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Montgomery County Queries allows Montgomery County researchers to exchange information with each other. This system has been discontinued effective January 20, 1998 and has been replaced with a new automated query system.

This index was last updated on
March 04, 2002.

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January, 1998

March 04, 2002

B Bullock Burrows C Cadall Cadell Cadle Carter Collins Combs Crawford D Doyle  F Foster G Gillen Goins H Henderson Hightower J Johnson K Kadle L LlewellynMcClure Magruder Mark Moore R Rogers S Smalley Stevenson T Trimble W Wills Y Yates

December, 1997

A Anderson B Bridges Brown Burnsides C Carrington D Darnall Darnell Dinwiddie Donahue  F Finley G Green Greene H Hightman Hinds J Johnson K Kirkpatrick KirtleyMcClelland McDaniel McDannold McDonald Miller O O'Rear R Robertson Robeson Robinson S See Schultz Shulse Smith Stewart Sutton T Taylor Thompson W Wade

November, 1997

B Brock D Darnel H Head of Beaver (a place) K Kirk M McDonald P Pittsburg (a place) Poynter R Ringo W Wells

October, 1997

B Buckles C Collins G Gilvin L Lincoln M May P   Payne R Rook RooksSoesbe Solsby Sorsby Sosbe Sosby W Walker

September 1997

A Abernathy Allen Anderson B Baughman Blevins Bowles Bowling Butler C Carr Clay E Ellis F Ferguson Fletcher Foreman G Griffin H Harris Higgins Howard J Jameson Johnston K Knox L Lewis M McDanold MontgomeryO Ockerman Owings R Raybourne Reeds Setzer Shores Smith Solomon Spalding Stewart T Treadway W Wills Y Yocum

August 1997

B Ball Blaydes Boyd C Coleman D Denny Downing E Ewing F Ferguson Frazier G Gardner Graves H Hadden Hicks Howard J Johnson Johnson Jones L Lacy Lamastert Lykens M Murphy Murphy P Parks Powell R Raybourne Reynolds S Summers T Thompson Tuttle W Walters Waters White

July 1997

B Bartleson C Cambel D Daniel Daniel Davis E Elledge F Fox Fox G Garret Gilmore L Linn N Neal R Robinson S Scott T Taylor Tipton Triplett W Williams

June 1997

A Abner Anderson Armstrong B Baber Bailey Barns Barr Blackwell Boone C Calbraith Collier Connelly Couch D Dailey Daniel Davis (3) Downs E Emory F Ficklin Finley Forbes H Harrison Hines House (2) L Lancaster Leach Leap Looney Luckett M Montgomery Mounts O Ogle O'Rear P Proctor R Ramey Richardson Ricketts S Simson T Thomas Thompson Turpin V VanBenthuysen W Walker Whitecraft Williams Willoughby Wilson (2) Woods Wren Wright

May 1997

A Armstrong B Blair Bowles Breeding C Caldwell Cassity Cook F Fuqua G Gill H Hughart M McBride McDaniel McDonald Myers N Northcutt R Richardson S Sandusky Shannon Stevens T Taylor (2) W Wickliff

April 1997

B Blakeley Bowen C Cartmill Clements Cofer D Donahoo E Elliott G Gatewood Goodpaster Greane Green H Hanks Hathaway Hopkins J Jackson Johnson Jones M Maddox Morton Myers N Neel(e)y Nelson O Owings P Priest R Ralston Ringo S Schally Shawley Soesbe Spence T Tucker W Williams Wright

March 1997

A Addison Anderson B Barrow Beatty Butcher C Cave Clark (2) Clinkenbeard Coons Cotton Crumpler E Ealoy F Fourt G Gibson Gilvin Gleason Goff Gonel Goodpaster Gorham Green Grimes H Hinds Howard (2) J Johnson Jones (2) M McClain McClelland McClintock McKee Meeks (2) Menifee (2) Miller Moore Morgan N Newkirk O Oldham P Pleak (2) Pleakenstalver (2) R Ralls Razor Riddle Riffet Robeson S See Selby Shields Shulse Shultz Smoot Spence Spires Steele Stewart Stiles Swartz T Thomas (2) Trimble Turley V Vestal W Wade Wills Wilson (2) Woodard Wyatt

Febuary 1997

B Bodkin Brown Burr Burrows C Collins Coons D Davis F Fruit G Goodpaster Green J J Jones L Levits M Madison McConnell Meeks (2) Menifee (2) O Oakley P Pleak (2) Pleakenstalver (2) R Ralls Razor Riddle S Shepherd Shields Smith T Trussell W Wade Whitecraft Z Zumwalt

January 1997

B Ballard Barbee Becraft Bents Burgess C Casey Cassidy Craigmyle D Dale Dennis E Edwards (2) F Fisher Fowler G Garrett Goins H Hall Handshoe Hedger/Hedges Helton Hoffman J Johnson K Kilgore King L Leach Lemon M May McClain McCousland McIntire Montjoy N Nailor O O'Hare Osborn(e) P Pelfry Pelfry Planck Pri(t)chard Pritchett S Sanders Shepherd Shipley Stevenson Stool Swartz T Tackett W Wells Williams Wilson Winans

December 1996

A Anderson B Barrow (2) D Dalton Daulton Dolton G Gray J Johnson (2) Jones (2) M Morris W West

November 1996

C Cope D Daniel Davie E Evans F Finch French G Garrison Ginter H Hatton (2) Herrin Herring Herron Hood K King M Means Myers N Nolan P Phillips Prater Prewitt Prichet(t) R Rabourn Ramey Robbins Robinson S See Shouse Shrout Smith Sorrell T Tipton W Wells Whitaker Wren

October 1996

A Arrowsmith B Benningfield Brown C Carpenter Caulk Clark Collins Cox F Foster G Garrett H Hawley Henderson Higgins L Larimore M McGaughey Means Milby O Oliver P Pergrem Piercy P Rice Ross S Sharp Shoush Smith (2) Stephens W Wasson Welch Williams Winn Woodroof

September 1996

Note: These queries will be removed at the end of September 1997.

A Anderson (2) B Ballard Benningfield Berry Bradshaw C Cook D Daughetee E Evans F Faulkner Fortner Fox G Gaylord H Hensley Holmes J Jennett (2) Jones K Kincaid M Martin Miller P Prather Purvis S Stephens Stone W Waters Y Yocum

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