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 Brierly Graveyard

The Brierly Graveyard is located near Bald Hill, Ky. on Tanner Branch, west of U.S. 68. The site of the graveyard was chosen while Leonard Brierly (Lennie), son of Robert and Rebecca Ward Brierly, was picking blackberries with his mother. He came to a small cedar tree and told her that when he died he wanted to be buried beneath it. That fall he became ill and died. His wish was fulfilled.
Those buried in this graveyard are:
Maid Name/Last Name
Leonard (Lennie) Brierly 1871 1880
Oral(Orval) W. Brierly 1875 1918
Robert Brierly 1850 1930
Rebecca Ward / Brierly 1849 1937
William Robert Roy Brierly 1908 1910
Jessie O'Rear Brierly 1911 1913
William Davis Brierly 1924 1926
*Thomas Henry Brierly 1852 1937
*William Ambry Brierly 1855 1929
Lorene Ward (no dates)
*Darius Workman (no dates)
Elizabeth Workman (no dates)
Willie Askins (no dates)
Mollie Askins 1873 1943
Rena Brierly 1888 1890
Bertha May Brierly 1892 1894
Bertha Workman ? 1897
Nancy Smitson / Brierly 1827 (no date) Leonard Lyons wife
Martha Ellen Brierly / Toomey 1848 October 25, 1888 d/o Leonard & Nancy Smitson Brierly
Hobert Kelley (no dates)
Lute Kelley (no dates)
Melia Kelley (no dates)
Shell Henderson (no dates)
Jim Henderson (no dates)
Ed Henderson (no Dates)
Pete Henderson (no dates)
Data compiled by Miss Alpha Brierly. *Unmarked graves
information from the book "History of Nicholas County

up date information Submitted by: Sandra Griffett

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