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Bald Hill Graveyard  (on Walker Flora farm)
Barlow Graveyard   (on Headquarters road)
Barterville Cemetery     Partial list 
Bartlett or Hammond Graveyard   {on Mt. Tabor road}
Baxter-Knox Family Cemetery   {on upper Jackstown road}
Major George Michael Bedinger Graveyard   {on Licking River} 
Bethleham Graveyard   {near Crayton}
Boardman Family Cemetery   {on Somerset Creek near East Union.}
Bowen Graveyard  {on Elizabeth Shea farm at Ellisville}
Brierly Graveyard
 {near Bald Hill, Ky. on Tanner Branch}
Burris Family Cemetery
  {on Hinkston Creek near Jackstown}
Carlisle Cemetery     Partial list 
Carter Cemetery
 {lower East Union road}    
Collier Graveyard
 {on Hardy road}
Concord Church of Christ Graveyard
Old Concord Church Cemetery   Submitted by: Mike McCann
History of Old Concord  
Conway Graveyard
 {on Hardy road}
William Cottingham Cemetery
 {on hillside opposite Ishmael Chapel church}
Coy Graveyard {on Crooked Creek road}  
Dayton's Chapel Cemetery
 {near Pleasant Valley}    Partial list 
East Union Cemetery    Partial list 
Ellisville Cemetery
 {on Highway #68 at Ellisville}    Partial list 
Forest Retreat
Old Gaffin Graveyard
 {on Headquarters road}
 {near Hooktown}
Hawkins Graveyard
 {at Boat Landing,near Licking River banks}
Hawkins Graveyard
 {on C.C. Whaley farm on Morrefield road}
Lott Hayden Graveyard
 {Hinkstone Creek, Route 57, Sharpsburg}
Henryville Cemetery
 {on Ky. 32, Henryville section} 
Herndon Graveyard {on Buchanon road} 
Hopkins Family Graveyard
 {on Cane Run}
Howe Cemetery
Huffstutter Cemetery
Ishmael Cemetery
William Johnson Family Graveyard
 {on Col. Jim Billy Leer's farm}
Kennedy Graves on Hayes Farm {on Dog Walk road}
David Kennedy Family Graveyard
 {on Headquarters road}
Laughlin Graveyard
 {on Sugar Creek road}
Lawson Cemetery
Locust Grove Cemetery
 {on Locust Grove road}    Partial list 
Logan Graveyard
 {near Oakland Mills}
Mexico Cemetery {on old Letton farm}
Miller Family Cemetery
Old Millersburg Cemetery
 {highway #68, near Nicholas/Bourbon line}
Mt. Carmel Cemetery {off the Headquarters road} 
Mount Moriah Graveyard
 {on Mt. Moriah road}
Mt. Pisgah Cemetery 
Mt. Zion Graveyard    Partial list 
Myers Cemetery
Needmore Cemetery  
Nichols Graveyard
Parker Cemetery
 {on Oxbow road}
Parks Graveyard
 {near Myers, on Ky. 32.}    Partial list 
Parrish Chapel Methodist Graveyard     
Redmon Graveyard
 {off Stoney Creek road}
Rose Hill Cemetery   
Saltwell Cemetery   
Selby Graves
 {on Suagar Creek road}
Shiloh Cemetery
Snapp Cemetery at Saltwell 
John Wesley Snapp Cemetery {on Saltwell road} 
Old Snapp Graveyard {off the Hickory Ridge road}
Standiford Graveyard {on Licking River}
Summitt-Snapp {behind Headquarters towaed Walnut Grove}
Sylvester Snapp Graveyard {on Saltwell road}
Tanner Graveyard  {on the farm of Mike Berry at Ellisville}
Throckmorton Graveyard  {on Col. James Leer farm, U.S. 68} 
Utterback Cemetery 
Waggoners Chapel (Partial)
White Settlers Graveyard
 {on the banks of the Licking}
Williams Graveyard {at Ellisville, on top of the hill}
Yates Graveyard {on Chester Mattox farm, between Headquarters and Saltwell}
Single Graves in Nicholas County.
Two Graves on Farm owned by William Hudnall
 {off Sugar Creek road}
Graves on Edgar Allen Darrel Farm
 {on Whetstone road}
Fishers Station
 {James Anderson farm at Ellisville}
Graveyard on Ethel Johnson Miller Farm {near Brushy Fork, near the creek} 
Blue Licks State Park
Died in the Battle of Blue Licks
on Aug. 18, 1782 and are interred in the common Grave in the Blue Lick State Park

Graveyard in front of Pavillion Hotel   {Licking River}
Blue Lick Pavillion Hotel Graveyard

The Cemeteries here are from the book "History of Nicholas County", and I will be glad to look anyone up for you in any of the Cemeteries, please put in the subject line the name of the cemetery . Thank you Jewell

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