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Foster Family
Kentucky Will Index

Name : Thomas Foster
OSPage: 144
County: Nicholas
Kentucky Wills Index Volume I Nicholas County, Kentucky Index to Will Book A 1800-1815

Name : James Foster^Jr.
OSPage: 94
County: Nicholas Kentucky Wills Index Volume I Will Book C 1830-1839

Warrant No. 2633 - James Foster, dec.

Robert Foster, heir at law for James Foster, received 4,000 acres of bounty land in Kentucky for James’ service of 3 years as a Captain in the Continental line in the Revolutionary War.
Thomas Foster, issued 17 Jan 1780 400 acres on Licking Creek Warrant No. 1294
James Foster (assignee #2) and William Robinson (assignee #1) received preemption of Ede Hardin 20 Feb 1782 on Salt Lick Creek, Warrant No. 2253 1,000 acres - Monongalia County
James Foster received 1000 acres from David Shepard and James Chew, 1782, Warrant No. 2254
James Foster received from Isaac Prechet 1,000 acres 24 Mar 1781, Monongalia, Warrant No. 2255
Armstrong Foster preempted land to William McLean 20 Feb 1782, Warrant 2257, 1000 acres
John Foster bought 160 acres for $40 Monday Oct 10, 1831 NW-25-1-3-E
Franklin Foster bought 160 acres for $40 Tuesday Nov 22, 1831 NE-14-1-1-E
Ray Foster bought 160 acres for $160 Feb 23, 1826 NE-6-1-4-E
James Foster bought 160 acres for $40 Monday 22 Jul 1833 NW-17-2-2-E
Joseph Foster bought 160 acres for $40 Thursday Aug 4 1831 NW-23-2-1-W
William H Foster bought 16 acres for $2 Monday Jul 6, 1835 SE-32-7-3-E


Moses Foster: Wednesday 21 Aug 1782, bought 1,373 acres of land for $2,197 LB (old Kentucky)
Thomas Foster bought 500 acres for $800 LG 28 Aug 1782 (No. 14004)
Thomas Foster bought 852 acres to $1353 LB 28 Aug 1782 (No. 14005)
Thomas Foster bought 500 acres $200 LB Saturday, 26 Feb 1780 (No. 2979)
Arthur Foster bought 1445 acres for $2312 LB 18 Sep 1782 (No. 14322)
William Foster bought 400 acres for $640 LB 10 Dec 1782 (No. 14915)
Anthony Foster bought 2500 acres for $4,000 Tuesday 25 Nov 1783 (No. 20832)
Anthony Foster Jr bought 2335 acres at Big Bensons Creek from John Read Long Jan 11, 1783
Anthony Foster bought 255.5 acres on the Kentucky River from Edward Ballenger Feb 17, 1783
Isaac Foster bought 381.5 acres from David Woods on Hammonds Creek Jan 28, 1783
Anthony Foster Jr bought 575 acres on Benson Creek Dec 18, 1784
John Foster bought 160 acres Monday Feb 16, 1829 for $40

OLD KENTUCKY LAND RECORDS from CD Land Records: Kentucky, 1774-1924—
Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds, Chapter III 1782-1794

