Demuth
Mann, Benjamin Private VA Mildred Timberlake
Maupin, Thomas Private VA (1) Elizabeth Michie
(2)Margaret Burnsides
McClimans, John Soldier PA Mary Creviston
McQuiston, Jane Janut X Patriotic Service NC James McQuiston
Minor, Jacob Private VA Margaret Gill
Moore, Robert Captain NC Bettie Scissom
Morin, Edward Private VA Elizabeth Jones
Mozingo, George Private VA Ann Rogers
Outten, Isaac Private MD Sarah Waggamon
Petty, Rodham Private VA (1)Catherine
(2)Sarah Steward
Phelps, John 1st Lieutenant VA (1) Jemima Turner
(2)Susanna Younger
Phillip, Jonathan Private PA Hannah Cowan
Powell, Abraham Ensign VA Ann Smith
Power, Jeremiah Private
Patriotic Service
KY, VA  
Pribble, James 2nd Sergeant
PA Margaret
Raines, James Private VA Nancy Owens
Rankin, William, Sr. Patriotic Service PA Abigail Tassie
Raysor, George Adam Patriotic Service VA Margaretha Batlinger
Raysor/Rasor, Peter Private VA Frances Adair
Rogers, James Captain
Civil Service
VA (1) Martha Blackburn
(2) Nancy Flourney
Shane, James Private PA Elizabeth Short
Shaw, James Private
PA Anna Jolly
Simmons, Easterling Patriotic Service MD  
Stephenson, James Private NJ Mary (Polly)
Stocking, George Sergeant CT Eunice Cobb
Taliaferro, Nicholas Lieutenant VA (1) Ann Champe Taliaferro
(2) Frances Blasingame
Tebbs, William Captain
Civil Service
VA (1) Mary Heath Pope
(2) Victoria Haislip Johnson
Tiller, William Private VA  
Turley, James Private VA  
Washington, Samuel Colonel VA (1) Jane Champe
(2) Mildred Thornton
(3) Lucy Chapman
(4) Ann (Steptoe) Allerton
(5) Mrs. Susannah (Perrin) Holding
Weakley, Thomas Private VA Elizabeth Redding
Weltzheimer/Welsheimer, Philip, Jr. Private PA (1)Catherine Hall
(2)Ellen McCoy Wade Melton
White, John, Sr. Patriotic Service VA Nancy Wisdom
Willison, Richard Soldier MD Sarah
Wills, Frederick William Corporal VA Frances Durret
Wilson, Isaac Sergeant VT Lydia Poole Talbot
Wood, William, Jr. 2nd Lieutenant VA Sarah Stark
Yelton, Charles Patriotic Service VA Milly
Young, Robert Lieutenant VA Judith Heath Tebbs

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