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(Including Bloomfield & Chaplin Area)
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ALLEN FAMILY - Hwy 150, abt. 5 miles east of Bardstown near Botland

BALLARD - east of Bardstown on Hwy 62 to 605 N abt. 1 miles on right

BEAM ? (Black) - located off Hwy 1858 on Thomas Lane

BEDFORD - on Hwy 1066 near intersection with Highview Church Rd., White?s farm (2003)

BEECHFORK (CAMPGROUND) - adjacent to the Campground Methodist Church on Campground Rd., off Hwy 55, about 7 miles from Bloomfield

BIG SPRING - Hwy 55, 2 miles east of Bloomfield

BLOOMFIELD - (Black) - off Hwy 62, Old Bloomfield & Bardstown Rd., near Eli Brown School

BLOOMFIELD BAPTIST CHURCH - See Photos - on corner of Hwy 55 & 62 in center of town

BROOKHART - CASSELL - about 12 miles north of Bardstown on 31E, near High Grove on a farm (once owned by R.W. Houck)

BROWN - located mile of Hwy 62 on Milton Brown Rd.

BROWN - located on Hwy 605 at Early Times

CALVERT - on Green Chapel Rd. abt 2 miles from Hwy 62, 2 miles east of Chaplin, on a farm (formerly owned by the Shely family)

CALVERT - Stones are down in an open field, Hwy 62, 3 miles east of Chaplin

CARTMELL - near Cox?s Creek, believed to be of Hwy 150, on Hobbs Lane, probably destroyed

COUNTY INFIRMARY - Hwy. 150 E. from Bardstown abt. 4.3 miles to Hwy. 605 N, turn left, go abt. 4.4 miles, on right, back of house.

DAVIS - was in Chaplin, behind the Chaplin Elementary School, there is only one stone left.

DAWSON FAMILY - on Tunnell Mill Rd. behind Dawson log cabin

DOWNS - located on Stevens Rd., 2 miles west of Hwy 55, and 1st brick house on right. Benjamin B. & Lydia Downs are buried here but there is a memorial for them at Maple Grove

DUNCAN - intersection of Hwy 55 & 62 abt. 2 miles S.E. of Bloomfield

DUGAN - on Hwy 62 abt. 4 miles west of Bloomfield, farm on left side of road.

DUNCAN ?-1 mile east of intersection of Hwy 1066 & 458, on farm (once owned by Rollin Chesser

FOREMAN - abt. 8 miles north of Bardstown on 31E on the farm of Harry Hurst (2003), on right side of road

FOX - PORTER - back of Frank T. Allen farm, 1 mi. west of Bloomfield, Hwy 162 (2003)

FAIRMOUNT - adjacent to the Fairmount Church of Christ, Hwy 62, abt. 5 miles east of Chaplin.

FAIRFIELD (Black) - on Hwy 48, between Bloomfield & Fairfield just north of the Simpson Creek Bridge

FOSTER - on Hwy 1066 on Ralph Hawkins farm (2003)

GILBERT - located near Cox's Creek, of Hwy 150, on Hobbs Lane on the farm of Tommy Sorrell (2003)

GRIGSBY - on Weaver Lane off Hwy 48, 2 miles north from Bloomfield on a farm (formerly Marksbury farm)

GORE - GLASSCOCKE - abt. 9 miles north of Bardstown, on the Murray?s Run Rd. & Old Fairfield Rd. on farm owned by Harold G. Moran (2003)

GREENS CHAPEL - at Green Chapel Methodist Church on Green Chapel Rd. about 2 miles from the intersection with Hwy 62. Four miles east of Chaplin.

GREEN - on Hwy 62 & 55 abt. 1 miles south of Bloomfield on the Broaddus farm (2003)

GREEN - intersection of Hwy 1066 & Highview Church Rd. 1 mile from road on farm

HAMMOND - 6 miles east of Bardstown, on Hwy 62, on a farm (once owned by Henry Greenwell)

HEADY - Hwy 458 from Hwy 62 to Hwy 55 on a farm owned by Melvin Mobley, (2003) about 1 mile from highway

HARRELL - on Campground Rd. abt. mile from Hwy 55 on the Charles Calvert farm (2003)

HIGHVIEW on Hwy 62, 1 miles west of Chaplin

HOBBS - located on Dugan Lane, John Robert Shields farm (2003)

HOBBS - about 8 miles north of Bardstown, of Hwy 150, on farm of Mrs. Joe M. Hibbs (2003)