Cosby Foster 200 acres, Warrant No. 2767, During War Soldier, Virginia Line Mar 17, 1784
Edmond Foster 200 acres, No. 3757, 3 years corporal Virginia line 19 Feb 1785
George Foster 200 acres No. 1870, During war soldier Virginia line 15 Oct 1783
James Foster 4,000 acres No. 2633 3 years captain Virginia line 25 Feb 1784
John Foster 200 acres No. 1377 3 yrs sergeant VA line 15 Jul 1783
John Foster 100 acres No. 1912 3 yrs soldier VA line 20 Nov 1783
John Foster 2,666 2/3 acres No. 2610 During war subaltern Virginia line 24 Feb 1784
John Foster 100 acres No. 2931 3 yrs soldier VA line 15 Apr 1784
Peter Foster 200 acres No. 1440 3 yrs sergeant VA line 28 Jul 1783
Peter Foster 100 acres No. 2210 3 yrs sailor VA navy 23 Dec 1783
Robert Foster 2,666 2/3 acres No. 624 3 yrs Lt VA line 23 May 1783
Thomas Foster 100 acres No. 4086 3 yrs soldier VA line 21 Jan 1786
William Foster 200 acres No. 1863 During war soldier VA line 14 Oct 1783
William Foster 200 acres No. 1994 During war soldier VA line 29 Nov 1783
William Foster 100 acres No. 2851 3 years soldier VA line 1 Apr 1784
James Frazer 400 acres No. 3144 during war Sgt VA line 10 Jun 1784
Peter Foster 100 acres 12 Aug 1784 no location
Evans Foster 135 acres 3 Sep 1828 no location
Nathaniel Foster 24 Sep 1824 no location
Jno M Foster is the grantor for all of the following transactions:
Jno M Foster 9 Dec 1814 1,000 acres Tradewater
Jno M Foster 13 Dec 1814 584 acres Puncheon Camp Creek
“ 13 Dec 1814 1,085 acres Pond Cr
“ 13 Dec 1814 1,333 1/3 acres Big Barren R
“ “ 1,000 acres Ohio R
“ 12 Jul 1814 1,000 acres Gilberts Cr
“ 7 Oct 1815 600 acres Green R
“ 7 Dec 1715 90 acres Green R
“ 20 Dec 1815 400 acres S Fk Licking
“ 14 Dec 1815 2,000 acres Salt R
“ 21 Dec 1815 2,000 acres HIngston Fk
“ 23 Dec 1815 2,470 acres Benson Cr
“ 6 Nov 1816 800 acres Snells Cr
“ 3 Dec 1816 2,000 acres no location
“ 3 Dec 1816 1,000 acres no location
“ 13 Dec 1816 19,000 acres Green R
“ 7 Jan 1817 1,500 acres Pleasant Run
“ 14 Apr 1817 100 acres Floyds Fk
“ 18 Mar 1817 951 acres Hingston Fk
“ 2 Jul 1817 600 acres Rough Cr
“ 23 Oct 1817 800 acres Drennons Lick Dr
“ 23 Oct 1817 968 acres Tripletts Cr
“ 5 Jan 1818 1,000 acres no location
“ 21 Jan 1818 1,000 acres Twin Cr
“ 5 Mar 1818 1,000 acres Hingston Fk
“ 18 Aug 1818 2,118 acres Eagle Cr
“ 22 Sep 1818 4,000 acres Sandy R
“ 22 Oct 1818 500 acres Sulphur Lick Fk
And many more entries by John M Foster until 1825
Elizabeth Foster of Essex, VA, deed 23 Nov 1825, contract
William Foster No. 559, Sold, Capt. Sam Overton’s Co., 50 acres 11 May 1784 By Matthew Walton, Jefferson Co., on Hardin’s Creek’; Ezekiel Norris’ line; Ass’d to William McGehee (McGee?)

Henry Foster 60 acres 3 Mar 1834 Nicholas Co, Stoney Cr
Henry Foster 50 acres 23 Apr 1835 Nicholas Co, Stoney Cr

Kentucky Probate and Church Records, Vol. II Warren County Estates

Thomas Foster Will, Oct 30, 1801. Wife: Rhoda (alias Howard). Children: Susannah Yates, Mary Mouide. Ex: Children, William Cook, James McClure, Wit: James Cole, E P Rall. (?), Nicholas Co, Will Book A
Thomas Foster. Oct 30, 1808 Nov 1808. Wife: Rhoda (alias Howard). Children: Susana Yates, Mary Mouide? “To wife Rhoda is best entitled to it from her care, conduct, circumspection, and attention to meinall my infirmities. Inshort under God what property I have she has been themeans of acquiring andkeeping together under presend disorders I labor under shw had been my nurse, my consolation andmy friend as she is best deserving of enjoying what she has so faithfully and justily assisted inacquiring.” Ex: George and Christian Summit. Wit: James Musset, John Fryo. Edward Stoker. Nicholas Co

