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October, 1997 Queries

        The automated query system was discontinued suddenly on October 27, 1997 as it was losing queries. It is expected the system will be replaced some time in the future. In the meantime queries are supposed to be sent directly to the county coordinators by e-mail. The number of queries this month is unusually small so some may well have been lost. If yours does not appear here, please resubmit it directly to me and mention Montgomery County.  

Janet McColley Franklin Sun Oct 5 23:03:11 1997
ROOK/ROOKS-SOSBE/SOSBY/SOESBY/SOLSBY/SORSBY/ Looking for information on these surnames in Bath Co., Harrison Co., Scott Co., Bracken Co., Bourbon Co., Clark Co., Nicholas Co.,KY. These are the decendants of Thomas and Jemima Soesby and Thomas and Sebena Rooks. Would appreciate any info and be willing to share information. Thank you,

Charlotte Fritsch Mon Oct 6 23:10:47 1997
I am searching for Addie Payne from Stepstone, Ky, b 1852. Her uncle is said to have been John Howard Payne, she is said to have sat on Abe Lincoln's lap at a young age. She married Samuel Buckles and moved to Axtell, Ks. Addie is said to have lived on a large plantation. I don't have any more information other than their children were Albert, Thomas, Samuel, Robert, and Lucy Addison. We have the unusual name Alta Mae as a grandchild of Addie, and I think Addie may be a nickname, a family name, or maybe a middle name. I do know she visited at the home of John Turley in 1907 in Mt. Sterling, Ky. Any help appreciated.

Daniel L. Gilvin Wed Oct 8 19:48:02 1997
I am in need of any information on the surname of Gilvin in KY. from 1790 to 1997. Some of the counties are Bath,Montgomery, Nicholas.  October 27, 1997 11:00 p.m. COLLINS, Meredith-m. to Maria ??Walker. There is the following: "Deed of gift from Meredith Collns to James B. May, legacy left by will of Robert Walker deceased, late of Montgomery County, KY, and which I claim in right of my wife Maria and grandaughter of said Robert Walker, deceased, 9. Dec 1830. Who was Meridith Collins' father. Did Meridith own property in Montgomery County. Who was Maria's father. Will exchange information.