HOLY TRINITY - 5 miles east of Bardstown on Hwy 150, between Bardstown and Springfield

HOPKINS - on farm west of Caney Fork Creek, on Plum Run Rd., mile from road and 1 miles east of Murrays Run Rd. junction

HUGHES-DAUGHERTY - on Hwy 458 at junction with Hwy 55, 3 miles north of Bloomfield (formerly the Walker farm)

HUNTER - near Beech Fork, destroyed

LEWIS - off Hwy 48 at western edge of Bloomfield, abt. 1 mi. out a Lane on Harold Miller farm (2003)

LEWIS - 1 miles southeast of Botland on Hwy 605, (formerly the Ernest Pile farm)

LEWIS - on Hwy 48 abt. 1 mile north of Bloomfield, on a farm

LEWIS - on Cooney Neck Road abt. 2 miles from intersection with Hwy 55, 3 miles south of Bloomfield

LUDWICK - Plum Run Rd. originally 25 graves, no stones remaining

McKay - located near Cox's Creek off Hwy 55, on Hobbs Lane, the site of Cox's Station

McMAKIN - was located on east side of Chaplin. It has been destroyed. There are some names and dates taken from a previous reading

MAPLE GROVE - on Hwy 55, on the N.E. edge of Bloomfield

MILL CREEK 5 miles east of Bardstown on Hwy 605 N, Woodlawn Rd., abt. mile on left

MONTGOMERY - about 8 miles north of Bardstown, on Hwy 150 on a farm owned by Warren Cheek (2003)

MUIR - originally west of Spencer Mattingly Rd., these remains were moved to the Bardstown City Cemetery on March 13, 1997

NICHOLLS - See Submitted Photos north side of Hwy 62 abt. 3.9 miles N.E of Bardstown Court House, 3944 Bloomfield Rd. (Homestead Bed & Breakfast)

OLD BLOOMFIELD - Hwy 55, northeast edge of Bloomfield next to Maple Grove Cemetery

OLD BLOOMFIELD BLACK CEMETERY - Abandoned, no stones visible

OLD COFFMAN - farm on Stringtown Rd., 11/2 mile south of the Bluegrass Pkwy.

OLD METHODIST CHURCH on Hwy 62, 1- miles west of Chaplin

OLD STONE - on Whitesides Rd. about mile from Hwy 48 , north of Fairfield

POPLAR FLAT - Six miles east of Bardstown on Hwy 605 N ? Woodlawn Rd., at end of Poplar Flat Lane.
- adjacent to Chaplin Fork Baptist Church ? Hwy 62, abt. 1 mile east of Chaplin.

PRICE CHAPEL - on the Love Ridge Rd., one mile from the Anderson County line.

RUBLE - on the farm of James Keeling, 3 miles east of the junction of Hwy 62 & 162, on north side of road, mile from road

SLAVE CEMETERY - Plum Run Rd. across from McKay Cemetery and beyond the creek, much to the left. There are no markers

SLAVE CEMETERY - on Peavler Ln., of Plum Run Rd. ? only field stones with no inscriptions

STONE-STALLARD - See Submitted Photos - 3 miles N.W of Fairfield, off Hwy 48 on Whitesides Ln., turn right on Hibbs Ln., mile on left, on the Beam farm (2003)

STONE - on Hwy 55 & 62, 2 miles S.W. of Bloomfield on a farm (formerly owned by Randall Dawson)

STONE - BROWN - abt. mile south of Bloomfield on Hwy 55 / 62

ST. MICHAEL - one mile northwest of Fairfield.

THOMAS - on Hwy 1066, abt. 6 miles east of Bloomfield, on a lane 1 mile from paved Hwy.

THOMAS - DUGAN - on Hwy 1066 about 5 miles east of Bloomfield

THOMPSON - LYNCH - Hwy 150 E abt. 6 miles, left on McIntire Lane, abt. 1 mile, back in a field.

TICHENOR - See Submitted Photos - 1 mile south of Fairfield on the Murray?s Run and Old Fairfield Rd.

WAKEFIELD - located on Cooney Neck Rd. about mile from Hwy 55

WILKINSON on Hwy 162 abt. 5 miles S.W. of Bloomfield

WILSON - WOOD - located about 5 miles east of Bardstown, off Hwy 62 near the railroad tracks at the 19 mile marker

YOUNG was at intersection of Hwy 62 & 458 on farm of J.W. Royalty. It has been destroyed. There were 2 broken stones, both read Elizabeth ??

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