Source of above: Early Kentucky Settlers, 1700s-1800s:
Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865, Marriages 1828-1848, p. 117,
Family Archives CD publ by Genealogical Publ Co Inc

Fosters In Bourbon, Clark, Nicholas, Shelby, Mason, Nelson in 1830
George R Foster in Nicholas, KY
Henry Foster in Nicholas, KY
David Foster Nicholas, KY (next to George R Foster)
James Foster Nicholas, KY (b. abt 1790, son of John Foster Jr.. grand son of John Foster Sr and Elizabeth Elley)
James Foster Jr Nicholas, KY (son of James above)
Robert Foster, Nicholas, KY

Fosters In Bourbon, Clark, Nicholas, Shelby, Mason, Nelson in 1820
James Foster Jr, Nicholas
Henry Foster, Nicholas
David Foster,Nicholas

1810 US Federal Census Kentucky
Harrison Foster, Nicholas, KY

1840 Census
Henry Foster, Nicholas, KY
James Foster, Nicholas, KY

Kentucky Soldiers in The War of 1812 (

John Foster Capt. Caleb Hardesty’s2nd Rgt KY Mounted Militia
Thomas Foster: Capt Alney McLean 1st Regt KY Mounted Militia
John Foster: Capt Micah Taul’s Co., Barbee’s Rgt KY Militia
Samuel Foster: Capt. William Sebree’s Co, Boswell’s Rgt KY detached militia
John Foster: Capt Isaac Cunningham’s Co, Mtd Vol Militia commanded by Col John Donaldson
(promoted to Corporal Sep 22)
James Foster and Benjamin Prather: Capt George W Botts Co, Mtd Vol Militia commanded by Col John Donaldson
Michael Foster: Capt Samuel Wilson’s Co KY Mtd Mil commanded by Col Michael Taul
Barnett, David, and James Foster: George Gorin’s Co KY Mtd Vol Mil, comm. By Lt Col Philip Barbour
(all reported Aug 29, 1818)—this could be Bartlett and James, sons of James Parish Foster of Barren, KY, but is David Foster the one in Nicholas County? More research needed.
William Foster: John Walker’s Co of KY Militia Detached
Isaac, Moses, Tinsley, and William Foster: Capt Jacob Elliston’s Co KY Mounted Infantry
Robert G Foster: Capt James Davidsons Co KY Mtd Infantry commanded by Col Richard M Johnson
Nathaniel & John Foster: Capt Richard Matson’s Co of KY Mtd Infantry comm.. by Col Richard M Johnson
Isaac, Robert, & Thomas Foster: Capt Jacob Stucker’s Co KY Mtd Infantry, enl Nov 19, 1813
(there is an Isaac Foster in Mason, KY in 1820)
Will T and William Foster: Capt James Dudley’s Co KY mil comm.. by Lt Col John Francisco (Samuel Arbuckle also fought in this company)
John Foster: Capt Adam Vickery’s Co KY Det. Mil.
Jonathan Foster: Capt James Ellis Co, KY Vol. comm. By Lt Col Andrew Porter
Samuel Foster: Capt Edward Whaley’s Co KY Vol comm. By Lt Col Andrew Porter
Reed Foster: Lt James S Waide’s Co, 7th Rgt US Infantry comm. By Col William Russell
William Foster (des. Jul 24) Capt George Stockton’s Co. US Infantry
Notty Foster (Notley): Capt Robert Burnet’s Co, Barbee’s Rgt, KY Militia

Kentucky Pensioners of the War of 1812

Henry Foster, Virginia line, of Nicholas Co. KY, placed on pension 20 Dec 1833

Henry Foster 60 acres 3 Mar 1834 Nicholas Co, Stoney Cr

Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, Land Bounty Recipients:

James Foster (Captain)
John Foster (Lt)
Richard Foster (Lt)
Robert Foster (Lt)
Simpson Foster (Lt)
Ensign John Foster
Henry Foster, Crockett’s Rgt (Pvt)
Peter Foster, Midshipmen, Virginia Navy
James Foster, Captain in the Marines

Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky, Land Bounty Recipients:
Henry Foster, Private in Virginia line, Nicholas Co age 72 in 1833


Henry Foster of Nicholas, KY was a private in the VA line

James and Samuel Foster are listed in Tax Returns of Mifflin, Allegheny, PA in 1791

James and Thomas Foster of PA are in the DAR Index. Amount: Samuel 3.5, James 12.10

Frederick Foster served in Maj. John Caldwells’ Battalion, Capt. John Thomas’ Company under Maj Gen Charles Scott Command, Kentucky
Mounted Volunteers, Private, 1794

Michael Hornback served in the same company with Robert Foster and Harrison Foster, in a Company of Mounted Volunteers under Capt.
Joseph Colvin, commanded by Major Notley Conn, commanded by Major Gen. Charles Scott, from Jul 10 to Oct 23, 1794. He was transferred to Baker’s spies July 10. Source: “American Militia In the Frontier Wars,” pg. 46, by Murtie June Clark, publ. by Clearfield.

Others in this company:

Capt. Joseph Colvin
Lt. Robert McKinney
Ensign Jacob Woodard

Sgt Martin Baker
Sgt William Bond
Sgt Thomas Ferguson
Sgt Bernard Macklin

Corp William Blair
Corp Michael Long
Corp Jonathan McConner
Corp Edward Stoker


John Alexander
Joseph Adams
Ephraim Ashcraft
Alexander Black
Thomas Blair

John Blair
Thomas Baker
Daniel Chung
William Curry
John Cumings

Thomas Dixon
James Daley
Henry Ellis
Richard Ferguson
Robert Foster

Nathan Frakes
Harrison Foster
Timothy Grune
Elias Hamilton
John Hughs

Thomas Hamilton
John Howard
John Hurd
Mahlon Hall
Isaiah Hamilton

Michael Hornback
John Johnston
Hugh Jackson
Charles Jemison
Daniel Isgrigg

Thomas Jones
John Jones
Joseph Kinkaid
Richard Lee
Amiger Lilly

William Love
Kiah Lyon
James Lenair
Dennis Murphy
William Miller

George McCullock
Garret Matthews
Andrew Morrow
James McCoy
John Matthews

Christopher Morris
Nathan Nelson
Samuel Nelson
Edward Pearson
Robert Parks

Allen Rutherford
Hason Ralph
Samuel Rodgers
Stephen Roper
Tobias Shield

Robert Scott
Joshua Skidmore
William Skidmore
Murray Street
Samuel Steel

Joseph Saxton
Phillip Shoeman
Joseph Steel
John Thorn
William Thompson

Absalom Woodland
James Williams
Israel Wilson
Alexander Wright

More information on the Foster's

National Archives Files: Revolutionary Pension Claim No. 25586
Transcribed by Adrienne Potter (

Henry Foster No. 5857 b. 31 May 1762 (birthplace not shown in pension files) d. 1849 Nicholas Co., KY Henry and Esther Foster

At the time of his enlistment he lived near Ely’s ford in Culpepper, VA. He had lived in Nicholas KY since 1822. In Jan. 1855 Henry’s widow Esther stated that she been married 31 or 33 years. Esther was denied a pension but was granted 160 acres of bounty land for her husband’s service. Esther stated in 1855 that some of their children were more than 30 years of age and that most of said children resided in Nicholas, KY

On this 25 day of November formally appeared before the Justice of the Nicholas County Court Henry Foster a resident of Nicholas County State of Kentucky, aged 71 years the 31st day of May 1833. … being first duly sworn according to law, doth in his oath make the following declaration….that he enlisted in the army of the United States in the latter part of the year 1779 with Capt. Benjamin Roberts and served as a cooper of two companies. Virginia line (he thinks) under the following… officers. Col. George Slaughter who commanded said corp of two companies. “Benjamin Roberts was the captain under whom I served and Ensign William Roberts. Mark Thomas (this could be Marcus Thomas of Nelson Co., KY) was the captain who commanded the other company and Nathaniel Sanders was his Ensign. There were no majors nor lieutenants in said corp. We continued to serve under said corp until Col. Crockett’s regiment came to the falls of Ohio (now Louisville in the State of Kentucky) where we were stationed, then Slaughters corp were attached to Crockett’s regiment, where I continued to serve until my term of service expired. I enlisted for two years and served out my full term of enlistement I was kept a short time after my term of enlistment expired to receive my discharge which I regularly received in January 1783 a little before the cold Tuesday at the falls of Ohio which discharge I deposited with Col. Leslie Coombs of Lexington Kentucky, who now informs me he deposited it in the War Department where it still remains, and obtained a grant for a pension for me under the law of 1818, but which I never was permitted to draw because of being possessed of too much property. When I enlisted I resided in Culpepper County State of Virginia near Eli’s ford on the Rappahannock River. I entered the service in Culpepper County Virginia from Culpepper we went to Redstone Old Fort from there we went to the falls of Ohio from there to Pickaway in the state of Ohio & won at a little battle at Pickaway. The commanding officer at Pickaway was Gen. George Clarke. I was one of the Artillery who took charge of a Six pounder under Col. Benjamin Lynn a militia Colonel which was the only battle of any consequence I was in during the two years what I served. I was in some Indian skirmishes. I entered the Service soon after my enlistment which was in the latter part of the year 1779 and served under but one term of enlistment.

Declaration of Esther Foster, widow of Henry Foster dec.:

On 2nd of Jan. 1855, at age 58, that she was a widow of Henry Foster, a soldier of the Virginia line in the War of the Revolution, that she was married to Henry Foster in 1819 by one Rankins, that her name before her marriage was Esther Whittington, that Henry died at his residence in Nicholas County Kentucky 25 Jan 1849 and she remained a widow until this day of 2 Jan 1855.

Richard. D. Henry and William Norvell testified in her behalf.

She stated that she was married to Henry about 1812 by Rankin in the state of Ohio but she cannot remember the county. (This differs from the year given above).

The following is the will of Henry Foster decd to wit. I Henry Foster being feeble in health but of sound and rational mind do make and ordain this as my last will and Testament.
First: It is my will and I hereby direct all my just debts and liabilities discharged by my executrix as soon as she can conveniently after my death: and Secondly it is my will and I hereby bequeath and … my wife Easter, and her female children, to wit, Sarah, Patsy, Catherine, and Margaret, and her son George, all my lands, slaves, and personal property for and during the period of fifteen years from the time of my death. Third: It is my will however, that Lavina Bruven (or Bruen or Breven) and her husband, and James Foster have the use and enjoyment of the farm on which they live for the aforesaid period of 15 years, that is to say they are each to have an equal moiety. James Foster one half and Bruven and wife the other half. Fourth: It is my wish and will that my son Volney Foster have the use and enjoyment of the farm on which he resides for the said term of 15 years , and my Executrix is hereby directed to pay such sum as the farm may be encumbered with upon a final settlement of the suit now pending between Henry Bishop and myself. Fifth it is my will and I hereby direct that one hundred Dollars be applied by my Executrix in the schooling and education of my son Henry Foster and that his brother Jackson Foster have 50 acres of land laid off to him on the lower end of my place, back of John Kincarts, which I hereby devise to him and his heirs forever. Sixt It is my will that at the end of fifteenyears from the time of my death my property herein bequeathed and devised to my said wife Ester and her children, shall go to her and her said children, Lavina Breven, James & Volney Foster, George Foster, Sarah Foster, Patsy Foster, Catherine Foster, and Margaret Foster, Having made provisions for my elder children it is not my wish that they shall have any thing more of my estate. And lastly I hereby appoint my said wife Easter Executrix of this my last will and Testament and direct that the Court shall not require her to give security. Given under my hand this 21st day of January 1847 Henry Foster.
William Stewart
William Norvell

The above will was proven in court for Esther Foster (Easter, Ester).

Notes from pension file:

Henry served as a private from 1789 to 1793. The war department thought he had other older children whose names were not stated, (Note from Adrienne: but it seemed to me that he meant Jackson, Henry, and Volney, and that perhaps they were his children by a different mother than Esther, because of the lateness of their marriage date and because he refers to Patsy, Margaret, etc. as Esther’s children rather than “our” children.)

Jan 27, 1855 Samuel June testified that he was a friend and neighbor of Esther and Henry Foster and he knew them for about 34 years and knew them to have been married at least that long (in 1855). He said she and her husband had a large family and some of them were not less than 30 (1855).

Esther had one daughter who was a lunatic.

In 1843 Benjamin Edwards, acting as pension agent for Henry Foster, obtained his pension but lost the pension certificate. John G. Parks, a Commissioner and Justice of the Peace in Nicholas Co. testified that he had seen Henry’s pension certificate and knew Henry to have received a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War. Henry requested a duplicate pension certificate from the War Dept.

Adrienne's Notes: I copied some wills from Bourbon County microfilms at the Genealogy Library in Salt Lake during a 2-day stop there. Bourbon is the parent county for Nicholas County. I think our Fosters started out in Bourbon Co., but when the new county of Nicholas was formed in 1799 they found themselves inside its boundaries. So Samuel b. 1795 was born in Bourbon County which became Nicholas County and Dennis b. 1799 was born in the new Nicholas Co.

There were three Foster brothers who lived in Bourbon/Nicholas County, Henry, John, and Thomas. We know this because the will of Thomas Foster of Bourbon Co. names his siblings. Thomas' brother Henry Foster b. 1762 d. 1849 Nicholas, KY, has a Revolutionary Pension file. From his file and the wills I've learned that Henry had children by his first wife, Mildred Schultz, and also by his second wife, Esther Whittington. The children of his 2nd wife Esther are listed in his will (Sarah, Patsy, Catherine, Margaret, Lavina (m. Brevin), James, George), but the children of the first wife are not named: "Having made provisions for my elder children it is not my wish that they shall have any thing more of my estate." Henry's pension file states that he enlisted in Culpepper, VA, which is almost adjacent to Spotsylvania, VA.

I believe and may have proved that Henry and his two brothers are the sons of John Foster b. 1743 and Elizabeth Elley of Spotsylvania, who is the son of Anthony Samuel Foster Sr., whose children and grandchildren lived in Nelson, KY for awhile. One of Anthony's grandsons (Robert Coleman Foster) was Sheriff of Nelson Co. for several years but eventually moved to Davidson, TN where the rest of his family had gone.

The following shows the lineage of Henry Foster as son of John Foster. This lineage is also proved in the will of Anthony Samuel Foster, father of John Foster: Spotsylvania County Records 1721 - 1800, pg. 77: " L100 Thomas Crutcher, guard. to Henry Foster, orphan of John Foster with Edward Ellis, sec. Jun 20, 1776. pg. 228: "April 10, 1763, John Foster of Spts. Co. to Sarah Foster, widow and relict of Anthony Foster, late of sd. Co. Decd. Deed of lease 350 a. on West side of Pamunkey River, whereon sd. John Foster now lives, until Henry Foster, son of sd. John Foster, comes of age, etc. 7s 6d yearly. John Battaley, Thomas Crutcher, Gaydon Branham. July 4, 1763." Is this Henry Foster the same one who enlisted in Culpepper, VA and died in Nicholas, KY? Very very likely, in my opinion. (Spotsylvania Co. Records: Pg. 406: "Nov. 25, 1786. George Stubblefield, Gent. High Sheriff of Spots. Co. to Robt. Smith, Gent.of same county. Sale of lands of the estate of Wm. Howard, decd. and of Henry Foster, late of Spots. Co. for taxes etc. Benja. Stubblefield, Richd. Loury, Stephen Johnson, Thomas Herndon, May 3, 1787." This shows that by 1786 Henry Foster had left Spotsylvania County.)

Submitted by: Adrienne Potter
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